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Why automation is key if you're looking to scale your business

IT is not a technology cost, it’s a human resource cost! This is a fundamental concept MSPs need to keep in mind when they are looking at their businesses, but one many smaller MSPs tend to overlook. Think about it; for every business you’re supporting as an MSP, you’re doing so to ensure their IT infrastructure has stability of operation and is optimized to maximize staff productivity.


How digital workflows ensure secure access at Copenhagen Airport

Access to any airport is tightly governed. When you’re one of Europe’s busiest airports and a high-profile piece of national infrastructure, you cannot have unauthorized people wandering about. At Copenhagen Airport, we have more than 20,000 people cleared to access the airport. These might be security staff, baggage handlers, IT service providers, catering teams, and others. As the airport has grown, so has the number of on-site workers.


Workflow Management Tools (Potential Benefits)

Workflow management tools can have a tremendous impact on team performance. Is your team failing to live up to expectations? Do you have a clear plan to drive productivity and improve customer satisfaction? If you’re struggling to get more from your team, we would recommend implementing StartingPoint into your operations for a streamlined workflow. When it comes to finding a comprehensive solution for workflow automation, StartingPoint ticks all the boxes.


Business Automation Workflow (How To Implement)

Have you established a business automation workflow? If you’re committed to running an efficient operation that fires on all cylinders, you should be embracing automation at every level of your workflow. Automation is no longer the future - it’s here now. Failing to make use of workflow automation tools will leave your business running at a disadvantage. The inefficiencies of not utilizing a business automation workflow are costing organizations 20-30% of their annual revenue.


New Microsoft Cloud PC integration optimizes hybrid work

As more and more companies settle into the new reality of hybrid work at scale, the ease of making desktops accessible from anywhere—along with the adoption of workflow technologies and processes all from a single platform—will be critical. To enable the best employee experience, companies need to be able to transition seamlessly between remote and in-person work environments.


What is ITSM Automation? 10 Reasons to Adopt ITSM Automation

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the essence of IT service delivery in an organization. However, ITSM cannot properly contribute value if the people, processes, and technology in place are not optimized. This is where ITSM automation can help streamline operations to generate optimum efficiency. But, you may ask, what is ITSM automation exactly and what kind of benefits can it reap for your business? Let’s find out!


How ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams improve the employee experience

Today, employees are consumers of the workplace. Just as companies compete for customers, they compete for candidates and to retain their existing workforce. Employees want a sense of belonging and to feel engaged in their everyday work. When employee happiness and engagement is lacking, it impacts the satisfaction and quality of work—and could mean missed business growth. [Transform employee experience.] According to Gallup, highly engaged business units can result in.