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Citrix Tips for Troubleshooting

I recently saw a user asking on EUC Slack “is there a Domain controller response time in ?”. Unfortunately for him, his choice of monitoring product doesn’t include such metrics. However, it did make me wonder if Citrix admins are aware of the importance of getting metrics about Domain Controllers, simply because many EUC monitoring tools fail to monitor them.

eG Enterprise, the virtual assistant that every Citrix Admin needs

eG Enterprise is the virtual assistant, who’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Just like Siri and Alexa, eG will proactively monitor your IT & applications. Wouldn’t you want to know what these extra sets of hands can deliver? Watch this short video to know how automatic root-cause diagnosis tech, Citrix service topology views, synthetic & real user monitoring capabilities, and machine learning and auto-baselining tech enable you to be the IT hero among your peers, colleagues, and the management.
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Central Maine Healthcare Drastically Reduces Citrix & Cerner Clinician Time to Remediation

“I’ve received so many tickets where I would spend hours troubleshooting four or more applications to try and find what was causing the latency when it was connection speed all along,” shares Aaron Hilton, a system administrator at Central Maine Healthcare system. Aaron is one of the main points of contact for resolving Citrix tickets, and the lack of visibility into the Citrix delivery infrastructure caused him to be reactive instead of proactive.

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End-to-End Monitoring of Citrix Infrastructures: FAQs

The webinar included a live demonstration of how our eG Enterprise solution provides an end-to-end view of the Citrix deployment including the Citrix ADCs, Delivery Controllers, License servers, Virtual App servers, Virtual Desktops, and other Citrix tiers including WEM, AppLayering, and others. Citrix Cloud is also supported.