Samurais Do NOT Use UIs: Using CLI To Configure Codefresh And Create And Manage Kubernetes Pipelines

Are you a ninja? It’s a silly question. I know that you are most likely not a real ninja. But you might be considering yourself a ninja of software engineering. “What does Viktor mean by that?” I’m glad you asked. Ninjas appear, perform the mission, and disappear without leaving a trace behind. “Why is Viktor talking nonsense? What does that have to do with software engineering?” Again, I’m glad you asked.

Using CLI To Configure Codefresh And Create And Manage Kubernetes Pipelines

Have you tried using Codefresh CLI to configure and operate Codefresh? UIs are great as a learning experience, but using them is slow, prone to errors, hard to reproduce, and results in hard-to-document processes. Writing code and scripts to accomplish the same results is a sign of maturity and experience. It is proof that we are capable of working in a team while also being an expert. Let's see how we can use everything-as-code and CLI to configure, create, and observe a fully operational Kubernetes pipeline in Codefresh.

Commit Code Confidently with the Nightfall DLP CircleCI Orb

Nightfall Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is now available as a CircleCI orb. CircleCI orbs are reusable snippets of code that help automate repeated processes, speed up project setup, and make it easy to integrate with third-party tools. With the Nightfall DLP orb, you can scan for sensitive items and prevent developers from accidentally committing sensitive information. We’re excited to announce our launch with CircleCI and share what you can do with the Nightfall DLP orb.


Replicate Artifactory Configuration with Terraform Provider Plugin

It takes a large team to manage enterprise DevOps, and it can take a large team of binary repository managers, too. It’s vital to get all team members going the same way, and quickly. A growing developer organization will have many instances of Artifactory to help them scale, on multiple nodes for high availability and multi-site repository replication. Configuring them all precisely, with the same set of repositories, users, and permissions, can’t be done effectively one at a time.


Getting Started With Helm 3 Using React and Codefresh

Helm is an application package manager for Kubernetes. Using Kubernetes can often be overwhelming to maintain resources. Since Kubernetes is configured by YAML files, the more complex your application becomes, the more difficult it will be to navigate and make changes to the respective files; think about lots and lots of repetitive YAML files. A scenario that makes every developer cringe. Helm can help you solve this.