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SLA Compliance: The Service Desk & ITSM Metric Explained

IT solutions are either utilized as a service or procured from third-party vendors by organizations of all types and sizes. This enables organizations to gain access to reliable IT technologies without having to internally build, operate, or manage the underlying systems. As a result of this, both the organization and the solutions provider sign a service-level agreement (SLA), which commits the vendor to deliver services that meet the established performance requirements.


Clearing IT bottlenecks with citizen developers

“I can clear your IT bottlenecks” is all it took. When my colleague approached me and asked if my organization would be interested in participating in the citizen developer pilot project, I signed on right away. After all, who wouldn’t want to clear their backlog? [Learn more about ServiceNow citizen developers at Knowledge 2021.] As the director of IT customer success, I lead teams that help deliver transformation initiatives at scale. Fulfilling business needs is also my priority.


The 5 communication styles customer service agents need to know

As a customer service agent, being a great communicator means everything. But your ability to communicate well goes beyond listening to what your customers and team members say. You also have to recognize how they’re expressing themselves and adapt your responses accordingly. Understanding the various communication styles can help you improve your relationships with customers and colleagues alike.


3 Key Features Every Service Desk Needs

Modern enterprises must work to ensure their organization is focused on making employees feel heard and valued, and a key way to do this is through strong IT service management. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating—today’s employees expect a similar service experience in the workplace that they encounter in their daily lives.


Elevate your ecommerce business with Zendesk integrations

Consumers around the world have changed their shopping habits over the past year, with e-commerce seeing unprecedented growth. In fact, research by McKinsey shows that 10 years of ecommerce adoption was compressed into just three months in 2020. Ecommerce is positioned to keep growing for the next five years and beyond, with new brands looking for ways to set themselves apart. One of the best ways to differentiate in the competitive ecommerce world is to offer a better digital customer experience.


5 fixes for the customer experience quandary

Customers expect products and services to work. When they don’t, customers want fast, permanent solutions. But delivering against that expectation is easier said than done. Multiple barriers stand in the way of your organization delivering the seamless experiences customers expect. Let’s explore five ways to improve customer service.


Shared Services Teams For Great Customer Experiences

Have you ever considered integrating shared services teams into your organization’s existing operation? If you are committed to driving efficiency across your organization, there has never been a better time to explore the utilization of shared services teams for improved customer experiences. In this guide, we will break down the potential benefits of shared services teams. There is an undeniable link between customer satisfaction and organizational structure.