Dashboard Fridays: Sample PagerDuty Alerting dashboard

Adam Kinniburgh is back with another Dashboard Fridays episode, this time joined by Ashley Thompson as they showcase this example PagerDuty Alerting dashboard. This dashboard gives an overview of alerting sent to PagerDuty from any source, even external sources like Pingdom.

New in the Kubernetes integration for Grafana Cloud: curated dashboards, built-in alerts, and more

Back in May, we announced the Kubernetes integration to help users easily monitor and alert on core Kubernetes cluster metrics using the Grafana Agent, our lightweight observability data collector optimized for sending metric, log, and trace data to Grafana Cloud. The integration allows Grafana Cloud users to monitor and alert on Kubernetes cluster metrics. Since the original release, we’ve added new features and enhancements to help our users go even further.


Grafana 8.3 released: Recorded queries, panel suggestions, new panels, added security, and more

Grafana 8.3 is here! This is an exciting release for Grafana Labs. This release includes the new Candlestick panel, a new visualization suggestions engine, support for AWS Metrics Insights and, for our Grafana Enterprise users, recorded queries. Get 8.3 You can get started with Grafana in minutes with Grafana Cloud. Here’s a closer look at the important new features in 8.3.


Data Visualization Made Easy with ReactJS, Nivo and InfluxDB

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-done data visualization is worth a million. The quality of a dashboard can make or break an application. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make high-quality data visualizations easily by using the Nivo charting library with ReactJS. You will also learn how to query data stored in InfluxDB to make your charts dynamic and versatile.


How to build performance tests into your CI pipeline with k6, GitHub Actions, and Grafana

Performance testing is an essential component of building fast and reliable web services. Until recently, this testing typically happened later in the development process and was often performed by a separate team or even a third party. But speed is the competitive advantage for companies, and prioritizing testing during the development process can speed time to market for new applications.


How Kambi migrated from an in-house Graphite solution to Grafana Cloud

When you’re a sports betting technology company and you realize your in-house, on-prem Graphite solution for monitoring metrics is no longer a sure-thing, what do you do? That was the dilemma at Kambi, a quickly growing business – with a passion for using open source technology – that has about 500 different micro services in production and around 200,000 incoming metrics messages per second.

Dashboard Fridays: Example SQL Samples Dashboard

Join SquaredUp's Adam Kinniburgh and fellow virtualisation expert Shawn Williams as they showcase this SQL Sample dashboard. This dashboard was designed to demonstrate how the same base SQL query could be used with each of SquaredUp’s visualizations. Each SQL visualization slightly modifies how the data is presented to target user requirements. Tune in to learn how it was made, the challenges it solves, and Shawn's top tips for building it yourself.

Visualizing IoT security metrics with Grafana at Network to Code

As the number of connected gadgets in our homes, offices, and industrial networks continues to grow exponentially, keeping IoT devices secure has become a vital part of our everyday lives. However, our webcams, printers, and smart plugs often lack security features due to their fast time to market, making them particularly vulnerable to attack. And because security metrics themselves can be tricky to assess, tracking IoT device security is increasingly a challenge.


How Snyk, TripAdvisor, and Citibank use Grafana to effectively scale observability

It’s one thing to set up an observability strategy. But what’s it like to introduce and scale observability effectively across an organization? In a wide-ranging conversation at ObservabilityCON 2021, three technical pros from Snyk, TripAdvisor, and Citibank joined Grafana Labs VP Global Solutions Engineering Steve Mayzak and — with more than 75 years experience between them — they shared the triumphs and turbulence in their respective observability journeys.