Let's start a revolution: Analytics in Action

At ServiceNow, we define analytics as using data to make better, faster decisions to run the company. We use analytics to not only spotlight every corner of our operations, but we also to spark growth, by giving our employees data-driven decision-making capabilities. That means they can take action every single day by using data and digital workflows. In order to drive data-driven decisions, we created a user-centric analytics program based on five major elements, which are listed below. 1.


8 Service Desk Processes to Start Automating Today

Automation has evolved from being a management consultant’s go-to-advice to being a central part of every organization’s strategic plan. The biggest misconception about automation is that it is exercised in areas where the company wants to reduce human capital. Contradictorily, automation standardizes mundane processes and frees employees to focus on more value-producing activities that require their unique skills and knowledge.


How to Become a Successful Software Asset Manager

As part of a challenge, I read Ulysses by James Joyce. 😬 Never again. At almost 1,000 pages (although about 250 of those pages were just explanatory notes), it was tough going. Especially when some bits of it were written in Latin, Irish, and Hungarian. I may have skimmed parts. At 42 pages, the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licensing Guide is no Ulysses, and it does have the benefit of being written in a single language. But it’s still not an easy read for us mere mortals.


How to perform incident management with ServiceNow and Elasticsearch

Welcome back! In the last blog we set up bidirectional communication between ServiceNow and Elasticsearch. We spent most of our time in ServiceNow, but from here on, we will be working in Elasticsearch and Kibana. By the end of this post, you'll have these two powerful applications working together to make incident management a breeze. Or at least a lot easier than you may be used to!


How to build a risk-informed business

At the advent of the pandemic, how prepared was your organization to support customers and employees? Or to continue delivering critical products and services? How adaptable and effective was its technology, workforce, and supply chain? As the COVID era has shown, resilience can’t be summoned overnight. It requires business and technology transformation.


ServiceNow Introduces New Operational Risk and Resilience Capabilities for the Enterprise

In today’s environment, organizations face increasing risk amid the pandemic and continued economic, geopolitical, and climate change-driven disruption. As a trusted partner to companies as they focus on mitigating operational risk, ServiceNow is pleased to announce new Operational Risk Management and resilience capabilities for the enterprise that will help companies manage operational disruption.


8 Leaps To Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools Report

This year Ivanti was placed in the Leader quadrant in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools report. After a long and tough journey moving from Niche, to Innovator, to Challenger, we made it to the quadrant that is magic: the Leader quadrant. Obviously we’re thrilled. Having reached this point, I thought I would spend time here explaining what the MQ really means and why Ivanti’s move to Leader is so significant. (Disclaimer: this is not a Gartner authored article.


Ivanti Adds New Ivanti Neurons Innovations: Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence and Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

It's been an exciting week at Ivanti! On Wednesday, we announced enhancements to the Ivanti Neurons platform. We added new Ivanti Neurons innovations (powered by machine learning) to improve security posture and optimize asset spend. Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps enable organizations to achieve faster SLAs for their vulnerability remediation efforts via supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms.


Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

During my time at Ivanti, I have been close to numerous customers while helping them on their journey to achieving high levels of maturity in Software Asset Management. Over this period several glaring facts became apparent to me: I honestly felt that there must be something we can do to reduce the time to achieve this first—and seemingly straightforward—milestone of understanding the estate and answering the age-old questions of.


Accenture and ServiceNow reimagine the future of business

Accenture and ServiceNow’s new partnership accelerates digital transformation and time to value for customers. Today’s business environment demands digitization. Specifically, digital workflows that transform how employees work, how customers receive service, and how work, well, flows. That’s because in the COVID-19 era, organizations are under pressure to innovate faster, reduce costs, improve productivity, and meet their customers’ needs.