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Expand Kubernetes Monitoring with Telegraf Operator

Monitoring is a critical aspect of cloud computing. At any time, you need to know what’s working, what isn’t, and have the ability to respond to changes occurring in a given environment. Effective monitoring begins with the ability to collect performance data from across an ecosystem and present it in a useful way. So the easier it is to manage monitoring data across an ecosystem, the more effective those monitoring solutions are and the more efficient that ecosystem is.

Getting Started with Tanzu Community Edition: A Technical Overview

You've heard of VMware Tanzu Community Edition, but now let's see what it looks like when we put it all together. In this 30-minute video, we go over some use cases and how the individual technologies come together to create a platform. Then we dive into a demo. This presentation was created for the 2021 VMUG Global Event.

Modernizing Kubernetes Security and App Development

Some of the biggest challenges facing today's applications revolve around management, visibility, and security. In this Fast Chat with Data Center Knowledge, D2iQ Kubernetes experts explore the state of the DevOps industry, how new solutions create a greater level of visibility and security into modern apps, and how to reduce complexity as you explore more cloud and services solutions. Featuring: Bill Kleyman (Moderator, Data Center Knowledge) Lauren Fishburn (D2iQ) John Miller (D2iQ) Brent Hansen (D2iQ)

Running Mission-Critical Applications on Kubernetes in Production at Scale with DKP

Learn how your DevSecOps platform can provide your development teams with resilience, security, and agility allowing them to deliver higher quality software faster and in a secure environment. D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) is helping organizations such as the US Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and the Intelligence Community amongst other Public and Private Sector organizations to provide a resilient platform for their DevSecOps initiatives.

New in the Kubernetes integration for Grafana Cloud: curated dashboards, built-in alerts, and more

Back in May, we announced the Kubernetes integration to help users easily monitor and alert on core Kubernetes cluster metrics using the Grafana Agent, our lightweight observability data collector optimized for sending metric, log, and trace data to Grafana Cloud. The integration allows Grafana Cloud users to monitor and alert on Kubernetes cluster metrics. Since the original release, we’ve added new features and enhancements to help our users go even further.


Your First Shipa Webhook - Microsoft Teams Integration

One more “ops” phoneme like DevOps is ChatOps; or conversation-based development/operations. ChatOps has been growing in popularity as communication platforms such as Slack is ingrained in our day-to-day engineering lives. A team lead once told me “if it didn’t happen in Slack, it didn’t happen” showing the emphasis of communication platforms as a system of record.


Calico WireGuard support with Azure CNI

Last June, Tigera announced a first for Kubernetes: supporting open-source WireGuard for encrypting data in transit within your cluster. We never like to sit still, so we have been working hard on some exciting new features for this technology, the first of which is support for WireGuard on AKS using the Azure CNI. First a short recap about what WireGuard is, and how we use it in Calico.