Hardware Design Best Practices

Hardware design typically entails teams of many designers with a wide range of disciplines. Each of these designers manage a different aspect of the project, maybe with different workflows, and generate a large amount of diverse data. Data management tools like Helix Core manage a substantial portion of this data. In this blog, find out how these tools are best used with an IP lifecycle management platform like Methodics IPLM to solve the unique challenges for hardware design projects.


Integration Spotlight: Catchpoint and Slack, More Than A Collaboration Tool

Slack is one of the most popular tools for communication and collaboration used by large enterprises as well as small organizations. One of the amazing features of Slack is its ability to work with other tools to provide additional functionality that would not be readily available otherwise. Catchpoint integrates with Slack to provide our customers with enhanced performance monitoring and incident management. In this blog post, we look at the recent updates in the Catchpoint-Slack integration.

Featured Post

The Rise of Collaborative Apps - Q&A with Andy Pflaum of Slack

In the latest of an occasional series, today we hear from Andy Pflaum, Director of Platform Solutions at Slack, discussing the rapid growth in the number of apps being built by developers within the platform, the effect of the recent pandemic and remote working on current and future direction, as well as the recent tie-up with Salesforce.