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Introducing Apache Kafka & Event-Driven Architecture Support in ReadyAPI

In 2006, SoapUI was developed with a singular goal: create a simple, open-source SOAP API testing tool. Since then, developers have contributed code and provided valuable feedback to help SmartBear transform SoapUI into ReadyAPI, the most powerful API testing platform on the market.

APIOps for Standardization Without Hindrance (Destination: Scale)

Typically, there are two options to ensuring APIs have the right governance: manual checks or long documentation (or both). There is now a third option in APIOps — integrating your GitOps process with the API lifecycle, automating the enforcement of API standards from design time. This ensures API security, quality, consistency and resiliency across distributed teams at scale, therefore improving productivity for developers and operators whilst reducing risk overall.

Why Your Organization Needs to Embrace APIs

Like most organizations today, you’re probably looking to optimize your business model through increased technology adoption. The more successful digital transformation projects look at changing business trends and seek to incorporate those trends within their own specific environment. Similarly, as API technology grows, promising new functionalities and integrations, enterprises should aim to embrace the utility of APIs within their wider technology strategy.


Kong Configurations Using Terraform via GitOps Model

As organizations adopt a microservices architecture, API gateway usage has increased. Kong Gateway is one of the promising API gateways in the market. It has both OSS and enterprise support, releases multiple features and is easy to use. Kong Admin API helps administrators configure the system easily, but it’s still error-prone. That’s because the user has to hit many curl calls for creating all the configs. When numerous folks are managing the system, this becomes difficult.

Kong Konnect: Maximize Service Reuse, Observability and Manageability

Developer teams need to move faster than ever today and reusing services is a great driver for agility. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use ServiceHub to enable development teams to search, discover and consume existing services. You'll also learn about Runtime Manager and Vitals for operational metrics of deployed services.