Scaling Data In Construction with Emery Sapp & Sons

Emery Sapp & Sons is an employee-owned heavy civil engineering company based in Columbia, Missouri. We focus on complex private and public sector projects ranging from excavation, grading, underground utilities, and bridge construction to asphalt and concrete paving. Since our founding in 1972, we’ve grown to over 1,400 employee-owners, due to organic growth as well as acquisitions.


Protecting data in Snowflake is easy with Nightfall's API platform

Ever since Snowflake burst onto the scene in 2014, the company and the software has been massively influential in how we all think of storing and accessing data. Snowflake reached new heights in September when they launched their IPO — at 28 million shares and $3.4 billion raised, it’s the largest software IPO in history. The higher financial profile and cash influx means Snowflake can expand its reach even further.


Data security vs usability: you can have it all

Growing up, were you ever told you can’t have it all? That you can’t eat all the snacks in one sitting? That you can’t watch the complete Back to the Future trilogy as well as study for your science exam in one evening? Over time, we learn to set priorities, make a decision for one thing over the other, and compromise. Just like when it comes to data access in business.


JOIN 2020 Recap: Bringing the digital data conference to you

JOIN, whether in person or “@Home,” is about bringing the Looker community together. It’s a time to highlight the latest product updates, share tips and best practices, and ultimately inspire one another to solve problems and create opportunities with data. While JOIN was a little different this year, I’m grateful that the switch to a virtual format allowed us to engage with our broader, global community.


Downsampling with InfluxDB v2.0

Downsampling is the process of aggregating high-resolution time series within windows of time and then storing the lower resolution aggregation to a new bucket. For example, imagine that you have an IoT application that monitors the temperature. Your temperature sensor might collect temperature data. This data is collected at a minute interval. It’s really only useful to you during the day.


Introducing Trends 2021 - "The great digital switch"

Many companies do them, and you will see them scattered everywhere. Our ambition around trends is different though. We want to contextualize and embed trends into a broader theme, capturing the zeitgeist. That way the strands become interwoven into a fabric, showing a structural pattern and hopefully also indicating where we are heading.


Security Analytics

As cybersecurity threats evolve, companies must adapt and rethink their security strategies. This means moving away from traditional technologies and towards new cybersecurity frameworks. One such framework is the NIST cybersecurity framework, which comprises five major functions: These five functions are the pillars of a well-rounded and effective cybersecurity strategy that is designed to improve a company’s capacity to counteract threats.