Metrics for Apache Kafka with Datadog and Aiven | Ryan Martin (Aiven)

Using managed services is all very well, but how do you get the data you need from the different services into Datadog so you can see it all in one place? This session will walk through the configuration for bringing your Aiven-managed Apache Kafka service metrics into your Datadog explorer. You’ll see how to filter the metrics to focus on specific topics or consumer groups, and how to use the Aiven client to create a repeatable, scriptable setup. This session is recommended for anyone living in the as-a-Service world who cares about data and is interested in using metrics to optimize their Kafka clusters.

Adapting Legacy Systems to a Stream-Based Platform

In a perfect world, small pieces of software scale up and down with a high-performance message broker like a heart, pumping data in a controlled, efficient manner. However, at some point, in every single system, an application starts pumping out large data requests, in a sporadic, uncontrollable manner. Because here, we are talking about the real world, right? In this article, we will address the problem of adapting a legacy system to play with a stream-based platform.

Apache Kafka Tutorial: Use Cases and Challenges of Logging at Scale

Enterprises often have several servers, firewalls, databases, mobile devices, API endpoints, and other infrastructure that powers their IT. Because of this, organizations must provide resources to manage logged events across the environment. Logging is a factor in detecting and blocking cyber-attacks, and organizations use log data for auditing during an investigation after an incident. Brokers, such as Apache Kafka, will ingest logging data in real-time, process, store, and route data.