October 2021


The Cloud Computing Ads in Sports Games Are Out of Control

With baseball, hockey and football seasons in full swing, a different sort of sport is playing out among the world’s largest technology companies. Amazon.com Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. are pouring tons of money into promoting their cloud computing products during television’s premier athletic events.


Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Monitoring Story

Learn how to make the Azure Monitor a valuable tool to monitor your Microsoft 365 subscription, including services such as Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and more. See how the Metric Explorer in Azure Monitor will work for you, including addressing custom metrics quickly. Understand how to display Log Analytics metric data in PowerBI Reports and Azure Monitor Workbooks. Join this educative and fun session about Azure and Microsoft 365, united into one magnificent monitoring solution.


Five worthy reads: Preparing for AI adoption amidst a serious skills shortage

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. In the era of mass AI adoption, aimed at enabling disruptive technology innovations, this week we will explore the concern over skill shortages in the AI market. Illustration by Balaji K.R. Artificial intelligence(AI) remains a major technology driver for 2022 and beyond. It has been ranked in the top technology trends consistently for several years.

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Cyber Security Protocols Your Online Business Needs

According to a recent report by CNBC, only 14% of businesses have adequate safeguards against potential cyberattacks. The finding is alarming considering that businesses of all sizes lose close to $200,000 annually due to cyber-related attacks. Ensuring that you have in place water-tight cybersecurity protocols for your online business is a security measure you cannot overlook.

Monitor your CircleCI environment with Datadog

Datadog CI Visibility provides a unified platform for monitoring your CI/CD pipelines. Now, we are partnering with CircleCI to extend that same critical visibility to your CircleCI environment. Datadog’s integration uses CircleCI webhooks to capture information about the status and performance of your workflows and associated jobs, such as a job’s duration and whether or not it failed or was canceled.


A Proactive Approach To Holiday Season Monitoring

Big sales make up a huge chunk of eCommerce annual business, with shoppers having spent $10 billion plus during Black Friday 2020 alone. The right holiday can mean a big deal for your operations. However, with those windfalls come the breaks aimed squarely at crippling your devops pipeline. In many ways, waves of traffic are what you’ve been building for, but sudden bursts are difficult to test for and anticipate. The situation changes with the tides.


Top DevSecOps Tools For 2022

DevSecOps combines the responsibilities of development, security and operations in order to make everyone accountable for security in line with the ongoing activities conducted by development and operations teams. DevSecOps tools serve to assist the user in minimising risk as part of the development process and also support security teams by allowing them to observe the security implications of code in production.


InfluxDB Cloud and Telegraf for the Home Lab

Home labs are popular among technology enthusiasts. Often they are unmonitored and even the smallest home lab can benefit from monitoring. This post will show how getting started with an InfluxDB Cloud account and Telegraf can make this super easy! InfluxDB is an open source time series database. As such, InfluxDB is well-suited for operations monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics.


No Stopping: Impactful Transformations Don't Have an End Point

In our final episode of The Change Makers, we learn that with enough ambition, drive, and backing, IT practitioners can challenge the status quo and create a new era of IT efficiency. “Transformation isn’t a start and a stop process. It’s a continuous evolution, continuous change.” That’s Derek Rose, Group Head of IT and Deputy CIO at V.Group. After joining the maritime services company in 2019, he set about overhauling its entire IT operations.


The 15 Best Container Monitoring Tools For Kubernetes And Docker

There are many tangible benefits to using containers for your computing needs. Containers help break large applications into smaller packages that are more agile, scalable on-demand, resilient, cost-effective, and less resource-hungry than monolithic apps or workloads running on traditional virtual machines (VMs) or bare metal servers. They also enable developers to develop applications in one environment, deploy them in another, and run them anywhere.

Investigate an error with Rollbar

Investigate an error with the help of Rollbar, leveraging item details, traceback, suspect deploy, people tracking, and the rich contextual data available in the UI. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Ask the Citrix Expert How to Troubleshoot Citrix Issues for Remote Workers

In this “Ask the Expert” session we will be talking with Citrix CTP, George Spiers, who will answer your questions around: How can you prove root cause is due to a user's home WIFI, behavior, or an issue within the virtual infrastructure? How do you find root cause of slow logons or poor session performance? And how can you report on remote worker productivity?

The Urgency Driving AIOps into Your Enterprise

AIOps was once considered just a back-office fundamental, a solid suite of tools simplifying routine security and network monitoring tasks that primarily served the IT shop. The accelerated pace of digital transformation is changing that. Now, IT service and operations teams are in the spotlight and tasked with enabling business performance that help their companies provide seamless digital experiences and evolve in a fast-changing economic environment.


API contract testing with Joi

When you sign a contract, you expect both parties to hold their end of the bargain. The same can be true for testing applications. Contract testing is a way to make sure that services can communicate with each other and that the data shared between the services is consistent with a specified set of rules. In this post, I will guide you through using Joi as a library to create API contracts for services consuming an API.

Next Generation Slack Migration Tool and Stakeholder Updates Demo

Learn more about PagerDuty's Collaboration Applications that help you streamline incident remediation. Enjoy these demos of our latest updates to our PagerDuty Slack and Microsoft Teams Applications including the Webhook Migration Tool, Stakeholder Updates, and Resolution Notes.

Intro to Netdata Overview for monitoring and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure

Learn how to get started monitoring and troubleshooting your entire Cloud infrastructure with Netdata. In this video, we'll show you how to utilize the Netdata Overview dashboard to gain visibility into the performance, availability, and health of your infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Navigate from a real-time, unified display of all your systems and applications to discover trends and gain better observability, then drill down by grouping metrics by node for root cause analysis.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - It's Not Just for October: Reminders that Deserve Year-Round Attention!

Since 2003, with the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), October has been recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. As with other important issues that have “designated months,” like Bullying Prevention Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (both also recognized in October), these are issues that deserve year-round attention, not limited to 31 days in October.


Logging Ain't Easy ...But It Could Be

Real talk – logging tools aren’t exactly known for being easy to use, manage, or onboard. With the technology landscape continuously evolving, enterprises are often left scrambling to rapidly adapt and conform to new requirements of operating across hybrid infrastructures. It is in these ecosystems that logs are now more crucial than ever in the day-to-day operations of Ops teams.


Education Project Management Software (Guide)

Education project management software can transform learning experiences. Before the use of software, educational teams collaborated in meetings rooms and teacher lounges, and student reports were sent home to parents in crisp brown envelopes. Those days are gone. Times are changing and educators now have a wide range of digital collaboration tools to choose from.


Explore Azure App Service with the Datadog Serverless view

Azure App Service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for deploying applications to the cloud without worrying about infrastructure. App Service’s “serverless” approach removes the need to provision or manage the servers that run your applications, which provides flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. However, App Service also introduces infrastructure-like considerations that can impact performance and costs.


How to Make SQL Server Faster on Azure VMs

Many organizations have migrated their environments from on-premises to the cloud, and one of the clouds of choice is Microsoft Azure. For SQL Server workloads, organizations can use platform as a service solutions with features like Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance or infrastructure as a service solutions with Azure SQL virtual machines. Azure SQL virtual machines are an easy target for organizations migrating to Azure due to the simplicity of the migration.


When built-in alerting is not enough

Many ITOM or ITSM tools come with built-in features for alerting and notifications and are able to send at least an email or text notification upon incidents to operations teams. But is this enough reliability to respond to and handle major and critical incidents? Recently, we have been surprised to see more and more monitoring tools listed as alerting tools on review platforms like G2.


Best AWS monitoring management tool

Amazon Web Service or AWS has an immense cloud ecosystem now counting at over 200 services and products. Started with first generation services like EC2, S3, and RDS, now you can have satellite control centers, build virtual reality, and compose music using Artificial Intelligence. As the variety of services expanded, the necessity to monitor all those services efficiently became critical. Running a service without a proper monitoring system is no different from running while blind-folded.


Best tools for monitoring IoT devices

The security camera is one of the most prevalent IoT devices being used today. Ironically, one of these cameras' primary vulnerabilities is that they may be stolen or damaged - you need protection for the security cameras. Having gadgets that operate independently saves time since you may leave them to do the job they intended. However, remotely placed, unsupervised equipment must be monitored, and the most effective method is through the use of an automated monitoring system.


Introduction to Custom Metrics in Java with Logz.io RemoteWrite SDK

We just announced the creation of a new RemoteWrite SDK to support custom metrics from applications using several different languages. This tutorial will give a quick rundown of how to use the Java SDK. This SDK – like the others – is completely free and open source, and is meant to apply to any output destination, not just Logz.io.

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AWS Migration Strategy - Detailed Guide to the 6 R's

This article walks you through: As of 2020, 81% of organizations had at least one application running on the cloud. It is a fact that, be it small, medium, or large, all businesses are moving towards the cloud. Companies are looking to adopt cloud computing services for elasticity, agility, and scalability. With enterprise-class technology accessed from the cloud, businesses can act fast, embrace pay-as-you-go services and disrupt the market today while staying lean and agile. ​

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The What and The Why of Cloud Native Applications - An Introductory Guide

Companies across industries are under tremendous pressure to develop and deploy IT applications and services faster and with far greater efficiency. Traditional enterprise application development falls short since it is not efficient and speedy. IT and business leaders are keen to take advantage of cloud computing as it offers businesses cost savings, scalability at the touch of a button, and flexibility to respond quickly to change.

A FinServ Charming Legend - Automating application deployment and management

This session explores how charmed operators help streamline the deployment and Day-2 ops of Legend platform. Goldman Sachs had open sourced its internally developed Legend data management platform into FINOS. Legend is an end-to-end data platform that handles the full data lifecycle used across pricing, risk and reporting business function for FS organisations. It allows companies to build data-driven applications and insightful business intelligence dashboards.

VMworld 2021: Automation, Elastic Edge, And The Increasing Importance Of User Experience

During this year's VMworld, we announced that our solution Catchpoint Digital Experience Monitoring is now also available for purchase on VMware Marketplace. It is easier than ever for our customers to access, deploy, and start using Catchpoint solutions to realize and achieve their business goals.


Working with external data, a look at classfiltercsv()

When working with CFEngine, it’s common to hear advice about separating data from policy. Separating data from policy allows for separation of concerns, delegation of responsibilities and integration with other tooling. Each organization is different, and a strategy that works well in one environment may not work as well in a similar environment of another organization, so CFEngine looks to provide various generic ways to leverage external data.


DNS filtering: What is it and why do companies use it?

The Domain Name System (DNS) makes it possible for users to access websites using domain names, like wikipedia.org, in place of nine-digit IP addresses. Due to its ubiquitous nature, DNS can be used to block access to selected websites, which is commonly known as DNS filtering. Many companies see security and productivity benefits from implementing this strategy where appropriate. Read on as we explore some of the key details around how DNS filtering works and how it can be beneficial.

Building out the Open RAN ecosystem for end-to-end cloud structure deployments at scale

Connectivity is often a key priority for operators today. But in the race towards better connectivity, they tend to forget that there’s a tremendous amount of money in the services that run over top (OTT). In a world that’s rapidly moving towards #5G, service impact should be as big a priority as connectivity. #5G E2E is up and running already, and early adopters of open solutions and #cloudnative are winning in the market. Operators need to learn how to develop specifically for OTT services so they can monetize them faster. Waiting won’t help!

We Just Gave $154,999.89 to Open Source Maintainers

Sentry is an open source company. We started out in 2008 as a small open source side project, and we grew within the community for years before commercializing in 2012. We’ve worked hard to keep our full product as open source as possible, while scaling as a business. Considering our commitment to open source, we are grateful to be able to give back to the community (and what better time than during Hacktoberfest, amirite?). (P.S.


Observability trends 2021

Observability has gained a lot of momentum and is now rightly a central component of the microservices landscape: It’s an important part of the cloud native world where you may have many microservices deployed on a production Kubernetes cluster, and a need to monitor these microservices keeps rising. In production, quickly finding failures and fixing them is crucial. As the name suggests, observability plays an important role in this failure discovery.


Leading Kubernetes Management Tools For 2022

Kubernetes is the leading container-orchestration tool that was open-sourced in 2014 by Google and has helped engineers across the globe to significantly lower their cost of cloud computing ever since. Kubernetes also provides a resilient framework for deploying applications. Kubernetes management tools are quickly becoming essential to those that wish to monitor their containers on an ongoing basis, test, export and create intuitive dashboards.


A look inside how the Prometheus Conformance Program works and why it's important

Prometheus is the industry standard in cloud native metric monitoring with hundreds of thousands of installations, millions of users, and billions in market value. Speaking as a member of the Prometheus team, we have seen the project become a victim of its own success. While most people may be using Prometheus, not everybody is following the same operating standards.


Configuring Kibana for OAuth

Kibana is the most popular open-source analytics and visualization platform designed to offer faster and better insights into your data. It is a visual interface tool that allows you to explore, visualize, and build a dashboard over the log data massed in Elasticsearch clusters. An Elasticsearch cluster contains many moving parts. These clusters need modern authentication mechanisms and they require security controls to be configured to prevent unauthorized access.


Getting Started with Telegraf

Telegraf is a plugin-driven agent for collecting, processing, aggregating and writing metrics and events. Telegraf ships as a single binary with no external dependencies that runs with a minimal footprint and a plugin system that supports many popular services. Telegraf is used to collect metrics from the system it runs on, applications, remote IoT devices and many other inputs. Telegraf can also capture data from event-driven operations.


Announcing the Preview of Splunk APM's AlwaysOn Profiling

For application developers and service owners who build and troubleshoot modern enterprise software, resolving production issues requires identifying poor performance across multiple networks, operating systems, servers, configs, and third party dependencies. When the problem is the code itself, code profiling helps identify service bottlenecks by periodically taking CPU snapshots, or call stacks, from a runtime environment.


DevOps: 3 skills needed to support its future in the enterprise

If you’re aiming for continuous improvement with your DevOps effort, prioritize these skills. They’re critical to helping teams conquer cultural and technology challenges It’s no longer a question of if organizations need DevOps, but rather when they should adopt it, according to the DevOps Institute Upskilling 2021 report.


5 Things to Check Out in Ubuntu Impish Indri

Last week, we celebrated the Ubuntu 21.10 release on the Ubuntu On Air channel, where a wide range of guests discussed their Impish Indri highlights as well as some thoughts for the future. Today we thought we would share ours! For Linux desktop users, Impish Indri contains a number of new features plus a preview or two for you to try out ahead of our LTS release next year with 22.04. So here are our top 5 must try for Ubuntu Desktop 21.10.


Metrics for improved Docker container management and performance

When running a cloud service, it’s never good for customers to be the first people noticing an issue. It happened to our customers over the course of a few months, and we began to accumulate a series of reports of unpredictable start-up times for Docker jobs. At first the reports were rare, but the frequency began to increase. Jobs with high parallelism were disproportionately represented in the reports.


Better, Not Just More, is the True Network Goal

In modern communications networks the demand for more speed and more capacity to drive ever more advanced services has been at the heart of network development – especially in the mobile space. Even the generational numbers hint at the increases – 3G, 4G, 5G - every change indicating an increase, every change indicating something that is somehow bigger and better. And, of course, the impression created is largely correct.

Automated Diagnostics for Incident Response Demo

Learn about how you can speed up resolution times with Automated Diagnostics. Automate away as much manual toil as possible to increase team productivity so teams can work more productively. Learn about how teams across the organization can embrace workflows that help to diagnose and remediate incidents.

Runbook Automation: Rundeck Service Ownership Demo

Learn how PagerDuty Runbook Automation enables developers and service owners to equip other engineers, such as operations engineers or other developers with mechanisms to help them support their services. Service owners can allow other team members to help them in supporting their services via automated runbooks that enable others to apply short term fixes–reducing escalation to service owners.

DBAle 37: Neuro (just not name) diversity

Your usual Chris duo becomes a trio, as they welcome Friend of Redgate and autism spectrum self-advocate, Chris Voss. Only our 2nd ever guest Chris on the show, he joins us to demystify the myths of neurodiversity, its meaning, influence, and prevalence within the IT sector. Things get a little hazy as our Chris trinity start on the beer, but they keep IT relevant talking cloud, widgets, and acronyms. So, grab yourself a beer and join the Chris trifecta – cheers.

Why Your Enterprise Needs a GRC Solution

It’s a fact of life, enterprises are facing a growing onslaught of risk every day. Risk is everywhere, from the most visible ransomware attacks to the more subtle changing and growing technology landscape that introduces new challenges. According to a recent article, ransomware attacks have already increased by over 93% since the beginning of 2021.


Modernizing Your IT Operations with a Secure Foundation

This is the first of a four-part security blog series covering why ScienceLogic is listed in the DoDIN APL catalog, what this means for monitoring critical IT infrastructure, and why APL certification is relevant for all organizations. Part one is all about trust and transparency—foundations for a secure platform.


Workload access control: Securely connecting containers and Kubernetes with the outside world

Containers have changed how applications are developed and deployed, with Kubernetes ascending as the de facto means of orchestrating containers, speeding development, and increasing scalability. Modern application workloads with microservices and containers eventually need to communicate with other applications or services that reside on public or private clouds outside the Kubernetes cluster. However, securely controlling granular access between these environments continues to be a challenge.


How it all began... - StackState's origin story

It’s 2014. A major Dutch bank is struggling with performance problems in highly visible customer-facing applications. These performance problems are proving to be incredibly difficult to resolve. It’s not that there’s no monitoring data that could potentially help. In fact, there’s tons of it, all nicely displayed in pretty dashboard after pretty dashboard.


Why cybersecurity should be your top priority as an MSP

The new year is just around the corner, meaning we’ll be ringing in 2022 before we know it. So how did your MSP fair in 2021? Did you achieve the sales and revenue goals you set? Net new customer acquisition continues to be the #1 challenge facing MSPs today. And because most businesses already have an MSP they are using, the struggle is real. So the test becomes, how can I set myself apart?

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Enterprise Service Management (How To Leverage Software)

Enterprise service management is all about applying the power of technology across every corner of an organization to improve performance and optimize for efficiency. With more cloud-based solutions on the market than ever before, there has never been a better time to start investing in enterprise service management solutions for your organization. Leveraging enterprise service management software is critical to ensuring your operation is firing on all cylinders. If you want to see your organization become more effective at quickly meeting the needs of customers, ESM software is going to play a pivotal role in making this possible. It has the potential to unite your workforce and get everyone on the same page.


Optimize your end user experience with a synthetic monitoring strategy

The digitalization of the end user experience is leading to increasingly rapid changes for both customers and business owners alike. Customers demand and depend on fast, reliable web services whether for informational purposes or to conduct e-commerce transactions. That’s why regardless of the device that is used, slow digital experiences aren’t easily forgiven. If they happen often enough, they will reflect poorly on your brand and will eventually impact your bottom line.


The easiest ways to increase page speed on your website

Page speed is one of the most important factors in judging the performance of an individual webpage. This is a performance evaluation that is made not just by the user visiting your website, but by search engines as well. In recent years, consumers have come to expect virtually instantaneous results from their devices, and of the websites, they visit.


Digital experience and digital experience platforms, defined

Usually, people want a seamless experience when they interact with any organization. Whether a B2B or B2C interaction, the expectation is the same. In our world today, it's nearly impossible to interact with an organization without using technology. When a person interacts with an organization via a digital medium, it can be termed digital experience.


Installing Additional Modules in the Icinga Web 2 Docker Container

The Docker images we provide for both Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 already contain quite a number of modules. For example, the Icinga Web 2 image contains all the Web modules developed by us. But one of the main benefits of Icinga is extensibility, so you might want to use more than what is already included. This might be some third-party module or a custom in-house module.


The Podium

KPIs and Metrics are Essential Transformation Yardsticks—But So Is Experience. Although many IT leaders launch into projects with set goals, there’s no telling what sort of unexpected consequences will emerge. In episode 4 of The Change Makers podcast, you’ll see how you can plan and predict certain benefits, but several successful business outcomes arrive serendipitously. Take Lucy Hallam, Service Desk Manager at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.


Finserv open source security

The fintech ecosystem is flourishing and exciting things are happening these days at the intersection of digital technology and financial services – thanks in part to an infusion of global fintech investment that reached US$98 billion across 2,456 deals in H1’21. This far outpaces last year’s annual total of $121.5 billion across 3,520 deals.


Hybrid Multi-Cloud Demands Holistic Observability

As I said before, Speed is King. Business requirements for applications and architecture change all the time, driven by changes in customer needs, competition, and innovation and this only seems to be accelerating. Application developers must not be the blocker to business. We need business changes at the speed of life, not at the speed of software development.


Jelastic PaaS is Now Available in China via CloudRaft Service Provider

Jelastic multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service software, a product division of Virtuozzo, is now available in China through the partnership with CloudRaft, a Shanghai-based scientific computing service provider. The launched PaaS, implemented by CloudRaft in collaboration with Jelastic, is a container-based bioinformatics computing platform. It provides researchers with a one-click deployment of multiple bioinformatics analysis tools including R, Python, bioconda and Galaxy.


Incident Management Metrics That Matter - 2021

What are the Key Incident Management metrics/ KPI ‘s? How important is it to track Your Team’s Performance? If you are not doing so already the time is right to get your finger on the pulse by better understanding and managing your organizations incident management key metrics. How a company manages IT Incidents matters and most importantly the process has the power to impact sales – recent studies indicate 52% of U.S.


How to Start a Hosting Company in 2021: Server, WHMCS, TLD

The forced transition of all business forms to remote work has created a high demand for hosting. To survive in the new conditions, even small coffee shops create their own web pages using the services of hosting providers or B2B eCommerce hosting platforms. Meanwhile, certain technical features of hosting do not allow one company to monopolize this relatively new services market. All this makes hosting service providing a promising form of business to this day.


How Honeycomb Is Using $50M in New Funding to Bring Observability to All

Today, we announced that Honeycomb has raised $50M in Series C funding, in a round led by Insight Partners and joined by all existing investors from our Series B. We’re using this investment to support the growth of our customers and community, ensure the benefits of observability can be realized by all engineering teams, and expand the ways we can better serve you.


Top 13 Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Tools

The role and responsibilities of a site reliability engineer (SRE) may vary depending on the size of the organization. For the most part, a site reliability engineer is focused on multiple tasks and projects at one time, so for most SREs, the various tools they use reflect their eve-evolving responsibilities. A typical SRE is busy automating, cleaning up code, upgrading servers, and continually monitoring dashboards for performance, etc., so they are going to see more tools in that toolbelt.

Demystifying the complexity of cloud-native 5G network functions deployment using Robin CNP

Some of the key requirements as operators deploy #telecom data centers include managing their NFs in a cloud-native world to achieve low-latency and high throughput for #5G applications, meeting scalability targets, achieving bare-metal performance without virtualization overheads, and so on. Robin’s #CloudNative Platform solves various challenges associated with #5G CNF deployments, along with delivering the convenience of zero touch automation, multi-cloud portability, and hyperscale orchestration.

Nightmare on AWS street: mistakes we made and overcoming challenges of starting out with serverless

Tobi started building on AWS in 2018 for a big migration project for a very well-known German car manufacturer. Here's what he's learned from his mistakes from first starting out, which of his assumptions about building on serverless held true, and what came as a complete surprise? Learn more about building on serverless on our blog.

The Chip Supply Conundrum Continues with No End in Sight

As the semiconductor chip shortage drags on, allegations and concerns continue to surface about chip stockpiling. The Biden administration continues to face resistance from lawmakers and executives in Taiwan and South Korea, further complicating efforts to resolve bottlenecks in the global chip supply that continues to plague industries from automobiles to consumer electronics.


Delivering Experience-First VDI - Q&A w/ Teodor Olteanu (Flutter Entertainment)

Desktop Virtualization solutions aren’t new to today’s organizations; countless IT teams have implemented some form of virtualization to provide better and more consistent experiences to employees. But during the rise of remote and hybrid working, virtualization has become even more ubiquitous. We recently sat down with Teodor Olteanu, Senior Delivery Manager, Workplace Technology Engineering at Flutter Entertainment, a leading global sports betting, gaming and entertainment organization.


Announcing LogDNA Agent 3.3 GA: Improved Performance for Linux Support

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the LogDNA Agent 3.3, which introduces Linux and ARM64 support to our Rust Agent. This new support in our Rust Agent provides improved performance and enables a few features previously only available for our Kubernetes customers, such as various configurations within the Agent and the ability to run as a non-root user. Additionally, we have added in Prometheus Metrics that help provide insights into your Agent.


New Messaging Service drives end-to-end employee and customer experiences

The new world of hybrid work requires creative ways to engage with customers and employees no matter where they’re located. To answer that call, we’ve launched the ServiceNow Messaging Service to provide a seamless experience from issue to resolution. Built on integration with the Twilio platform, ServiceNow Messaging Service makes it easy for ServiceNow users to integrate SMS and WhatsApp into digital workflows using the Now Platform.


11 Vital Metrics And Tools For SaaS Reporting

Successful SaaS companies know that they can't rely on gut feelings alone to make business decisions. Data helps them uncover patterns, trends, opportunities, and potential gaps in their strategy that can give them a competitive advantage. Yet, simply collecting metrics can often give you a lot of data to analyze with little insight into what to do next.


Our friends were hit by an impossible cyberstorm. It's time we all change.

A common cliché in cybersecurity is, it’s not a question of if you get attacked, but when. We witnessed this firsthand when our former parent company was part of a major attack last year. While N-able products weren’t affected, it was difficult to watch friends and colleagues deal with the aftermath of an event of that magnitude.

OnPage Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform

Modern healthcare teams require a modern solution to streamline clinical communications and medical workflows. In life and death situations, it’s critical that physicians receive immediate alerts and messages to provide patient care promptly. OnPage is the industry’s most trusted clinical communications platform. OnPage is more reliable and secure than traditional pagers. The system enables care teams to easily communicate and achieve maximum patient satisfaction.

Manage Financial Risk & Fraud with Dynamics 365

If you have a business, security risks, particularly risks regarding privacy and data protection are unavoidable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions provide vital functions to allow the creation and maintenance of a risk management plan effectively. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is designed to effectively protect against fraud to improve the transactional experience of both merchants and customers. It offers agility and gives capabilities to businesses to apply adaptive artificial intelligence and operational research to millions of required assessments.

How to monitor a Ceph cluster using Grafana Cloud

Here at Grafana Labs, when we’re building integrations for Grafana Cloud, we’re often thinking about how to help users get started on their observability journeys. We like to focus some of our attention on the different technologies you might come across along the way. That way, we can share our tips on the best ways to interact with them while you’re using Grafana products.


Announcing Spot Security: Safeguard your cloud with continuous, automated security

The cloud not only ushered in a different way of developing and deploying software, but it also introduced a fundamentally different security reality, presenting new challenges to teams responsible for keeping environments secure. Designed to be dynamic, cloud environments can be in a near-constant state of change, with infrastructure resources spun up and down multiple times a day to support cloud applications.


Optimized, high performing clusters with Elastigroup's Intelligent Traffic Flow

When companies use Elastigroup, Spot by NetApp’s cloud compute platform, they’re able to operate the most efficient, reliable infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. Elastigroup’s core features automate infrastructure management and optimize cloud resources, delivering up to 90% savings on cloud costs.


Stateful support in Elastigroup for Azure

When running stateful applications in the cloud, it’s more likely you’ll find them using pay-as-you-go VMs, which will stay up and running throughout the application’s lifetime. On the other hand, using pay-as-you-go VMs typically cost a lot more than spot ones. As these applications grow, so too does the cloud bill and finding ways to optimize costs is becoming a strategic goal.


The Principles of DevSecOps

As a Solution Architect here at xMatters, an Everbridge Company, and through my 30-year career in the IT industry, I’ve seen many frameworks offering bold new ideas. CMMI, ITIL, Prince 2, Agile, Scrum, and most recently, DevOps. These frameworks come and go, offering huge improvements in the way we deliver and manage our IT capabilities, but never lasting long enough to act on those promises.

Enterprise Kubernetes use cases: 4 real-world stories

There are common patterns and best practices across different verticals to be successful with Kubernetes adoption and everything starts with setting the appropriate business goals. Canonical is helping businesses in various industries, such as Telco, FinServ, Human Resources and the public sector to define the right cloud native strategy and implement a fully open source solution tailored to their needs.

Bulletproofing Your Kubernetes Build

Most containers, pods, and namespaces in Kubernetes and OpenShift have been deployed with incorrect CPU and memory resource specifications. It isn’t just suboptimal DevOps—it’s dangerous from a service delivery perspective. Watch and see how managing capacity operationally prevents pods from swallowing unused capacity, frees nodes, and keeps the OOM killer away. This bulletproof strategy for maximizing utilization continuously integrates the optimal resources into the source code controlling your nodes and clusters.

SRE vs. DevOps: What Are the Differences and How Can They Work Together?

The growing importance of technology in business success has forced practically all companies to hire competent, experienced IT professionals. As technology ecosystems become increasingly complex, organizations need a broader range of professionals to focus on tasks like product development, troubleshooting, and customer services. SRE and DevOps have emerged as two of the most critical approaches to success.


FluxCD and GitOps in the Enterprise

Flux is a CNCF based open source stack of tools. Flux focuses on making it possible to keep Kubernetes clusters and cloud-native applications in sync with external resources and definitions hosted in environments such as GitHub. Implementing tools like FluxCD should enable you to achieve results such as: The results above can bring obvious benefits, and many teams are adopting FluxCD as their tool of choice for GitOps.


Auto-Instrumenting Python Apps with OpenTelemetry

In this tutorial, we will go through a working example of a Python application auto-instrumented with OpenTelemetry. To keep things simple, we will create a basic “Hello World” application using Flask, instrument it with OpenTelemetry’s Python client library to generate trace data and send it to an OpenTelemetry Collector. The Collector will then export the trace data to an external distributed tracing analytics tool of our choice.

Making CI/CD Work with Serverless

As a developer, serverless lets you concentrate on what you do best: building your product. What happens when we want to implement a CI/CD flow with the serverless mindset? A supercharged CI/CD flow. In this webinar, AWS Serverless Hero and Lumigo VP Engineering Efi Merdler-Kravitz presents Lumigo’s own journey in building a 100% serverless CI/CD pipeline.

Who is Ribbon

You May Not Know Our Brand, But You Know Us Our heritage precedes us, but it does not define us — rather it guides us to develop reliable network solutions and to continually innovate. The Ribbon family has grown over the years bringing together the best talent in our industry. Our team’s innovative drive and deep engagement is vital to your success -- and ours.

A developer's guide to programatically overcome fear of failure

People are more than happy to talk about their successes, but if you ask them about their failures, they can be much more hesitant to share. Failure is a subject that, interestingly enough, is entangled with the emotion of shame. Yet it’s integral to achieving anything novel, and the learnings that come from failure are unparalleled. So, let’s find ways to get more comfortable with failing, and figure out why people fear it.

Who Moved My Code?

We’re excited to launch our new integration with GitHub that supports GitHub Enterprise Server customers. This allows companies using GitHub Enterprise on their own domains to access key features in Rollbar that help developers fix errors faster. GitHub Enterprise offers a fully integrated development platform for organizations to accelerate software innovation and secure delivery.

How to use metrics scopes in Cloud Monitoring

You've got Cloud Monitoring all set up in your project - but what do you do if you need to manage multiple projects and unify monitoring across them? In this episode of Engineering for Reliability, we look at Cloud Monitoring metrics scopes and show you how to use them to monitor multiple Cloud projects. Watch to learn how to use the Cloud Console to manage Metrics Scopes, view metrics from resources in multiple projects, and automate configurations using the API!

JFrog Cold Artifact Storage: Retention Policies for Your Binaries

With the trend towards smaller but more frequent software releases, your binaries and artifacts keep accumulating faster. Our enterprise customers each maintain an average of 20 million unique artifacts, adding 130% more each year. Eventually, a clutter of outdated binaries forms, and fInding the binaries you need becomes unwieldy, difficult, and confusing. Over time, your artifact repository’s performance can suffer from degradation.


Jab on the job: Pandemic response is changing the role of employers

Small and large businesses alike are looking toward the future and are hoping for the economy to reopen as quickly and smoothly as possible. High vaccination rates will be key. The world’s biggest workflow challenge to convert vaccines into vaccinations has brought employers to the front line to drive the pandemic response effort. With more employers and governments now requiring employee vaccinations as a condition of work or office reentry, employee access to vaccines will become critical.


Microsoft Co-Sell Ready | M365 Monitor for Azure

NiCE has achieved the Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status with its Microsoft 365 Service monitoring solutions for Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. Microsoft’s global network of internal and partner executives utilizes the Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status to identify Microsoft accredited solutions. Co-Sell Ready partners are a selected group of software vendors meeting Microsoft technical and business standards delivering optimized and secured solutions.

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Australia (Oceania): Have You Checked Your DNS Performance Lately?

Any organization with an online presence understands the importance of its website. That’s why companies invest thousands of dollars in design, user interface (UI) development, and site optimization. But that’s only part of the puzzle. Your website or online application can have all the bells and whistles, but if you aren’t fully optimizing your DNS, you’re losing money—plain and simple.


Use these metrics to get the most out of your engineering team

I’ve been leading software teams for more than 20 years and one thing I’ve learned about metrics is that leaders tend to put too much emphasis on engineering metrics alone, without considering the bigger picture. After speaking to a range of engineering industry leaders, and poring over millions of jobs processed from software teams worldwide, we found that the most insightful and relevant metrics fall into three categories: What metrics are meaningful for your team to measure?


A CISO's Guide to Log Managment for Cybersecurity

In today’s highly interconnected worlds, CISOs face a dual challenge: protecting data and reporting to the Board of Directors. Log management has long been a tool in the CISO’s back pocket, helping gain insight into potential security issues. However, the rise of cloud-based infrastructures changes this, making log management increasingly difficult.


Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | Leonardo Murillo, Principal Partner Solutions Architect at Weaveworks

Sit down with Ana and Jason for this week's show with Leonardo (Leo) Murillo, principal partner solutions architect at Weaveworks, and former DJ, who joins us from Costa Rica. Leo shares his take on GitOps, offers a lot of excellent resources to check out, and shares his thoughts on automating reliability. He also defines how to account for the “DJ variable” and “party parameters” alongside some fun anecdotes on DevOps.


Master Data Management and Data Governance-How to Build an Effective Strategy

As organizations marshal their data to drive business value throughout the enterprise, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure the quality of this data. Building data quality, data validation testing, and aligning the data with your organization’s master data (such as products, customers, assets, and locations) is critically important to ensure your reporting is consistent and accurate.


What's new in security for Ubuntu 21.10?

Ubuntu 21.10 is the latest release of Ubuntu and comes as the last interim release before the forthcoming 22.04 LTS release due in April 2022. As the interim releases are often proving grounds for upcoming features in the LTS releases, this provides a good opportunity to take stock of some of the latest security features delivered in this release, on the road to 22.04 LTS.

Application Whitelisting | How to whitelist applications with ManageEngine Application Control Plus

Application whitelisting is the process of limiting the applications running in the network to only what is absolutely trusted. It follows the Default Deny strategy where all applications other than the trusted ones get blocked automatically. ManageEngine Application Control Plus seamlessly acts as an application whitelisting solution that leverages the rule-based policies offered to facilitate easy list building and maintenance. The rules offered by this application whitelisting tool can be based on trusted vendors, product name, file hash, verified executables, store apps and folder path.

Adapting Legacy Systems to a Stream-Based Platform

In a perfect world, small pieces of software scale up and down with a high-performance message broker like a heart, pumping data in a controlled, efficient manner. However, at some point, in every single system, an application starts pumping out large data requests, in a sporadic, uncontrollable manner. Because here, we are talking about the real world, right? In this article, we will address the problem of adapting a legacy system to play with a stream-based platform.


The Absolute Fastest Way to Get Started with Mattermost Apps

This post outlines the quickest path available for a developer to use a basic Mattermost app on a local setup. It makes use of Docker containers, a Node.js app, and — of course — a Mattermost instance! When you’re ready to get started with the Mattermost App Framework, here are the steps that you will need to take.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Versions

Rollbar allows you to see which versions of your code are throwing exceptions. This is particularly helpful if you are continuously deploying your apps/services because you can see if recent occurrences are coming from the latest deployed version. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Deploy tracking

Notify Rollbar every time you deploy or release your app to unlock several features that will help your debugging process. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Common Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent fit for financial services organizations because of its in-depth client insights, reporting capabilities, and integrated compliance. It is critical to select the appropriate partner in order to reap the advantages of these key features and to guarantee that they are successfully implemented.

pandora fms

Uptime/SLA calculator: what is an SLA and how to calculate it?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document that details the expected level of service guaranteed by a vendor or product. This document generally sets out metrics such as uptime expectations and any payoffs if these levels are not met. For example, if a provider advertises an uptime of 99.9% and exceeds 43 minutes and 50 seconds of service downtime, technically the SLA has been breached and the customer may be entitled to some type of remuneration depending on the agreement.


Building Automated Monitoring with Icinga and SIGNL4

How many servers can be managed by one system administrator? This question is not an easy one since it definitely depends on the tasks that need to be operated. However, it´s quite clear that the amount of servers one engineer can manage has increased enormously over time, and is still growing. Yet, public and private clouds, combined with automation tools, enable us to automate many daily tasks. In a modern IT infrastructure almost everything can, and should, be automated.


Creating better end-to-end experiences in healthcare and life sciences

COVID-19 has impacted every industry, but perhaps none more than healthcare and life sciences. From how and where healthcare is provided to the speed of developing and administering vaccines, there has been massive disruption to the way healthcare and life sciences organizations operate. But the crisis also provided unprecedented opportunities to reexamine and transform.


Vendor Switching With OpenTelemetry (OTel)

You might already know that OpenTelemetry is the future of instrumentation. It’s an open-source and vendor-neutral instrumentation framework that frees you from the trap of using proprietary libraries simply to understand how your code is behaving. Best of all, you can instrument your applications just once and then take that instrumentation to any other backend system of your choice. This blog shows you exactly how to use OpenTelemetry to ✨break the vendor lock-in cycle.✨


When Big Data Goes Wrong: 3 Common Issues and Possible Solutions

Our shared future has always been profoundly enigmatic. Hoary seers from days of yore would never have predicted everyday life as it is now. It would have been impossible to guess most of what has already happened in the 21st century. Peering into crystal balls would have proved equally futile. Even an attempt to make well-educated guesses about possible issues with big data would likely have been way off the mark.


Discovering the Differences Between Log Observability and Monitoring

Log observability and monitoring are terms often used interchangeably, but really they describe two approaches to solving and understanding different things. Observability refers to the ability to understand the state of a complex system (or series of systems) without needing to make any changes or deploy new code.


The HTTP/2 Landscape in 2021

When the internet first came into existence in 1983, its communication channels didn’t exist, and it was just operational enough to be used for research purposes. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee had the idea to develop a system for the internet using TCP/IP protocols. That public project at CERN introduced HTTP, HTML, World Wide Web (WWW), and a client–server as communication mechanisms.


Web Performance of the World's Top 50 Blogs

Am I the only one who thinks blogs were in their prime in the mid-2010s, before the internet began consuming content at wicked fast rates (thanks, Instagram and TikTok)? When someone says the word blog, I think of the chokehold 2015 southern American female fashion bloggers had on the internet. Pure pumpkin spice latte fashion. And though those blogs have, probably for the best, slipped away from the limelight, blogs are still alive and well.


IoT Data With LogDNA

Consider the following question: Why do most teams face pressure to rethink traditional logging and observability approaches? Asking this question to most engineers would likely result in answers centered on the challenges posed by microservices apps. Because microservices are more complex than monoliths and involve more moving parts, they require more sophisticated, granular log collection, correlation, and analysis.


How Important is SaaS Reliability? 90% of Business Leaders Say "Very Important"

A couple of weeks back, Blameless attended SaaStr 2021, the go-to event for any business Go-to-Market (GTM) team which has been running since 2012. Our decision to sponsor was made in early 2020. Back then, we had no idea how long the pandemic would last or that it would be a full 18 months before we’d be able to do a physical event.


Why your log management software may not give you the real Dashboard experience

Visualizing log data is one of the biggest perks of using good log management software. Data is many businesses’ most critical asset. But, without proper use, a business’ data becomes just an artifact and no longer an asset. Visualization and analysis are the end goals of collating log data from their sources. The need for visualization arises from the fact that we intuitively process visual information faster than a random jumble of numbers and letters.


CVE-2020-27304 - RCE via Directory Traversal in CivetWeb HTTP server

JFrog has recently disclosed a directory traversal issue in CivetWeb, a very popular embeddable web server/library that can either be used as a standalone web server or included as a library to add web server functionality to an existing application. The issue has been assigned to CVE-2020-27304.


5 times domains have been hijacked

It’s a common belief that once we purchase a domain, it’ll be ours for as long as we like. Big mistake. Mainly because there are genuine threats to your domain online that mostly go unthought of. For example, hackers can gain access to your system and take your domain for ransom or cause malicious damage to you and your business. Surprised? Well, we have 5 examples of exactly when this has happened, and how hackers have managed to gain access to domains and cause mass disruption.


The Future of Sumo Logic Observability

I have always found data collection to be a fascinating area of work at Sumo Logic. Collecting data is a critical first step for all the solutions we develop for our customers. After all, to observe the health and performance of your applications, you must first collect all relevant data. It's also an area that has seen some significant activities by the open-source community over the years, which is completely changing the landscape of observability as we know it.

Designing Open RAN Platforms

As the industry moves into the next phases of the 5G rollout, operators face the need to deliver a greater number of new services, with increased speed, lower latency and strict Quality of Service (QoS), at higher speeds and over more endpoints than ever before. This is the lynchpin for delivering higher quality, more profitable services. Among the many advantages, 5G's inherent virtualization and cloud-native frameworks set the stage for not only hardware-software disaggregation, but also the disaggregation of vendors, promoting best-of-breed Open RAN (O-RAN).

Designing Modern 5G and 4G Core Platforms

As the industry moves to the next phases of the 5G rollout, operators face the need to deliver a greater number of new services, with increased speed, lower latency and strict Quality of Service (QoS), over more endpoints than ever before. Many begin by deploying 5G radio services connected to a 4G Evolved Packet Core (EPC), known as non-standalone (NSA). While NSA can enable higher speed of services, the EPC is not capable of enabling 5G core's (5GC) rich feature set, including QoS-enabled network slices.

Top 6 Use Case Examples Driving Automation Adoption

All too often, the Kelverion team hear that businesses are trying to deliver more services with less resource, all whilst meeting tight Service Level Agreements. There are many automation use cases to relieve this pressure, and this article explores the six use case examples driving automation adoption within service management.

console connect

How We Automated One Of The World's Largest High-Performance Networks

Our Software Defined Interconnection® platform brings together 1.3 million lines of code with one of the world’s largest global networks. In a recent PacketPushers podcast, PCCW Global’s CTO Paul Gampe and VP of Development and Operations Jay Turner went under the hood of our orchestration engine and shared some exclusive insights into our automation journey so far…


11 Ways to Fix the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Error

When your internet connection times out and you can't access a specific webpage, it's one of the most annoying errors. The message "The webpage not available" ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT will appear on the screen. This error usually occurs when there is an issue with the internet connection and the website does not load. The name of this error can be seen in the notification on your screen.

Unlocking Resilience - Episode 1 - William Shatner - Resilience Makes the Leader

Everbridge CEO, David Meredith spends some time talking with award-winning entertainer William Shatner to discuss the role of resilience in leadership. Shatner reveals insights into his experience with numerous leaders and CEOs. From discussing his own experience as a leader in the films, television and beyond, to developing his personal brand of questing for knowledge, Shatner and Meredith touch on leaders of popular companies such as Priceline and Amazon, just as he heads into space on Blue Origin with Jeff Bezos. Listen for more about Shark Week, Rescue 911, and Shatner’s upcoming album.

GitLab vs JFrog: Who Has the Right Stuff?

Like the historic space race, the competition to plant the flag of DevOps is blasting off. According to market intelligence firm IDC, global business will invest $6.8 trillion in digital transformation by 2023. Yet research also suggests that 70 percent of them will fail to meet their goals. JFrog was the first company to offer a universal, hybrid, end-to-end DevOps platform.


Energy Regulators Driving Cloud-First Strategies in Race to Net Zero Carbon

Every government in the world is evaluating the steps necessary to radically reduce carbon emissions. The UK Government has been especially proactive, not just assessing these steps, but rolling out aggressive carbon-control strategies and legislation. Originally, the UK Government’s Climate Change Act 2008 set a goal of an 80 percent reduction in the country’s carbon emissions by 2050.


Now at Work keynote recap: The path forward in the hybrid workplace

The 2021 Now at Work Digital Experience included a series of regional events with locally relevant topics and featured leaders from the business, government, and sports communities. Guest speakers, industry luminaries, partners, and customers sharing their success stories joined in the worldwide movement to workflow a better world.


Announcing Logz.io's New Data Parsing and Log Transformation Tool

We all know the importance of cataloging, organizing, and breaking down the data in your logs. That process, parsing, makes information easier to find and simplifies subsequent analysis. Now, with Logz.io’s upgraded self-parsing tool, custom parsing rules, and log organization is easier than ever. What’s important is parsing that data out correctly. The better parsed, the easier to query.


4 Signs Your Cloud Cost Strategy Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

Flexibility is one of the cloud’s biggest benefits, but also one of its biggest challenges. When you have different teams using resources in the cloud and deploying instances at the click of a button, your cloud environment could easily become chaotic. Without a definitive plan governing your cloud operations, your costs will inevitably spiral out of control. A cloud cost strategy is your action plan for managing costs and staying profitable while working and building products in the cloud.


Grafana EMEA meetup recap: accessibility, k6 testing, and multi-DC observability stacks

On Oct. 5, we hosted the first Grafana Virtual Meetup for an EMEA-based audience. Each Grafana meetup features “bite-sized” presentations from our user community and members of the Grafana Labs team. We want to provide opportunities (even virtually!) for members of our community to connect with one another and share what they’re working on or have learned.


Google Cloud Monitoring 101: Understanding metric types

Whether you are moving your applications to the cloud or modernizing them using Kubernetes, observing cloud-based workloads is more challenging than observing traditional deployments. When monitoring on-prem monoliths, operations teams had full visibility over the entire stack and full control over how/what telemetry data is collected (from infrastructure to platform to application data).


5 Ways Cloud Costs Can Spiral Out of Control

As CFO of Virtana, I face many of the same challenges as every CFO of a SaaS or enterprise software company today: cost containment, surprises, and an ever-escalating AWS bill. We all need help keeping these things in check. These challenges become even more difficult when your organization goes hybrid cloud. Fortunately, there are tools out there to help our teams help us manage these costs.

KubeCon NA 2021: Operator Day Keynote with Mark Shuttleworth

Operators, Models, Kubernetes, Hybrid Clouds, massive scale and bootstrapping quickly - Kubernetes is taking the the world by storm. So what's next? Mark Shuttleworth (one time astronaut, founder of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu) talks with David Booth (VP Cloud Native Applications at Canonical) about the past and lays down a vision for the future.

How companies can prevent employee turnover in the 'great resignation' era

What do you like about the place you work? Now there’s a question that many people have very different answers for than they did two years ago. After all, many of the perks of working in an office are no longer being enjoyed by employees. The person who loved walking into their sparkling office building with the stocked kitchen and comfy chairs? They’ve been working from their bedroom for over a year now, left to stock their own kitchen.


Tucker Callaway on the State of the Observability Market

Tucker Callaway is the CEO of LogDNA. He has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software with an emphasis on developer and DevOps tools. Tucker drives innovation, experimentation, and a culture of collaboration at LogDNA, three ingredients that are essential for the type of growth that we've experienced over the last few years.

Going Beyond Observability with Rollbar and Datadog

In this webinar, we explore some of the common objectives shared by users of both Datadog and Rollbar and how best to accomplish those goals. Datadog provides comprehensive observability covering a large swath of services and components, while Rollbar’s advanced intelligence and code improvement features help to make code insights more actionable and easily fixable.

What Makes a Perfect Incident Management Checklist? We Asked The Experts!

The perfect incident management checklist doesn’t need to be a fantasy. In fact, it shouldn’t be! The perfect incident management checklist should cover a variety of topics, broken down into bite-size sections so that different team members can claim responsibility for their own sections. We asked our internal and external experts what they think should be included in the perfect incident management checklist and unsurprisingly, we were blown away by some of their response.


SREs: Will AI automate me out of my job?

Automation is something that shouldn’t be looked at as a threat but rather an opportunity. Did the blender automate people out of a job? Yes. Cars automated buggy drivers out of a job, but look at the productivity gained. If you see your job as one similar to the elevator operator who only presses buttons, you’re already a dinosaur. You want an automation tool so you can pursue higher-value tasks and differentiate yourself.


Smoke testing in CI/CD pipelines

Here’s a common situation that plagues many development teams. You run an application through your CI/CD pipeline and all of the tests pass, which is great. But when you deploy it to a live target environment the application just does not function as expected. You can’t always predict what will happen when your application is pushed live. The solution?


Intelligent Alert Grouping: What It Is and How To Use It

It’s 2 AM and you’re paged when you’re still awake – how well can you find what you need to fix the latest mistake? When the incident begins it might only be impacting a single service, but as time progresses, your brain boots, the coffee is poured, the docs are read, and all the while as the incident is escalating to other services and teams that you might not see the alerts for if they’re not in your scope of ownership.


DataDog vs New Relic | Detailed comparison (5 key features)

Both DataDog and New Relic are enterprise monitoring tools that provide a wide range of products covering different aspects of application and infrastructure monitoring. In this article, we will compare DataDog and New Relic based on their different monitoring capabilities. Businesses are embracing digital transformation now more than ever. In most cases, the digital channel is the primary driver of revenue and growth.


5 Examples of Metrics or Log Data That Drives Observability

Which data sources do DevOps teams need in order to achieve observability? At a high level, that’s an easy question to answer. Concepts like the “three pillars of observability”—logs, metrics, and traces—may come to mind. Or, you may think in terms of techniques like the RED Method or Google’s Golden Signals, which are other popular frameworks for defining which types of data teams should collect for monitoring and observability purposes.


The State of Robotics - September 2021

September news is charged with analysis and comment of what has been a month with important announcements for open source robotics. It has been a month to understand that, in a nascent and fragmented market, the actors have a deeper impact upon all the stakeholders. A flop won’t be just a flop, it could be the reason why someone won’t give a robot a chance. What? Ok, let’s start.


ManageEngine captures top honors at GovTech Innovation Awards 2021

ManageEngine captured the Network Management & Monitoring Vendor of the Year honor at the GovTech Innovation Awards 2021 conducted by Tahawul Tech. Elitser Technologies, a regional distributor for ManageEngine, accepted the award on behalf of ManageEngine on September 27 in Dubai, UAE.


Website Monitoring for Holiday Shopping Seasons

The events of 2020 accelerated ecommerce sales. According to Adobe Analytics (analyzing website transactions from 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers), shoppers shelled out $10.8 billion online during Cyber Monday 2020 — a single day of shopping — for a 15.1% year-over-year increase. 2020 was just the precursor to 2021, which may actually warrant use of the word “epic”, making online shopping more appealing than ever before.

eg innovations

GSLB on NetScaler

This blog post is the first in a series highlighting actual questions asked to eG Enterprise during customer support calls and our answers to those. At first, it appeared that this customer had a simple active/passive web server set-up to provide failover resilience. However, it transpired that they were using Citrix ADC’s (was NetScaler) GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) features.


What Is MongoDB's _id Field and How to Use It

The MongoDB _id field is fundamental to every collection in MongoDB, and, by default, it has some useful properties users can take advantage of when familiar with how _id is generated. Understanding the field's default behavior and the advantages and pitfalls associated with it can be useful for managing your collections as well as understanding when to override it.


What You Should Know About Cloud Solutions For Real-Time Analytics

Experts from all industries admit the need to use and analyze data, especially generated in real-time. Therefore, business decision-makers need to know how these processes occur, under whose control they are and how to optimize them. But what technologies can help companies better cope with masses of data?


11 Key Stats to Know if You Work in HR & Tech Support

If you are reading this, chances are you aren’t at your office. And if you are, that office is very different than how it once was. Heck—we’re all different now, we think about work differently, we interact with colleagues almost exclusively through our screens, not face-to-face. So if offices aren’t the same and we’re not the same, then the teams that support us shouldn’t be the same either, right?


Windows 11 is here. Are you ready to deliver a new experience?

After much anticipation, Windows 11 has finally arrived, taking over as Microsoft’s primary Operating System. With a modern, sleek aesthetic and rearranged start menu and taskbar navigation, the new OS has caught the eyes of the members of the global workforce who will be using it daily very soon (or, at least, before Windows 10’s 2025 end-of-life date). But it’s also caught the eye of a group of people who are a bit more anxious about this change: IT professionals.


The Power Couple: How HR & IT Can Prevent Employee Turnover & Burnout

Forget the vanity metrics and the steady but painfully slow progress plans. HR professionals want to meet the demands of modern employees and rise to the challenge of a hybrid workforce by making a lasting change right now. That’s the dream, right? A happy employee stays your employee. A happy employee gets work done. A happy employee makes your company profitable. If we all had happy employees, we’d be happy.

squared up

Three reasons to upgrade to SquaredUp SCOM Edition

If your organization uses SCOM, you are sitting on a treasure trove of juicy data. Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to effortlessly leverage all that data via a native integration? You can easily do that with the SCOM Edition of our SquaredUp dashboarding suite. If you are using our free Community Edition at the moment, here are three reasons you should upgrade to SCOM Edition if you are dashboarding SCOM: Let’s break it down.

NUGGET 2021: Introducing Netreo Path Insight!

Path Insight simplifies how IT organizations deliver secure, optimal performance to all users by providing a visual, hop-by-hop analysis along critical network paths. Join Andy Markowitz, technical product manager at Netreo, as he does any early walk through of this soon-to-be-released feature for Netreo that can help your engineering and operations team deliver a great customer experience by pin pointing problems quickly and fixing those problems even faster.

Jakarta EE Applications inside Kubernetes with Nested Containers. Cargo Tracker Deployment

Kubernetes enables possibilities to develop cloud native microservices or decompose traditional applications making them more technologically advanced with the help of containers. Currently, most of the Kubernetes solutions are offered on top of VMs and there is room for further improvements. Implementing nested architecture of application containers running inside system containers opens additional flexibility of resource allocation and management, accelerates provisioning of the clusters and pods, as well as cuts the overall costs. This video presentation is accompanied with a live demo of deploying the Jakarta EE Cargo Tracker project inside Kubernetes cluster with nested containers architecture.

NUGGET 2021: Business Transformation by Revolutionizing Your Monitoring

In this NUGGET Session, Matt Neifer, Director, Network Management Systems & Automation at Transaction Network Services (TNS) will share his firsthand experience in achieving business transformation through revolutionized monitoring practices. Matt will share examples of continuous improvement efforts in the formalization of the TNS product/service catalog, standardizing service implementation and delivery, and normalizing configuration management data structures within our CCMDB in order to automate the management of monitoring ecosystems.

Project Management Software for Real Estate (Guide)

Project management software for real estate can help to centralize your workflow and keep all stakeholders on the same page. Real estate managers should be leveraging solutions that can support workflow management and operations. With the power of workflow automation, it has never been easier to streamline key processes as you embark on construction projects. We all know that the complexities of construction projects can often be overwhelming.


KubeCon Los Angeles 2021 Wrapup

After a week in sunny Southern California, KubeCon North America 2021 is a wrap in Los Angeles. For many of us, KubeCon was the first in-person event we have attended since the start of the pandemic. Though this year, KubeCon is a hybrid event even if you missed the in-person talks, you can still catch the virtual talks online. Compared to KubeCons of years gone by, the event has been scaled back slightly to respect social distancing and slowly easing folks back into in-person conferences.


Dynamically rendering config templates for secrets management

It’s often necessary to inject secrets into your build or deployment process so that the deployed service can interact with other services. This can be straightforward if you’re only deploying to a single environment. When deploying to multiple environments, though, you might need to dynamically inject different secrets depending on the environment to which you’re deploying.

The Confident Commit | Ep. 13 Embrace simplicity: the #1 rule for software leaders

Rob sits down with Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO of Puppet to discuss the lessons they've learned through years as software leaders. Deepak shares the history and trajectory of Puppet, navigating shifting roles as your company scales, and his top leadership practices learned. Rob and Deepak dive into how to implement simplicity when complexity is often favored. Tune in today! And don't forget to Like and Subscribe to The Confident Commit podcast playlist for alerts to new episodes published biweekly.

People Risk Management and Agile Organizational Resilience

As COVID-19 changed the landscape of global business travel, organizations must respond with agile, comprehensive plans that can account for continually evolving risk environments and regulatory requirements. It has become necessary for many organizations to revise old outlines and plans to match the realities.

The Main Tech Trends Of 2021

2021 has been a year quite unlike any other. The world is attempting to return to some kind of normality, with the pandemic still a major issue, which has created huge challenges for businesses but also new opportunities. Tech has been crucial in this unique time, and it is hard to imagine how the world would have managed during COVID-19 if it had happened 10 years ago. So, what have been the major tech trends in 2021? There are a number of trends that have emerged this year and played a key role in helping people and businesses to retain some kind of normality.

What Is CI/CD and How to Build ETL Processes

In today’s world of heterogeneous data ecosystems, managing and consuming data can be cumbersome. Organizations often have multiple systems of truth in corresponding to the applications managing the data. While data engineers dream of software that would make it easy to consume and digest different data streams from disparate systems, that scenario rarely comes to fruition.


Asia Pacific Firms Need Analytics to Survive the Cloud Era

Many companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) were caught in a digital tailspin when Covid-19 hit, sacrificing security practices in their hurry to adjust to the new reality of remote work. Two years on, hybrid work is still the norm as the pandemic continues and seems to be a new way of life moving forward. Catalyzed by the coronavirus, firms big and small are now adopting cloud technologies as we tread deeper into a new data age.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Service links

Rollbar is not the “last stop” for monitoring and debugging - often you might also be interested in what your other monitoring and performance tools are telling you. Those tools were a few clicks and copy-pastes away - now with Service Links, they are just 1 click away. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Code context

By enabling Code context, Rollbar can show you additional lines of context for each entry in a traceback, saving your trouble of jumping to your source code to figure out where exactly an exception occurred. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Checking in on GitHub Container Registry

GitHub recently transitioned its support for container images from its original offering called Docker registry to a new one called GitHub Container registry. Besides the namespace change from docker.pkg.github.com to ghcr.io, it looks like a lot of the confusing aspects of the Docker registry have been re-worked into something that is a lot more intuitive.


Add More Metadata to Your Front-end JavaScript Errors in AppSignal

Our front-end JavaScript library has been updated with an easier way to add more metadata to front-end errors using the sendError and wrap helpers. Previously, sendError and wrap helpers only supported customizing tags and the namespace for the error. More information could be set on error spans if they were manually created, but now that type of information can be added to errors sent using these helpers.


Top 10 GitHub Actions You Should Use to set up your CI/CD Pipeline

Photo by GitHub GitHub announced GitHub Actions in late 2018 as a new CI/CD platform where users can automate workflows and build development cycles. The best part of the actions is that they are event-driven. Events in a GitHub repository can trigger actions to run on-demand workflows. In this article, I listed the top 10 GitHub Actions that are really useful for the developer community while setting up a CI/CD pipeline.


How to Upgrade to Mattermost v6.0

Thanks to a lot of hard work and excellent feedback from the open source community, Mattermost v6.0 is now generally available! This is a major platform upgrade with new capabilities and wider use case coverage, which many server administrators will be eager to take advantage of. Due to the scope of the changes introduced in v6.0, admins will want to plan ahead for a bit of downtime, especially for larger database migrations. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what to expect.


How We Use Mattermost to Build Mattermost

We started building Mattermost because there was no collaboration solution on the market that fulfilled our engineering teams’ needs as game developers. These days, we’re a software development startup with many of the same needs, processes, and frustrations as our customers. Mattermost has been 100% remote from the beginning, with employees all over the world.


SCOM 2022: What to expect and what you need to know

Microsofts System Center Operations Management team has been busy with new features and updates for SCOM. The most recent version, SCOM 2019, came out on March 14th, 2019. The release date for the upcoming SCOM 2022 has not been set, but I anticipate the new edition to appear in early 2022. This blog post will provide an overview of some of the features you can expect to see in SCOM 2022 and how those changes may affect your experience of SCOM monitoring as a user or customer.


Using automation and IT workflows to tackle complex challenges

Technology teams have long sought to innovate more quickly to deliver better experiences to employees and customers. These teams often have to tab between hundreds of tools to make it happen, slowing progress and increasing risk, complexity, and cost. This complexity has the downstream effect of negatively impacting employee and customer experience due to manual processes, information silos, and disconnections.


Preparing for the Windows 11 Transition: Device Resources and Support

At its virtual event in June 2021, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, sharing a number of new features and, in some cases, some big changes. Windows 11 officially launched on October 5, but the transition will be months in the making for most enterprises. This is, in part, due to the fact that the transition to Windows 11 will be a stark difference compared to OS upgrades in the past.


Ubuntu Server 21.10: What's new?

Ubuntu Server 21.10 (Impish Indri) expands on edge use cases with a minimised system installation option in the Ubuntu Server Live Installer. It also comes with needrestart enabled by default for automated daemon restarts after applying library updates. In addition, the latest development cycle brings native, certified drivers for NVIDIA vGPU software on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS, fully supporting sophisticated AI/ML workloads. Ubuntu Server 21.10 will be supported by Canonical until July 2022.


Ubuntu 21.10 has landed

14 October 2021: Today, Canonical released Ubuntu 21.10 – the most productive environment for cloud-native developers and AI/ML innovators across the desktop, devices and cloud. “As open source becomes the new default, we aim to bring Ubuntu to all the corners of the enterprise and all the places developers want to innovate,” said Mark Shuttleworth.


A Primer on Prometheus Metrics

Keeping an eye on metrics is one of the essential things that every developer should do for their applications. Prometheus is a tool that has gained a lot of popularity in the field of metrics. When you start with Prometheus, you may not recognize its potential at first because it takes time to explore the entire tool. But once you become acquainted with the features, you will find it highly useful.


Achieving 86% Productivity Gains Through ITSM Automation

Manual incident management is an enormous challenge facing today’s enterprises. It wastes time and money, and often results in unhappy customers who have to deal with unreliable services because of persistent, unresolved issues. Manual ticket generation can take 20 to 30 minutes, and routing another 90—assuming the ticket is delivered to the right team.


IoT set to overtake cloud computing as primary Industry 4.0 technology

New research by Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications, reveals that investment in the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to overtake cloud computing, next generation security, big data analytics and other digital transformation technologies in the near future. Respondents drawn from multiple industries reported plans to invest the greatest proportion of their IT budget on IoT projects over the next three years.


The Magic of Metrics-and How It Can Burn You

As product developers, our responsibility continues beyond shipping code. To keep our software running, we need to notice whether it’s working in production. To make our product smoother and more reliable, we need to understand how it’s working in production. We can do this by making the software tell us what we need to know. How can we notice when the software is running smoothly? Make it tell us!


Stop the Chase: How Ivanti is Transforming Cybersecurity in the Everywhere Workplace

Threat actors have been a constant, persistent, and ever-evolving part of doing business in a digital world. For the entire history of digital business, security teams have been trying to keep pace with the threats. On a good day, they might be able to get a few steps ahead. But it’s always a chase. And it only takes falling behind one time to lose big.


Ray Baum's Act

RAY BAUM’s Act requires that first responders have the necessary information needed to pinpoint the “dispatchable location,” and quickly reach a 9-1-1 caller regardless of the device they dial from, or their exact location inside a large building. Whether the calling device is wired, wireless, on-premise, or remote, if it connects to an MLTS it will fall under the FCC’s enforcement.


What is "Dispatchable Location"?

All businesses in the United States must now comply with Section 506 of the RAY BAUM Act. This requires organizations to automatically provide emergency call centers, or Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), with “dispatchable location” information alongside every emergency call placed from their network. However, defining exactly what that information must include can be a challenge.


A 'Friendly Ghost' Fixes IT Issues Before You Notice

Here in North America it’s that spooky time of the year again, Halloween. As always, children look forward to this late-October holiday, the chance to dress up in costumes to go door-to-door and amass large hauls of candy treats, leaving their parents to deal with any later ‘tricks’ from associated sugar highs.


Calico Cloud: What's new in October

Calico Cloud is an industry-first security and observability SaaS platform for Kubernetes, containers, and cloud. Since its launch, we have seen customers use Calico Cloud to address a range of security and observability problems for regulatory and compliance requirements in a matter of days and weeks. In addition, they only paid for the services used, instead of an upfront investment commitment, thus aligning their budgets with their business needs.


WordPress Error Logs and Activity Logs

Logging is a fundamental part of software development. While an app is being developed, we rely on logging to confirm our inputs and outputs match our expectations. In production, logging can be an invaluable resource for tracking down bugs or measuring how users interact with the app. We can also consider logs as a sort of time-series value, where a timestamp is associated with a user’s specific action. These logs can be structured, gathered, and analyzed to provide teams with more information.


What Operational Maturity Looks Like Today With PagerDuty's Kyle Duffy

Companies that underwent accelerated digital transformations during the past 18 months are looking to understand how they can improve their operational maturity to handle the increase in complexity. This is paramount to an organizations’ future success.


Beyond API testing with Jest

Jest is a JavaScript-based testing framework that lets you test both front-end and back-end applications. Jest is great for validation because it comes bundled with tools that make writing tests more manageable. While Jest is most often used for simple API testing scenarios and assertions, it can also be used for testing complex data structures. In this tutorial, we will go through how to use Jest to test nested API responses and hopefully have fun in the process.


Network monitoring tools: The good, the bad, and the ugly

For organizations that rely on their network to support their daily operations, how well the network operates can make or break their business. As a network admin, your core objective is to ensure that day-to-day business operations are carried out successfully. This involves optimizing the network for maximum performance and minimizing service disruptions.


Introducing Grafana Machine Learning for Grafana Cloud, with metrics forecasting

At GrafanaCONline in June, we talked about the future of machine learning at Grafana Labs. Four months later, we are excited to introduce Grafana Machine Learning for Grafana Cloud, with our metrics forecasting capability. It’s available now to all customers on Pro or Advanced plans. If you’re not already using Grafana Cloud, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro here.


How to Prepare for a SQL Server DBA Interview and Questions

So, you have an interview lined up for a sweet new gig as a SQL Server database administrator (DBA). What interview questions will you be asked? How can you make sure you ace the interview? What will make you stand out from the other candidates? There are no concrete answers, because… “it depends.” However, you can count on at least two major components of your interview – a technical component and a non-technical component, often focusing on soft skills.

One cloud IDE to rule them all - Philippe Charrière, GitLab

As a Technical Account Manager (at GitLab) Phillipe often needs to demo GitLab features to help customers gain more "DevOps" (or CI/CD) maturity. So having the ability to create and deploy infrastructure quickly for new demo environments is crucial. This is where Gitpod and Civo come in. In this talk Philippe will run through provisioning a Civo Kubernetes cluster with Gitpod, deploying GitLab Runner on the cluster, connecting to it, and setting up the GitLab Kubernetes integration

Top 10 Benefits of Multi-cloud Strategy

To enjoy the cost and efficiency advantages of multi-cloud services while also protecting data, avoiding vendor lock-in, and setting the foundation for a smooth future development trajectory, businesses are quickly expanding their business models towards multi-cloud technologies. In this blog let’s explore the top ten benefits of multi-cloud strategy and know why you should have a multi-cloud strategy


Polishing the Icinga DB Web User Interface

When redesigning the new Icinga DB Web interface elements we already started establishing consistent design elements. This is even more supported by developing the Icinga PHP Library (IPL) from the ground up. IPL makes developing reusable widgets a lot easier for developers. For the release of Icinga DB Web RC2 we’re going the extra mile to polish many of our user interface elements.


CDN Logs and Why You Need Them

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed set of servers that are designed to get your web-based content into the hands of your users as fast as possible. CDNs produce CDN logs that can be analyzed, and this information is invaluable. Why? CDNs host servers all over the world and are designed to help you scale your traffic without maxing out your load balancers. A CDN also gives you added protection against many of the most common cyber attacks. This activity needs to be closely monitored.


Implementing Istio in a Kubernetes cluster

As the complexity of a microservice architecture grows, it becomes important to implement a service mesh for better insights into your cluster and microservices. In this blog, Kristijan explains how Istio can be used as a service mesh, along with a detailed installation steps & configuration setup. Service Mesh? You’ve heard about it, but does it solve something, or is it just another hot buzzword in the industry?


How to empower citizen developers to help overcome skills shortages

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation across all industries, exacerbating Australia’s tech skills shortage. Research from RMIT Online identified a need for 156,000 new technology workers in Australia, with 87% of jobs now requiring digital skills. This skills gap is set to cost the economy $10 billion in lost growth by 2025 in technology, media, and communications alone.


TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips - Creating a Telegraf Configuration with the InfluxDB UI

The InfluxDB UI offers a wide variety of features for time series analysis, data lifecycle management, and time series visualization. The InfluxDB UI also shines when it comes to onboarding new users, whether they’re an InfluxDB OSS or free tier InfluxDB Cloud user. The InfluxDB UI allows you to easily leverage Telegraf, a plugin-driven collection agent for collecting, processing, and writing metrics and events.


Introducing The Nest, by Humio

Maintaining speed, visibility and security throughout your systems can feel increasingly out of reach, and quick answers to your toughest questions can be hard to come by. That's why having a place to sharpen your skills, ask questions and interact with fellow developers is invaluable. We’re excited to officially launch The Nest, a community for peers in DevOps, ITOps and SecOps.


From Terraform to GitOps to Pulumi

In a previous post, we talked about the increasing adoption of Platform Engineering teams. The post covered topics such as defining Platform Engineering and the roles and responsibilities of the team. When building an internal platform, a clear goal that many teams want to achieve is: Even though this is key to a successful platform team, this responsibility increases complexity, costs, support time, and more. Not to mention that this can be a long, very long journey.


4 Pressures at Tech Companies xMatters Can Help Relieve

Technology companies are at the forefront of innovation, changing the way consumers and the general public interact with their everyday lives. As the late Stan Lee so wisely stated, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and this heightened pressure often leaves little room for error when an issue arises—which happens more often than you’d think.


Announcing the Control API Suite

As LogDNA has grown, many of our customers have too, meaning that they are bringing in more ingestion data sources and expanding their use cases for their logs. To help with managing more data, we’re excited to introduce the Control API suite. We’ve built 4 individual APIs that will help companies programmatically configure their data and how they want to ingest logs. Below, we’ll cover each new API in detail as well as why they are massively impactful for our customers.‍


What is Splunk? - A Summary for UK Public Sector

To quote the UK National Data Strategy: Splunk is an advanced data platform that delivers right-time analytics from diverse data sets and that enables organisations to ask questions of all their data. It can be used to mitigate cyber security risk, improve performance, increase reliability and observe what is happening in the cloud.


Why everyone should be using a website monitoring tool right now

It’s easy for us to cruise the net, not really thinking of anything other than exactly what we’re hoping to achieve whether it’s making a payment via online banking or buying a new laptop on Black Friday. But we forget that there’s a whole system working in the background of each and every website, keeping it online and making sure it works to the best of its ability.


The Definitive AWS Tagging Guide: 15 Best Practices And Strategies

Engineers want to innovate, fix issues, and improve existing code. Finance wants to report accurately on the company's return on technology investment. Yet, the cloud is like a menu without the pricing Engineers can practice continuous improvement without slowing down but they can also use up computing resources without being fully aware of the costs they incur, only to be surprised with a higher than usual AWS bill. Even worse is not knowing where, what, when, or who is driving up their AWS costs.

Filtering data in Kibana

In this video, we walk through the different ways you can filter your data in Kibana. From customizing your time range to using values from your data, Kibana makes it easy to narrow your analysis on the fly with just a mouse click.