14 Ways To Leverage AI To Better Connect With Customers

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of conversation among agency leaders for some time now, and mass adoption of AI as a valuable marketing tool is already well underway. While brands come up with innovative ways to use AI to meet their strategic business, marketing and sales goals every year, they also learn a lot through trial and error in the process.

Five Building Blocks for Successful AI-Enabled IT

Advances in machine learning and NLP have cracked the flood gates open and AI is now emerging as the definitive transformational technology of our times. A recent IDG study found 93% of IT professionals have already deployed or started to explore AI to augment their ITSM and ITOM modernization efforts. Clearly, AI is making its way into our workplaces faster than we imagined.

Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence Models Can Be Tricked By Cyberattacks

Researchers discovered that diagnostic artificial intelligence models used to detect cancer were fooled by cyberattacks that falsify medical images. Diagnostic artificial intelligence (AI) models hold promise in clinical research, but a new study conducted by University of Pittsburgh researchers and published in Nature Communications found that cyberattacks using falsified medical images could fool AI models.

AI and machine learning in compliance technology

It’s true that AI and machine learning have already provided us with some opportunities to transform entrenched methods of recording and monitoring communications in regulated industries. However, to date, most companies’ injection of AI has been limited and solutions have been piecemeal. But that’s all about to change as the rapid expansion in the applications of AI in compliance is just around the corner.

AI Search: The secret to better customer self-service

Hari Vats, senior knowledge manager of global technical support at ServiceNow, co-authored this blog. Who wouldn’t want a faster, more relevant search on their knowledge base? Improving search results is tricky. Organizations can spend a lot of time and money making small improvements to very complex, dynamic environments of information. When ServiceNow acquired an AI search technology company in 2020, we were thrilled to see an immediate return.

5 Biggest Tech Trends in 2022 To Look For

As we are quickly approaching 2022, the tech trends for 2022 must be at the forefront of your mind. The tech world moves fast, and if you don’t adapt, you’re going to be left behind. If you haven’t already, give our blog “5 Biggest Trends in Tech in 2021” a read. It’s interesting to look back at that blog and compare trends we believed would be emerging this year.

Wind River Achieves Prestigious Service Capability & Performance Standards Certification

Wind River has earned certification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards. This certification recognizes Wind River Customer Support, part of Wind River Studio, for delivering top-quality service and support by continually meeting a stringent set of performance factors that represent best practices in the industry.

How AI and ML will impact the future of software development with Nathan Mellis

Rob sits down with Nathan Mellis, Director of Engineering at Modzy to discuss all things ML and AI in the space of software development. Get answers to questions like, Join this fascinating conversation of where the industry of software development is headed next.

On AI Adoption, IT Teams Lag Far Behind Security Teams. AIOps Can Help

Security operations teams and IT operations teams share a lot in common. They have both spent the past decade grappling with systems that grow more complex every year and figuring out ways to handle ever-larger volumes of data. They also both face pressure to identify and remediate problems as quickly as possible – ideally, in real time. And they are supposed to do it all without breaking the bank.

Machine Learning for the Financial Sector using D2iQ's Kaptain

Learn how your Financial organization can benefit from Kubernetes with machine learning. Kaptain, D2iQ's cloud-native end-to-end machine learning platform, already powers government organizations and research teams across the globe in highly secure environments. Financial organizations can now leverage that same technology to infuse their products and services with AI.