Insider Threats


What is Data Exfiltration and How Can You Prevent It?

Data security is key. Incidents of data exfiltration bring lots of unwanted attention to organizations and lead to reputational and financial losses. That’s why companies in various industries pay maximum attention to their cybersecurity measures and constantly enhance them. In this article, we define what data exfiltration is and how it’s performed. We also explore some recent examples of data loss and offer eight best practices that will help you prevent data exfiltration.

How Insider Threats and the Dark Web increase Remote Work Risks for Organizations

In our latest podcast, we take a deep dive into the gloomiest part of the internet, the “Dark Web” as we try to demystify everything we think we know. This is the realm of internet land where criminals and offenders can be found lurking around every corner. Though there is some truth to this perception, there are also many misconceptions about the Dark Web and its role in the security or insecurity of businesses. Join Dr. Christine Izuakor and a special guest from Equifax, Dr. Michael Owens as we unravel the Dark Web.

The Remote HR Department: Best Practices to Manage Employees from a Distance

Not only are HR departments charged with developing and implementing pandemic safety protocols, onerous budget and personnel reductions, and the rapid transition to remote work, but they must also support a workforce that’s stressed out, less productive, and off-site. This problem predates the pandemic, but it’s taking on renewed importance as companies fight to thrive in an increasingly digital environment.


Insider Threats and the Dark Web increase Remote Work Risks

The “Dark Web” is often portrayed as a gloomy realm of internet land where you can find criminals and offenders lurking around every corner. Though there is some truth to this perception, there are also many misconceptions about the Dark Web and its role in the security or insecurity of businesses. Furthermore, the continuous embracement of remote work has led to an unexpected shift in the way the dark web is being used today.


Training, Accountability and Assessment: Three Priorities for Raising Privacy Awareness Within Your Team

Employees, contractors, and vendors have unparalleled access to company data, requiring careful adherence to data privacy best practices to secure personal information. Unfortunately, many employees are either unaware of these practices or are unwilling (or forgetful) to regularly implement them into their workflows.

Insider Threats in Cyber Security : Types, Examples and Detection Indicators

Learn about insider threats that are amongst the top security threats to organisations. + What are insider threats in cyber security? + What types of insider threats are there? + What are the famous examples of insider threats? + What are the consequences of such threats? + How can insider threats be detected? + How to address insider threats?

Insider Threat Awareness: What Is It, Why Does It Matter, and How Can You Improve It?

A low level of insider threat awareness among employees can cause all sorts of cybersecurity issues: user negligence and risky behavior resulting in cybersecurity incidents, non-compliance with critical regulations and industry standards, etc. Installing new software and establishing stricter rules can’t always protect an organization from these threats. Raising the cybersecurity awareness level, on the other hand, can.


Cloud and Threat Report: Let's Get Personal (Instances)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a dramatic shift to remote work that placed many who previously worked in the office at home working alongside their families. We saw an increase in personal usage of company laptops, including personal web browsing, gaming, media consumption, and online shopping. In this blog post, we will take a look at the personal usage of managed devices from a different angle: data security. In 2020, 83% of users accessed personal app instances from managed devices each month.


Leveraging Employee Monitoring Software to Achieve Regulatory Compliance

As digital security and data privacy become increasingly caustic issues, regulatory compliance is exceedingly challenging. Not only are various regions implementing unique standards, but industries, municipalities, and platforms are issuing new guidelines as well. While CTOs have many solutions for ensuring system compliance, the human element remains more difficult to oversee, mandate, and manage.


What is Cyber Kill Chain?

The Cyber kill chain, also called CKC, is a phase based cybersecurity model developed by Lockheed Martin. It is co-opted from the military term ‘kill-chain’ used to break down the structure of an attack. The team developed the model to help security teams understand with break down of an externally originated attack into seven different steps. It helps teams to learn how cyber attacks work and help prepare the defensive controls of an organisation.