Domain-agnostic and here to stay: Gartner outlines the current state and future of AIOps

Coined by Gartner in 2016, the term ‘AIOps’ refers to the combining of big data AI and machine learning to automate and improve IT operations processes. Back then, this very broad definition led to some confusion, with different IT vendors characterizing AIOps differently, depending on what they were actually offering.


OnPage Showcased as One of Massachusetts' Top Messaging and Communication Companies

Cutting-edge messaging systems simplify communication and collaboration for organizations with complex communication needs. These systems are equipped with secure mobile messaging and a full suite of automation capabilities that can route notifications and voice calls across on-call teams. These platforms simplify on-call management through digital on-call schedules and escalation policies.


Automatically create and manage Kubernetes alerts with Datadog

Kubernetes enables teams to deploy and manage their own services, but this can lead to gaps in visibility as different teams create systems with varying configurations and resources. Without an established method for provisioning infrastructure, keeping track of these services becomes more challenging. Implementing infrastructure as code solves this problem by optimizing the process for provisioning and updating production-ready resources.


Go Beyond Core AIOps Use Cases with Robotic Data Automation (RDA) and AIOps Studio

Implementing any IT project requires time, planning, and effort and AIOps probably requires even more planning and stakeholder involvement, because of the breadth of coverage and potential to bring profits to multiple IT domains/functions (ex: ITOps/ITSM/NOCOps). Customers have high expectations from AIOps, but, even after taking such major projects, most AIOps vendors are only able to support a few core AIOps use cases, which severely limits the utility and potential of AIOps.


4 Major Capabilities of Automated Incident Management

Automated incident management ensures that critical events are detected, addressed and resolved in a fast, efficient manner. Automation allows incident management tools to integrate with each other and fosters instant communication across the systems. Automation tears down barriers across IT operations (ITOps) teams and ensures all departments are on the same page. Teams gain full visibility into incident status to verify that incidents are addressed by the relevant groups.


Introducing 2-way REST capabilities with Enterprise Alert 9

The REST API in Enterprise Alert 9 has now been extended with a 2-way functionality. This allows to call webhooks or REST endpoints from third party systems on alarm status changes (acknowledge, close). Thus, in Enterprise Alert 9, it becomes child’s play to establish a 2-way integration with almost any REST enabled third party system.


How our Field Teams' Productivity Skyrocketed with our New AIOps Studio

Lately, I have seen fewer call outs from our field teams to our solution engineering team, and I was wondering what could be the reason? Sometimes, our field engineers approach our solution engineering team with advanced requests for data analysis, running what-if scenarios and assessing the quality of data and what new value can be gleaned by combining related datasets.


Can I Send an Alert to Discord?

This is a great question. The answer is yes. You can send Graylog alerts via email, text, or Slack, and now Discord. Yes Discord! The growth and use of Discord has transformed from just many Gaming users to businesses using it as a communication platform. Many businesses like: Gaming Developers, Publishers, Journalists, Community and Event Organizers use Discord. Discord lets Gamer Developers work in teams with each other on their projects.