IoT set to overtake cloud computing as primary Industry 4.0 technology

New research by Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications, reveals that investment in the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to overtake cloud computing, next generation security, big data analytics and other digital transformation technologies in the near future. Respondents drawn from multiple industries reported plans to invest the greatest proportion of their IT budget on IoT projects over the next three years.

Topio + JFrog | Scaling Continuous Software Delivery for Edge & IoT Applications

Enterprises came to expect that software that underpins their business can change at the speed of the market. Cloud-native technologies and modern DevOps tools enable enterprises to continuously deploy software updates across data centers and public clouds. But things often get slowed down when trying to update applications across mixed environments and large fleets of edges and IoT devices.

JFrog and Upswift: Bringing IoT Software Updates to DevOps Upswift Acquistion

JFrog has acquired Upswift to bring the world of connected devices into the DevOps pipeline! Managing fleets of devices and edge applications remotely - including over-the-air (OTA) updates, security, monitoring, controlling and more - has quickly become unwieldy for most companies, with growth of connected devices expected to reach 24 billion in 2026. But, most of today’s DevOps solutions are not optimized or built to deliver software updates to distributed edge and IoT environments.

What is an IoT marketplace?

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is expanding at a rapid rate, with the number of devices growing every year. The increase in physical hardware being manufactured multiplies the amount of software needed to perform various functions on new platforms. There are a range of IoT use cases, including voice-controlling the lights in your home, monitoring air pollution, or the parking feature of a self-driving car.


Cloud Hosting Flexibility and Reliability for IoT Solution. Logifleet Use Case

Modern IoT solutions make our environment smarter and more responsive, connecting digital and physical things around us. Of course, such complex systems require very flexible, secure and advanced hosting for smooth, reliable and fast functioning. Hidora, our hosting service partner from Switzerland, conducted an insightful interview with Nicolas Zieglé, the Logifleet R&D Lead tech, about their useful logistic IoT product and thoughtful choice of cloud hosting provider.


Best Grafana dashboard for IoT Device monitored via MQTT metrics and Graphite

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and technologies have penetrated into our life. Nowadays, we can easily find IoT devices around us. Home appliance manufacturers produce IoT products for smart homes. Car makers invest in smart vehicles that can communicate with other smart cars and IoT objects nearby. Governments allocate huge resources to build smart cities with IoT technologies to improve the quality of life for people and promote economic growth.


How to visualize real-time data from an IoT smart home weather station with Grafana dashboards

One of the experiences I’ve truly enjoyed over my first year as a senior solutions engineer here at Grafana Labs has been learning from our community and customers about their own Grafana journeys. I’ve been impressed by some remarkable dashboards for home automation, personal health data visualizations, family Minecraft statistics, and energy usage projects.


How Sitech builds modern industrial IoT monitoring solutions on Grafana Cloud

Chemelot is an industrial park in the Netherlands with more than 150 companies in chemical and process industries that are working to build the most sustainable and competitive chemical site in Western Europe. Sitech Services is part of making that happen. The Dutch technology firm brings together maintenance and engineering specialists with data scientists to create multidisciplinary solutions that achieve optimal safety, efficient infrastructure, and efficient processes for the plants.