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Walkthrough to Set Up the Deep Learning Toolkit for Splunk with Amazon EKS

The Splunk Deep Learning Toolkit (DLTK) is a very powerful tool that allows you to offload compute resources to external container environments. Additionally, you can use GPU or SPARK environments. In last Splunk blog post, The Power of Deep Learning Analytics and GPU Acceleration, you can learn more about building a GPU-based environment. Splunk DLTK supports Docker as well as Kubernetes and OpenShift as container environments.


Take the first step toward SRE with Cloud Operations Sandbox

At Google Cloud, we strive to bring Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) culture to our customers not only through training on organizational best practices, but also with the tools you need to run successful cloud services. Part and parcel of that is comprehensive observability tooling—logging, monitoring, tracing, profiling and debugging—which can help you troubleshoot production issues faster, increase release velocity and improve service reliability.


AWS Savings Plans: What They Can (& Can't) Do For Managing Cloud Costs

It has been nearly a year since Amazon Web Services (AWS) first rolled out its new savings plans. AWS Savings Plans were created to help manage cloud costs; however, they are best used as part of a larger strategy focused around cloud cost intelligence. (Keep reading for more on that!)


Applying 3 Practical Lessons from the SolarWinds Breach

It’s been more than a month since the SolarWinds breach first started dominating security headlines, and we’re still learning new details about the attacks and the organizations affected. Even as the discussion quiets down, it’s easy to imagine we’ll still be looking back and analyzing the full effects of these incidents in much the same way we talk about other seminal breaches and security events from the past 20 years.


Monitor Azure IoT Edge with Datadog

Azure IoT Edge is a Microsoft Azure service that allows you to run containerized workloads on IoT devices. With IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub, Azure’s device-management platform, organizations across science, manufacturing, energy production, and other industries can provision their IoT devices and workloads at the edge of their cloud networks for immediate in-unit computing, a necessity when running AI algorithms or parsing large datasets directly on IoT devices.


PrestaShop Cloud Hosting with Easy Setup of Online Stores

Are you looking for a free e-commerce platform to launch your online store? If so, then PrestaShop can be the solution for you. PrestaShop is a pure e-commerce engine that was created for running small and medium online stores. It is a ready-to-go solution that requires a minimum of modules and has a bunch of high-quality templates. This CMS is easy to use as all actions with program logic are literally "constructed" in the built-in visual editor.


The New Age of Cloud Cost Management: Cloud Cost Intelligence (And 8 Best Practices)

As companies are increasingly built in the cloud, cost management has become a major issue for many engineering teams. While cloud providers like AWS offer flexibility and easy scaling, cloud costs can be opaque and difficult to track. As a result, many companies that rely on the cloud are adopting cloud cost management strategies to understand and manage the charges associated with their cloud-based technology, and maximize cloud usage and efficiency.


Opsani was recognized as a Gartner 2020 Cool Cloud Vendor

According to Gartner, “To fully reap the value of these new technologies, particularly those deployed in the cloud, organizations need to pursue a DevOps approach to how they plan, build and run workloads. We believe, the vendors identified in this research have built products to solve customers’ challenges in accelerating scaling of cloud environments and in enabling adoption and operationalization of cloud-native platforms.