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Customer Service Ops & PagerDuty Zendesk Integration v3 Full Case Ownership Use Case

PagerDuty's Zendesk Integration enhances communication between engineering and support teams by providing visibility to high-impact incidents via the PagerDuty Status Dashboard that is integrated into the Zendesk interface. Automate workflows for a fast-paced support team and provide the right level of information so they can interact knowledgeably with their customers while also reducing time and effort.

The Podium

KPIs and Metrics are Essential Transformation Yardsticks—But So Is Experience. Although many IT leaders launch into projects with set goals, there’s no telling what sort of unexpected consequences will emerge. In episode 4 of The Change Makers podcast, you’ll see how you can plan and predict certain benefits, but several successful business outcomes arrive serendipitously. Take Lucy Hallam, Service Desk Manager at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.


New Messaging Service drives end-to-end employee and customer experiences

The new world of hybrid work requires creative ways to engage with customers and employees no matter where they’re located. To answer that call, we’ve launched the ServiceNow Messaging Service to provide a seamless experience from issue to resolution. Built on integration with the Twilio platform, ServiceNow Messaging Service makes it easy for ServiceNow users to integrate SMS and WhatsApp into digital workflows using the Now Platform.


Activating ESG strategies and initiatives to improve business and the world

Around the world, more organizations are championing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to help create a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical world, build stakeholder trust, and drive ESG impact and business value. There’s a good reason: ESG drives better business outcomes—and it makes the world better. For many, meeting ESG goals is a challenge. That’s because ESG spans a lot of different types of activities across the enterprise.


Creating a connected, engaging employee experience

The biggest business story of last year was how suddenly and completely the COVID-19 pandemic changed the ways we work and live. Organizations had to look at how they operate, adjust to a hybrid workforce, and further embrace digital transformation. ServiceNow has been at the forefront of the employee experience awakening. As new challenges emerge, our platform is perfectly suited to respond quickly to market-shifting events so that your workforce can stay productive.