Virtual offsite ideas that work: How the Grafana Cloud team brings together 150 people online

It was a Wednesday in November, and we had just wrapped Grafana Labs' third virtual Grafana Cloud offsite of 2021. Outside my window, it was a dark and cold (8 degrees Celsius) night in Cologne (Köln), Germany. In Austin, Texas, it was early afternoon and headed for 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In Cape Town, South Africa, it was a windy and cool spring evening. And in Melbourne, Australia, our final speaker — who was up very early at 5 a.m. — was heading into a cool spring day.

Year in Review: A Look Back at Mattermost in 2021

For all intents and purposes, 2021 was a jam-packed year for Mattermost, our contributors, employees, customers, and extended community. We broke through the muck that was a challenging 2020, and shared in celebration as we delivered the first open source collaboration platform to feature messaging, project and workflow management all in one convenient suite. But 2021 was about more than just our major platform 6.0 announcement in October.

14 Ways To Leverage AI To Better Connect With Customers

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of conversation among agency leaders for some time now, and mass adoption of AI as a valuable marketing tool is already well underway. While brands come up with innovative ways to use AI to meet their strategic business, marketing and sales goals every year, they also learn a lot through trial and error in the process.

Optimizing Database Connection Loads With PgBouncer and Testwick

The majority of engineers know that a minor misconfiguration might lead to some big troubles. Usually, we tend to forget the importance of that tense when we are configuring a new tool or a new service, as our focus is initially to make the tool functional and to evaluate if it fits our needs. Mattermost Cloud hosts thousands of workspaces which each one needs to have a different database backend, as in Mattermost we think that isolation is one very important aspect in our security guidelines.

How We Use RPC to Share Database Connections and Scale our Multi-Product Architecture

The database/sql package in the Go standard library maintains a pool of connections so that all queries going through a single *sql.DB instance will reuse the same pool. This is great because you get a connection pool out of the box. But what if you need to share the same connection pool across processes? How do you use the same API in different processes but still reuse the same pool?

Best Practices for Software Development with Mattermost

Ask any software engineer about the best way to do something and they’ll likely tell you “it depends.” Every project and team works differently and has specific concerns, requirements, and opinions, adding complexity on top of the technical and operational complexity of software development. The challenge lies in managing the work and emergent complexity while staying abreast of industry best practices in a way that fits our teams’ particular processes and environments.

Authentication Methods for the Mattermost Apps Framework

In the first part of this series, we explored the fastest way to get started with Mattermost Apps. In the second installment, we looked under the hood of a Mattermost App and examined how it works and how its components interact with each other. In this piece, we’ll outline the various authentication methods available using the Mattermost Apps framework.

Making software changes safer and faster with Jira Service Management

Customer expectations of software services are higher than ever before. Teams are under enormous pressure to rapidly deliver improvements to services without any disruption. In this session, we’ll share ways you can use Jira Service Management and other Atlassian products to harness the power of change management, automation, SLAs to supercharge the process so you can meet (and, even exceed) your customers’ expectations.