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Getting the best out of Samsung Knox management with Mobile Device Manager Plus

In case you missed it, Samsung Knox has verified Mobile Device Manager Plus as a Knox Validated Partner solution. This means that our EMM solution meets its business-level requirements for 2022, and that we support a wide range of features to help you get the best out of all your mobile devices that support Samsung Knox capabilities.

Announcing lockc: Improving Container Security

The lockc project provides mandatory access controls (MAC) for container workloads. Its goal is to improve the current state of container/host isolation. The lockc team believes that container engines and runtimes do not provide enough isolation from the host, which I describe later in the “Why do we need it?” Section. In this blog post, I’ll provide an introduction to lockc, discuss why you need it and show you how to try it out for yourself.

Ubuntu introduces the Ubuntu Security Guide to ease DISA-STIG compliance

January 17th: London, UK – Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the world’s most popular operating system across private and public clouds, now offers the Ubuntu Security Guide tooling for compliance with the DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The new automated tooling builds on Canonical’s track record of designing Ubuntu for high security and regulated workloads, powering U.S. government agencies, prime contractors, and service providers.

Goliath Technologies Achieves Record Year in 2021

Philadelphia, PA – January 18, 2021 – Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software for hybrid cloud environments, announced today that they achieved record revenue and customer growth during the calendar year 2021.

Diving Under the Hood With Our New 'Node Status' Feature

More than anything else, Kubernetes troubleshooting relies on the ability to quickly contextualize the problem with what’s happening in the rest of the cluster. As complicated as this may sound, SPEED is really the name of the game. After all, more often than not, you will be conducting your investigation under the glow of fires burning bright in production. Getting relevant context quickly and seeing things holistically is exactly what Komodor was created for.

Presenting Role-Based Access Control for Squadcast users

Role-Based Access Control is an effective means to enable authentication and ensure only the authorized personnel have access to sensitive data within the platform. This blog explains how to implement RBAC in your organization's Squadcast account to achieve maximum security and confidentiality during Incident Management. We recently released this new functionality into Squadcast (called RBAC) that helps organizations fine-grain the access control provided to users within our platform.