How to Upgrade to Mattermost v6.0

Thanks to a lot of hard work and excellent feedback from the open source community, Mattermost v6.0 is now generally available! This is a major platform upgrade with new capabilities and wider use case coverage, which many server administrators will be eager to take advantage of. Due to the scope of the changes introduced in v6.0, admins will want to plan ahead for a bit of downtime, especially for larger database migrations. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what to expect.


How We Use Mattermost to Build Mattermost

We started building Mattermost because there was no collaboration solution on the market that fulfilled our engineering teams’ needs as game developers. These days, we’re a software development startup with many of the same needs, processes, and frustrations as our customers. Mattermost has been 100% remote from the beginning, with employees all over the world.


The Way We Work: N-able's hybrid work model

We’ve all seen the headlines. It’s no secret companies are being forced to re-examine the employee experience and what the future of work will look like in a post-pandemic world. With the adaptation to remote work, the pandemic created a new normal—where office and home life are blended, and people became accustomed to more flexibility. Now that flexibility is a benefit people don’t want to lose.


DevSecOps: Collaborate Confidently with Open Source Tools

There is a Cambrian explosion currently underway in the collaboration tools space. The exponential rise in remote working as a result of naturally evolving workplaces and aided by the recent pandemic has created an opportunity for lots of different collaboration tools to take center stage. As our collaboration tools improve, work that would have been nearly impossible to do remotely is becoming more and more common.