Part 1: Soft Skills Customer Service Staff Need to Make Customers Happy

Customer service can effectively make or break your business in the eyes of customers. According to Small Biz Genius, 95% of customers indicated that customer service is a decisive factor in their brand loyalty. In addition, 58% of customers said that bad customer experience can lead to them abandoning a brand they otherwise enjoyed purchasing from.


This is How Blameless Integrates with JIRA

Atlassian JIRA, one of the most popular ticketing systems, allows teams to catalogue incidents, follow-up actions, bugs, stories, and more. As a common tool in any DevOps/SRE operation’s toolchain, JIRA is a key integration at Blameless. Blameless’ integration with JIRA allows teams to automatically generate a ticket within both Blameless and JIRA. This integration also allows teams to track follow-up actions via Blameless’ postmortem tool.


The Future Of Trello Is On The Horizon: Take a Sneak Peek

Nearly overnight, the way we work entered into a state of flux. Companies of all industries and sizes were suddenly thrust into the most rapid digital transformation of their lives, and a hybrid model of remote work sits at the center. In order to navigate constant change and uncertainty, company leaders and teams need to be flexible and agile, but most are unsure where to begin.


7 Customer success metrics you should be prioritizing (but probably aren't)

Net promoter score. Customer churn rate. Monthly recurring revenue. These are all high-profile customer success metrics, prominently featured in most posts on the topic. There’s no denying these metrics have value – but do they really tell the whole story? Key performance indicators (KPIs) like net promoter score and churn rate tell you if there’s a problem or if your company is doing well overall. But to figure out what to do next, you need to dig a little deeper.


What's new in Teamwork CRM

Over the past few months, the Teamwork CRM engineers have been dedicating most of their time to several significant features. Our new email integration that is currently in beta, our company and contact sync with Teamwork, and the introduction of notifications are just some of the features that you will soon be able to avail of! While those items have been our main focus, we have also released some really valuable features to Teamwork CRM. Here are three such items that we have recently added:.


7 Chatbot Features That Make Your Bot a Success

When chatbots were first introduced in customer support, they were only capable of executing rule-based commands that often led to poor customer experiences. Chatbot features back then weren’t developed keeping user experience in mind, and caused frustration instead of offering solutions. Chatbots have evolved over time, but so have customer expectations. Customers today do not accept experiences that are less than ideal.


How To Use Trello As A Digital Bullet Journal

If you haven’t heard, bullet journaling is a fun addition to any productivity workflow. Bullet journals first came to fruition by the hyper-organized note-takers (bless y’all), but truthfully, they’re probably most beneficial for the more scatterbrained among us. Part organization system and part doodle pad, bullet journals have become a staple for anyone juggling a myriad of tasks and projects (ahem...everyone).


11 Best Business Intelligence Tools for Small Businesses

Today, we all have access to data, and growing businesses can’t afford to make decisions on incomplete information and gut-feeling. But data alone isn’t enough – we need a way to turn data into insight. That’s why every business needs a business intelligence tool. But what are business intelligence tools? Business intelligence tools are used to access and analyze sets of data and present findings to provide users with a detailed overview of the state of the business.