How to Troubleshoot Citrix and Google Chromebook Issues

Watch to learn how SSI, a Platinum Level Citrix provider, uses Goliath’s software to troubleshoot Citrix and Google Chromebook issues to; isolate root cause and resolve quickly, document the fix action to prove resolution to their customers and end users, and prevent future issues with threshold-based alerts.

Ask the Citrix Expert How to Troubleshoot Citrix Issues for Remote Workers

In this “Ask the Expert” session we will be talking with Citrix CTP, George Spiers, who will answer your questions around: How can you prove root cause is due to a user's home WIFI, behavior, or an issue within the virtual infrastructure? How do you find root cause of slow logons or poor session performance? And how can you report on remote worker productivity?
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Troubleshoot Home Worker Issues Using Citrix Latency Metrics

Latency, the delay before the transfer of data, is one of the critical user experience measurements for many technology solutions, and one of the top, when judging the quality of end-user experience on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Why is Citrix slow? Have you ever received a “Citrix is slow” user complaint? I will expect the answer to be yes. It is very common, even more so for remote workers.

How to Report on Remote Worker Productivity

Learn how Goliath can help you better document the end-user productivity experience for your home workers using Citrix or VMware Horizon with: end-user productivity and activity reports, experience reports tracking logon speeds and other KPIs, overall IT performance for host, VMs, and storage.
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The importance of Active Directory for Fast Citrix Logon Time

Most of you know that one of the most important user experience metrics in a Citrix environment is the logon time. A 2018 survey by eG Innovations and DABCC found out that Citrix logon time was the number one problem for administrators: 59% of respondents rated logon time as their biggest problem. There are many best practices to improve Citrix logon times. Slowness during the logon processing can, of course, increase logon times. Issues with group policies or slow profile loading is often a cause.

Ask the Citrix Expert: How to Troubleshoot Home Worker Performance Issues

Citrix CTP, Alexenader Ervik Johnsen, answers questions on “how to troubleshoot Citrix is slow” when employees are working home. Goliath also shows how to use software and prove when home WIFI or user behavior is root cause of poor performance.

Gain 5 Layers of Visibility into Your Virtual Infrastructure

Learn how Goliath offers a single console where you can view key performance metrics from your Hypervisor Host (VMware vSphere, Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V), Virtual Machines, Applications, Operating Systems and Physical Devices. You will learn how to: Identify performance bottlenecks within your virtualized infrastructure. Deploy remediation actions, both manual and automatic, to resolve issues before end users are impacted, and report on key metrics to foster collaboration across IT teams, vendors, management, and end-users.

How to Monitor and Troubleshoot Remote User Experiences

Learn how Goliath Technologies can help you: anticipate performance issues to avoid impacting remote users, troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly when they do occur, and document fix actions and foster collaboration with vendors, IT counterparts, management, and end users to prevent future issues.