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Building Kong Clusters in AWS with the Terraform API Gateway Module

We created the Terraform API gateway module to help you follow DevOps best practices while implementing Kong using infrastructure as code (IaC). Terraform is an open source tool that allows you to implement IaC using a declarative declaration definition. This Terraform module is the reference platform maintained by Kong for potential and existing customers to quickly set up both Kong Gateway and Kong Enterprise for demo and PoC environments.


How to Design a Scalable Rate Limiting Algorithm

Rate limiting protects your APIs from inadvertent or malicious overuse by limiting how often each user can call the API. Without rate limiting, each user may make a request as often as they like, leading to “spikes” of requests that starve other consumers. Once enabled, rate limiting can only perform a fixed number of requests per second. A rate limiting algorithm helps automate the process. In the example chart, you can see how rate limiting blocks requests over time.


Top 5 trends for API-powered digital transformation in 2021

Our “State of the API Economy 2021” report confirms that though digital transformation has been among enterprises’ top business imperatives for years, the COVID-19 pandemic and changing market conditions have increased this urgency. Organizations across the world weathered the pandemic by compressing years of digital transformation into just a few months.


How to Authenticate using Azure Active Directory

DreamFactory’s Azure AD connector makes it easy to use an Azure Active Directory tenant for API authentication. By using Azure AD Application Roles it is also possible to assign Users and Groups to DreamFactory roles from the Azure Portal. In this example, we will show how to quickly configure DreamFactory with the proper metadata from Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).


Service Connectivity Isn't Your Job, But it's Still Your Problem

As a developer, your company hired you to build incredible products that focus on your users’ and customers’ needs. Yet, in the age of microservices, producing the best products relies heavily on efficient cloud service connectivity. For example, an eCommerce marketplace is more than a front-end UI that customers access via a browser.


The role of the API in managing Big Data

Every time someone uses an app, information travels from a database to the user via an API. Single instances may not seem very important. As long as they perform the required task, people don’t think too much about how applications work. From a business perspective, though, the big data flowing through APIs could unlock important knowledge that helps tap into emerging trends and target customers better. To get the best results, though, companies need the best big data API management.


6 Leading No Code Tools Available Today

No code tools and development platforms are becoming increasingly popular. With the no code development platform market expected to rise to $21.2 billion by 2022, these platforms are here to stay. Whether you’re a developer wanting to streamline development and reduce build times, or you’re a manager looking for a faster, easier way for development, a no code software solution could be just what you need.


The Importance of Zero-Trust Security When Making the Microservices Move

Transitioning to microservices has many advantages for teams building large applications that must accelerate the pace of innovation, deployments and time to market. It also provides them the opportunity to secure their applications and services better than they did with monolithic codebases.