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Part 2: Soft Skills Customer Service Staff Need to Make Customers Happy

Whether you are a customer support professional or manage a team of agents for your company, certain soft skills can significantly impact how positive each customer interaction will be. In Part 1 of this series we explored two, and here in Part 2 we take a close look at a few more soft skills that support staff should master in order to provide the best customer experiences. 4. Organizational & Time Management Skills


Announcing flexible, scalable pricing for modern tech teams

We’re on a mission to give you more control, with fewer restrictions. The new usage-based plans from Raygun give your team more flexibility than ever, with pricing that only charges you for what you use. APM, Real User Monitoring, and Crash Reporting now start from just $8 USD per month per 10K traces/sessions for APM and RUM, and $4 USD per month per 10K error events for Crash Reporting.


Deployment Patterns for API Gateways Within a DMZ

A DMZ – Demilitarized Zone – is a military term, roughly summarized, as an area between two adversaries established as a buffer in order to reduce, or eliminate, the possibility of further conflict. In networking, the term usually refers to an area that acts as a buffer between two segregated networks. Here is a simplified visualization.


The New Face of Secure Data Collaboration: Transforming Government with the Data Cloud

The push to embrace cloud-based technologies has undoubtedly transformed IT infrastructures at every level of government. Federal, state, and local agencies have made significant strides in modernizing how data is collected, stored, and analyzed, all in service of their mission and in fulfillment of strategic IT mandates.


Infrastructure Monitoring With Amazon CloudWatch and OnPage Integration

Digitalization of business has transformed the world and its industries. Software that upkeep digital initiatives are no longer categorized as a support function. Rather, they are integral to every business process. Modern organizations require infrastructure monitoring tools to detect anomalies and alerting systems to automate remediation processes.


What Is Password Spraying, and How Can You Spot and Block Attacks?

In 2019, a data heist at Citrix shook the cybersecurity world. The attackers stole business documents from a shared network drive and from a drive associated with a web-based tool used in Citrix’s consulting practice. The hackers gained this access to Citrix’s IT infrastructure through a password spraying attack, a technique that exploits weak passwords, leading to criticism that the software giant needlessly compromised its clients by failing to establish a sound password strategy.


Samurais Do NOT Use UIs: Using CLI To Configure Codefresh And Create And Manage Kubernetes Pipelines

Are you a ninja? It’s a silly question. I know that you are most likely not a real ninja. But you might be considering yourself a ninja of software engineering. “What does Viktor mean by that?” I’m glad you asked. Ninjas appear, perform the mission, and disappear without leaving a trace behind. “Why is Viktor talking nonsense? What does that have to do with software engineering?” Again, I’m glad you asked.


CyRC analysis: Circumventing WPA authentication in wireless routers with Defensics fuzz testing

Three WPA authentication bypass vulnerabilities were found in wireless routers using the Defensics fuzz testing tool. WPA3 will become a mandate for all new wireless devices, which can only be a good thing considering the number of vulnerabilities found in WPA2 implementations. Learn about the basic concepts (and common weaknesses) of WPA authentication, how these vulnerabilities work, and how proactive fuzz testing can identify and address similar issues in WPA implementations.


Kubeflow operators: lifecycle management for the ML stack

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, releases Charmed Kubeflow, a set of charm operators to deliver the 20+ applications that make up the latest version of Kubeflow, for easy consumption anywhere, from workstations to on-prem, public cloud, and edge. > Visit to learn more. Kubeflow provides the cloud-native interface between Kubernetes, the industry standard for software delivery and operations at scale, and data science tools: libraries, frameworks, pipelines, and notebooks.


Asana tips: How to create and organize projects

You know the feeling: you’re getting started on an exciting new project, but now that you’re actually sitting down to finalize the project plan, you have some tough decisions ahead of you. Deciding how you’ll visually track and manage your work is critical to setting your team up for success. These early project decisions are key to starting your project on the right track, and will make it easier for your team to track and execute work all the way through the finish line.