How Data Is Helping Us Answer Life's Fundamental Questions

I’m a geneticist, which is really just a technical way of saying that I obsess about the minutiae of your family history. Now, while that sounds rather stalkerish, this is in fact a molecular and data-driven addiction, which is fuelled by my need to understand the nature of evolution and human behaviour via the data within our DNA. Our genomes are the single-most densely packed dataset that we have ever encountered.


Analytical Applications: What are they?

These bundled analytics tools help organizations facilitate and increase the adoption of self-service BI practices among regular business users in a specific operational domain, such as finance, marketing and sales. It does so by improving the availability and measurement of important, relevant historical data for your end users’ decision-making.


Get Your Analytics Insights Instantly - Without Abandoning Central IT

Do you need faster time to value? Does your organization’s success depend on immediate delivery of new reports, applications, or projects? When you go to Central IT for support, are you blocked by insanely long wait times for the resources needed to meet your business goals? If so – you are likely one of the growing group of Line of Business (LoB) professionals forced into creating your own solution – creating your own Shadow IT.


Building a Machine Learning Application With Cloudera Data Science Workbench And Operational Database, Part 3: Productionization of ML models

In this last installment, we’ll discuss a demo application that uses PySpark.ML to make a classification model based off of training data stored in both Cloudera’s Operational Database (powered by Apache HBase) and Apache HDFS. Afterwards, this model is then scored and served through a simple Web Application. For more context, this demo is based on concepts discussed in this blog post How to deploy ML models to production.


Goodbye 2020 - Hello 2021 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms

The wait is nearly over, and soon we’ll all be privy to this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. Qlik is proud of its 15-year history and ranking as a leader for the last decade in this signature research, and we are enthusiastic about sharing a complimentary copy of the full report when it publishes at this location:


Digital Transformation is a Data Journey From Edge to Insight

Digital transformation is a hot topic for all markets and industries as it’s delivering value with explosive growth rates. Consider that Manufacturing’s Industry Internet of Things (IIOT) was valued at $161b with an impressive 25% growth rate, the Connected Car market will be valued at $225b by 2027 with a 17% growth rate, or that in the first three months of 2020, retailers realized ten years of digital sales penetration in just three months.


How Customer Success Managers Drive Digital Transformation

Before the end of the year, I met with Christina McCoy, a Customer Success Manager for our federal region. We discussed some of her observations and proven practices for driving adoption in her accounts. Christina joined Qlik two years ago; she has over five years of CSM experience and is a graduate of Howard University, where she was a pitcher for the Bison’s softball program.


Work at warp-speed in the BigQuery UI

Data analysts can spend hours writing SQL each day to get the right insights. So it’s crucial that the tools in the Google Cloud Console make that job as easy and as fast as possible. Now, we’re excited to show you how BigQuery’s Cloud Console UI has been updated with radical usability improvements for more efficient work, making it easier to find the data you need and write the right SQL quickly.


Cloudera Flow Management Continuous Delivery while Minimizing Downtime

Cloudera Flow Management, based on Apache NiFi and part of the Cloudera DataFlow platform, is used by some of the largest organizations in the world to facilitate an easy-to-use, powerful, and reliable way to distribute and process data at high velocity in the modern big data ecosystem. Increasingly, customers are adopting CFM to accelerate their enterprise streaming data processing from concept to implementation.


How Infutor Uses the Placekey External Function to Extend the Power of Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides the unique ability for anyone to join their own data sets with thousands of live third-party data sets near-instantly, securely, and without moving data. Businesses operating in the Data Cloud gain a huge advantage over their competitors who are stuck in data silos and struggling with stale data sets downloaded from their legacy data providers weeks, months, or years ago.