ICYMI: How Honeycomb Can Help You Achieve the Deployment Part of CI/CD

In case you missed it, this webinar includes code walkthroughs that help you to add observability to your pipelines (using a free Honeycomb account!) so that you and your team can speed up your deployments to prod. This is also a risk-free way to get started with observability if your team isn’t quite yet ready to change your production apps.


Pull Requests for Infrastructure Access

Making frequent changes to cloud applications running in production is the de-facto standard. To minimize errors, engineers use CI/CD automation, techniques like code reviews, green-blue deployments and others. Git pull requests often serve as a foundational component for triggering code reviews, Slack notifications, and subsequent automation such as testing and deployments. This automated process enforces peer reviews and creates enough visibility to minimize human error.


Managing Users and Groups with SCIM in the JFrog Platform

When your organization becomes bigger, managing the users and groups lifecycle becomes a significant challenge. Your company grows rapidly, hiring new employees, and giving them access to more and more applications that your organization uses. This means that there are many employee-related actions that need to be taken when an employee changes their team, role, leaves temporarily or permanently (otherwise you may end up with operational, security or compliance issues).


Launching Argo CD Autopilot: An Opinionated Way to Manage Your Applications Across Environments Using Gitops at Scale

Argo CD has been skyrocketing in popularity with the CNCF China survey naming Argo as a top CI/CD tool for its power as a deployment automation tool. And it’s no wonder, GitOps is a faster, safer, and more scalable way to do continuous delivery. Most of our own users are embracing GitOps to manage infrastructure and applications at scale in gaming, finance, defense, media, and other industries.