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A guide to single-page application performance

Single-page applications (SPAs) present a unique approach to building web applications. They help to increase development velocity and can present big performance wins when it comes to delivering a fast and seamless user experience. Monitoring SPAs for performance still comes with a unique set of challenges, like choosing the most impactful metrics, gaining visibility into app performance over time, and knowing what metrics you can get from the browser. The main benefit of using SPAs is that a page does not need to reload when the content on the page changes. However, this feature, and the fact the page does not reload, is what makes it hard to monitor SPA performance.


Adding free and open Elastic APM as part of your Elastic Observability deployment

In a recent post we showed you how to get started with the free and open tier of Elastic Observability. Today we'll walk through what you need to do to expand your deployment so you can start gathering metrics from application performance monitoring (APM), or "tracing" data in your observability cluster, for free.


From Distributed Tracing to APM: Taking OpenTelemetry & Jaeger Up a Level

It’s no secret that Jaeger and OpenTelemetry are known and loved by the open source community — and for good reason. As part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), they offer one the most popular open source distributed tracing solutions out there as well as standardization for all telemetry data types.

Rappi Relies on Splunk Observability Cloud to Meet its 30-Minute Guarantee

Hear from Rappi’s EVP Engineering, Alejandro Comisario about how as one of the largest technology startups in Latin America, the on-demand delivery service relies on the Splunk Observability Cloud for real-time, end-to-end visibility across its complex backend system of 1k+ microservices. Since COVID-19 Rappi has grown 300%, relying on Splunk’s real-time observability to eliminate app issues for customers and stay on top of its infrastructure, applications, and overall business. With Splunk APM, Rappi now has in-depth insights into service behavior and directed troubleshooting, bringing developers’ mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) down by 90+%.
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10 Tools and Techniques to Test Your IT Infrastructure Resilience

Many of our customers are large enterprises with critical highly-available and secure infrastructures. This means that they spend (as do we) a lot of time proactively investigating and stress-testing systems, indeed we and many other vendors also provide tools within our products to assist in “kicking the tyres”. However small or large your enterprise is though, it’s a methodology and mindset that you can embrace with plenty of free and open-source tools out there to assist you.

Datadog Live Containers - Kubernetes Resources

Datadog Live Containers provides multidimensional, real-time visibility into Kubernetes workloads, from Deployments and ReplicaSets down to individual Containers. Using Datadog's curated metrics, teams can track the health and performance of their Kubernetes resources in the appropriate context and surface critical information about every layer of their Cluster.

Splunk APM maximizes performance by seeing everything in your application.

Innovate faster in the cloud and elevate your user experiences with Splunk APM. Built for the cloud-native enterprise, Splunk APM uses all your data in NoSample^TM^ full fidelity for you to act on your data in seconds. Free your code and future-proof your applications today with Splunk APM. Get a free trial as part of Splunk Observability Cloud today.

Latest Instana OpenShift Operator Automatically Collects OpenTelemetry on Red Hat OpenShift

Instana’s Enterprise Observability platform handles the unique needs of Cloud-Native Applications. Even before Instana became an IBM company, Instana was optimized to work with Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. Instana is available on OperatorHub and Red Hat Marketplace, packaged as an Operator for OpenShift that we whimsically call the Instana OpenShift Kubernetes Operator.

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Datadog APM provides end-to-end application monitoring, from frontend browsers to backend database queries and code profiles, so you can monitor and optimize your stack at any scale—no sampling required. APM and distributed tracing are fully integrated with the rest of Datadog, giving you rich context for troubleshooting issues in real time.