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Future of Data Meetup: Continuous SQL With SQL Stream Builder

Continuous SQL is using Structured Query Language (SQL) to create computations against unbounded streams of data, and show the results in a persistent storage. The result stored in a persistent storage can be connected to other applications to have an analytical visualization of your data. Compared to traditional SQL, in Continuous SQL the data has a start, but no end. This means that queries continuously process results to a sink or other target types. When you define your job in SQL, the SQL statement is interpreted and validated against a schema. After the statement is executed, the results that match the criteria are continuously returned.

An interview with Lightstep + Simplebet

Listen and ask questions as two observability experts discuss their trade. Simplebet is a sports technology and betting company focused on unlocking a new type of sports betting called Micro-Markets. In this live interview, we will talk to Simplebet about the observability challenges they faced, the steps they took to overcome them, and how understanding change is now setting their business up for success.

Kubernetes Ingress 101: Services, Ingresses, Load Balancers, and Certificate Management

In this video, Oleg, CTO at Kublr, will explain the basics of Kubernetes (K8s) Ingress traffic management functionality and how it can be used to simplify managing applications across different environments – in the cloud or on premise. Oleg will use a demo environment with clusters in different clouds to show K8s Ingress in practice.