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Announcing flexible, scalable pricing for modern tech teams

We’re on a mission to give you more control, with fewer restrictions. The new usage-based plans from Raygun give your team more flexibility than ever, with pricing that only charges you for what you use. APM, Real User Monitoring, and Crash Reporting now start from just $8 USD per month per 10K traces/sessions for APM and RUM, and $4 USD per month per 10K error events for Crash Reporting.


All in on APM

It’s been just over six months since Splunk disrupted the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market with the launched SignalFx Microservices APM, combining the technologies of SignalFx and Omnition. We have pushed ourselves harder and continued to invest in creating more value for our customers by making it easier for them to ingest ALL data and providing ever more powerful analytics on top of that data.


Instana's Automatic Lambda Tracing: Why Instana Doesn't Use the New Lambda Extensions

Earlier this month, AWS launched the preview of the Lambda extensions framework. Some players in the Observability space announced their own extensions. In contrast, Instana did not make such a move. I thought I would explain why we didn’t launch our own extension, why we currently have no plans to do so (despite being kindly offered the opportunity) and — most importantly — why Instana users will miss nothing by NOT having an Instana Lambda extension.

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The Central Role of Application Performance Monitoring in Enterprise IT

After all, when an IT outage occurs, it disrupts the business. Employee productivity is impacted, customers are unable to transact, and the organization’s brand is at stake. Monitoring needs to cover all aspects of IT – from hardware, to storage, to server to the application stack. With the focus on keeping users happy, the importance of monitoring at the application layer has had more attention recently.

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Monitoring and fashion: we are also trend experts

Not that system monitoring has much to do with NY Fashion Week or the most avant-garde venues in London’s Soho, but they share the yearning for something new, something fruitful and original. And since we are also some kind of modern hipsters obsessed with everything cool and trendy, today we will try to review some of those new trends in monitoring, the most recent news that affect our field.


Application Performance Monitoring 101

In this guide, let’s dive deep into Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and how it works. We’re going to establish the difference between monitoring and management. Additionally, understand how to leverage APM’s full potential and its role among the different parts of the organizations, not just the technical department. Modern applications bring value to every organization in today’s information age.