What is Incident Management in IT and Why does it matter?

Incident management is the process of identifying and resolving problems that occur in IT services. Incident Management is also used as a metric to measure the health of the IT Service Desk. Let’s discuss what incident management is, why it matters to your business, and how you can apply it to your organization.


Zero Trust Network Access: Accelerating Zero Trust Maturity with nZTA

Covid made the hypothetical necessity of IT risk planning a reality. Many organizations responded to the immediate need for remote workforces by adding more VPN licenses. But while adding more VPN capacity solved the problem of resource access, it also led to network bottlenecks and application latencies.


How to Ensure Patch Compliance

Patch compliance indicates the number of compliant devices in your network. This means the number of computers that have been patched or remediated against security threats effectively. The distribution and deployment of patches accomplish nothing if your devices are not compliant. So to establish a good patch management strategy, it is important to pay attention to the effectiveness and reach of your patch deployment activities.

Collecting Actionable Bug Reports with Jira Service Management

This video takes a look at leveraging Jira Service Management linked with Jira Software to receive, route, and escalate bug reports for the appropriate response. Jira Service Management empowers everyone within an organization to easily report software bugs, and enables agents to easily create associated Jira issues. Most importantly, this capability does not require the need for an individual Jira Service Management license.

How digital workflows ensure secure access at Copenhagen Airport

Access to any airport is tightly governed. When you’re one of Europe’s busiest airports and a high-profile piece of national infrastructure, you cannot have unauthorized people wandering about. At Copenhagen Airport, we have more than 20,000 people cleared to access the airport. These might be security staff, baggage handlers, IT service providers, catering teams, and others. As the airport has grown, so has the number of on-site workers.


Cleaning House - How One IT Team Saved $1.8M on SaaS Licensing

I recently spoke to the IT Director and Head of End User Computing at a leading healthcare company who implemented Salesforce globally across their entire employee user base 9 months ago (before later becoming a Nexthink customer). She told me their Salesforce licensing model was similar to others you’ll see in market: a set of base licenses and then selected add-ons based on employee roles – with some at no charge and others priced ala carte. Her problem? License metering.


Making ServiceNow better with CloudFabrix RDA

The onset of ServiceNow has relieved the IT Services workforce. With CloudFabrix RDA added to it, we made it even better. Let’s face it that many IT Service transformation implementations take longer because of a lack of automation around migration and production. The efficiency of ITSM is further compromised due to the absence of data automation and enrichment. ServiceNow with Robotic Data Automation stirs a positive impact on three critical areas of data operations ITSM teams.