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Troubleshooting Kubernetes Job Queues on DigitalOcean, Part 2

Kubernetes work queues are a great way to manage the prioritization and execution of long-running or expensive menial tasks. DigitalOcean managed Kubernetes services makes deploying a work queue straightforward. But what happens when your work queues don’t operate the way you expect? SolarWinds® Papertrail™ advanced log management complements the monitoring tools provided by DigitalOcean and simplifies both the debugging and root cause analysis process.


Debugging Kubernetes Deployments

Kubernetes is a useful tool for deploying and managing containerized applications, yet even seasoned Kubernetes enthusiasts agree that it’s hard to debug Kubernetes deployments and failing pods. This is because of the distributed nature of Kubernetes, which makes it hard to reproduce the exact issue and determine the root cause.


Running InfluxDB 2.0 and Telegraf Using Docker

While the Docker buzz has faded a bit, replaced by new words like “Kubernetes” and “Serverless”, there is no arguing that Docker is the default toolchain for developers looking to get started with Linux containers, as it is fairly ubiquitous and tightly integrated with a variety of platforms.

Tanzu Talk: DevSecOps for US Federal agencies (FIPs, STIGs, auditors, AOs, and all that)

When Federal people ask to secure a DevOps app creation and delivery process, what do they mean? Chris Willis joins Coté in this episode to answer that question with a #vmwaretanzu customer example: the Tanzu Build Service, buildpacks, Tanzu Application Service (Pivotal Cloud Foundry), and other components. He covers FIPS encryption requirements, STIGs, working with the authorizing official, and the overall practices and culture-think for securing build pipelines.

Shipa for Kubernetes: Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower and Shipa

On October 22, 2020, Shipa launched a new web series called “Coffee & Containers.” C&C was conceived as a place for practitioners and IT leaders to learn and collaborate on all things microservices, cloud-native, containers, Kubernetes, etc. We were very proud to launch this series with Kelsey Hightower, Thought Leader and Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform, and Bruno Andrade, Founder and CEO of

Kubernetes 101: Intro to Kubernetes namespaces, workloads, and architecture

In this webinar, Oleg, CTO at Kublr; will explain the basics of Kubernetes, a powerful and flexible open-source container orchestration system: what it is, how it works, and the main entities Kubernetes users work with. Oleg will show how Kubernetes can help orchestrating containers across multiple compute nodes and clouds.