Digital Retail Tips: Reduce Downtime on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year for online consumers and retailers alike. This year, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is reshaping Black Friday shopping — and digital consumers and retailers must plan accordingly. The coronavirus pandemic will likely cause Black Friday shopping to decline this year. As such, many digital retailers are launching early Black Friday sales, so they can capture consumers’ interest ahead of the competition.


How PagerDuty and Slack Empower the "Work Where You Are" Mindset

Our reliance on digital services continues to be heightened by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For work, school, and play, digital remains the primary channel. This puts huge pressure on ITOps and DevOps teams, making it critical that they can collaborate easily to resolve incidents rapidly. Many modern ITOps and DevOps teams rely on one of PagerDuty’s key integration partners, Slack, to meet this need.


Delivering Always-On Digital Experiences in Retail

How is it already near the end of October? We know our retailer customers have been heads-down thinking about code freezes and hypercare during the high season as we approach the holidays. Disruption and pivoting quickly to meet changing customer expectations is nothing new to the retail industry.


"The clearest and most singular footprint for AIOps": BigPanda named leader once again in EMA's Radar Report on AIOps

Leading analysts continue to acknowledge BigPanda’s leading role in the AIOps ecosystem. Earlier this year the GigaOm AIOps Radar report placed BigPanda in the leader section for the company’s strong market impact as a platform that delivers event correlation at scale.


On Call Schedule

An enterprise can use an on-call schedule that defines who is available to respond to incidents 24/7. Yet, how your enterprise builds and manages its on-call schedule can impact departments and stakeholders across your organization. When it comes to on-call scheduling, your enterprise must plan as much as possible. Fortunately, with the right processes and tools, you can effectively implement and manage an on-call schedule.


Incident Ready: How to Chaos Engineer Your Incident Response Process

We’re pretty sure using a real incident to test a new response process is not the best idea. So, how do you test your process ahead of time? In this video, FireHydrant CEO, Robert Ross, shared how our customers leverage best practices to break, mitigate, resolve, and fireproof incident processes.

Get real-time anomaly alerts straight to your Slack teams

Traditionally, the Millimetric platform has notified users to anomalies in their dashboards and datasets using email alerts only. However, the AI automated KPI tracking and anomaly detection platform has recently introduced a new feature which allows users to integrate with Slack. This means they can get anomaly alerts sent straight to their team on Slack channels.


Microsoft's 3 major incidents in 10 days, where did they go wrong?

Just in case you haven’t heard, last week Microsoft experienced a huge outage that prevented users from accessing its Office 365 cloud-based subscription service which serves 200 million active monthly users. This latest outage was the third in ten days, causing the company to receive a deluge of customer complaints about a 'something went wrong' message that popped up when they tried to access their accounts.