May 2021


SRE vs. DevOps [Understanding Differences & Similarities]

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps share a goal of building a bridge between development and operations. We'll explore and compare both approaches. Wondering to yourself, which is better for your company, SRE or DevOps? Neither SRE or DevOps is “better,” exactly, since they’re similar yet different in a few key ways: SRE, or site reliability engineering, is a methodology developed by Google engineer Ben Treynor Sloss in 2003.


Make your Onboarding Experience Better with a Murder Mystery Game

Onboarding a new tool can be boring. Or stressful. Or both. When onboarding an incident response tool, it can be difficult to make sure that your team is getting the most from the experience. Do you opt for a run-of-the-mill meeting, or try to learn while in an incident? Neither option is ideal. That’s why Petal’s DevOps Engineer Michael Cole found a new way to get his team using Blameless for their incident response process.


The Hyperautomation Playbook - Csuite Buyin, Cultural Change, and end-to-end process automation, Part 2

In the previous episode of Digital Masters, EY’s Gurdeep Batra gave us the inside scoop on how hyperautomation is transforming the $89 trillion global wealth and asset management industry. But the good times, says Batra, are changing fast as the devastation of the COVID-19 crisis, increasing regulation, and ever-changing customer expectations squeeze revenues and boost operating costs to an all-time high.


Introduction to open source private LTE and 5G networks

It’s so easy these days to set-up your own WiFi network. You order a router online, plug it into the electrical socket, define a password and you’re good to go. WiFi is fast, reliable and easy to use. But if you want to cover a wider area or connect hundreds of small devices it quickly becomes inefficient and expensive. Is the only way to go to your local mobile network operator and sign a contract? No! Thanks to open source technology, you can build your own LTE or 5G network.


The State of Robotics - April 2021

Together we have reached the end. Two partners, two allies, two distributions that supported millions of innovators have reached their end-of-life (EOL). April will be remembered as the month where ROS Kinetic and Ubuntu Xenial reached EOL. ROS Kinetic is one of the most used, widely deployed and extensively contributed ROS distributions (1st with 1233 repos in ros/rosdistro). Released in 2016, it supported newer related components, notably Gazebo 7 and OpenCV 3, and this month has reached its end.


Colonial Pipeline Hacking and Vikings - A History Lesson

It was all over the news, with millions in the eastern US experiencing gas shortages not seen since the 1974 oil crisis. Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid a $5 million ransom to the hackers in an attempt to restore its services. It’s never an easy decision, to pay or to refuse; as paying may invite further attacks on similar services, however refusing means having to live with hardships and suffer serious losses. This ransom demand and hacking may seem like a recent phenomenon, but it is not.


Best scriptless testing tools for angular based applications

A long time ago, we started building software, basic calculator stuff. Small, uncluttered, and light software. Then we increased the size, complexity, and dependencies. As the complexities of the software applications increased, the need for software testing became more and more apparent. That was when Manual testing of software applications came into being. Soon, when the software was big and hefty, manual testing became a hectic and time-consuming job too.

Learning how to use k6 live + serverless architecture with Nocnica Fee (k6 Office Hours)

In this office hours, Nicole van der Hoeven and Simme Aronsson are joined by Nocnica Fee from New Relic, who volunteered to learn how to use k6 for the very first time, live! We also had a chat about serverless architecture and how it's different from traditional architecture.

The report is out: We made the Gartner Magic Quadrant again!

Enhancing digital performance has become a major priority for organizations today. Limited in-person interactions have forced people to depend on applications for their day-to-day needs. This is why an optimal digital experience has become synonymous with an organization’s ability to thrive. At ManageEngine, we are constantly focused on evolving and adapting to shifting technology trends.


Monitor JMeter test results with Datadog

Apache JMeter is an open source tool for load testing Java applications in both development and CI environments in order to ensure that sudden spikes in traffic won’t cause latency in production. But because load testing involves sending thousands of requests per minute in order to simulate real traffic, it can be difficult to parse outcomes and read patterns—especially for large organizations that test and deploy new code several times a day.


4 ways to improve recognition for your customer service team

Customer support is demanding work: You’re on the front line handling queries, issues, and complaints all day. To motivate and retain support agents, companies need to acknowledge their work. Customer service recognition is when the customer service team’s hard work is seen, understood, and valued by the whole organization.


Five Tips for Optimizing Hyper V

Introduced in 2008, Microsoft’s virtualization platform Hyper-V has become a well-known tool for administrators. Hyper V offers users with a wide range of management options. It includes GUI-based Hyper V tools such as Hyper V Manager, and command-line tools like Windows Powershell. Hyper V versions have been released ever since with Windows Server.


12 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools & Software [2021 Reviews]

Uptime is the metric that measures perhaps the most critical aspect of your business, its availability. If you think about it, having a website that does many really cool things, paying tons of money on ads to bring people to it, and even spending all that hours on making your website look great won’t amount to anything if it doesn’t work. Furthermore, according to a study made by Google, even a one-second delay in loading your site can cause conversions to go down by 20 percent.

Operationalize Your Insights - The Self-Service Data Roadmap, Session 4 of 4

In this webinar, Unravel CDO and VP Engineering Sandeep Uttamchandani describes the fourth and final step for any large, data-driven project: the Operationalize phase. You've found your data (Discover phase), readied it for processing (Prep phase), and built out your processing logic and machine learning model(s) (Build phase). Now you need to Operationalize all your work to data as a live project, in production.

KubeCon Operator Day keynote with Mark Shuttleworth

Operators, Models, Kubernetes, Hybrid Clouds, massive scale and bootstrapping quickly - Kubernetes is taking the the world by storm. So what's next? Mark Shuttleworth (one time astronaut, founder of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu) talks with David Booth (VP Cloud Native Applications at Canonical) about the past and lays down a vision for the future. Miro board Juju website The Kubernetes and Cloud Native operations survey

Enhance NOC Alerts With Incident Management and Alert Automation

In a network operations center (NOC), alerts originating from hundreds of servers, application monitoring systems, emails and ticketing services compete to catch a NOC analyst’s attention. NOCs face many challenges in parsing through alerts to identify actionable notifications and mobilize the right response team into action.

How to install OverOps' Java agent & collector on Windows 10; or run collector in a Docker container

Daniel Bechtel, Director Global Support at OverOps, demonstrates how to install the OverOps’ Java agent and collector on Windows 10 and how the collector can be run in a Docker container. Java agent works on 64 bit hardware only Java agent supports Java 8 - Java 11 OverOps for Java on Windows. This article walks you through the process of installing OverOps on your laptop or local PC Java application using Windows.

AI-powered API operations with Apigee

APIs are packages of data and functionality that contain business-critical information. However - as API programs scale - it becomes impossible to individually manage each API. In this video, we demo how Apigee helps simplify API operations and allows you to deliver seamless and connected experiences for your customers.

Cloud-Based Testing - A tester's perspective

Cloud-based testing has become quite integral these days. Most businesses have already done the shift towards cloud-based testing. The main reason is – it is faster, inexpensive, flexible, and requires no maintenance. The best part is that we do not own it, can easily lease it from a service provider, can easily scale up and scale down according to requirements and only have to pay for the amount of time we use the cloud resources.


How DueDil leverages Apigee API-first approach to deliver data insights at scale

As their name reflects, DueDil provides due diligence services ranging from customer-specific risk evaluations and selections to customer onboarding and real-time risk monitoring for leading financial services, high-growth tech and insurance companies. Founded in 2009, the company helps more than 3,000 enterprise users from over 400 clients to not only understand with whom they’re doing business, but to do so with increased efficiency and in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Understanding a Microsoft Service Outage

Maintaining business continuity when an issue arises has proven to be a challenge many organizations struggle with. A global pandemic being thrown into the mix in Q1 of 2020 (one that many businesses are still navigating through) introduced a new set of problems for both service providers and businesses reliant on those services.


Turbocharging your Android Gradle builds using the build cache

The Gradle Build Cache is designed to help you save time by reusing outputs produced by previous builds. It works by storing (locally or remotely) build outputs, and allowing builds to fetch these outputs from the cache when it determines that inputs have not changed. The build cache gives you the ability to avoid the redundant work and cost of regenerating time-consuming and expensive processes.

eg innovations

Secure Monitoring - Open TCP Ports are a Security Risk

I’ve been updating some of our security documentation explaining what we do to ensure our product is suitable for the security models in regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare. Talking to our security guys, I was flabbergasted to find out that there are monitoring products out there that go against what is not only an industry best practice but also the right thing to do: agents that open and listen on fixed TCP ports!


Monitor Anything, Anywhere With Push Metrics

Monitoring solutions can either pull monitoring information from devices by querying those devices, or the devices themselves can use code to push data using an API into the monitoring system. Both work equally as well but have separate use cases. It is not always possible to query a device remotely, which means asking the device itself to send the data out to the monitoring platform is easier. Keep reading to learn more about push metrics and when it makes the most sense to use it.


Rapidly Resolve Database Problems With Data Visualization

Organizations of all sizes invest in IT monitoring and analysis tools. But just because a computer knows what’s wrong doesn’t mean it can communicate those details effectively to IT teams. There is both art and science behind communication, which is why IT teams heavily rely upon data visualization. As organizations scale, so too does the importance of data visualization. Similarly, automating data analysis becomes increasingly useful with scale.


Introducing Saved Searches

Tired of composing the same endpoint searches over and over while working on performance issues? We've got you covered with our new Saved Searches feature! It allows you to bookmark your commonly used endpoint searches by app component, so instead of having to remember an exact query, you can just save it so you don't have to sift through the endpoints list again. It's just another way we try to help our users get answers, not just a bunch of data.


Avoid Market Pressures That Compromise Mobile App Security

The marketplace for mobile apps is a broad and highly competitive one. There are millions of apps available on Apple’s App store, Google Play, and within private enterprise app stores. Expanding market demands continue to drive the pressure to innovate. New iOS and Android updates and mobile device releases, along with myriad apps from companies vying for their customer’s attention, are creating shorter app release cycles.


Science of Network Anomalies

Today’s networks have evolved a long way since their early days and have become rather complicated systems that comprise numerous different network devices, protocols, and applications. Consequently, it is practically impossible to have a complete overview of what is happening in the network or whether everything in the network works as it should. Eventually, network problems will arise.

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Top Events You Should Always Audit & Monitor

Anybody who’s looked for answers on the Internet has likely stumbled across a “TOP X LISTS”: The “10 things famous people do every day”, “Top 10 stocks to by”, the “20 books you have to read” are just some examples of the myriad of lists that are out there offering answers. You may have even stumbled upon a few “Top 10 (or 12) Events To Monitor” articles too.


Correlate software performance and resource consumption with new saved views in Live Processes

Your applications rely on third-party software running throughout your infrastructure, and it can be challenging to monitor each of these technologies individually. To give you the visibility you need, Datadog Live Processes now monitors all of your third-party workloads in one place.


Add Datadog monitoring to your Retool apps

The more tools that your teams need to execute their workflows, the more friction and lost productivity there can be, especially if each tool requires a different CLI or set of APIs. Retool is a low-code platform that allows you to build internal web applications using a drag-and-drop interface. By integrating with a number of key backend databases and APIs, Retool enables you to create custom, centralized management tools to serve a wide range of employee-facing use cases.


Lambda Metrics That You Should Be Monitoring

What are the crucial AWS Lambda metrics you should definitely be monitoring? Your application does not need to be “huge” for it to have enough functions and abstraction to get lost in it. As a DevOps engineer, you can’t cover every single factor. Showing relevant facts and asking the right questions is crucial! So when there’s a fire, you can troubleshoot in no time. Every organization is unique, and every workload has its own utility.


Reducing Enterprise AppSec Risks: Ponemon Report Key Takeaways

Ponemon Institute’s Reducing Enterprise Application Security Risks: More Work Needs to Be Done looks at the reasons why many enterprises consider the application layer to be the highest security risk. Ponemon Institute, in partnership with WhiteSource, surveyed 634 IT and IT security practitioners about their enterprises’ approach to securing applications.


Two months in: How the SaaS that was built in 7 days is going

In case you don't remember, or missed my first article: OnlineOrNot started as a SaaS I built and shipped a v0.0.1 of in 7 days. It was an Absolute Minimal Viable Product. You couldn't even login with a password. Still can't, actually. You're probably wondering what it does. OnlineOrNot is a website monitoring service that provides both uptime, and page speed checks.


Overcoming data challenges for state and local government and education with Elastic

With the surge of endpoints and growing demands for access to data, public sector organizations have seen an increase in security threats since the onset of the pandemic. Against this backdrop, Elastic gathered industry leaders to learn how to manage these challenges and demands and build a path toward the future. The recent State and Local Government & Education ElasticON Public Sector event showcased the tech solutions that are delivering for constituents, faster.


Security Operations, the Devo Next-Gen SIEM, Is Now Chock Full of Content 

Devo has some big news for our customers, partners and prospects. We are pleased to announce the latest release of Devo Security Operations, which enables you to achieve full visibility without compromise, leverage real-time detections and enriched investigations, and maximize analyst productivity.


What is Realtime?

Everything that occurs is a change in state, or an event for short: the sun comes out, the bus arrives, plants emerge from the ground, a neighbor says hello, the calendar page turns to a certain date or time, or your team lead yells that you should get to da choppa. Among all events, the ones that must be observed, recorded, or otherwise acted upon can be categorized based on how timely the reaction needs to be.


Do This, Not That: 3 Ways to Speed Up Low-Code Application Development

Low-code application development went mainstream in 2020—and it continues to pick up speed. Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, 75 percent of development shops will use low-code platforms (up from just 44 percent in 2020)[1]. Unfortunately, many IT teams are only scratching the surface of low-code’s power. Why? Because they’re running low-code projects with traditional high-code development practices. That’s like putting a minivan engine in a race car.


6 Smart Practices That Optimize Database Performance Monitoring

The best business decisions are backed by data. Companies that constantly collect, analyze, and proficiently store this are more likely to succeed in the long run. An organization's database can be a direct source of revenue. Not only in the sense that data can be sold, but the insights produced can help the business too. Data about customer habits, market trends, etc., can enable a company to optimize its practices and find the most effective way to conduct tasks.


Monitoring Model Drift in ITSI

I’m sure many of you will have tried out the predictive features in ITSI, and you may even have a model or two running in production to predict potential outages before they occur. While we present a lot of useful metrics about the models’ performance at the time of training, how can you make sure that it is still generating accurate predictions? Inaccuracy in models as the underlying data or systems change over time is natural.


What's New: Splunk Enterprise 8.2

Welcome back to another day in paradise. Today we are announcing the release of Splunk Enterprise 8.2. Since our last release of Splunk Enterprise 8.1 at .conf20, we have continued development of new and enhanced capabilities for our twice a year release cadence. In Splunk Enterprise 8.2, we have focused our development offers across a number of themes: insights, admin productivity, data infrastructure, and performance.


New Cybersecurity Executive Order: What You Need to Know

Last night, the Biden administration released an executive order on cybersecurity that includes new security requirements for software vendors selling software to the U.S. government. These requirements include security testing in the development process and a bill of materials for the open source libraries in use, so known vulnerabilities are disclosed and able to be tracked in the future. Without following these standards, companies will not be able to sell software to the federal government.


CloudWatch Pricing: What You Need To Know

To make sure your company’s cloud-based resources remain continuously available, you need a way to monitor all your applications and quickly detect when something goes wrong — especially if you are running multiple instances and using a variety of products. Amazon’s inbuilt tool, CloudWatch, allows you to do just this. In this article, we’ll cover exactly what AWS CloudWatch is, how it works, and how much it costs to use.

Simplifying MLOps with model-driven operators

In early markets such as MLOps, solutions to parts of a large problem arise from multiple open source communities, startups and industry leaders. For the consumer, this entails one problem - integrating pieces of a software puzzle in a maintainable way. Model-driven operators promise a solution by connecting the ops of a single application with declarative integration in a standard that empowers providers.

Scaling Service Mesh Across Clouds

In the traditional datacenter, distributed workloads simply existed across multiple datacenters. As businesses evolve their applications in the cloud native era, this degree of distribution scales as well. Workloads landing in multiple VPCs grow in commonality, and in many cases exist between cloud environments. In this Destination: Scale session, Cody De Arkland - Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Service Mesh, Office of the CTO - shows how Kuma provides a method to connect these applications through its advanced multi-zone capabilities, and how this model enables global scale.

The Customer Support Experience Report 2021

In 2020, Customer Support teams worked harder than ever before. Not only did most have to adapt to new ways of working but for many the pandemic lead to an increase in support requests. Geckoboard customer Ember described a situation where people were more readily available to contact Support but also expected agents to respond faster than usual. So how is the industry faring in 2021?


Augmented Reality in Pharma Industry: How the Game Changing?

Many industries have taken up Augmented Reality (AR) serious in order to increase production, sales and customer education. Organizations today are making use of several AR applications for multiple purposes to grab the attention of users. Surveys have predicted a vast growth in the AR VR markets in the near future as much money has been induced into the field. The application of AR technology is establishing a firm hold over the pharmaceutical industry as well.


Introducing the API Explorer: Interactive documentation for the Looker API & SDKs

In my experience as a developer, the only thing worse than an entirely undocumented API is a poorly documented API. Through no real fault of its own, the API suddenly morphs from an inanimate but trustworthy object into an evil and decidedly sentient creature — I picture it and all its poorly documented friends laughing at me while I try and pass a user_id in the body of a request, knowing full well that I should be supplying it as a query param instead.


What is Open Policy Agent?

Open Policy Agent, or OPA, is an open source, general purpose policy engine. OPA decouples policy decisions from other responsibilities of an application, like those commonly referred to as business logic. OPA works equally well making decisions for Kubernetes, Microservices, functional application authorization and more, thanks to its single unified policy language. So what’s a policy engine? And what’s policy? A policy can be thought of as a set of rules.


Implementing Client Credentials With Kong and Okta

Using Kong’s OpenID Connect (OIDC) plugin, Kong and Okta work together to solve three significant application development challenges: The OIDC plugin enables Kong, as the API gateway, to communicate with Okta via the OAuth/OIDC flows. That way, your app teams don’t have to configure and diagnose authentication and authorization for each service individually. With these challenges solved, app teams have more time to build and innovate.


What Is the Risk Management Framework? RMF Controls Overview

Risk management framework helps you to set up a structured process for information security and risk management activities. Here, we explain what is the risk management framework (RMF), what are RMF controls, and how you can comply with RMF controls. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.


Log Management and SIEM Overview: Using Both for Enterprise CyberSecurity

Properly analyzing the massive amounts of data created by network access and the associated security tools has become a very tedious chore. Today’s cybersecurity professionals are seeking ways to better deal with the massive influx of information so that they can make intelligent choices when it comes to the cybersecurity posture of their networks. Selecting the proper tools is an important task which merits investigation.


The journey to AIOps begins with an automation-first mindset

AIOps isn’t an IT magic wand, but it sometimes works like one. One day last fall, our IT ops team was heads down on a major cloud migration project. Meanwhile, ServiceNow Event Management detected a high volume of alerts from the monitoring system—600% more than usual. That typically means a lot of unplanned work for our IT team, not to mention a delay in our cloud migration schedule.


Prevent cloud misconfigurations in HashiCorp Terraform with Snyk IaC

We’re delighted to share new features of Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) designed to support how Terraform users write, plan, and apply their configurations. With Snyk IaC, you can get immediate guidance on security configurations as you write, and scan your Terraform plans in your deployment pipelines to ensure your changes and complete configuration are safe.


Scaling for DevSecOps with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

Application development has changed, and development teams have begun supporting a model of rapid and frequent deployments to support the pace of innovation demanded by digital transformation. From an application security perspective, this means scaling through DevSecOps and supporting developer-first security. The unique challenges and solutions for shifting to DevSecOps were the subject of a recent roundtable discussion featuring Aner Mazur, Chief Product Officer at Snyk and Christer Edvartsen, Sr.


Accelerate Moving to CDP with Workload Manager

Since my last blog, What you need to know to begin your journey to CDP, we received many requests for a tool from Cloudera to analyze the workloads and help upgrade or migrate to Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). The good news is Cloudera has a tried and tested tool, Workload Manager (WM) that meets your needs. WM saves time and reduces risks during upgrades or migrations.


Kubernetes capacity planning: How to rightsize your cluster

Kubernetes capacity planning is one of the main challenges that infrastructure engineers have to face, as understanding Kubernetes limits and requests is not an easy thing. You might be reserving way more resources than you need to ensure your containers don’t run out of memory, or are CPU throttled. If you are in this situation, you’re going to be charged for those resources even if they aren’t being used, and it will also make deployments more difficult to schedule.

uptime robot

How to check if an item is back in stock?

Are you one of those trying to desperately get your hands on a new RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti, & 3090 in 2021? Or maybe you prefer the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console. Basically, any item that’s on pre-sale or hard to get (including the uniquely designed piece of clothing for your girlfriend). If your favorite e-shop doesn’t have a “watchdog”, we have the best solution for you. Now how would you know it’s already back in stock? There’s an easy way!

Xray & GitLab - How trigger test automation using GitLab

Our project is managed in Jira, including testing with Xray (e.g. using Jira & Xray for single-source of truth of testing results) and our source code (including for automated tests) and CI/CD is managed in GitLab. In this scenario, we want to trigger automation in GitLab from the Xray side and report the results back to Xray and Jira.

Elastic and Swimlane partner to deliver an extensible framework for the modern SOC

Today I’m happy to share more about our partnership with Swimlane, which further reinforces our commitment to empowering security teams everywhere. Today’s security teams rely on the power of Elastic’s high-speed, cloud-scale analytics to solve their most complex and pressing security issues. Swimlane’s security automation platform provides a way for these same teams to accelerate and optimize their workflows for max efficiency and to solve SOAR use cases.


How to correlate Graphite metrics and Loki logs

Grafana Explore makes correlating metrics and logs easy. Prometheus queries are automatically transformed into Loki queries . And we will be extending this feature in Grafana 8.0 to support smooth logs correlation not only from Prometheus, but also from Graphite metrics. Prometheus and Loki have almost the same query syntax, so transforming between them is very natural. However, Graphite syntax for queries is different, and in order to map it to Loki, some extra setup is required.


Supporting Native Android Libraries Loaded From APKs

Like mechanics who restore their own cars or plastic surgeons who self-rhinoplasty, our developers put their skills to interesting uses during their free time. Here, Native Platform Engineer, Arpad Borsos breaks down how memory mappings and dynamic library loading works and how it relates to native Android libraries loaded from APKs. Libraries are key to modular programming, as they offer functionality in a single unit which can be shared with other developers.

What is OpenTelemetry?

What is OpenTelemetry? How does OpenTelemetry work? Open Telemetry is the new standard is generating traces, metrics, and logs from your applications. It works by allowing developers to use common SDK's and API's in their services that handle all the heavy lifting of generating said data. Forrest Knight breaks down the different components of the ecosystem and helps you understand why adopting it now is probably a great idea.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stream Processing Engine

Are you using the right stream processing engine for the job at hand? You might think you are—and you very well might be!—but have you really examined the stream processing engines out there in a side-by-side comparison to make sure? Our Choose the Right Stream Processing Engine for Your Data Needs whitepaper makes those comparisons for you, so you can quickly and confidently determine which engine best meets your key business requirements.


Introduction to database testing

In software development, processing and storing data in different states reflects the business rules an application is built on. The heart and soul of any software application is the data that is persisted in databases for retrieval and further processing. The database system (SQL or Non-SQL) chosen for an application must serve the required data processing and storage needs of the application.


Pipeline Ransomware. Could I Be Next?

If you have been following the news or trying to buy gas in Atlanta, you probably have already heard about the ransomware attack on one of the most important strategic pipelines in the US. 2020 saw ransomware attacks skyrocket and now 2021 seems to be following the trend. The current situation begs us to rethink how we think about our security practices and mindset. One area of security that you may have heard about is Zero Trust (ZT).


Announcing HAProxy 2.4

HAProxy 2.4 adds exciting features such as support for HTTP/2 WebSockets, authorization and routing of MQTT and FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol messages, DNS resolution over TCP, server timeouts that you can change on the fly, dynamic SSL certificate storage for client certificates sent to backend servers, and an improved cache; it adds a built-in OpenTracing integration, new Prometheus metrics, and circuit breaking improvements.


Optimizing User Experience Makes a Huge Difference in Customer Satisfaction

With remote shopping and a large range of SaaS services experiencing heavy demand during COVID, the lingering question is whether this will be a fading fad or a new normal. Many businesses have had to optimize or even reinvent their websites and applications to improve performance under new levels of heavy demand. This has driven demand for automatic and precise performance monitoring and an increased demand for rapid problem remediation.


Why Your Engineers Want to Migrate to Kubernetes

Software teams have found themselves in the center of the business’ strategy. Their strategic decisions on technologies to invest in has resulted in greater agility and the ability to build products that differentiate their companies in the market. As a result, optimizing the ability for software teams to deliver by investing in stronger tooling has become a core priority.


Distributed Tracing vs. Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is a well-established discipline that dates back decades and remains a pillar of software management strategies today. However, as software environments and architectures have evolved, monitoring techniques have needed to evolve along with them. That’s why many teams today rely on distributed tracing to glean insights that they can’t gather from application monitoring alone.


How PagerDuty Leverages Customer Service Ops to Delight Customers

Connection, empathy, and speedy responses are more important in the Customer Support world today than they ever have been before. I’m writing this while sitting in the same place I have worked from for the last year: in my dining room-turned-office, pads of sticky notes, and various charging cables keeping my cookbooks company on the shelf. Prior to March 2020, I commuted to an open office almost every weekday.


Troubleshooting Kubernetes Clusters as a Developer with Komodor

The container ecosystem is moving very fast and new tools designed specifically for Kubernetes clusters are introduced at a very fast pace. Even though several times a new tool is simply implementing a well-known mechanism (already present in the VM world) with a focus on containers, every once in a while we see tools that are designed from scratch rather than adapting a preexisting idea. One such tool is Komodor.


New Dashboard Builder Now Available to Circonus Customers

We recently announced the development of our new dashboard builder and associated release of several new turnkey service dashboards. The new dashboard builder provides a vastly improved user experience, enabling users to create dashboards in a fraction of the time it took them previously. As of this month, the dashboard builder, which was previously only accessible internally, is now available to all Circonus customers.


Why Business Intelligence is a Security Risk

Business intelligence (BI) software, such as Microsoft Power Bi, allows organizations to leverage big data and make better business decisions. Select Hub reports that 48 percent of companies place high or critical importance on these solutions. However, BI tools introduce a level of security risk that businesses must address.


3 Tips to Prepare for an Online Holiday Shopping Surge

With Memorial Day right around the corner, customers are preparing their carts for a weekend of online sales and shopping. Unfortunately, the increase in online traffic for holiday sales is ripe with potential for issues. Similar to the glitches and crashes we see during holiday weekends such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the potential of website issues may increase with online traffic during Memorial Day weekend sales. Luckily, there are ways IT pros can prepare for a surge.


Four KPIs for Measuring Hybrid Worker Productivity

Beginning in September, Google employees will split their time at work, spending at least three days a week in the office and the remainder of the work week working from home. Microsoft and Ford have also signaled their intention to implement hybrid working models. Other, smaller businesses are sure to follow these examples. Spoiler alert: the future of work is hybrid.


Canary vs blue-green deployment to reduce enterprise downtime

Even before the cloud, no one liked deployment downtime. With applications hosted in traditional data centers that restricted access for local users, many organizations scheduled deployments when users were less likely to be using the applications, like the middle of the night. With widespread adoption of cloud-based, 24x7 environments that are accessed from all time zones, every hour of the day, easy-to-find deployment windows are gone.


NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack 4.32 released

NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack 4.32 The NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack enables advanced health and performance diagnostics for DB2 databases using the Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager. Leverage your existing investment, reduce costs, save time, and build efficiencies that will last beyond your expectations. Get the new NiCE smart DB2 Management Pack 4.32 and start advanced Db2 monitoring now. We are looking forward to smartening up your enterprise application monitoring.


Best practices for monitoring dark launches

A dark launch is a deployment strategy for testing new versions of a service in production. When running a dark launch, you deploy a new version of a service and route a copy of production traffic to it without returning responses to users. This lets you see how a new version of a service handles production load, watch for errors, and compare performance between the old and the new versions—without affecting users.


Monitor Cloudflare logs and metrics with Datadog

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) that organizations across industries use to secure the reliability of their websites, applications, and APIs. With a wide array of security, networking, and performance-management tools, millions of web applications employ Cloudflare’s DDoS protection, load balancing, and serverless compute-monitoring features to maintain high performance and uptime.


A GraphQL Introduction: Benefits and Tips for Using This API Technology

GraphQL is an open-source query and manipulation language to use for APIs. It contains server-side functionality and a query language for maintaining data interfaces. It was first created in 2012 by Facebook and publicly released in 2015. Since 2018, the GraphQL project has been hosted by the Linux Foundation and run by the GraphQL Foundation.


How Much is Poor Software Quality Costing Your Organization?

A recent report by the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) revealed the economic impact of poor software quality in the US. Below, we outlined our favorite takeaways and recommended solutions. Following a year where digital experiences were thrust into the spotlight, CISQ has released The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the US: A 2020 Report, an update to their 2018 analysis.


Best Java GC Log Analyzers: Top Analysis Tools You Need to Know in 2021

When an application written for the Java Virtual Machine is running, it constantly creates new objects and puts them on the heap. Well, at least in the vast majority of the cases. Such objects can have a longer or shorter life, but at some point, they stopped being referenced from the code. Unlike languages like C/C++, we don’t have exact control over when the memory will be freed – freeing the memory is the garbage collector’s job.


Automate Containerization of Apps to OpenShift using CloudHedge's App Modernization Platform

Firstly, super excited to share that CloudHedge has successfully completed the IBM Cloud Paks certification, IBM has some stringent requirements for achieving this certification which includes having an Operator certified product listed on Red Hat Marketplace. CloudHedge’s intelligent App Modernization Platform enables enterprise customers to transform their legacy workloads to OpenShift container platform efficiently and effortlessly.


6 Best Tools for Automated Network Management + Guide

In today’s technology-driven world, network automation tools have evolved from convenience to necessity in practically every IT field. Traditionally, IT managers would issue manual command lines to manage networks, but given the size of today’s business networks, manual workflows dealing with repetitive network tasks have become time-consuming and counterproductive, often at risk of incurring errors from manual implementation.


Staying Relevant in the Post-COVID World: 8 Keys to Rebranding Success

When I joined Appian as CMO last December, the world was in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, the low-code automation market was exploding as companies reacted to massive change, and Forrester was predicting that 75% of application development would be using low-code platforms (up from 44% in 2020) by the end of 2021. In other words, the time was ripe to update the Appian brand for the coming decade of change.


What is a KPI dashboard? 6 key benefits & best practice examples

KPI dashboards are a great way for executives to improve their management of strategic goals, and keep on top of changes, issues and trends in performance at a high-level, with many useful applications when used correctly, alongside other modern analytics tools. This blog covers the role of KPI dashboards can play in organizations today, its business benefits, and best practice examples to ensure your users can get the most out of them.


Joining forces with FossID to extend developer-first security to C/C++ applications

I’m excited to announce the acquisition of FossID, extending Snyk’s developer-first security capabilities with deeper C/C++ support and enhanced license compliance! Snyk’s vision has always been to empower developers to secure their applications, enabling the speed and scale required by technology-driven companies.

How OverOps can fail a GitLab quality gate to prevent problematic code from being promoted

Overview of how OverOps integrates with GitLab to create software that can be delivered at speed without sacrificing quality. We also demonstrate how a critical software issues can be identified and how OverOps can fail a GitLab quality gate to prevent problematic code from being promoted.

Embedded dashboard in action: Postman

This embedded dashboard feature brings you insights from Postman, a collaboration platform for API development. Postman simplifies each step of building an API and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs, faster. I got in touch with Vasa Prudhvi Kumar, Analytics Leader from the Postman team, to learn about their experience creating embedded analytics for their platform.


Redgate's roadmap for cross-database DevOps

At Redgate, we strongly believe that all databases should be managed and orchestrated in the same way, with the same standards of security and quality in releases. For the past few years, we’ve been leading the adoption of database DevOps by focusing on the most challenging parts of the process like version control, continuous integration and making deployments consistent, predictable and repeatable.


The customer service imperative: Digital operations and engagement

Without question, the largest disruption the customer service market has ever experienced happened at the beginning of the pandemic. Millions of customer service agents across the globe were sent home overnight, causing major disruptions for companies that were too reliant on manual processes and tribal knowledge. Agents didn’t have the necessary tools in this new remote environment, and customers experienced unprecedented wait times as a result, with some requests never being answered.


Recent Pipeline Attack Highlights Our Vulnerable Infrastructure

On Thursday, May 6, Colonial Pipeline, which operates a pipeline that delivers gasoline and jet fuel to nearly 45 percent of the U.S. East Coast, fell victim to a ransomware attack. The attack took over 100 gigabytes of data hostage, causing the company to halt all pipeline operations and shut down several of its systems. The attackers, identified as a criminal gang known as DarkSide, threatened to leak proprietary information unless a ransom is paid.


Safeguard Against Account Takeovers with Endpoint-to-cloud Security

Not long ago, amid the Microsoft Exchange Server attacks, Lookout Chief Strategy Officer Aaron Cockerill wrote about why cloud apps are more secure than their on-premise counterparts. That’s a really important lesson and an initial step towards securing your organization. Here’s part two of that narrative: you also need dedicated security to ensure that your cloud infrastructure and apps are secure.


Automating Government Compliance and Security

This blog is the first in a four-part series on infrastructure automation for government agencies that are modernizing digital systems while grappling with budget and staffing constraints and the challenges of COVID-19. The last 12 months have been a turning point for many government agencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the drive towards modernization and, with it, the need to ensure security and compliance requirements across a host of legacy systems and processes.

BearingPoint's Software Asset Management

Our SAM service enables customers to have control over the risks and complexities of software entitlements, optimize the use of software assets and minimize license consumption and costs. Our approach transforms and restyles software asset management. Thus, the customer is relieved to install and manage on-premise solutions or provide expert license management staff.

Super-Charge Your Site Reliability Practices with Runbook Automation

To win in today’s digital age, organizations need to balance product reliability and feature delivery with dynamic business needs and legacy and multi-cloud environments. Automation, as a main SRE practice, scales product reliability practices by reducing tedious tasks related to production operations, freeing up engineers to work on innovation.

Entelgy: Automated Invoice Processing in just Two Weeks

Entelgy Digital specializes in facilitating digital transformation through people and technology. They drive efficiency based on process automation, among other technologies, for the benefit of both client companies and the rest of the organization. Using the Appian Low-code Automation Platform, including Appian RPA, Entelgy has transformed its customer billing workflows reducing the entire process by 35% in only two weeks.

Continuous delivery with Ketch, GitHub Actions, and k3d

Can we combine the simplicity of deploying applications with Ketch with GitHub Actions and accomplish a fully automated continuous delivery pipeline? Here's what we'll do. We'll create GitHub Actions that will fully automate all the tasks starting from creating a pull request all the way until a release is deployed to production.

How to Monitor OID Status and Restart the LDAP Service When OID is Down?

We prepared WLSDM OID DevOps MBean blog about when OID shuts down due to external problems such as a network issue, the system will be provided to stand up. First of all, We are going to create WLSDM DevOps MBean then assign restart script on it. If the dummy LDAP search on DevOps MBean does not return any result, the opmnctl service will be restart by triggering the action script.


Modernize log monitoring to accelerate digital transformation

Events over the past year have driven many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Customers are expecting faster, better, and cheaper services. Competition is getting tougher. Having digital agility keeps you ahead in the marketplace. Increasingly that means moving applications to the cloud. Unfortunately, a traditional log management platform doesn’t provide the visibility and speed organizations need to effectively manage and secure the distributed environment.


The rise of the developer platform

I have recently seen quite a few articles and talks covering why organizations are aiming at implementing a developer platform to help speed up the adoption of microservices within their organizations but before we get started on discussing what a developer platform is, the developer experience and productivity on Kubernetes, and how different teams are working through it, let’s define some common ground.


No, SRE Is Not the New DevOps - Unless It Is

If you start typing “DevOps vs.” in your search engine, you’ll probably see that “DevOps vs. SRE” is one of the top queries that people search for. But so are terms like “is SRE DevOps?” If Google autocomplete is to be believed, then, there is a fair amount of uncertainty out there about what, exactly, the SRE role has to do with DevOps. Some see SRE and DevOps as distinct concepts, while others apparently think that they mean more or less the same thing.


How to use CDC for database replication

In the age when data is the new oil, more than 80% of IT decision-makers delay their business decisions due to slow data processing. Architecting your ETL pipeline with database replication can speed up your data processes. Database replication creates an analytic database as a separate copy of your production database. This unburdens the transactional database from analytical queries while securing fresh data in the analytical database for faster time-to-insights.


The Hidden Cost of Sampling in Observability

Today’s software is incredibly complicated and creates tons of data. Metrics, logs, and traces are generated constantly by hundreds of services for even simple applications. Every transaction can generate on the order of kilobytes of metadata about the transaction — and multiplying that to account for even a small amount of concurrency can create a few megabytes a second (or ~300GB/day) of data that needs to be captured and analyzed for later use.


Why you should focus on page speed & stop using pop-ups

Have you ever wondered why your bounce rate is always over 70% and can never quite figure out why? Your content reads great, you’ve got top-notch videos of your products, and you’ve even got a testimonial from Microsoft saying how good your company is! Well, all of these things seem to have little impact on visitors to your website if you have a) constant pop-ups or b) slow page loading speed (and if you have both, I’d disable Google Analytics now…).


Quick Demo: Updated Magisk Systemless Root Detection and Remediation

Magisk is a very sophisticated systemless rooting technique that can bypass Google's SafetyNet attestation and allow apps like Google Pay, many banking apps, and even Fortnite and Pokémon Go games to be installed on a rooted Android device. Rooting an Android device is popular to allow the user to customize and tweak their device by allowing the installation of third-party apps and tools, removavl of bloatware, and speed up the processor and network.

Extend your Mitel Offering to Improve Service Delivery and User Experience

Winning and retaining customers in a subscription-based business model requires solid and reliable service delivery. For Mitel partners, it has never been more critical for your UC customers to be able to rely on state-of-the-art service quality to maintain their business continuity. Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) already enables hundreds of partners to ensure exceptional service delivery quality for their customers.  

What is Opsgenie?

Opsgenie is an on-call and alert management and incident response solution to keep services always on. It empowers Dev and Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents. With over 200 deep integrations and a highly flexible rules engine, Opsgenie centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to collaborate and take rapid action.

How Database Performance Analysis Can Inform Database Selection

There’s a big difference between the MySQL database powering your internet of things (IoT) lightbulb and the one powering your website. There’s a chasm between the SQL Server Express database in your lightly used application’s VM and the monster multi-region SQL cluster you have running on Microsoft Azure. This kind of database diversity is everywhere today. But what are the differences between these databases, and how can administrators justify database spend?


7 Strategies to Contain Network Costs (Layer 6 Will Amaze You)

First, thanks for indulging the clickbait title joke. Serialization is the unsung hero of harmonizing network and application relations and deserves the occasional, snarky callout. Moreover, identifying how the unique mix of network clients in your environment consume your carefully manicured infrastructure is critical for managing network cost. Because today, a rapidly expanding, diverse pile of new technologies all assume the network is a magic grid, no tuning required.


Anatomy Of The Recent Salesforce Outage - Hard Lesson For All SaaS Application Providers And Users

At Catchpoint, I work as a Solutions Engineer. Being on the sales side, one of the applications I use a lot is Salesforce, the CRM platform used at Catchpoint and thousands of other organizations. You don’t have to take my word for it. Here is Catchpoint’s endpoint monitoring data showing I speak the truth!


Continuous deployment of Node.js to Azure VM

Virtual machines (VM) offer great flexibility for hosting web applications. A developer/engineer is able to configure and control every piece of software and every setting that the application needs to run. Azure, one of the largest cloud hosting platforms, has virtual machine offerings for both Linux and Windows-based operating systems. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline to deploy a Node.js application to an Azure virtual machine.


Ivanti User Workspace Manager Update: 2021.1 Release

Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) 2021.1 is a major release focused on quality, stability and several feature enhancements. As of version 2021.1, Application Control offers a native user interface inside the AC console. This interface presents an aggregated view of events captured from all managed endpoints. The events are filtered and categorized on a per-feature basis and can be seamlessly translated into policy actions via drag-and-drop functionality.

Access Control #3: State of Startup Application Security

In this third episode of Access Control, a podcast providing practical security advice for startups, Ben Arent chats with Luca Carettoni, co-founder of Doyensec. Doyensec is an independent security research and development company focused on vulnerability discovery and remediation. The Teleport team has been working with Doyensec for the last two years and have worked together on security assessment for Teleport. In this episode, we’ll get a pentester's view on the current state of startup security.

Data insights made simple, flexible, and proactive? Cheers to that.

Stonegate is Britain’s largest pub company, with 1,200 managed pubs and bars across the UK, 3,200 tenanted sites, and multiple brands including Slug & Lettuce, Yates, Be At One, Walkabout, and Popworld. The hospitality business was difficult enough before COVID-19 arrived, but the pandemic forced Stonegate to fundamentally rethink its core business and operational models.

Simplify Salesforce Testing with AI-Driven Codeless Tools

Testing Salesforce Apps presents numerous challenges for enterprise organizations. Teams have to navigate complex architecture, integration workflows, and continuous changes in the customized SFDC implementation, as well as a wide range of different applications hosted on Salesforce Cloud. If left unchecked, these challenges can hamper critical enterprise processes like the revenue-generating Quote to Cash process.

ServiceNow named a Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms

I’m very pleased to announce that ServiceNow has been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms for Professional Developers, Q2 2021. We attribute this recognition to our latest low-code innovations and capabilities. According to this evaluation, “ServiceNow has grown to a low-code platform of the first rank.


7 Best Data Analysis Tools

Just about every process used within a business generates some form of data. While some may see this qualitative and quantitative information as useless, data analysis tools can turn it into a resource that helps your brand make better decisions in every aspect of its operations. Not all analytical tools are created equally, and the following stand out from the rest. These resources were chosen based on average customer reviews along with the array of analysis types provided.


D2iQ Kommander and AWS Kubernetes Services: A Winning Combination

To continuously innovate, many organizations are anchoring their infrastructure on container management solutions. The open source project Kubernetes is now the de facto standard for container management, and its popularity is growing in a number of ways. Here are some stats from a recent Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey.


What Is Threat Intelligence?

It's one thing to detect a cyber attack. It's another to know what the attackers are trying to do, which tactics they are using, and what their next move is likely to be. Without that additional information, it's difficult to defend effectively against an attack. You can't reliably stop an attack if you are unable to put yourself in the mindset of the attackers. This is why threat intelligence plays a critical role in modern cybersecurity operations.

CircleCI acquires Vamp, adding release orchestration to their CI/CD platform to help engineering teams deliver business growth

CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced the acquisition of release orchestration platform, Vamp. Combining Vamp's industry-leading release orchestration capabilities with CircleCI's robust CI/CD platform will be transformative for engineering teams amid a growing need for increased change validation in the industry.

Speed up your dashboard workflow with dynamic template variable syntax

Template variables enable you to use tags to filter your Datadog dashboards to the hosts, containers, or services you need for faster troubleshooting. However, there are some cases where it may be difficult to use a standard set of template variables to aggregate all of the data you need without creating a complicated, difficult to manage set of variables. For example, you may use tag values that are a subset of another tag.


Debugging with Dashbird: Lambda not logging to CloudWatch

Lambda not logging to CloudWatch? It’s actually one of the most common issues that come up. Let’s briefly go over why this problem needs to be solved. CloudWatch is the central logging and monitoring service of the AWS cloud platform. It gives you insights into all the AWS services. Even if you can’t deploy and test serverless systems locally, CloudWatch tells you what’s happening to them.


Upgrading and Patching WLSDM

WLSDM new releases and updates come continuously, which will transform WLSDM into a unique viewing experience after upgrade. New update with ease of use and bug fixes; It brings the native WebLogic viewing experience offered to date to better levels. By upgrading the current WLSDM version, you can continue to use the WLSDM capabilities you are used to with the latest version.


eBonding Integration: ServiceNow Incidents to 5 Destinations: PagerDuty, Twilio, Slack, ElasticSearch/Kibana and Email

In this blog, we will walk through the scenario of sending or E-bonding ServiceNow incidents to 5 destinations simultaneously, using Robotic Data Automation and AIOps Studio. E-bonding refers to a scenario where data is delivered (one-way) or synchronized (two-way) between two or different systems, which are typically under different administrative boundaries. E-Bonding term originally appeared in Service Provider and Telco space (see: ATT E-Bonding).


SRE Leaders Panel: Business Agility is what matters, SRE can help you get there

Blameless recently had the privilege of hosting SRE leaders Garima Bajpai, Founder at Community of Practice - DevOps Canada and Jason Fraser, Delivery Lead at VMware Tanzu to discuss the value of crisis during incident response, the best and worst tech transformations they’ve seen, how reliability impacts the flow of value, and more.


Why a CI/CD Pipeline Makes Good Business Sense

If your business is thinking of switching over to an integration and continuous deployment/delivery (CI/CD) model of software production, the first thing you may wonder is whether this move is good for business. Migrating and training your team will take time and money, but sometimes it’s not clear what the payoff is and how and when you’re going to start seeing any ROI. It’s reasonable to be cautious and not leap to embrace whatever the latest buzzword happens to be.


Changing how work gets done with Employee Journey Management

COVID-19 accelerated many of the changes that were happening at work pre-pandemic, setting off a spike in innovation as companies developed new workflows to address these changes. According to ServiceNow’s 2021 Employee Experience Imperative Study that surveyed 3,000 employees at large enterprise companies in North America and Europe, 62% of employees believe COVID-19 will have a significant impact on their work experience for years to come.


Solving the Right Data Problem. Finally.

In late 2020, a CEO at an American bank revealed the thinking that’s becoming common in many businesses these days. “We’re a 103-year-old bank,” their CEO told me. “We’re doing everything on spreadsheets. But we are trying to become a highly profitable, digital-first bank that anticipates financial needs and empowers our clients with frictionless experiences. We need to become a data company.”


What is ETL?

These days, companies have access to more data sources and formats than ever before: databases, websites, SaaS (software as a service) applications, and analytics tools, to name a few. Unfortunately, the ways businesses often store this data make it challenging to extract the valuable insights hidden within — especially when you need it for smarter data-driven business decision-making.


Cycle Time: The Most Important Metric that Helps You Nip Problems in the Bud

The art of management is to act at the right moment. Good leaders allow team members to be autonomous when things are going in the right direction. In the same time, they are swift in fixing up issues when it was a minor problem, thus avert a crisis later on in time. Knowing the right time act is not easy. This ability used to come from years of experience through trials and errors. With modern source control tools (e.g.

The Clear SHOW - S02E04 - DataOps is All You Need (?)

Can you build your own feature store in two minutes? (sort of) Yes!!! DataOps is all you need. Join Ariel and T.Guerre to find out how! First time hearing about us? Go to -! ClearML: One open-source suite of tools that automates preparing, executing, and analyzing machine learning experiments. Bring enterprise-grade data science tools to any ML project.

Appian's Fresh New Look

Before Appian was a company, it was an idea. Not about a product or a market, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation and value. Our new brand represents our focus on simplicity. The Appian Low-code Automation Platform simplifies the automation of our customers’ most complex and most important business processes.

Announcing HAProxy Data Plane API 2.3

The HAProxy Data Plane API 2.3 expands its service discovery mechanisms and introduces native support for discovering AWS EC2 instances and auto-scaling groups. It also adds a new configuration file that supports HCL and YAML, an Inotify configuration watcher, and Syslog support. HAProxy Data Plane API version 2.3 is now available and you will find it in the 2.3 version of the Alpine Docker image.


What is a Backplane? A Network Backplane Throughput Primer

Bottlenecks and performance issues are the bane of network engineers everywhere. They can be hard to nail down, have a variety of different potential root causes, and give people an excuse to “blame the network”. Understanding network backplanes, backplane throughput, and concepts like blocking vs non-blocking switches, can help you better understand network design and troubleshoot bottlenecks when they come up.


Snowflake vs. Redshift: Which One Is Best For You?

Data is a key business intelligence tool. Successful businesses rely on data to make decisions. And every business needs a secure destination for storing collected data for later analysis. Cloud-based data warehouses are increasingly becoming the go-to destination. Redshift and Snowflake are two of the big names in this space and they provide similar services. They are big data analytics databases that can read and analyze huge amounts of data.

End-to-End Document Review and Management - Collaborator Announces Support of Simulink

In some ways, the most valuable contribution of the project owner is to deliver a reviewed set of documents, code, and peer insights. However, this level of collaboration for models and equations can be challenging, and manual/visual inspection could lead to errors.

You Can Now Simplify Business Decisions with DevSecOps Analytics and Reporting

Across all industries, organizations looking to succeed today must address the integrity of their software. Developing and deploying quality applications is now a foundational business effort, one that sits at the center of a growing global economy. Excellent, safe software not only drives higher productivity, but it also offers major economic benefits to the enterprise by lowering the total cost of ownership and ensuring a safe product experience.


The Ultimate Guide to SRE Resources

It’s the year 2021, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has become one of the fastest growing and hottest professions in the tech industry. With all of the attention on SRE, many software developers and operations engineers are now interested in moving into this burgeoning field. There is an enormous amount of information about SRE on the Internet – some helpful, some not so much. It can be hard to know where to begin.


Snyk CNA adds flexibility in delivery with self-hosted version for AWS customers

There are several advantages to consuming software as a service (SaaS). For starters, it allows companies of any size to leverage enterprise-grade software (CRM, service desk, security, etc.) in a pay-as-you-go model to avoid spending large sums of money on shelfware that may never get put to use. SaaS also offers customers the ability to scale or change the usage of their software with little to no advance notice, and makes them more agile in delivering products to market.


Snyk streamlines procurement with AWS Marketplace Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO)

For years now, modern organizations have enjoyed a seamless procurement experience when purchasing software products through AWS Marketplace. AWS has made it possible for customers to purchase third-party software using their allocated AWS budget while still being able to negotiate custom pricing and legal terms directly with their favorite vendors.


We raised $100M in our Series F: here's what we're building next

Today we announced our Series F round of $100M led by Greenspring Associates, with Eleven Prime, IVP, Sapphire Ventures, Top Tier Capital Partners, Baseline Ventures, Threshold, Scale, Owl Rock, and Next Equity Partners. Thank you to our customers, community, partners, investors, and team. This latest investment allows us to invest as well; in our product, our community, and in our people. We build for the builders of the digital age: developers.


Digging into AWS Fargate runtime security approaches: Beyond ptrace and LD_PRELOAD

Fargate offers a great value proposition to AWS users: forget about virtual machines and just provision containers. Amazon will take care of the underlying hosts, so you will be able to focus on writing software instead of maintaining and upgrading a fleet of Linux instances. Fargate brings many benefits to the table, including small maintenance overhead, lower attack surface, and granular pricing. However, as any cloud asset, leaving your AWS Fargate tasks unattended can lead to nasty surprises.


Concrete Steps to Reducing MTTR

In today’s data-centric world, metrics or numbers define all performance benchmarks. The time between when an event starts and ends shows how well a system can handle and process such events. One of such metrics is MTTR. MTTR usually stands for Mean Time To Resolution, but it has held several meanings over the years. MTTR is a metric used to measure how well a system can bounce back from errors and provide long-lasting solutions.


In-Depth Guide to Digital Experience Monitoring

How a software product feels is easy to overlook, but how the product works matters just as much, if not more. Results from digital experience monitoring point to how apps feel as the key determinant of their success. “That’s how it is with people. Nobody cares how it works as long as it works.” This famous line from The Matrix Reloaded (2003) resonates with the way many developers approach maintaining apps. Someone has to keep watch.


Generate and track in-sprint tests with Xray and Test Modeller

As complex applications change faster than ever, testers must create, prioritize and maintain tests with greater speed and velocity than ever before. In-sprint testing cannot rely on slow and manual test case creation, and maintaining repetitive scripts manually becomes impossible in short iterations. Testing requires an automated and systematic approach to test creation so you can reliably update tests based on the latest changes.


No-code Lambda Monitoring

Auto-instrumenting Lambda Monitoring didn’t originate through a focus group or business plan. It started as a hackathon project in which our growth team used Cloudwatch to build a prototype that could instrument Lambda functions with Sentry. We did this by using Cloudformation’s stack to automatically create resources in a customer environment while streaming CloudWatch Logs to Sentry through the Kinesis Firehose.


A guide for CTO: 8 questions to ask before using Kubernetes

Congratulations, you finally consider moving your apps to Kubernetes. It is a big day! Here is a checklist to ensure you did not forget anything essential to increase your chances of success using Kubernetes. We divided those points into three sections, from the most important to the least. Let’s go.

Rethinking Anomaly Detection

John Sipple, Staff Software Engineer in AI, at Google Cloud presents Google's story about rethinking anomaly detection. In 2019, Google Smart Buildings asked the team to develop an AI-based fault-detection solution to help find and fix problems in climate control devices in large office buildings. Technicians were dissatisfied with conventional outlier approaches because they didn’t give the necessary insight to predict, diagnose and intervene. The result was a distributed deep-learning solution that provides explanations to aid understanding, prioritizing and fixing faults. We applied it to other domains, like data center monitoring and fraud detection, and then open-sourced the MADI machine learning algorithm behind it. We’ll describe our vision of how AI will shape the future of interpretable anomaly detection.

How shuffle sharding in Cortex leads to better scalability and more isolation for Prometheus

For many years, it has been possible to scale Cortex clusters to hundreds of replicas. The relatively simple Dynamo-style replication relies on quorum consistency for reads and writes. But as such, more than a single replica failure can lead to an outage for all tenants. Shuffle sharding solves that issue by automatically picking a random “replica set” for each tenant, allowing you to isolate tenants and reduce the chance of an outage.


Observability: It's the User Experience, Stupid!

Observability, which originated from control theory, measures how well you can understand a system’s internal states from its external outputs. Observability uses instrumentation to provide insights that aid monitoring. In DevOps, gaining observability is achieved through a set of monitoring solutions. The shift to use one vendor platform to do so, versus multiple solutions, make sense as.


A Threat As Old As The Internet: Why We Still Care About Malware (And Why You Should Too)

Every career has defining moments. Most are spread out over years or even decades, but the cybersecurity world has had two career-defining moments just in the past year. It started with the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, many organizations were forced to support employees working remotely. CISOs, like me, were expected to keep both our company and its employees safe in a completely unpredictable world.

Rundeck Overview

What is Runbook Automation? View this 2 min. video to learn more about Rundeck's runbook automation solution. Automated runbooks enable faster, more effective incident response and maximize existing investments in people and automation. Rundeck automates Ops actions so your team can focus on improving customer experience and staying ahead of the competition.

Grifols: Creating Flexibility and Speed through a Unified Data System

Bio pharmaceutical company Grifols is a global leader in producing plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the importance of their work and they needed a flexible, paperless, and unified technical solution in place. See why they chose Appian for their control management system, and how they've reduced processing times in order to serve patients better.

Monthly Moo Update | April 2021

I don’t know about you, but April traveled at the speed of light. A blink and it happened. Our teams have been working at the same speed throughout one of our favorite months of the year. With an incredible amount of updates, we’ve made our product even more transparent and easier to use. It’s not just our world-class documentation that enables you, it’s also the in-product visualizations and enablement that help guide you without you even realizing it.


How to Become Data Centric

According to Dr. Stephen Hawking and the conservation of quantum information theory, information can neither be created nor destroyed… unless you work in IT. OK, he didn’t really say the part about IT; I did. In the physical world, information is constantly generated, curated, and consumed—from emails to cat videos to this blog post. Not to mention error messages, system logs, and alert emails you never read.


What's New with JFrog Xray and DevSecOps

As we look to improve the quality and capabilities of the JFrog DevOps Platform, especially in the world of DevSecOps, we have added powerful new features to further enhance the award-winning JFrog Xray. The capabilities detailed below cement Xray’s position as a universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution trusted by developers and DevSecOps teams globally to quickly and continuously identify open source software vulnerabilities and license compliance violations.


Detecting users crawling the MITRE ATT&CK stages in your AWS environment

As more companies migrate workloads to the public cloud, more security operations teams face the challenge of securing those environments. Although cloud providers make accessing the logging very easy, it is not always easy to digest the mountains of data they provide. One example of this is AWS CloudTrail logging. This service is extremely robust which can lead to quite a bit of noise with basic detections.

squared up

Dashboard Server: Working with the Elasticsearch Tile

I’ll come clean and admit it – this part of the series will be a bit interesting given the fact that I know very little about Elasticsearch. So really, this is an honest test of the question – “can I still build something good with Dashboard Server even if I only have nominal knowledge of the tool where the data is sourced from?”


APIs: The Key to IT Decentralization

Recent global events have forced many businesses to embrace digital technology. This and advancements in software technology caused explosive innovation, resulting in the development of new platforms within many organization’s technology suite. Functionalities such as automation, artificial intelligence, and even some internet of things (IoT) applications are now commonplace across large enterprises, small businesses and start-ups alike.


APIs and IoT: Generating Increased Connectivity for Your Organization

Anything that can be connected will be connected. This is the ultimate goal of technology. Connections with new objects and devices open the door for big data and new insights. It’s a branch of technology long in the making, with just a few hiccups. But advances in API technology aim to address these concerns and advance the IoT into a new era.


The New Getting Started with Dreamfactory Guide Has Launched!

Dreamfactory has released an updated Getting Started With Dreamfactory Guide which provides a ranges of structural improvements over the previous guide. These improvements include offering global navigation, chapter-specific and the availability of links encouraging user contribution, issue logging and, and enhanced chapter printing functionality.


Top 5 Payment Fraud Types Banks and Merchants Should Be Aware of in 2021

Hallowe’en is still months away, but Frankenstein is out trick-or-treating even as you read this, and the operative word here is “trick”. Payment fraud criminals continue playing their games with financial institutions’ (FIs) customers and online merchants.


The Five Types of Data Integration

Data integration is crucial in today’s business world. Business data comes via many sources, from internal databases to clicks on a website. Being able to access all your data in one place helps your business make better, faster decisions. But how do you integrate all your data, and what’s the best way to do it? Here we discuss five data integration methods, how they work and why businesses continue to choose them.


Identifying Bottlenecks in DigitalOcean Before Your Customers Do

Hosting your application on DigitalOcean is an easy way for teams to deploy and scale applications without worrying about the details of the infrastructure. But what happens when your application starts causing bottlenecks and you need to track down the root cause? In this article, we’ll look at how SolarWinds® AppOptics™ works together with DigitalOcean to help you identify and fix performance issues with your application.


Teleport Cloud in 2021: Security Audit Results

This year we launched Teleport Cloud, a new service for providing a hosted version of Teleport Access Plane. One of the first problems the team had to tackle was how to secure the new infrastructure properly, and the team wanted to ensure the best possible results by engaging in an independent audit. As with the Teleport core product, we engaged with Doyensec to provide an independent security audit of our production environment.


Replay Single Transactions for Root Cause Analysis

Speedscale was built primarily to provide engineering teams with better insight into their applications over time, replaying single transactions for root cause analysis that give developers and SREs confidence that tomorrow’s application code will work just as well in production as it did yesterday.


"It's a shortcut, not an exit." - Why I'm thrilled that Lightstep is joining ServiceNow

If you didn’t know already, it’s a huge day for Lightstep. I am beyond excited about what this ServiceNow acquisition means for my wonderful colleagues, for our product, and for our mission! But before we can look forward, let’s first set some context by looking back: In 2013, before we even incorporated, I rented a desk at a coworking space in SF. I took the photo above on my first day there.


Kubernetes vs YARN for scheduling Apache Spark

Spark is one of the most widely-used compute tools for big data analytics. It excels at real-time batch and stream processing, and powers machine learning, AI, NLP and data analysis applications. Thanks to its in-memory processing capabilities, Spark has risen in popularity. As Spark usage increases, the older Hadoop stack is on the decline with its various limitations that make it harder for data teams to realize business outcomes.


The technology challenge of mergers and acquisitions in the insurance sector

Mergers and acquisitions are going on all over the market at the moment … and de-mergers as well, actually. Typically in a merger or acquisition, there’s some knowledge that it’s going to happen in advance. But until the Heads of Terms have been signed and there’s a Transition Service Agreement in place, people don’t really get moving with the activity needed to support the move, particularly on the technology side.


ServiceNow acquires next-gen observability leader Lightstep

I’m excited to announce that ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire next-generation observability leader Lightstep. Combining Lightstep’s innovative observability capabilities with ServiceNow’s unmatched Now Platform will help customers better manage software complexity, reliability, and performance while enabling the enterprise workflows that deliver great experiences.

EPHEMERAL LOCKPICKER: Malware Leveraged for Novel Intrusion Lifecycle and LuckyDay Ransomware Delivery

In 2021, Kroll investigators have had multiple opportunities to respond to a series of interconnected network intrusions, ransomware events and cyber incidents which, upon investigation and review, possessed overlapping tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and similar indicators of compromise (IOC) among them. The incidents affected organizations of various sizes across diverse industry sectors through what Kroll’s investigations confirmed was a range of separate intrusion vectors.


Automating CDP Private Cloud Installations with Ansible

The introduction of CDP Public Cloud has dramatically reduced the time in which you can be up and running with Cloudera’s latest technologies, be it with containerised Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Operational Database or Data Engineering experiences or the multi-purpose VM-based Data Hub style of deployment.


cdpcurl: Low-Level CDP API Access

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) provides an API that enables you to access CDP functionality from a script, or to integrate CDP features with an application. In practice you can use the CDP API to script repetitive tasks, manage CDP resources, or even create custom applications. You can learn more about the API in its official documentation. There are multiple ways to access the API, including through a dedicated CLI, through a Java SDK, and through a low-level tool called cdpcurl.


Strategies To Unleash the Power of Your Data

To transform digitally, every organization’s data operations must have built-in governance. We see the following building blocks as a pattern for a successful enterprise cloud data strategy. To start, the integrated data platform should establish data foundations, such as cloud data governance and data security. In parallel, it should also offer the ability to choose the right data store for the right task with endless scale: intelligence by default, hybrid compatibility and security.


The 7 Best Reporting Tools for 2021

Reporting tools solve a key problem for businesses by enabling them to communicate data in a way that is accessible, easy-to-understand, and useful for both frontline staff and management teams. These tools take raw data and turn it into tables, charts, and graphs ready for consumption, turning complicated data into visuals that better enable users to spot patterns and trends.

Auvik Presents: Secure IT Operations

In this webinar, we bring IT Ops and IT Security together and discuss what you can do to address two of the biggest struggles that keep so many IT pros awake at night: maintaining the technology you manage, and ensuring that same technology is secure. Presented by Destiny Bertucci, Product Marketing Manager, and Steve Petryschuk, Technology Advocate Interested in improving your operations with the help of network monitoring and management software? Auvik is incredibly easy to set up and super simple to use.

Detecting and Troubleshooting Performance Issues with Epsagon

Microservices, by nature, have a lot of moving parts. There can be a lot of failure points within a microservices-based application. There are a lot of different reasons that can cause performance issues. Even if your microservices are running efficiently with one another, sometimes the limitations of a third-party service or API can cause significant issues for an application. Finding performance issues in your application is therefore a complicated task.

Hack my misconfigured Kubernetes at Kubecon Europe

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more responsibilities shift left – to development teams. With the widespread adoption of Kubernetes, we’re now seeing configurations become a developer issue first and foremost. This responsibility means that developers need to be aware of the security risks involved in their configurations.

The State of Infrastructure as Code Security at Kubecon Europe

The adoption of infrastructure-as-code and configuration-as-code is soaring with the rising popularity of technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform. This means that designing and deploying infrastructure is a developer task, even if your “developer” is an infrastructure architect, and, just like application code, configurations can use test-driven methodologies to automate security prior to deployment.

What Agencies Should Consider Regarding Multi-Cloud Implementations

Multi-cloud architectures have long been hyped for their performance, reliability, and cost savings—and adoption is soaring. According to a 2020 survey from IDG, 55% of organizations use two or more public clouds. Yet 79% of these adopters struggle to achieve synergy across multiple platforms. These concerns are echoed in the public sector.


How to achieve more reliable analytics with the Monte Carlo integration for Looker

As companies increasingly leverage data-driven insights to drive innovation and maintain their competitive edge, it’s important that their data is accurate and reliable at all stages of the data pipeline. While powerful solutions exist to model, transform, and visualize data, many data teams cite data quality and reliability as key pain points, costing them wasted revenue and up to 40 percent of their team’s time.


Trend Micro launches Cloud One Open Source Security powered by Snyk

Last summer, we announced our plan to expand our partnership with Trend Micro to provide security operations teams visibility and tracking of vulnerabilities and license risks in open source components. The long-standing partnership already includes container image security scanning that leverages Snyk’s proprietary vulnerability database.

squared up

New: Dashboard Server Enterprise version

In April, we brought you the ability to dashboard any data with the new SquaredUp Dashboard Server product – for free. Then at SquaredUp Live, we announced the launch of Dashboard Server Enterprise for enterprise organizations who have got to grips with their dashboarding and now want to scale up. You can purchase unlimited named users and get endless data connections plus new, enterprise integrations that let you dashboard just about anything.

The Grafana Enterprise Stack in less than 3 minutes

Grafana Labs is the open & composable observability company. In just over 6 years, our namesake product, Grafana, has become the world's #1 dashboarding service for time series data with over 6 million users. And we've been recognized as a leader in the space. Grafana Labs has built the world's first open & composable observability stack -- and it's natively designed for monitoring hybrid-cloud, container, and microservices environments.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

VR in healthcare is more of an inevitable part of patient care today. VR has numerous use cases in healthcare such as diagnosis, treatment, medical training and rehabilitation treatment. Also, VR enhanced the way medical practitioners work on diagnosis and train medical care. ZiniosEdge is a major player in developing Virtual Reality Solutions for industries and enabling healthcare practitioners to explore the best from VR technology, helping healthcare facilities seamlessly develop appropriate VR applications.
vmware tanzu

Continuous and Automated Validation for Tanzu Solutions on VMware Marketplace: What, Why, & How

VMware Marketplace is a one stop-shop for VMware customers to discover, try, and deploy various third-party and open source solutions onto their VMware environments. All deployable assets on VMware Marketplace are pre-tested on their respective VMware environments, which empowers users to deploy them with confidence.

vmware tanzu

VMware Introduces Continuous and Automated Validation for Its ISV and Ecosystem Solutions

If technology applications are the building blocks of enterprises today, developers comprise the masonry team. At VMware, we seek to empower application developers, architects, platform and digital teams alike by giving them the ability to choose the right set of tools for their unique development needs and goals. We build deep, meaningful partnerships with industry peers to support our customers’ choices across their full technology stacks.

vmware tanzu

VMware Tanzu SQL: MySQL at Scale Made Easy for Kubernetes

We are happy to announce that VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes 1.0 is generally available! Tanzu customers can easily run MySQL at scale on Kubernetes with this new release, which complements our existing Postgres engine for Kubernetes. Even better, with this new release Tanzu Advanced customers now have the two most popular open source operational databases included with their purchase.


What is the best way to profile a Java application in eclipse

Java profiling in Eclipse allows you to optimize your code, streamline your application, and better understand your program. When profiling your application using a line-level analysis, you can reveal the slowest line within a sluggish piece of code, helping you efficiently troubleshoot problems. There are a variety of platforms for profiling Java eclipse. Eclipse is a popular software and is especially valuable for beginners due to its clean interface and free and open-source background.


Appian and Accenture bring speed, simplicity and confidence to auto and equipment finance

We’ve been speaking with many auto and equipment finance organizations over the last year, and they all say that their technology landscape is growing more complex by the day. The Auto and Equipment Finance Orchestration solution that Accenture has built with Appian seeks to address this.


The Hyperautomation Playbook - Csuite Buyin, Cultural Change, and end-to-end process automation

From hyperautomation to the remote-work revolution, the post-COVID world is changing at blazing speed and organizations everywhere are struggling to keep up. In the financial services industry, for example, the largest wealth and asset managers are struggling to keep a lid on rising operating costs amid fast-changing regulations and customer expectations.


Making the Most of CloudWatch Log Insights: 7 Best Practices

Amazon CloudWatch provides Log Insights, a feature that can help you: CloudWatch Log Insights uses a proprietary query language with several basic commands. It provides sample queries for common AWS service log types, as well as query autocompletion. Learn more about CloudWatch Log Insights capabilities and how to use them.


What is the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA), and Why Do I Need It?

The wide-spread adoption of cloud infrastructure has proven to be highly beneficial, but has also introduced new challenges and added costs – especially when it comes to security. As organizations migrate to the cloud, they relinquish access to their servers and all information that flows between them and the outside world. This data is fundamental to both security and observability.