New Multithreading Model for Apache Impala

Today we are introducing a new series of blog posts that will take a look at recent enhancements to Apache Impala. Many of these are performance improvements, such as the feature described below which will give anywhere from a 2x to 7x performance improvement by taking better advantage of all the CPU cores. In addition, a lot of work has also been put into ensuring that Impala runs optimally in decoupled compute scenarios, where the data lives in object storage or remote HDFS.


Do You Trust the Health of Your Data?

Today, companies can measure every aspect of business health, except the health of their data which drives business decisions. Data is vital to inform critical decisions such as identifying new routes to market, systems to support business agility, and more resilient supply chains. As Harvard Business Review puts it, “Your organization’s data is the source of both the opportunity and the challenges to your innovation.


Failing to Succeed in Data Analytics? Try DataOps

We live in a Fourth Industrial Revolution, where data is the lifeblood of business. Those of us who harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented analytics to uncover insights from data are the ones who will be able to find better ways of driving efficiency, productivity and superior business outcomes.


How We Teach The Leaders of Tomorrow To Be Curious, Ask Questions and Not Be Afraid To Fail Fast To Learn Fast

The data age has been marked by numerous “hype cycles.” First, we heard how Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced Analytics would have the honor to be the technologies that would cure cancer, end world hunger and solve the world’s biggest challenges. Then came third-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and soon Quantum Computing, with each one seeking that honor.


What's happening in BigQuery: Time unit partitioning, Table ACLs and more

At Google Cloud, we’re invested in building data analytics products with a customer-first mindset. Our engineering team is thrilled to share recent feature enhancements and product updates that we’ve made to help you get even more value out of BigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse.


How-to: Index Data from S3 via NiFi Using CDP Data Hubs

Data Discovery and Exploration (DDE) was recently released in tech preview in Cloudera Data Platform in public cloud. In this blog we will go through the process of indexing data from S3 into Solr in DDE with the help of NiFi in Data Flow. The scenario is the same as it was in the previous blog but the ingest pipeline differs. Spark as the ingest pipeline tool for Search (i.e.


Qlik vs. Power BI - Free Doesn't Mean Freedom for Your Data or Users

Every professional has used Microsoft products in their work life. The ubiquity of Microsoft Office in the enterprise is one of the main reasons many analytics users are familiar with Power BI, given how the company bundles its business intelligence software with other licenses in the same way Excel and PowerPoint comes with Office.


COVID-19, the Data Deluge and Optimizing Splunk for Time and Cost

The new normal has changed the way we work and the way we conduct business. More and more employees are working from home, customers are shopping online, and everyone’s phone is still attached to their ears. Bottom line: everything we’re doing in business and in our personal lives is leaving a digital trail. In fact, now devices are getting in the game and creating more data than people, 277 times more, according to Cisco.


What Grocers and CPG Companies Need to Know About Post-Pandemic Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly everything. It’s affected nearly all Americans, and as such, it’s impacted every organization they interact with, both B2C and B2B. One industry that has had its operations turned upside down is the grocery industry. Grocery stores and their consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers and partners had to improvise and adapt nearly overnight to accommodate the changing demands of shoppers.