The fastest SQL Change Automation, Azure DevOps and AzureSQL DB pipeline

Is it possible to set up an end-to-end deployment pipeline from Dev through to Production in Azure DevOps, with SQL Change Automation and Azure SQL DB in just 10 minutes? Join Chris Unwin, a Redgate Solution Engineer, as they try to break the record for setting up a migrations-first pipeline with SQL Change Automation from Dev to Continuous Integration and finally, deployment.

Calling SQL Server Stored Procedures from a REST API

Using the DreamFactory API management platform it's easy to expose your database stored procedures via API endpoints. This short video demonstrates how to use DreamFactory's auto-generated API endpoints to list available stored procedures, learn more about a specific stored procedure, and call a stored procedure with several input parameters.

Database Performance Monitor Overview

SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor (DPM) provides deep database performance monitoring at scale, without overhead. Our SaaS-based platform helps increase system performance, team efficiency, and infrastructure cost savings by offering full visibility into major traditional, open-source, and cloud-native database such as Microsoft SQL, Azure SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more.

How to monitor Microsoft SQL Server with Prometheus

In this article, you will learn how to monitor SQL Server with Prometheus. SQL Server is a popular database, which is very straightforward to monitor with a simple Prometheus exporter. Like all databases, SQL Server has many points of failure, such as delays in transactions or too many connections in the database. We are basing this guide on Golden Signals, a reduced set of metrics that offer a wide view of a service from a user or consumer perspective.

squared up

Dashboard Server: Working with the SQL tile

In my previous blogs in the Dashboard Server Learning Path, we looked at working with the Web API tile and the PowerShell tile. In this instalment, let’s try the SQL tile. This tile will let you connect to any SQL database and run a SQL query straight from SquaredUp. This tile is also available in both the SquaredUp for SCOM and Azure products, so I have some familiarity with it already.


How database DevOps can enable the evolving insurance landscape

In 2020, Deloitte reported on The four trends that define insurance and showed that the future of the insurance marketplace is going to be significantly different. Life and Property and Casualty insurers, for example, estimated that 93% of their volume already came from propositions that were not offered five years ago. New propositions were expected to keep on rising, with nearly a quarter of investment spend in insurance allocated to new product development.


10 Tips to Help You Write a Flat File Database

Originally developed by IBM, flat file databases have been around since the 1970s. Because these files store data in plain text format, most people use MS Excel to create them. It’s an easy-to-use system that allows for the quick sorting of results. This is because each line of plain text has just one record. Tabs, commas, or other delimiters separate multiple records. In this article, you’ll learn some tips for optimizing your flat file.