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Deploy Iron Bank-Approved Artifactory/Xray on AWS GovCloud and RKE2

With Artifactory and Xray now included in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Iron Bank container repository, we’re eager to help you benefit from this accreditation. Today, we’ll explain how to deploy these hardened JFrog images on AWS GovCloud using Rancher Kubernetes Edition (RKE2.) Specifically, we’ll describe the installation and configuration of the Iron Bank-accredited Artifactory version 7.21.7 and Xray version 3.30.2.


Introducing Test Insights with flaky test detection

The CircleCI Insights dashboard was designed to help you improve your delivery efficiency. We launched the dashboard a year ago to provide teams with actionable data for optimizing your pipelines. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback. By far, the most requested functionality is the ability to gain further visibility into test performance.


A guide to personal retrospectives in engineering

Retrospectives are a well-established resource in the software and systems engineering toolbox. From sprint retros through to post-incident reviews, we look back on our work to learn from it and to get better. We can apply the same ideas to our professional practice with a personal retrospective: writing an analysis of our experiences to learn as much as possible. We could look over a whole year of work, or focus more closely on a particular project.


Monitor your CircleCI environment with Datadog

Datadog CI Visibility provides a unified platform for monitoring your CI/CD pipelines. Now, we are partnering with CircleCI to extend that same critical visibility to your CircleCI environment. Datadog’s integration uses CircleCI webhooks to capture information about the status and performance of your workflows and associated jobs, such as a job’s duration and whether or not it failed or was canceled.


API contract testing with Joi

When you sign a contract, you expect both parties to hold their end of the bargain. The same can be true for testing applications. Contract testing is a way to make sure that services can communicate with each other and that the data shared between the services is consistent with a specified set of rules. In this post, I will guide you through using Joi as a library to create API contracts for services consuming an API.

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The What and The Why of Cloud Native Applications - An Introductory Guide

Companies across industries are under tremendous pressure to develop and deploy IT applications and services faster and with far greater efficiency. Traditional enterprise application development falls short since it is not efficient and speedy. IT and business leaders are keen to take advantage of cloud computing as it offers businesses cost savings, scalability at the touch of a button, and flexibility to respond quickly to change.


Metrics for improved Docker container management and performance

When running a cloud service, it’s never good for customers to be the first people noticing an issue. It happened to our customers over the course of a few months, and we began to accumulate a series of reports of unpredictable start-up times for Docker jobs. At first the reports were rare, but the frequency began to increase. Jobs with high parallelism were disproportionately represented in the reports.