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NiCE DB2 Management Pack 5.00 released

The NiCE DB2 Management Pack 5.0 is an enterprise-ready Microsoft SCOM add-on for advanced IBM Db2 monitoring. It supports the Db2 system, application, and database administrator in centralized IBM Db2 health and performance monitoring to improve user experience and business results. The Management Pack provides clear and precise performance indicators and timely alerts enriched by pinpointing problem identification and troubleshooting information.


Monitor NS1 with Datadog

NS1 is an intelligent DNS and traffic management platform that helps optimize the performance of your network infrastructure and speed application delivery to your end users. Since even a small increase in service latency can lead to churn and revenue loss, it’s critical to remove any inefficiencies embedded in basic network functions. NS1 helps ensure high performance for name resolution and routing through support for the edns0-client-subnet (ECS) DNS extension and for Filter Chain technology.

Dealing With Ransomware Attacks On Your Business

At its best, technology is an absolute boon for businesses. Simple computing machines make work easier, and making use of networks provides you with connectivity that allows you to quickly reach entities within and without your business. However, technology isn't invulnerable. Truth be told, ransomware attacks are on the rise in 2021. In the first half of the year, there had been more than 149 confirmed cases of Ransomware attacking businesses around the world.

VoIP Service Provider and Titanium 3CX Partner, Amplisys, uses Obkio to Monitor End-User Network Performance

Learn how Obkio works with 3CX partner and VoIP Provider, Amplisys, to create a streamlined network monitoring and troubleshooting process to quickly and proactively support every one of Amplisys’ VoIP customers for impeccable customer satisfaction and support.


Deploy Iron Bank-Approved Artifactory/Xray on AWS GovCloud and RKE2

With Artifactory and Xray now included in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Iron Bank container repository, we’re eager to help you benefit from this accreditation. Today, we’ll explain how to deploy these hardened JFrog images on AWS GovCloud using Rancher Kubernetes Edition (RKE2.) Specifically, we’ll describe the installation and configuration of the Iron Bank-accredited Artifactory version 7.21.7 and Xray version 3.30.2.


Adding Mac support, part 1: I've never used a Mac, and now I need to manage them

Being in IT can sometimes feel a bit like being a doctor—you’re often called upon to give people the bad news that their beloved computer isn’t going to make it. Other times, people think you’ve performed a miracle just by doing your job and saving their data. Then, there’s the Thanksgiving problem, where any time you’re at a family gathering, you get cornered by a relative wanting to talk about their tech problems, regardless of your actual area of expertise.


CVE-2021-38379 & CVE-2021-36756

The CFEngine engineering team has recently discovered two security issues in the CFEngine Enterprise product: While the latter one (CVE-2021-36756) only affects CFEngine Enterprise deployments using the Federated Reporting functionality, the former one (CVE-2021-38379) affects all deployments running all supported versions of CFEngine Enterprise (and many unsupported versions, 3.5 or newer, to be more precise).