AI in Predictive Maintenance and Forecasting

Industry 4.0 is taking every industry by storm with unprecedented advancement with innovative technology solutions. Its key technologies such as automation, AI, ML, Data Analytics and IoT enables industries to drive business operations with automated data-driven intelligence. Integrating the physical and digital systems, the manufacturing industry is increasingly adopting intelligent manufacturing in this Industry 4.0 era.


Four Questions To Accelerate Edge-to-Cloud AI Strategy Development

“More than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to the enterprise infrastructure by 2029.” Finding data is not going to be a challenge, clearly, but taking advantage of it all to drive business outcomes will be. Combining AI and machine learning (ML) with data collection and processing capabilities of the edge and the cloud may hold the answer.

[MLOps] The Clear SHOW - S02E13 - mlops_this: Copilot Shenanigans

Ariel should have known better than to mess with shitposts on ;) Here is a ClearML pipeline integrated with the notorious mlops_this generated by GitHub's Copilot. ClearML is the only open-source tool to manage all your MLOps in a unified and robust platform providing collaborative experiment management, powerful orchestration, easy-to-build data stores, and one-click model deployment.

Using AI/ML to Increase Gaming Monetization

Gamers are not shy about reaching into their wallets for premium content and features. They also won’t hesitate to tap the uninstall button at the first sign of trouble. It’s not uncommon for a gamer to boot up a hotly anticipated new game or revisit an old favorite only to put it down days or weeks later. The culprit is often gaming monetization issues that get in the way of what would otherwise be a long-term rewarding gaming experience.


Algorithmia joins forces with DataRobot to deliver best-in-class MLOps in the enterprise AI platform

I’m excited to announce that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot. Together, DataRobot and Algorithmia will deliver best-in-class MLOps as part of the leading, end-to-end enterprise AI platform. After seven years of watching Algorithmia grow into the leading enterprise MLOps platform, I could not be more excited to announce today that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot .


AI in Construction and Architecture Industry: [With Real World Use Cases]

Globally the impact of AI is increasingly growing year on year in every industry sector. Opening new scopes in construction & architecture sector, the global AImarket is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 29.4% (around) from 2019 to 2026 and is expected to reach around US$ 2.1 Billion by 2026.


AI Never Sleeps in the Data Center

A data center typically employs between 30-200 people depending on the size and the intended project use. But only a fraction of those folks run the IT side. Besides swapping gear—the infamous “remote hands”—there isn’t much to do as long as there aren’t any outages, and rumor has it a data center is a nice place to sleep—it’s dark, cool, and the deep humming noise can have a pacifying impact on some.