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CloudTalk - Call Center Management Tool for Sales and Customer Service

No matter the size, every company has to communicate with their customers – some need just to handle occasional questions and issues while others make and answer calls daily. But both can agree that customers’ expectations are increasing drastically, and living up to those expectations becomes more and more difficult.


Four Ways to Use Bitrix24 Tasks to Boost Your Productivity in 2021

Productivity Is the Key Now? It is indeed, especially when it comes to working from home and managing large teams remotely as most of us have to do anyway. Applying the same principles that used to work back in the office would not work in the remote setting since in-person communication is out. You can make as many video calls as you want but that still isn’t going to have any noticeable effects on the productivity of your team. So what’s the solution?


When to Upgrade Your Bitrix24 Account

Bitrix24 is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes. It helps to organize information, create tasks, oversee project management, and more. With over 8 million companies already using and loving this software, it is clearly useful. One of the best benefits of using Bitrix24 is that it has a free version that is available to everyone. How do you know which version is best for your company? And if you are already a user of the free version, how do you know when to upgrade to a paid account?


9 real estate metrics to motivate your agents and plan for growth

How do you measure performance for a real estate business? This question may seem straightforward, but it’s not always easy to know which real estate metrics you should prioritize. While the exact KPIs will vary from company to company, there are guidelines you can use to help identify which metrics are the most relevant for your business and goals.


5 Ways Trello Enterprise Helps CIOs Drive Business Growth While Staying Secure

There’s more to a chief information officer (CIO) than meets the eye. Sure, they’re part of a company’s senior leadership team, but they’re also part of IT. That means they’re concerned about security and how it ties into the C-suite concerns at their company. While CIOs have to balance their company’s security concerns with business priorities, it doesn’t need to be a juggling act.


Introducing Business Hours to Teamwork Desk: Increase revenue and enhance customer support

Do you have customers that contact you during out of hours and although your team immediately responds once they clock in, your first response times and resolution times are simply inaccurate and your customers are dissatisfied? Or, do you offer multiple levels of support but you can't effectively track or bill for the additional service? Well, now you can.