September 2021


Leveling up your IT management game: 4 best practices for IT infrastructure management

IT infrastructures are constantly evolving, meaning conventional management processes have become outdated and inadequate to tackle complex IT issues. A study by ESG found that 75% of IT decision-makers admit that complexity of IT infrastructures has increased drastically from two years ago. This rapid surge in complexity has disrupted admins’ understanding of network behavior and decreased the chances of foreseeing unanticipated network issues.


All About Network Topology-Types and Diagrams

Every network has a specific collection of nodes and links that connect them. The arrangement of those nodes and links, or the network topology, informs performance, maintenance costs, and more. You should know the network topology models in use today when designing or managing a network, including the ring, mesh, bus, star, and tree topologies.


How Humio Outpaces Traditional Logging Solutions

From time to time, people ask us exactly what we mean when we say things like Humio lets you “stream live data” or Humio provides “real-time observability.” In this blog, we provide a high-level overview of traditional log management and explain some of the terms we use when explaining what makes Humio so powerful and unique compared to other solutions.


ServiceNow recognized a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Application Platforms

I’m excited to announce that, for the second straight year, ServiceNow has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. We believe this is due to our ability to execute and our completeness of vision.


PagerDuty goes global with national preparedness month: Preparing our workforce for crisis

The effects of climate change mean we’re increasingly seeing black swan weather events impacting our working lives. From wildfires and hurricanes to the ever-present threat of earthquakes, 2021 has seen its share of crises. This obviously raises serious questions for companies about the safety of their workforces. As a global company, PagerDuty has employees across the world. When a disaster strikes, everyone needs to have the necessary training, resources and tools to act.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Accelerates Business Transformation?

Growing organizations often outgrow their basic finance/accounting software or legacy #ERP #systems that are unable to handle increased inventory and transactions, lack integration with other line-of-business systems, and have reporting limitations. Customers also feel pain around scalability, mobility, and cloud. Here are signs that your current solutions won’t be ready to handle additional growth.

The Queen was 'interested' in a blockchain journal she received in the post, according to her private office

Queen Elizabeth II received a blockchain journal in the post, and was “interested to learn that the publication is the first open access blockchain research journal available both in print and online, according to a letter from her office. In a letter to the British Blockchain Association, which sent the journal, a member of her office said the queen “much appreciated thoughtful gesture,” as first reported by the Financial Times.


Breaking The Tag Barrier: A Better Way To Organize Cloud Spend

Tagging, as a means of organizing our cloud environments, has utterly, totally, failed us. If you have authored a tagging policy document, begged your engineers to properly tag their stuff, or just plain given up, then you know what I'm talking about. Tagging is broken, and I don't mean broken in a way that can be fixed, but rather that the entire concept just isn't getting the job done.


Lightstep participates in AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

As co-founders and active contributors to the OpenTelemetry project, Lightstep is excited to participate in the GA release of AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) for tracing for exporters supporting Java, .Net, Python, Go, and JavaScript. AWS has validated Lightstep's use of the ADOT OTLP Exporter, OpenTelemetry's native protocol, to send telemetry to Lightstep without requiring any custom plugins or integrations.


Heisenbugs 101: Guide to Resolving Heisenbugs

Welcome fellow developer, I can see you’ve traveled a long road, why don’t you stay a while and listen? I’ve got some fantastic stories to share; Lessons to imbue your debugging skills with power and wisdom, adding at least 1000 XP to take you to the next level and make your future travels much safer. Hmm, now, where should we start? Have you already faced the terrifying Heisenbugs? They are truly fantastic.


How to Monitor Multiple Websites With

Monitoring a website can already mean hundreds of checks on all sorts of different pathways, URLs, and other services. Monitoring multiple websites is an ever growing web that can make you start to feel like you’re trapped in an episode of Law & Order. The format of the show (I am talking about the real Law & Order, not its offshoots) involves the crime from occurrence to trial outcome and every beat and interrogation in between.


What you need to know about the Accelerate State of DevOps 2021

Every year, the Accelerate State of DevOps Report examines the capabilities and practices that drive software delivery, operational, and organizational performance. The 2021 report from the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team at Google Cloud has now been published and provides highlights from seven years of research and data from more than 32,000 professionals worldwide. So what are those highlights? Where should IT teams be focusing their efforts on their journey to DevOps?


5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving With Guide

Collecting and archiving logs is an essential practice for any organization looking to maintain the performance and security of their network. Logs are like a diary for your devices. They record every message sent from any of your network systems. This information can prove essential for everything from understanding the daily activities of your infrastructure, to improving functionality across your platforms, to identifying and troubleshooting issues.


Catchpoint Digital Experience Score Is An Industry-First

Catchpoint recently announced the Digital Experience Score. This score is the first all-encompassing metric to represent all essential drivers of digital end-user experience. With pressure on IT teams ever growing to fix the IT issues of a remote workforce, we wanted to make troubleshooting as straightforward as possible. The score provides IT teams tasked with improving employee experience with a quantifiable measurement of what each employee is experiencing digitally.


Winning on Black Friday - IT Incident Response Made Simple

Even with all the changes in consumer behavior due to COVID-19, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here to stay. Social distancing measures that limited instore shopping in 2020 has only led more people to shop online, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. Preparing your e-commerce website and business for the seasonal business surge around Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is crucial.


Why Net at Work employees are sleeping soundly again

Net at Work is a German IT company with over 100 employees that provides its customers with solutions and tools for digital communication and collaboration. Their product NoSpamProxy offers reliable protection against spam and ransomware, legally compliant email encryption and more. Customers of Net at Work are using it as a SaaS solution, and it is being monitored with the agentless network monitoring software PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler AG.


Are Your Employees' Tickets Resolved or Are They on Vacation?

Every year during the holidays, our customer, a multinational professional services organization, has thousands of IT tickets built up due to employees on vacation. As the IT teams reached out and didn’t receive a response, their performance metrics ticked up, impacting their quarterly goals and customer satisfaction. In defense of these employees, we all know what it is like to come back to an overflowing inbox.


Best Grafana dashboard for Graphite Metrics

It is an old cliche adage, but there is no better statement than “a picture is worth a thousand words” that explains the effectiveness of visuals to deliver a message. Especially, in the data domain where a raw message often exists in numbers, visualizing with graphs and charts is the best way to share information. There are a lot of visualization tools in the market at the moment, and each has unique strengths.


Grafana vs Kibana: The Updated Guide For 2021

If you have any experience with comparing open source data visualisation tools then it is very likely you will have encountered both Kibana and Grafana during your research and discovery phase. As two of the most popular solutions for logs and metrics analysis, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two and make the choice to use either Grafana or Kibana depending on the analysis task at hand.


Automation, is it just a buzzword?

When you hear Opmantek refer to ‘Automation’, it’s not just a buzzword – it’s kind of a big deal! But..what exactly is it, and why should you care? Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of it. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) focuses on automating human processes and functional tasks. Operational Process Automation (OPA) is the next evolution of RPA, which delivers specifically to IT and network operations teams and carries out advanced analysis and troubleshooting tasks.


Why LogDNA Received the EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms

We’re honored to be included in Enterprise Management Associates’ EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms. This award recognizes software products that help enterprises reach their digital transformation goals by optimizing product quality, time to market, cost, and ability to innovate—all the things we’re passionate about at LogDNA.

vmware tanzu

Modern SRE Practices for Incident Management

At VMware, we make use of modern development and site reliability engineering (SRE) practices on a regular basis. And those of us who work on the VMware Tanzu Observability product marketing team regularly get exposure to various SRE teams that implement modern practices with the observability technology we create.


How Puppet Enterprise gives you the tools to scale your infrastructure - and your success

This is the second post in a four-part series on why Open Source Puppet users have made the decision to move to Puppet Enterprise. If you’re considering making this change, read on for pros and cons! As more and more businesses are moving from Open Source Puppet (OSP) to Puppet Enterprise (PE), they are experiencing multiple benefits. In this blog series, we’re exploring the biggest benefits we hear from customers about their experience moving from OSP to PE.

Controlling Cloud Cost Requires a Change in IT Financial Perspective

For IT practitioners, cloud can initially seem like a candy store where everything is enticing and delicious and cheap enough to seem free. What they don’t realize is how quickly costs can add up or be amplified when cloud options are opened to teams across the organization. In this video, SolarWinds Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg and Head Geek Leon Adato discuss the need for IT professionals to become more proficient in speaking the language of business and seeing cloud solutions from more than just a technology perspective.

How the French Ministry of Agriculture deploys Elastic to monitor the commercial fishing industry

Within the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food (the Ministry), our team of architects in the Methods, Support and Quality office (BMSQ) evaluate and supply software solutions to resolve issues encountered by project teams that affect various disciplines. As data specialists, one area we’ve been involved in includes reconfiguring the traceability of activities for the commercial fishing industry.


Elastic APM iOS agent technical preview released

We are proud to announce the preview release of the Elastic APM iOS agent! This release is intended to elicit feedback from the community, while providing some initial functionality within the Elastic Observability stack and is not intended for production use. Now is your chance to influence the direction of this new iOS agent and let us know what you think on our discussion forum. If you find an issue, or would like to contribute yourself, visit the GitHub repository.


How to monitor Redis with Prometheus

Redis is a simple – but very well optimized – key-value open source database that is widely used in cloud-native applications. In this article, you will learn how to monitor Redis with Prometheus, and the most important metrics you should be looking at. Despite its simplicity, Redis has become a key component of many Kubernetes and cloud applications. As a result, performance issues or problems with its resources can cause other components of the application to fail.

Windows Container Support with Rancher

In this session, we’ll focus on the new support for Windows containers on RKE2 in Rancher 2.6, powered by Calico and containerd. Furthermore, we’ll be covering the following important aspects within this ecosystem: Lastly, you’ll get to see a demonstration of deploying Windows and Linux workloads side-by-side in Rancher, and how to scale.NET applications in Windows containers.

Intro to distributed tracing with Tempo, OpenTelemetry, and Grafana Cloud

I’ve spent most of my career working with tech in various forms, and for the last ten years or so, I’ve focused a lot on building, maintaining, and operating robust, reliable systems. This has led me to put a lot of time into researching, evaluating, and implementing different solutions for automatic failure detection, monitoring, and more recently, observability. Before we get started: What is observability?


Unlocking Data Literacy Part 1: How to Set Up a Data Analytics Practice That Works for Your People

Does your team know how to use data analytics to their advantage? For the vast majority of companies, the answer may be “no.” According to Accenture, only 21% of people are confident in their data literacy skills, and just 32% of companies have realized tangible, measurable value from their data. While the definition of data literacy varies depending on who you ask, at its core, the term means equipping anyone in your organization to know how to use data in a business context.


Streamlining order management in telecommunications

Most people wouldn’t consider order management the most exciting part of business, but perhaps they should. For Deutsche Telekom, order management sits at the very heart of our business operations. It’s the activation point, the moment when things start to get real. Done badly, it can create disparate silos, inefficient orchestration, slow delivery times, high costs, and a poor customer experience. We don’t want that.


Observability: The 5-Year Retrospective

Two years ago, I wrote a long retrospective of observability for its third anniversary. It includes a history of instrumentation and telemetry, a detailed explanation of the technical spec, and why the whole “three pillars” thing is nonsense. At the time, it’s what was needed to steer conversations away from silly rabbit holes about data types and back to what matters: how we understand our systems.

Getting Started with Citrix Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Brian Diamond, CEO, LANStatus has dedicated the past 25 years to help educate and support people just like you to find economical, custom-fit solutions that complement existing teams, not eliminate them. Brian is interviewed by Goliath Technologies CEO Thomas Charlton.

NodeJS Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces

In this blog series, we are covering application instrumentation steps for distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry standards across multiple languages. Earlier, we covered Java Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, Golang Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, and DotNet Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces. Here we are going to cover the instrumentation for NodeJS.


SRE Back-to-School Checklist

Whether it's in classrooms or on Zoom calls, the kids have headed back to school! Bright-eyed students are gearing up to study new subjects and test their brains. Hopefully on their report cards, failure isn’t inevitable. Before the first day, parents load up their kids’ backpacks with everything they’ll need. Being well equipped with good supplies is the best way to stay focused and educate “reliably”. Likewise, SREs need the right tools and practices for the job.


A Peek at JFrog's Iron Bank Accreditation for Xray and Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray recently underwent a rigorous hardening process to earn accreditation for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Iron Bank, a centralized repository of digitally-signed and hardened container images. In this blog post, we’re pulling back the curtain on the process, in order to share our insights and lessons learned with our customers and with the DevOps community at large.


Use Ocean's Cluster Roll to update nodes

Kubernetes has what you may consider an aggressive release cycle. There have been three to four releases per year since 1.0 was released in July of 2015. Perhaps you’ve found it all too easy to get behind a couple of versions. Running the latest, or nearly latest release will help protect your organization from security issues. This is because releases are deprecated once they fall three minor versions behind the latest. Staying current isn’t just about security though!


Portainer and Canonical Expand Partnership Launching Business Charm for Charmed Kubernetes

Auckland, New Zealand – Portainer announced the launch of its Portainer Business Charmed Operator, allowing for seamless integration with Canonical’s Charmed Kubernetes distribution. The new Portainer charm allows users of Canonical’s Charmed Kubernetes distribution to automatically install and integrate Portainer Business as part of the Kubernetes cluster deployment process, using Juju, the Charmed Operator framework.


Simplifying your Software Asset Management Journey

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves a complex set of challenges, requiring high levels of support and engagement blending the right mix of people, processes, and tools. In the face of this complexity, in organizations that lack the required sponsorship or dedicated SAM functions, managing software assets can disproportionately fall into the asset management tools themselves.


Streamline Migration and Application Onboarding in DX APM with EasySeries

To realize the full potential of APM, many customers are migrating from their existing APM 10.7 clusters to DX APM. In addition, they continue to onboard new applications for monitoring. These efforts require a series of steps, including the configuration of experience views, universes, and DX Operational Intelligence services.


StackStorm announces Partnership Program with the 5 founding Partners

Earlier this year StackStorm established a partnership program with some first partners that supported StackStorm in its Open Source journey when the project joined the Linux Foundation. The Partners Program was created to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance to the StackStorm Open Source project. Because of the substantial support provided by these partners, we have been able to expand and improve StackStorm.


How retailers are improving productivity, transforming incident response, and empowering teams with PagerDuty

For retailers, uptime is money and issues can cost thousands of dollars per minute. With infrastructure comprising complex services such as payment gateways, inventory, and mobile applications, maturing digital operations is vital for ensuring services are always on and customers get the best experience.


Circonus' Zero-Gravity Data Eliminates Challenges and Limitations Associated with Massive Data Sets

Telemetry data – the metrics and measurement data emitted by all machines and devices from servers to robots – is exploding. Telemetry data generation is growing so fast, there are no reliable estimates of just what that growth rate looks like. Theo Schlossnagle, founder of Circonus and widely respected computer scientist, estimates that telemetry data is growing at the rate of 1×1012 every ten years. Suffice to say, that’s a lot.


Civo update - September 2021

Welcome to the Civo update for September 2021. In case you missed the big news... this week we successfully launched our first region in Frankfurt, Germany. Plus we announced our new strategic partner, THG Ingenuity, who invested $2 million into the company. This will allow us to quickly invest in our infrastructure, including more regions across the globe throughout the next 12 months.


How to Choose an AIOps Tool? An Beginner's Essential Guide

The shift to SaaS and next-gen container and microservices-based IT environments has made it clear that SRE, DevOps and IT operations teams need new solutions to do root cause, automation and observability. This blog summarizes the need for AIOps, how it works, its benefits and how to choose an AIOps tool.


3 ways OpUtils' IP address tracker fosters effective IP management

How a network’s IP address space is structured, scanned, and managed differs based on the organization’s size and networking needs. The bigger your network is, the more IPs you need to manage, and the more complex your IP address hierarchy gets. As a result, issues such as IP resource overutilization and address conflicts become challenging to avoid without an IP address management (IPAM) solution in place.


NIST 800-53 compliance for containers and Kubernetes

In this blog, we will cover the various requirements you need to meet to achieve NIST 800-53 compliance, as well as how Sysdig Secure can help you continuously validate NIST 800-53 requirements for containers and Kubernetes. NIST 800-53 rev4 is deprecated since 23 September 2021 Read about the differences between versions down below →


Monitoring Kubernetes with Epsagon: Part 2 - Distributed Tracing

As organizations strive toward modernizing their applications by adopting a microservices architecture and deploying services using containers, achieving complete visibility into your environment becomes critical. In traditional monolithic applications, you can effectively troubleshoot with the help of logs and metrics. But with distributed systems, it becomes essential to understand how a request flows through multiple services.


10 reasons you need a network configuration manager

On June 2, 2019, Google Cloud Platform had a major network outage that disrupted the services of Discord, Spotify, and Snapchat, among many others. The root cause was a benign misconfiguration coupled with a software bug that caused the loss of configuration data. The issue was resolved almost four hours later after the lost configuration data was rebuilt and redistributed.


What to expect from an Icinga Fundamentals training

Let’s set the scene: You just started out with Icinga, maybe because you have realised your need for monitoring or you have inherited an environment. Maybe your boss just decided that this is what you are going to do now. So you are now sitting in front of the documentation, maybe started an installation process. But there are all of those terms that you don’t know, things are looking complicated and you don’t even know where to get started in your journey. And that’s okay!


Tutorial: Setting up AWS CloudWatch Alarms

AWS CloudWatch is a service that allows you to monitor and manage deployed applications and resources within your AWS account and region. It contains tools that help you process and use logs from various AWS services to understand, troubleshoot, and optimize deployed services. I’m going to show you how to get an email when your Lambda logs over a certain number of events.


Interview with Kamil Walkowiak

In the latest instalment of our interviews speaking to leaders throughout the world of tech, we’ve welcomed Kamil Walkowiak CTO and VP of R&D at, an app for UX Automation, behaviour and user experience analysis, currently operating in 102 countries. Kamil is the author of the UX Automation concept and teaches companies how to create more "observable" websites.

Incident Resolution: From Alert to Resolved

Ever have an incident resolve itself? Not mysteriously, but deliberately, by design? By understanding the concepts of runbook automation, you can use your existing operational toolchain to recognize a fault, diagnose the issue and resolve it before you can say, "Excuse me, I have to take this." We will demonstrate a full self-healing automation cycle using alerts, PagerDuty and Rundeck - and after this webinar, you’ll be able to do the same!

Optimizing Long-Running Tests

Thundra’s engineering team has been building cloud observability solutions for years. In this time, we’ve discovered how crucial analytics and visibility are for the CI/CD process in general, and for tests specifically. After all, these parts of the development pipeline also run in the cloud, so if those tests fail, it’s often not clear why. This makes monitoring these remote environments all the more important.


Using Jaeger for your microservices

Jaeger is a popular open-source tool used for distributed tracing in a microservice architecture. In a microservice architecture, a user request or transaction can travel across hundreds of services before serving what a user wants. Distributed tracing helps to track the performance of a transaction across multiple services. Before we deep dive into how Jaeger accomplishes distributed tracing for microservices-based architecture, let's take a short detour to understand distributed tracing.

Telegraf Integrations with is proud to announce a slew of new integrations via Telegraf. utilizes Prometheus in its product, but aims to support compatibility across common DevOps tools. A number of our customers, and the community in general, are strong users of Telegraf and its companion apps in the TICK Stack (which includes InfluxDB). Telegraf is not as popular as Prometheus, but it’s a strong element in the DevOps toolbox.


Why password security is more important than ever

Stop what you’re doing and make your passwords more secure! How, you ask? Read on to find out. It’s become very anecdotal when we speak about passwords for our online accounts and why these might matter. We all take this very lightly and assume that no one can guess or work out what our passwords are and thus we think no one will be able to access our most sensitive information be it online bank accounts, Amazon accounts, or your emails. We are wrong.


The Legacy Of Infrastructure As Code: CloudZero Dimensions Transform Cloud Cost

Few practices exemplify the impact of DevOps more than Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Anyone who remembers hearing “I don’t know why it’s not working; it worked on my machine …” can vouch for this! IaC provides a standard way to create declarative descriptions of infrastructure to represent desired environment states — essentially allowing teams to manage IT infrastructure using configuration files.


How Sitech builds modern industrial IoT monitoring solutions on Grafana Cloud

Chemelot is an industrial park in the Netherlands with more than 150 companies in chemical and process industries that are working to build the most sustainable and competitive chemical site in Western Europe. Sitech Services is part of making that happen. The Dutch technology firm brings together maintenance and engineering specialists with data scientists to create multidisciplinary solutions that achieve optimal safety, efficient infrastructure, and efficient processes for the plants.


UX Research: The Power of Customer Feedback

Gathering data doesn’t just help a business understand what’s working and not working. It also shows the way forward, enabling teams to make the right improvements to benefit both the business and the people they serve. And in many cases, the most powerful data a business can collect comes directly from its customers. Here at Nexthink, the UX Research team talks to customers and partners to learn about their goals and challenges.


Divisions of Family Practice Adopts OnPage to Enhance Clinical Communication

Effective healthcare communication requires proper software and processes to ensure that the right person receives timely messages. Unfortunately, Divisions of Family Practice (DoFP), a large community-based network of physicians located in British Columbia, Canada, relied on a third-party answering service to connect long-term care facilities (LTCFs) with on-call providers.


7 traits to look for when targeting new prospects

I came across an interesting sales stat in a 2020 report from Sales Insight Lab. They interviewed 400 sales professional and found that 71% of respondents said at least 50% of the prospects they were engaged with were NOT a good fit for what they were selling. This tells me there is a lot of wasted time and effort trying to convince incompatible businesses to sign with you. So how can you improve your odds of converting prospects?

Face Detection using Robotic Data Automation(RDA) in 4 mins

Perform real-time face detection through a webcam/recorded video using Robotic Data Automation(RDA) in 4 mins. This method is so quick that we can start getting real-time reports on the faces of every person/object in the video without much performance overhead. The best part is it's a low code tool. Intriguing enough?

Tracing Issues in Your Application

Imagine that you are receiving a support ticket that your application is not working. You read the attached stack trace and now it's time to solve the mystery—what did the user do that led to triggering this exception? Is it possible to find all the logs from all the applications that correspond to this user's business operation? What if the user is complaining that the system is slow? How can you decide which concrete operation is the culprit? Is there any way to visualize the latency?

Monitoring compute infrastructure with the Cloud Ops Agent

How can you improve observability for workloads that use compute infrastructure directly and run on Google Compute Engine instances? In this episode of Engineering for Reliability, we show how you can use the Cloud Operations agent to do just that. Watch to learn about the Cloud Operations Agent, how to install it manually and automatically, and how to use the data it collects to improve the reliability of your services - and keep your users happy!

Getting started with Memory attacks

Memory (or RAM, short for random-access memory) is a critical computing resource that stores temporary data on a system. Memory is a finite resource, and the amount of memory available determines the number and complexity of processes that can run on the system. Running out of RAM can cause significant problems such as system-wide lockups, terminated processes, and increased disk activity. Understanding how and when these issues can happen is vital to creating stable and resilient systems.


10 Advantages of Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central

Specifically intended for small and medium-sized companies seeking an all-in-one intelligent ERP solution that is simple to use, adaptable, and implemented in the cloud or on-premise, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful and flexible solution. Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central bring a lot of advantages for businesses that are ready for embracing digital.


What Is a Log File?

Logs files are a historical record of everything and anything that happens within a system, including events and metadata such as transactions, errors and intrusions. This data can be transmitted in different ways and exist in a structured, semi-structured or unstructured format. Log files are necessary for IT teams to observe what’s happening within their IT infrastructure to improve system performance and security.


Monitoring PostgreSQL With pgmetrics and pgDash

I am currently trialing pgmetrics and pgDash for monitoring PostgreSQL databases. Here are my notes on it. pgmetrics is a command-line tool you point at a PostgreSQL cluster and it spits out statistics and diagnostics in a text or JSON format. It is a standalone binary written in Go, and it is open source. Here is a sample pgmetrics report. Rapidloop, the company that develops pgmetrics, also runs pgDash – a web service that collects reports generated by pgmetrics and displays them in a web UI.


Tips for designing distributed systems

With companies expecting software products to handle constantly increasing volumes of requests and network bandwidth use, apps must be primed for scale. If you need resilient, resource-conserving systems with rapid delivery, it is time to design a distributed system. To successfully architect a heterogeneous, secure, fault-tolerant, and efficient distributed system, you need conscientiousness and some level of experience.


Unexpected Parallels Between Yoga and Observability

Yoga is to ideal human health what observability is to an application’s ideal functioning. It is well established that observability is a critical factor for the successful implementation and maintenance of cloud-native, serverless, cloud-agnostic, and microservices-based applications. Well-established observability helps DevOps and development teams cross the boundaries of complex systems and get complete visibility into their functioning.

eg innovations

What is Proactive Monitoring?

In the realm of monitoring products, proactive monitoring usually means identifying potential issues within IT infrastructure and applications before users notice and complain and initiating actions to avoid the issue from becoming user noticeable and business impacting. Proactive monitoring means a business is continuously searching for signs that indicate a problem is about to happen.

Observability: What matters most in 2021

Bridging the gap between conventional IT operations and observability is a problem Lightstep and ServiceNow are committed to solving. With that, it's important to fully understand the concept of observability — what is it exactly? In this fireside chat, Lightstep co-founder Ben Sigelman and ServiceNow VP of Product Marketing Skip Bacon answer five of the most common questions about observability. Listen to this conversation to learn just what observability is and how it can improve reliability for cloud-native applications.

How to integrate security checks into your deployment workflow

As software applications grow in scale and complexity, the surface areas for security vulnerabilities and exploits grow with it. Modern development practices include large amounts of code reuse. First, in the form of language-specific standard libraries such as the C++ STL, the Golang standard library, and Microsoft.NET. Second, in the form of open-source libraries found on places like Github. Much of this code is built using other libraries, introducing a web of dependencies into modern software.

vmware tanzu

Application Resiliency for Cloud Native Microservices with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Modern microservices-based applications bring with them a new set of challenges when it comes to operating at scale across multiple clouds. While the goal of most modernization projects is to increase the velocity at which business features are created, with this increased speed comes the need for a highly flexible, microservices-based architecture. The result is that the architectural convenience created on day 1 by developers turns into a challenge for site reliability engineers (SREs) on day 2.

vmware tanzu

Kubernetes, Give Me a Queue

A few months ago, we introduced a new messaging topology operator. As we noted in our announcement post, this new Operator—we use the upper-cased “Operator” to denote Kubernetes Operators vs. platform or service human operators—takes the concept of VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ infrastructure-as-code another step forward by allowing platform or service operators and developers to quickly create users, permissions, queues, and exchanges, as well as queue policies and parameters.


Why securing internet-facing applications is challenging in a Kubernetes environment

Internet-facing applications are some of the most targeted workloads by threat actors. Securing this type of application is a must in order to protect your network, but this task is more complex in Kubernetes than in traditional environments, and it poses some challenges. Not only are threats magnified in a Kubernetes environment, but internet-facing applications in Kubernetes are also more vulnerable than their counterparts in traditional environments.

Everything (we think) you need to know about sampling + distributed tracing

Since Dapper (the first production distributed tracing system, developed at Google by our webinar co-host Ben Sigelman!) sampling has been a central part of the design for distributed tracing. And yet we’re still in the early days, and there’s so much to learn and discuss. In this on-demand webinar, learn how sampling fits into the broader picture of observability, well beyond distributed tracing

A look at the upcoming improvements to LINQ in .NET 6

When .NET Framework 3.5 was released back in 2007 it included a new feature known as Language Integrated Query, or LINQ for short. LINQ allows .NET developers to write efficient C# code using arrow functions to query collections of objects or even databases using libraries like Entity Framework Core. Like all things with .NET, LINQ continues to evolve over time. The upcoming release of .NET 6 brings a number of really interesting features, including a suite of new LINQ capabilities.


Gearing up your IT ecosystem for the Apple WWDC21 updates

The September Apple Event is one of the most important events for any IT admin because it is preceded by the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. It witnesses the release of new hardware like the iPhone and, more importantly for enterprises, the release of the latest versions of it’s operating systems—iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15 were announced. iOS and iPadOS updates rolled out on September 20, while the new macOS will roll out later this year.


What is Distributed Network Monitoring for SaaS and SD-WAN

Nowadays, companies are embracing flexibility. Many businesses are embracing remote offices and working from home, storing their data in the Cloud, ditching centralized data infrastructures, and moving towards networks using SaaS and SD-WAN. With distributed architectures becoming the new normal, it’s important to have a distributed monitoring solution that can keep up. In this article, we’re running you through everything you need to know about how distributed network monitoring works.

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Robotic Data Automation (RDA): Top 5 emerging opportunities for CXO/IT leaders

As per Gartner, Hyper Automation is the top strategic technology trend for Enterprises. “The shift towards hyper automation will be a key factor enabling enterprises to achieve operational excellence, and subsequently cost savings, in a digital-first world,” said Cathy Tornbohm, Distinguished Research Vice President at Gartner. Businesses want to enable employees to make better decisions in the most cost effective way.


Policy as code for Kubernetes with Terraform

As you scale microservices adoption in your organization, the chances are high that you are managing multiple clusters, different environments, teams, providers, and different applications, each with its own set of requirements. As complexity increases, the question is: How do you scale policies without scaling complexity and the risk of your applications getting exposed?


Ways to Secure Your Chatbot Against Attacks

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (VAs) are becoming increasingly popular as businesses accommodate the diverse needs of the digital industry. These tools give companies, no matter how small, the ability to answer their audiences, provide assistance, and solve problems, driving traffic during off-hours and with minimal staff. As a result, chatbots are one of the most effective features you can add to your website. And yet, chatbots present a risk.

Ensure First Come First Served using Azure Service Bus

One of the patterns easily supported by the Azure Service Bus is the first-in-first-out (FIFO) pattern, which isn’t supported in the other queue service – Azure Storage Queues. To realise FIFO with the Azure Service Bus is to use sessions. Any service can create a session when sending a message to a queue or topic by setting the SessionId property. Subsequently, the session comes into existence when the queue or topic is session aware, which means you have specified ‘Enable session’ when creating the queue or topic.

The Complete List of Spring Boot Annotations You Must Know

Spring Boot is the most popular Java framework, with over 50 percent of developers using it. Java engineers working in the spring framework can deploy web applications quickly, without the need for a separate server. Spring focuses on speed, simplicity, and productivity. It uses Inversion of Control, or IoC, and dependency injection to increase modularity and enable loose coupling. Spring Boot builds off of the spring framework.


FlashDrive student program

Students around the world are using FlashDrive to build research or studies projects and we love to see more and more each day using FlashDrive free tier to build education-related projects. We know that sometimes the Free tier is not enough to build big data project or simply projects that require a lot of dependencies or several micro-services working together.


What is expected in the SRE role? We analyzed 30 job postings to find out.

In 2016, Google released the definitive book on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) - a practice that had originated in the company to take care of a monumental problem - how to keep the Google services running with high reliability. Over the years, SRE has been widely adopted by dev teams across the globe and is a popular role at startups and enterprises alike. Here is a look at how search for SRE has trended over the years.


GlassFish & Payara Auto-Clustering: Running Jakarta EE Highly-Available Applications in the Cloud

Ensuring trouble-proof 24/7 service delivery is among of the most discussed areas in cloud hosting for the last few years. And the very obvious and commonly used solution here is building a clustered infrastructure for your project.


GitKraken v8: CLI Preview & Deep Linking

At GitKraken, we know every developer wants to focus on delivering the best projects. Spending time and energy switching between tools, or struggling to keep focus when digging through code, are things we would all love to minimize. This is precisely what has driven us to introduce the unbelievable new set of features in the GitKraken v8.0 release! Download the most powerful version of GitKraken ever, for free! Download GitKraken Windows / Mac / Linux


GitKraken Acquires BigBrassBand, Creator of Git Integration for Jira

As part of GitKraken’s ongoing mission to make software developers and Agile DevOps teams more productive using Git, we are excited to announce today that we are bringing another Git collaboration tool into the Kraken family: Git Integration for Jira by BigBrassBand. With over 3.6 million users in 10,000 companies, Git Integration for Jira is the most popular paid Atlassian Marketplace app for integrating Git and Jira DevOps workflows.


Creating your first module using Terraform

Deploying infrastructure manually is an outdated practice. Using Terraform to automate manual deployment is the new normal. In this blog, we have explained in detail, how to create your first module using Terraform. Before the advent of cloud and DevOps, most companies managed and deployed their infrastructure manually. This used to be risky because not only was it error-prone, it also slowed down the entire infrastructure cycle.


Datadog vs. Grafana: Compare Use Cases and Features

The current big data world allows even tiny IT environments to produce massive amounts of information. After determining how to open up various data generation sources, a business analyzes the information. Here, the analysis method you leverage varies depending on the data, the tools/equipment used, and the use case. A good practice is to visualize the traces, weather logs, data, or metrics.

How to build a search interface for Your Apps and Websites - 7.14

Great user interfaces are critical for search engines, but designing them can take a lot of effort. The Elastic App Search Reference UI makes it easy. In this video, you will learn how Reference UI gives you the keys to quickly set up a new custom search interface, whether you need to build a quick demo or lay the foundation of a production environment. Reference Links.

Top 10 Questions About Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring for uptime is becoming increasingly necessary as SaaS and Always-On services integrate deeper with our professional and personal lives. When bottom lines and infrastructure requirements are tied so closely to 24/7 accessibility, making sure your websites are UP becomes priority one. We’ve scoured our support tickets, talked to our users, and kept an ear to the ground to compile the top 10 questions surrounding uptime monitoring and break down the answers.


Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 lifecycle extended to ten years

LONDON, UK – Canonical announces the lifecycle extension of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ‘Trusty Tahr’ and 16.04 LTS ‘Xenial Xerus’ to a total of ten years. This lifecycle extension enables organizations to balance their infrastructure upgrade costs, by giving them additional time to implement their upgrade plan.


Expanded Customer Adoption Lands Splunk First in 2020 IT Operations Analytics Market Share Report

For the 7th year in a row, IDC has ranked Splunk as #1 in ITOA*. We’re thrilled with this news, but let me start by saying that our success is due to the continued success of our customers, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Need a refresher on ITOA? We know we know, another day another acronym. ITOA is IT Operations Analytics. IDC derived this market from portions of their IT Operations management (ITOM) software market.


Cloudsmith Raises $15m in Series A to Evolve the Future of Software Supply Chains

Today, we are excited to announce that Cloudsmith has secured $15 million of funding in our recent Series A round. This latest round will help us continue to build best-in-class technology for today’s software engineers and their organizations by evolving cloud-native package management and providing a secure, single source of truth for all software artifacts and assets.

DBAle 30: If it ain't DevSecOps...what is it?

With both hosts back on the beer to celebrate a momentous milestone, we talk Kiwis and Shoop (ba doop ba doop), sparking inspiration for a future episode. Chris and Chris break it down with DevSecOps. Fear not, there’s no rapping, just a lyrical breakdown of the place and role of security within DevOps. Something the organizations featured in our bumper News segment could do with learning about. So, grab yourself a beer and cheers to DBAle turning 30.

DBAle 31: Monitoring matters for modern data management

Is it a beer, is it a muffin or is it a Panda Pop? Who knows but at 9% strength, producer Louise joins our Chris duo as plan B, to monitor proceedings. Very fitting as our discussion focuses on monitoring for the modern data age. We talk busyness, hybrid estates, tooling, Multi-RDBMS, and a surprising amount about car mechanics. In The News we debate scrape or breach, and the potential maximum fines for the latest Facebook scandal. So, grab yourself a beer and tune in – cheers.

Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | John Martinez, Director of Cloud R&D at Palo Alto Networks

In this episode Jason is joined by John Martinez, Director of Cloud R&D at Palo Alto Networks, to talk about the FinOps Foundation and the vast range of optimization opportunities to reduce spend in the cloud. John comes in with some extremely useful insights into how FinOps is laid out and their use of a “crawl, walk, run approach.” John and Jason discuss multi cloud and go into the specifics on the costs associated with multi cloud as well the security changes that will come with.


With Grafana and InfluxDB, CSS Electronics visualizes CAN IoT data to monitor vehicles and machinery

Martin Falch, co-owner and head of sales and marketing at CSS Electronics, is an expert on “CAN bus” data. Martin works closely with end users, typically OEM engineers, across diverse industries (automotive, heavy-duty, maritime, industrial). He is passionate about open source software and has been spearheading the integration of the CANedge with InfluxDB databases and Grafana telematics dashboards.


Industry 4.0 Defined and Explained

With Industry 4.0 fundamentally transforming manufacturing systems and processes through IIoT technologies, manufacturers large and small are seeking the most efficient ways to reap its benefits. Potential gains include optimizing operations, generating data-driven insight, creating new revenue streams, and accelerating innovation. To paint the big picture, let’s start with a definition of Industry 4.0, followed by an explanation of what adopting it involves.


The Rome release starts at home-a customer zero story

ServiceNow’s 6,900 customers have pretty big expectations of what ServiceNow needs to deliver to help them achieve their business goals—from more engaging employee experiences to boosted customer loyalty and increased agility, productivity, and efficiency. We aim to meet those expectations by practicing what we preach.


The Fine Line Between Confidence and Delusion in the Cloud

In a recent survey of hybrid cloud decision makers, we uncovered a disconcerting trend. The vast majority of respondents reported that they are confident in their existing tools and capabilities for a whole host of activities necessary to manage cloud performance and spend … and yet they don’t have many of the tools that are actually needed to perform those tasks.

IT analytics in 90 seconds: Identify venues for savings across hardware endpoints

Endpoint management practices enriched with advanced analytics can be a very effective tool in cutting down on operational costs without compromising on efficiency. Leverage Analytics Plus reports to reduce costs incurred by workstations in your secure environment.

Top 8 Web Application Performance Metrics

Web application performance metrics help determine certain aspects that impact the performance of an application. This article discusses eight key metrics, including: Web performance is rapidly evolving, with new trends like Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV), increasing use of images and video on web pages, and the rollout of 5G. We’ll present three methods that can help you adapt to these changes and boost performance of your web applications.


Now Available: Ivanti Cloud Service Appliance (CSA) 4.6

Ivanti Cloud Service Appliance (CSA) 4.6 is now available for customers to download. Like our previous CSA 4.5 release, this CSA 4.6 release addresses the situation where CentOS has announced an EOL (or change) to the CentOS 8 operating system that we are using. As a result of this, we have adjusted and built CSA 4.6 on CentOS 7, which should provide us with a stable OS platform into the future.


Considerations to Make When Running a Load Test

Load testing isn’t an engineer’s favorite task. Every setup choice made during performance testing will yield varying results. The chosen load test protocol is the difference between an application that performs well under most circumstances and one that buckles at hidden stress points. Yet failing to run adequate tests isn’t an option when dealing with a complex API architecture. Needless to say, all your load testing options must be carefully evaluated.


Bring IT On in the Year of the Ox

IT Pro Day is here, and it feels like the new year in IT! It’s a time to reflect on lessons from the past year and celebrate your achievements while setting goals for the season ahead. The theme for this year, Bring IT On, feels especially appropriate as we’ve been in the Year of the Ox. According to the Chinese zodiac, the ox is known as the “good helper” symbolizing strength, diligence, and persistence. I can’t think of a better sign that embodies IT pros.


Continuous vulnerability prevention

Is your application security improving, staying the same, or getting worse? How do you prevent changes from introducing new vulnerabilities? While there are many ways to scan for vulnerabilities, the resulting noise can be overwhelming, making it hard to see whether things are getting better or worse. Scanning continuously, addressing new critical vulnerabilities as they arise drives constant improvement in security posture — a "ratcheting up" of security over time.


Head-to-Head: Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Scanning

To release reasonably secure products, vendors must integrate software security processes throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle. That would include product architecture and design; implementation and verification; deployment and monitoring in the field; and back again to design to address the changing threat landscape, market needs, and product issues.


Time to rethink backup

When was the last time you thought about your backup process? Is it one of those things you’ve just accepted to be the way it is? If so, your backup may be consuming more time and resources than it should. The state of backup technology has moved forward, and many of the old assumptions about it are no longer true. N-able recently interviewed about a dozen MSPs from around the world and heard first-hand what they discovered when they took a fresh look at backup.


Serverless Monitoring of Ruby Applications on AWS Fargate

As of the latest release, Instana supports the monitoring of Ruby applications running on Fargate, a serverless container orchestrator managed by Amazon Web Services. This enables Ruby teams to take advantage of the benefits Fargate offers while still being able to use Instana’s world class observability and monitoring tools.


Top 6 AWS Lambda Monitoring Tools

Monitoring AWS Lambda performance plays a crucial part in your everyday AWS Lambda usage. Monitoring helps you identify any performance issues, and it can also send you alerts and notify you of anything you might need to know. The world is slowly getting to a point where machines and computers will be flawless, but until then, if we let them perform various tasks for us, we could at least monitor their performance.

vmware tanzu

Driving Business Agility Without Large-Scale Transformation Programs

The agile transformation services market will grow at a compounded rate of 19.5 percent annually by 2026, according to Allied Market Research. The overall digital transformation services market, meanwhile, is estimated by Forbes to be worth trillions of dollars. Indeed, if we scroll through the annual reports of Fortune 500 companies over the last decade, many of them will detail going through some version of a digital transformation.

vmware tanzu

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry and VMware Tanzu Observability

Modern application architectures are complex, typically consisting of hundreds of distributed microservices implemented in different languages and by different teams. As a developer, SRE, or DevOps engineer, you are responsible for the reliability and performance of these complex systems. But while you might have metrics that will help you debug when there’s an issue, metrics alone can’t help you narrow down and ultimately identify the root cause.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Item status & Severity level

Control the state and priority level of your incoming items, and learn how you can quickly act upon them via Slack! Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

3 Ways to Improve DataPower Performance

IBM DataPower Gateway is the latest variant of DataPower and helps organizations meet the security and integration needs of a digital business in a single multi-channel gateway. It provides security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), serviceoriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads.

Build Vs. Buy Discussion

This a complex question with deep implications that touch many areas of the business including the executive team, finance, procurement and Human Resources. In this short webinar we will discuss some of the areas that must be considered and provide you with some strategic ideas to improve your business. This presentation is gleaned from the hundreds of man-years of experience our experts have had in answering this exact question.
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Customer Service Management (Picking The Right Software)

Customer service management can make or break the growth of your organization. If you're failing to deliver incredible customer experiences that prioritize clear communication, your organization is vulnerable to low customer retention rates. According to Gartner, more than two-thirds of businesses are now competing primarily on the basis of customer experience. This is up from only 36% in 2010. Customer experience is critical to your organization's future success. If you're delivering exceptional customer experiences that result in high levels of customer satisfaction, this will naturally drive up your customer retention rate. You can only deliver incredible experiences with the right customer service management tools in place.

console connect

Three Network Challenges Keeping CIOs Awake At Night

Networks aren’t just getting bigger, they’re also becoming more congested and more complex. There are a lot of new considerations for CIOs as they attempt to build fast, secure and reliable networks that can meet all the demands of their business. In this blog, we look at some of the common challenges facing enterprises and explore how a more agile networking model can help.

Ensure First Come First Server using Azure Service Bus

One of the patterns easily supported by the Azure Service Bus is the first-in-first-out (FIFO) pattern, which isn’t supported in the other queue service – Azure Storage Queues. To realise FIFO with the Azure Service Bus is to use sessions. Any service can create a session when sending a message to a queue or topic by setting the SessionId property. Subsequently, the session comes into existence when the queue or topic is session aware, which means you have specified ‘Enable session’ when creating the queue or topic.

ServiceNow Integration

As some of you may already know, before joining Codefresh I was a Business Process Consultant (BPC) at ServiceNow for their DevOps application. So obviously on my to-do list from day 1 was to create an integration between Codefresh and ServiceNow. In case you’re not familiar with ServiceNow, they’re known for digitalizing enterprise processes and for their portfolio around IT Service Management. In their words, they “Make the world of work, work better for people”.

Improve MTTR by Using Machine Learning for Alerts

Did you know Freshservice can help reduce noise by up to 50% using ML algorithms? Watch our video to learn how Freshservice uses machine learning to translate the swarm of signals from the monitoring tools into stories you can act upon fast. Join us to explore our latest ITOM features to break the silos in your processes. #letsTalkITOM

Comparing gRPC performance across different technologies

gRPC is an open-source Remote Procedure Call system focusing on high performance. There exist several gRPC benchmarks including an official one, yet we still wanted to create our own. Why would we torture ourselves doing such a thing? So with those points in mind, we created a completely open-source benchmark where everyone is welcome to contribute and which could be run with a single command, having only Docker as a prerequisite.


Using the Flux VS Code Extension for IoT Application Development

InfluxData prides itself on its effort to prioritize developer happiness. This included providing developers with a variety of tools to interact with InfluxDB v2 OSS or InfluxDB Cloud, so they can pick the development style that works best for them. This article assumes you’re using the InfluxDB Cloud Free tier, which is the easiest way to get started and maintain InfluxDB. You can use any of the following tools for your IoT application development.


ServiceNow: A Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management for Second Year

ServiceNow is proud to be named a Leader, for the second consecutive year, in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management (ITRM).1 We’re especially pleased that our ability to execute has been recognized with the highest rating of all vendors evaluated. Gartner also named ServiceNow a Leader in the August 2021 IT Vendor Risk Management Tools.

OpenSearch Clusters: Get Started with Install and Configuration

Our first tutorial gave a general introduction to OpenSearch installation and configuration. We recently also published a comparative introduction for OpenSearch queries (and how they parallel or contrast with Elasticsearch). Now, we’ll continue that series with an intro to OpenSearch clusters. This is a very simple tutorial with straight-forward examples, but we will try to cover some detail and common advanced settings.


The Complete Cloud Financial Management Guide

As companies migrate to the cloud, they often overlook costs, instead focusing on innovation, speed, and flexibility. They assume the cloud is inherently cost-effective and less costly than on-premise infrastructure. As they expand their cloud operations, though, organizations soon realize that the same things that make the cloud alluring and extensively flexible, can also potentially push usage bills way beyond budget.


5 Security Automation Myths Debunked

It has been argued that automation in the workplace tends to be misunderstood. Analysts are keen to point out that, despite myths to the contrary, automation isn’t going to put most people out of work, for instance. Nor is AI going to become a real substitute for actual human intelligence. These are compelling arguments for rethinking the way we think about automation in general.


How we use Grafana and Prometheus to monitor the traffic of our many GitHub repositories

If you want to understand the popularity of your GitHub repositories, knowing the number of stars isn’t enough. GitHub understands this, and that’s why the team released traffic insights. Anyone with push access to a repository can view these insights, which include: full clones, visitors from the past 14 days, referring sites, and popular content in the traffic graph.


Observability in HIPAA-Compliant Environments

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was put in place to standardize the electronic recording and transmission of medical information. HIPAA-compliant systems enable the protection of insurance for people changing jobs, simplify the administration of electronic healthcare transactions, and outline the tax-related provisions for healthcare.


Set Up a Remote Repository in Artifactory To Proxy Iron Bank Images

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) teams that manage DevSecOps software factories or that use DevSecOps factories to develop, secure and operate mission applications, need a trusted repository management system to store their local artifacts as well as artifacts pulled from Iron Bank, the DoD’s central repository of hardened container images. Artifacts that are stored include VM images, container images, binary executables, archives, documentation and many more package types.


Delivering on Our Commitments to the Public Sector with Iron Bank Certification

Serving our customers in the public sector, including government agencies and contractors, is both a great honor and a major responsibility for JFrog. The applications and digital services that they release have a direct impact on the well-being of our communities, across critical areas including national defense, healthcare, public safety, education and more. Today, I’m proud to share that JFrog is further strengthening its position in the government sector with the U.S.


Ivanti Delivers Zero-Day Compatibility and Key Feature Support for iOS and iPadOS 15

Here at Ivanti, we are excited about iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. I’m pleased to share that we offer zero-day compatibility and key feature support across the Ivanti product portfolio for the new features built into Apple’s updated OSs. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 bring plenty of new things to see and experience with a combination of security, user experience, and performance.


A Migration That Paid Tech Dividends

TL;DR: Old, deprecated code/infrastructure is a challenge that every engineer will come across. Remedy what you can and remember that some extra effort can go a long way. It can uncover issues that, when addressed, will save you in the future. Part of the challenge of software development is maintaining legacy code and infrastructure. When you ignore or neglect these, issues start to pop up and your reliability suffers, causing pain for your customers.


Splunk Delivers Real-Time Salesforce Visibility with New Streaming API Integration

You might already be using Splunk to manage your Salesforce environment with the help of the Splunk App for Salesforce and the Splunk Add-on for Salesforce that allows a Splunk administrator to collect different types of data from Salesforce using REST APIs. This solution is great and the events give you an idea of how users interact with Salesforce. These events can range from Apex executions to page views.

How to tune search relevance in Elastic App Search

When users run queries against your search engine, they’re interested in the most relevant documents. Elastic App Search makes it easy to further tune the search experience to optimize for your own needs. In this short video, we’ll show how documents are ranked and how you can change this ranking using intuitive, real-time relevance tuning.

Monitoring virtual machines with Prometheus vs. Graphite

Virtual machines give you a flexible and convenient environment where people can access different operating systems, networks, and storages while still using the same computer. This prevents them from purchasing extra machines, switching to other devices, and maintaining them. This helps companies to save costs and increase task efficiency. Although using VMs for everyday tasks may be enjoyable, ensuring consistent performance and performing maintenance can be daunting.


Top 10 Open Source Data Analytics Tools [ 2021]

Data analytics refers to analyzing an enormous amount of data to gather useful information. Moreover, it plays a significant role in the decision-making of business operations. But, the process of collecting and transforming data into meaningful insights can be challenging until you are familiar with some meaningful Data analytics tools. In addition, it is a bit difficult to choose the best data analytics tool for your business from the crowded list.


Top 11 distributed tracing tools in 2021

Choosing the right distributed tracing tool is critical. How do you know which is the right one for you? Here are the top 11 distributed tracing tools that can solve your monitoring and observability needs. Distributed tracing tools have become a critical component in a distributed and microservices-based architecture. So why is distributed software so popular? There are three major reasons for the popularity of distributed software: scalability, reliability, and maintainability.


Best practices for writing incident postmortems

After you have stopped an incident from affecting your customers, you need a more thorough investigation in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. Postmortems record the root causes of an incident and provide insights for making your systems more resilient. At the same time, postmortems can be difficult to produce, since they require deeper analysis and coordination between teammates who are busy with the next development cycle.


THG Ingenuity investment in Civo

I’m hugely excited to announce that THG Ingenuity, the technology division of ecommerce giant THG, has invested $2 million to take a minority stake in Civo. We’re proud to be THG Ingenuity’s first strategic investment since it announced earlier this year that Softbank Group had invested $730 million in THG with an option for a further $1.6 billion investment in the THG Ingenuity platform.


Interview with AI Specialist Dhonam Pemba

For our latest expert interview on our blog, we’ve welcomed Dhonam Pemba to share his thoughts on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and his journey behind founding KidX AI. Dhonam is a neural engineer by PhD, a former rocket scientist and a serial AI entrepreneur with one exit. He was CTO of the exited company, Kadho which was acquired by Roybi for its Voice AI technology. At Kadho Sports he was their Chief Scientist which had clients in MLB, USA Volleyball, NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA.


Model-driven observability: Embedded Alert Rules

This post is about alert rules. Operators should ensure a baseline of observability for the software they operate. In this blog post, we cover Prometheus alert rules, how they work and their gotchas, and discuss how Prometheus alert rules can be embedded in Juju charms and how Juju topology enables the scoping of embedded alert rules to avoid inaccuracies.


observIQ Cloud and the OpenTelemetry Collector

Our log agent is powerful, efficient, and highly adaptable. Now, with OpenTelemetry setting new standards in the observability space, we wanted to incorporate that collaboration into our log agent and offer our users the ability to take advantage of the OpenTelemetry ecosystem. Starting today, you can upgrade the log agents in your observIQ account to the new Open Telemetry-based observIQ log agent with a single click.


By 2030, e-Waste Will Reach 2.5 Million Metric Tons Unless We 'Sober Up'

Let’s admit something without shame: we love to use new technology. Maybe the latest smart phone, or a new lightweight laptop or tablet that makes it easier to work from anywhere, it’s all fair game. And when we are at our desk, we enjoy creating expansive workspaces with multiple monitors, a full-size keyboard, and other extras. When we look across our household, we might have duplicate, perhaps triplicate resources growing our technology real estate exponentially.


ChaosSearch Named "Most Likely to be the Next Boston Unicorn" in Startup Boston's Community Awards

This week, ChaosSearch announced some exciting news -- we're honored to have been named Most Likely to be the Next Boston Unicorn in Startup Boston’s first-ever Community Awards! The award celebrates companies that have made extraordinary achievements in the startup ecosystem in Boston, and represents grassroots recognition from tech entrepreneurs, employees, investors, journalists, and educators in the region.


Private Package Repositories Part 1- What's a package again?

Package repositories were never something I thought about as a developer unless something didn’t work. For example, if it was slow, wouldn’t connect, wouldn’t install, or was overly complicated to configure. Mostly I wanted something I barely noticed. Something simple and easy to use.


The Complete Cloud Operations Guide: 5 Best Practices For Success

As cloud adoption continues to increase, organizations are recognizing the need for cloud operations. CloudOps, as it’s often called, has become the industry standard for cloud-powered enterprises that intend to get the most out of their cloud services. Previously, it was common for organizations to rush into cloud adoption, with IT operations handling cloud installation, management, and maintenance tasks.

eg innovations

Understanding Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and What They Do

The field of information technology has advanced at a breakneck pace in the last 20 years. Hence, it has become imperative for any business to know and adopt technologies that can make them productive and more competent at the same time. However, not all firms have the resources to expand their team of IT professionals for several reasons, particularly within small and medium-sized businesses.


Want to sell more managed services? Start with a focus

Imagine this: You’re about to talk to a new prospect. You have your pitch prepared. It’s your normal pitch deck, and it covers the full gamut of managed services—you tackle every device, maintain everything, and highlight the value of your services. You have charts, facts, and figures, and you pump yourself up with your favorite music before entering the room. They politely listen to the pitch and decide they want some time to think about it.


Customer Service Management (Leveraging Software)

Have you considered leveraging cloud-based software solutions to improve your customer service management? Workflow automation software can elevate customer experiences by improving response times. If you’re looking for a way to streamline communication between all parties, you need a centralized hub for project implementation and delivery. 58% of American consumers are prepared to switch companies because of poor customer service.


The Appian Cloud Security Advantage

Appian has been a recognized leader in cloud-based enterprise software platforms since delivering Appian Cloud in 2007. From the outset, we built our software to integrate with and complement the cloud’s unique advantages, and to protect it from vulnerabilities. We did so with a unique design philosophy, employing cloud-native and globally recognized frameworks like NIST for optimal security protection, business continuity, and enhanced support.


What Is Data Integrity and Why Is It Important?

Your organization’s data is the source of opportunity for your innovation. However, 25 percent of executives surveyed by KPMG either distrust or have limited trust in their data. Without integrity, the information is essentially useless. So exactly what is data integrity? Let’s take a dive deeper into this topic and discuss why it is important for your organization.

The More You Monitor: What Are the Three Pillars of Observability?

A common way to discuss observability is to break it down into three types of telemetry: metrics, traces, and logs. These three data points are often referred to as the three pillars of observability. In this episode of The More You Monitor Product Manager, Chris Sternberg, breaks down the three pillars of observability and how they can help you gain better control and visibility of your infrastructure, applications, and networks. It’s important to remember that although these pillars are key to achieving observability, they are only the telemetry and not the end result.

FinOps Tools: Supercharge Your Investment with Optimization

Cost analysis and allocation tools like CloudHealth, CloudCheckr, and Cloudability play an important role in many organizations’ FinOps journeys by assisting with keeping Finance informed, enabling forecasting, and driving accountability. These tools may also help provide visibility and direction around long-term purchases like Savings Plans and RIs. But, slicing and dicing your cloud costs is only the tip of the FinOps iceberg: 85%+ of your cloud savings potential lies beyond refining how you buy cloud services. You also need to optimize what you’re actually purchasing.

The Confident Commit | ep. 11 Observability and CI/CD: meaningful measurement with Charity Majors

Rob sits down with Charity Majors to discuss the journey to creating Honeycomb, business building practices, and the importance of proper CI/CD and monitoring. Charity gives us the latest insights on observability and the necessities for engineering team success. What metrics are meaningful for your team to measure? Which ones are not? Tune in today to find out. Watch, learn, and leave us a comment with your thoughts, questions, or ideas for future podcast episodes.

Continuous Deployment of Deno APIs to Heroku

The first time I was tasked with maintaining a production server, I relied on a checklist my predecessor had left for me. The checklist contained all the maintenance steps along with their corresponding commands. In those early days, I religiously copied each command, double- and triple-checking each character before pressing the Enter key. Slowly but surely, the commands got committed to memory until one day I realized I did not need the checklist.

Decoding the power of enterprise AI - ManageEngine Insights Fireside Chat

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and ubiquitous. This coupled with the rapid pace of AI adoption has many organizations scrambling to adopt some form of enterprise AI. However, many experts also believe that while AI adoption has accelerated in recent times, it may be moving too fast. In a bid not to get left behind, many organizations jump onto the AI bandwagon without fully understanding how it fits in with their organizational strategy. Many business leaders also believe that some level of control and regulations is required to ensure AI solutions achieve their full potential.
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Kent RO sees 50% faster MTTR with Applications Manager

Kent RO is an Indian multinational healthcare product company and a leader in the reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier category. Founded in 1999, Kent RO pioneered and brought the revolutionary RO technology to India. With a vision to enhance the quality of everyday living, Kent RO has evolved as a market leader that provides technologically advanced healthcare products ranging from water purifiers, air purifiers, to water softeners.


Introduction to Traefik v2 Ingress Controller in Jelastic Kubernetes Service

Jelastic Kubernetes cluster can be installed with NGINX, Traefik, or HAProxy ingress controllers. In this post, we will take a closer look at Traefik and its evolution in Jelastic Kubernetes Service (Jelastic KS). At the moment all issued Jelastic Kubernetes versions support Traefik v1, but commencing from K8s version 1.21.2, Traefik v2 will be used instead. A number of internal components of Traefik were conceptually redesigned moving from v1 to v2.


5 signs you need to choose cross browser testing on the cloud

Only people who are living under the rock aren’t using mobile phones for their daily activities. Well, this means we all rely on our phones for things such as booking tickets, consuming multimedia content, or even ordering groceries and medicine. On average, most of us read, interact, engage and learn from the widely available resources like websites, mobile apps, etc.


Elastic named EMA Top 3 Award winner in Automatic End-to-End Observability

We are excited to announce that Elastic Observability has earned the Enterprise Management Associates Top 3 Award for Observability in 2021, a recognition of our commitment to empowering customers with products and features that advance digital transformation and solve real-life problems. This award is driven by EMA’s exhaustive, quantitative research into the top challenges and use cases facing developers, DevOps, SREs, IT professionals, and business professionals.


Find the right person at the right time to fix the right issue with SCIM for Okta, Code Owners with GitHub, and more

If you know someone who actually likes managing work across projects, we’d love to meet this mythical being. Because we can’t imagine who enjoys hand-sifting through digital piles of notifications, prioritizing issues, then tracking down the right developer to assign the issue to. And once you’re done with that detective work, your engineer-of-the-hour may not even have access to the right tools to resolve the issue. Who’s got time for all this org chart spelunking?


Privacy Management: How to proactively manage risk and sustain compliance

“How can I manage privacy and risk of exposure of personal data from malicious attackers, or my own employees, while keeping pace with global evolving regulations?” For many organizations, this is a constant struggle made more daunting by the fact that data is siloed and processes are manual. Both remote workers and evolving infrastructure can represent opportunities for attackers. Because personal data is so precious, it’s most likely to be stolen or exposed during an attack.


Now Platform Rome release delivers capabilities for hybrid work

The ways we live and work have fundamentally changed with remote working and hybrid work models becoming the norm. Digital transformation has taken on a new level of urgency to the point where its success or failure directly impacts an organization’s ability to prosper or even survive. More than ever, organizations need a single platform to enhance productivity, accelerate innovation, and engage their employees and customers, wherever they are.


New ServiceNow industry solutions help organizations adapt to digital-first world

The pandemic has accelerated the digital imperative across all industries. At ServiceNow, our purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people. That purpose has never been clearer as we help our customers solve some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century—from talent shortages to continuing global vaccination efforts—and everything in between.


Delivering connected and engaging employee experiences for hybrid work

Business leaders face a do-or-die situation when addressing the challenges of the new world of hybrid work. Digital transformation within employee experiences is no longer simply a driver of growth and productivity—it’s an imperative to help employees find better balance and keep them creative, productive, and engaged.


Create a great end-to-end customer experience with Rome release

During the pandemic, companies that weren’t digitally enabled had great difficulty dealing with the massive disruption that hit them overnight. For me, this reinforced the lesson that great customer experience goes beyond simply boosting engagement or providing multiple touch points. Instead, customer-centric companies outperform by realigning operations and processes for better customer outcomes.


Welcome to the Now Platform Rome release!

Employees and customers want seamless experiences wherever work happens—in an office, a hospital, a manufacturing floor, at home, or on the go. To survive in the new world of hybrid work, companies must embrace digital platforms that empower their most important stakeholders. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the Now Platform® Rome release, which is generally available to customers starting today.

uptime robot

UptimeRobot August 2021 Update: Configurable Timeout, support improvements and Plesk extension

We’ve been busy this summer and introduced two new features last month – longer intervals and a grace period for recurring jobs monitoring (Heartbeat monitors). There is some good news this month too, so let’s get right into it!


Authentication and Authorization for RESTful APIs: Steps to Getting Started

Why do APIs require authentication in the first place? Users don't always need keys for read-only APIs. However, most commercial APIs require permission via API keys or other ways. Users might make an unlimited number of API calls without needing to register if your API had no security. Allowing limitless requests would make it impossible to develop a business structure for your API. Furthermore, without authentication, it would be difficult to link requests to individual user data.

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud's all-new UI - Exclusive Training

Introducing the all-new UI of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. A refreshing new look for your service desk, Kanban for an efficient ticket queue, powerful dashboards for easy access to information, an adaptive service desk layout and more. In this exclusive training, product experts demonstrate what the upcoming new user experience will be like and showcase new functions across all modules, ensuring teams are up to speed before switching over to the new UI.

Developing an Analytical Approach to Service Management Cloud

In this session of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2020, we will help you uncover and extract the hidden value in your service desk data to understand customer needs, manage costs, and deliver high-quality customer service. Learn how Advanced Analytics for ServiceDesk Plus can help you run your IT like a business.

DreamFactory 4.9.0 Released

DreamFactory 4.9.0 has arrived! This release includes a mix of bug fixes and UX improvements. Perhaps the most notable change is the addition of a “Quick Links” section (see attached screenshot) to an API’s Overview tab. It’s now possible to jump directly to an API’s scripted endpoints, API documentation, and associated roles!

IT Service Management: Streamline Your Workflows to Make Everyone Happier

Shadow IT is, at best, an organizational distraction; and at worst, a team of people working at cross-purposes to the business and causing harm. But if shadow IT is such a bad thing, why does it still happen in so many organizations? In under 10 minutes, SolarWinds Head Geek Leon Adato and Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg break down what shadow IT is, why it’s bad for the organization even if it seems to be “getting things done,” and how the cycle can be broken with a robust, mature, responsive service management solution and process.

A simplified stack monitoring experience in Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

To monitor your Elastic Stack with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), you can deploy Metricbeat and Filebeat to collect metrics and logs and send them to the monitoring cluster, as mentioned in this blog. However, this requires understanding and managing the complexity of Beats configuration and Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC). Now, in ECK 1.7, the Elasticsearch and Kibana resources have been enhanced to let us specify a reference to a monitoring cluster.


Avoid dropped logs due to out-of-order timestamps with a new Loki feature

Dropped log lines due to out-of-order timestamps can be a thing of the past! Allowing out-of-order writes has been one of the most-requested features for Loki, and we’re happy to announce that in the upcoming v2.4 release, the requirement to have log lines arrive in order by timestamp will be lifted. Simple configuration will allow out-of-order writes for Loki v2.4.


Why you need to build globally distributed applications

Today's users of web and mobile applications and services expect fast and outstanding experiences. Delivering successful web services and applications means meeting these baseline expectations: In this blog post, we dive into why these three goals are vital to modern web applications and services. Then, we will look at how building global and distributed architectures achieve these goals.


How to Calculate Log Analytics ROI

Calculating the ROI of your log analytics solution is often complicated. For many teams, this technology can be a cost center. Depending on your platform, the cost of log analysis can quickly add up. For example, many organizations use solutions like the ELK stack because the initial startup costs are low. Yet, over time, costs can creep up for many reasons, including the volume of data ingested per day, required retention periods, and the associated personnel needed to manage the deployment.


Jaeger vs Tempo - key features, differences, and alternatives

Both Grafana Tempo and Jaeger are tools aimed at distributed tracing for microservice architecture. Jaeger was released as an open-source project by Uber in 2015, while Tempo is a newer product announced in October 2020. Jaeger is a popular open-source tool that graduated as a project from Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Grafana Tempo is a high-volume distributed tracing tool deeply integrated with other open-source tools like Prometheus and Loki.


The Path to Innovation for Public Sector Is Through Data

It’s never been more important for government agencies to embrace innovation than over the past 18 months. Citizens are relying on our government more than ever to provide critical services during the global pandemic — from developing COVID-19 vaccines at warp speed to extending benefits to the record number of unemployed Americans. The pandemic not only made government services more critical, it also challenged agencies’ ability to deliver those services.


How Refinery Helps With Sampling Complex Event Data

Sampling is the practice of extracting a subset of data from a dataset to make conclusions about that larger dataset. It’s far from a perfect solution, but when it’s implemented with Refinery, Honeycomb’s trace-aware sampling proxy, sampling can help you manage very high volumes of complex event data.

Scale for fully automated Kubernetes monitoring in minutes

Monitoring your Kubernetes clusters within Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring has never been easier. Just click data setup and select Kubernetes to begin learning more about your Kubernetes environment and workloads. Test drive your free trial of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring today to seamlessly get your data in to navigate effortlessly and pinpoint problems in real time.

Nexthink Named Customers' Choice in 2021 Gartner Voice of Customer Report

The Nexthink team is excited to announce that we have been recognized in the September 2021, Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ report. Customers submitted over 150 reviews with an overall star rating of 4.6 (out of 5) and an impressive 4.7 rating (out of 5) for ‘Support Experience’ as of July 2021. Our team at Nexthink takes great pride in this distinction, as customer feedback continues to shape our products and services.

oh dear

Monitoring password protected sites using Oh Dear

Keeping an eye on your site and sending you a notification when it goes down is one of the core features of Oh Dear. Under the hood, we'll send a request to your site and take a look if the response code is in the 200-299 range, which is the default response code range to indicate that everything is ok. Some of our users are monitoring password protected sites. In such cases, the web server might reply with status code 401 (unauthorised).


What Is Distributed Tracing and Why You Need It

It is no surprise that monitoring workloads are top of mind for many organizations to ensure a successful customer experience. As our applications become more distributed and cloud-native, we find that monitoring can become more complex. A single user transaction fans out to interact with tens or hundreds of microservices, each one requesting data from backend data stores or otherwise interacting with each other and other parts of your infrastructure.

Troubleshooting Databricks

The popularity of Databricks is rocketing skyward, and it is now the leading multi-cloud platform for Spark and analytics workloads, offering fully managed Spark clusters in the cloud. Databricks is fast and organizations generally refactor their applications when moving them to Databricks. The result is strong performance. However, as usage of Databricks grows, so does the importance of reliability for Databricks jobs - especially big data jobs such as Spark workloads. But information you need for troubleshooting is scattered across multiple, voluminous log files.

Automate Your Way to a Better Citrix End User Experience

See how IT generalists can deliver exceptional end-user experience using Citrix, regardless of their individual level of Citrix expertise. Technology is the solution - Goliath’s embedded intelligence and automation automatically discovers and maps your Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, monitors it based on best practices, and then alerts on any issue that may impact end-user experience, so root cause can be isolated and fixed quickly.

Getting started with CPU attacks

The CPU attack is one of the most common attack types run by Gremlin users. CPU attacks let you consume CPU capacity on a host, container, Kubernetes resource, or service. This might sound like a trivial exercise, but consuming even small amounts of CPU can reveal unexpected behaviors on our systems. These behaviors can manifest as poor performance, unresponsiveness, or instability.


What is a decision support system in artificial intelligence (AI)?

Most companies today have no trouble gathering data, but knowing what to do with that data is the tricky—and time-consuming—part. Even brilliant organizations are challenged with making smart business decisions after thorough data analysis. Bridging the gap between data analytics and decisions is where a decision support system (DSS) is incredibly useful.


Balancing Innovation and Security With Automation

Automating digital transformation API deployments can help speed time to market and minimize the resources required for the deployments — if developers can be assured that the automated process meets all necessary security requirements. It’s a topic that Kong Senior CustomerExperience Manager Peggy Guyott and Kong Senior Solutions Engineer Ned Harris discussed on a recent webinar as part of the Destination: Automation 2021 digital event.


What Is Project Portfolio Management?

Inefficient project management can cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars per year. And while there are many factors that can contribute to loss of project budget, one of the main ways is very early on – by funding the wrong initiatives. Projects with low benefits and high risks are not only costly, but they can thwart innovation and progress on organizational goals.


The importance of Calico's pluggable data plane

This post will highlight and explain the importance of a pluggable data plane. But in order to do so, we first need an analogy. It’s time to talk about a brick garden wall! Imagine you have been asked to repair a brick garden wall, because one brick has cracked through in the summer sun. You have the equipment you need, so the size of the job will depend to a great extent on how easily the brick can be removed from the wall without interfering with all the ones around it. Good luck.


User Experience Counts in High-Stress Situations

Let’s do a quick show of hands, virtually. How many of us like to think?…. No takers?…. Yeah, me neither. Don’t get me wrong. Thinking and opposable thumbs are the two leading reasons mankind isn’t extinct yet. But thinking takes energy and time; and when you’re tired or under pressure, well, sometimes you just can’t. That’s where user experience comes in. Even under stress, you intuitively know what to do without thinking too hard.