Free Cycle Time Readout for GitLab Users

To celebrate GitLab’s latest release and GitLab Commit 2021 we offer free cycle time readout of all of your personal and company projects hosted on for a limited time. Use this link and your GitLab credentials to sign into Logilica Insights and we let you know about your software teams cycle time, delivery velocity and much more.


Introducing the New Rollbar Integration for GitHub Enterprise Server

We’re excited to launch our new integration with GitHub that supports GitHub Enterprise Server customers. This allows companies using GitHub Enterprise on their own domains to access key features in Rollbar that help developers fix errors faster. GitHub Enterprise offers a fully integrated development platform for organizations to accelerate software innovation and secure delivery. With Rollbar, GitHub Enterprise Server customers can now access.


Learn how to use the Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, and GitLab plugins for Grafana for better visibility into software development

GitHub, GitLab, Jira, and ServiceNow are some of the most popular software development tools out there, and Grafana has powerful integrations with each of them. Join us for a live webinar on July 29 at 9:30 PT / 12:30 ET / 16:30 UTC for a demo of these data source plugins and best practices for creating a single pane of glass for viewing your software operations metrics. You can register here.


GitLab GUI

Has GitKraken made my dev life easy? It’s been 6 months since I started at Pipefy as a Young Gun Tech. During these months, I have learned a lot and used various tools to streamline my work. For this post, I will talk about how I use the GitKraken Git GUI with GitLab, running on Ubuntu, because both tools have an awesome integration. So you can speed up your workflow just like me.


Our Workflow for Security Releases using GitHub Security Advisories

We recently started using GitHub Security Advisories as part of our workflow for pushing out security releases. This post will give a brief introduction on how they work, how we use them, some of their limitations, and how we overcome them. We are still experimenting with this workflow, but the information could still be helpful for some while others might have suggestions how we could do things better.


What is Git Bash?

As a version control system, Git is delivered within Unix style command line methods, and these commands ultimately create the backbone of Git’s software. MacOS & Linux Operating Systems have a built-in terminal shell that supports Unix-based command line features whereas Microsoft Windows Operating System command line prompt is not a Unix-based terminal.


GitLab Client for Linux

Working in a DevOps field, I often find myself needing to deliver a feature or an improvement (basically a piece of code) in a relatively short amount of time, or even working in parallel on different tasks. A rather universal software development stack is comprised of: Repository and branch management in Git has never been easier. Get more control over your Git workflow with the visualization offered by GitKraken.


Run JMeter test from GIT using Jenkins

You may have heard the term shift-left testing which is essentially moving the testing to an earlier stage in the project lifecycle, essentially the activity is moved to the left on the project timeline. The benefits of testing earlier have always been understood but not always happened when we consider performance testing which in some cases is still left until the very end of the delivery process.


GitKraken v7.7: Git for Teams

Get ready to collaborate with your team on a whole new level. While Git is amazing at tracking changes over time and giving us insight into the past, it’s not so great at helping you see what changes others are currently making or who is assigned to work on what parts of the code on any given project. Wouldn’t it be great to get better insight into what others on your team are actively working on, without ever switching applications? We could not agree more! Announcing GitKraken v7.7.