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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

A cloud is a cloud is a cloud. In this session of Dissecting DevOps, Dave and Chris explore the flavors of cloud, and how the considerations around monitoring and observability change for hybrid cloud environments. We understand tech-enabled enterprises have to support legacy and modern infrastructures. Having the right approach streamlines that effort and makes sure data is not inhibited by cloud boundaries.

Azure Logic Apps 101 - Developer tools: what are my options (Part II)

In the first part of this article, we mention that at the moment, you have three options for you to start developing your Logic Apps: And we analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and how to start developing Logic Apps by using the Azure Portal. Today we are going to address. Today we are going to do the same but this time using Visual Studio 2019.


Best Practices of Serverless at Scale

Share A serverless application in its infancy looks and runs vastly different to one at scale. When there are more components to manage, the key to operational excellence is rooted in serverless best practices. Dashbird was created with the mission to help developers succeed with modern cloud environments, no matter their size. As experienced developers ourselves, we’ve faced and understand the challenges found in the functionality of at-scale serverless architecture.

Best Practices and Pitfalls for Monitoring Azure Environments with Open Source Tools

Cloud Solution Architect Idan Shahar and Open Source Lead Adir Ron, from Microsoft, join product evangelist Dotan Horovits to share how access to the most popular open source tools in a single platform maximizes your DevOps team productivity when they’re monitoring Microsoft Azure environment for production issues.

Managed autoscaling for all types of container workloads

A flexible architecture is critical for dynamic containerized applications but managing different infrastructure configurations to support different applications is a heavy lift, requiring significant time and effort. The major cloud providers do offer customers core capabilities to deploy, manage and scale cloud infrastructure through AWS Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs), GCP Instance groups and Azure Scale sets.

squared up

Azure Lighthouse jumpstart

We are delighted to have a guest blog from Microsoft MVP Martin Ehrnst! Read on for Martin's expert advice on how best to use Azure Lighthouse. Afterwards, head over here to see how you can get a true single pane of glass for all your Azure tenants using SquaredUp's new Lighthouse features. Azure Lighthouse provides a unified management experience across all your customers (and internal) Azure resources. Depending on your background, you might not know why this is so big.