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Connection Center for Webhooks Intro

Cookdown Connection Center can integrate SCOM with anything, anywhere…! We simply use Webhooks to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable notifications in real-time. So, now you can push alerts from SCOM to any application supporting Webhooks, which means your team can view alerts in their favorite tools. Find out how Connection Center can get your stakeholders more engaged and better connected!

Connection Center for ServiceNow Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into our SCOM Connection Center for ServiceNow. Discover how to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable ServiceNow incidents with real-time, two-way synchronization. Plus, find out how we use out-of-the-box, code-free integration to get SCOM and ServiceNow working as one! You can download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL on our website.

Connection Center Overview

A deep dive into Cookdown's Connection Center designed to make SCOM your single source of truth. Find out all about how it works, our code-free integrations, and much more. Unlock SCOMs full potential by connecting it to all your IT enterprise tools and you'll never miss a critical SCOM alert again! The setup is super simple! To get started just download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL and you'll be syncing alerts in minutes.

Upgrades to SCOM Made Easy with Easy Tune - Deep Dive

It can be hard to move tuning between Management Groups when implementing a side-by-side upgrade, especially when you have an old chaotic Management Group where overrides aren't always stored in logical places. In this video, we show you how Easy Tune Enterprise can help with this migration process by capturing effective overrides from wherever they are stored (as CSV files) and then using Easy Tune to apply these to your new SCOM Management Group.