Extending the Zero-Trust Security Framework to Your Home

Mixing your personal and work devices while connected to your home network and accessing the Internet is a risky proposition from a security and privacy standpoint. Why? I frequently monitor my firewall logs. What I observe on my WAN interface are blocked IP addresses sourced from adversarial nation states which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


Overcome security challenges with ServiceNow CMDB population

Networks always start off small and simple, but over time they can become increasingly complex. You start with a small network consisting of a simple Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) with broad connectivity. However, once your security team get involved and add DMZs, routers, firewalls, etc you will find it hard to keep track of the intricate web you have created to support your business network.


Top integration tools to populate your CMDB

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is critical in supporting services such as Incidents and Change & Asset Management. Most companies dream of having a beautifully populated CMDB, but struggle with how to make this a reality as the process can be quite daunting! But never fear there are loads of tools you can buy to do just this! Typically, there are three types of solutions designed to populate your CMDB, these are either agent-based, scanner, or integration style tools.


How To Set Up An Integration With ServiceNow

For this Tech Tip, we’re going to look at more ways you can integrate Catchpoint Alerts into your existing tool ecosystem (check out our recent video on integrating with Slack!). In this new, distributed workforce, employees are using more SaaS tools than ever. It’s important to identify how consolidating data can benefit key workflows – in this case, the ones for your IT support team.


Enhancing ITIL Incident Management and the Customer Experience: Integrating ServiceNow with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps

Delivering a premium digital experience is more than just clever features and functionality: it’s about maximizing uptime for end users. Our ongoing work with a Fortune 500 healthcare company illustrates just how important a seamless incident management process is to ensure product stability, and customer and employee happiness.


Adopting an Agile Workplace for the 'New Normal' at Taylor Vinters

There has been a significant amount of change in the IT industry over the past 25 years, from the integration of email, the move to laptops over desktops and the introduction and transition to cloud computing. However, nothing compares to witnessing the rapid change and innovation businesses have adopted throughout the pandemic, including ourselves. Agility, adapting to survive


Manage complex IT projects with modern Gantt

An IT project can introduce a variety of challenges during implementation. The IT team handling the project should constantly improvise and embrace mid-project adjustments to make sure everything is in place. This is especially true when dealing with a company-wide change that might come with varying levels of complexity, risk, and impact. Project management in ITSM ensures seamless implementation of complex IT projects within the stipulated deadline.


Extending Microsoft Endpoint Manager with Third Party Updates for Config Manager and Intune

Unpatched security vulnerabilities are utilized in the majority of data breaches and ransomware attacks. In fact, research shows that many CVEs go unfixed for long periods to time leaving companies open to unnecessary exposure. 60% of breaches involved vulnerabilities of which a patch was available but not yet applied. This is why vulnerability management is so important and not only having a plan but selecting the right tools to support your plan.