Getting started with Zulip on DigitalOcean

As an open source project, Zulip is committed to making it convenient for every organization to use Zulip. For those who cannot maintain their own server, we offer the convenient Zulip Cloud SaaS service. For organizations concerned about privacy, data control, and compliance, we do everything we can to make self-hosting Zulip convenient and painless.

Team collaboration made simple: how to save 30% of your time by eliminating email in your company

The global pandemic caused by covid-19 has highlighted several weaknesses that most companies had been avoiding for some time. From a management point of view, this scenario brought two lessons that are key for companies from now on: the first one is that the future is remote and the second one is that the secret of efficient team management is organized team collaboration.


Rounding out 2020: Mattermost Community Events

Over the course of 2020, Community events have changed. We’ve seen sweeping changes in everything from the way people get together online, to the way they interact, to the platforms they use to meet. Mattermost is a Community-driven company, and as such we continue to try to work and interact with our Community as much as we possibly can.

How to improve customer relationship by using an omnichannel platform

Strengthening relationships, creating online connections, and improving digital customer relationships have never been this essential. The year 2020 brought many uncertainties, but there is no doubt that efficient online communication helps to maintain good relationships between companies and customers in times like these.


GitHub Plugin 2.0 release

We’re excited to announce the release of GitHub Plugin version 2.0, which adds some new features that increase productivity and reduce the need to context switch between Mattermost and GitHub. As usual, our open source community members have played a key role in developing all of these features and I’d like to say “Thank You!” for their help. Our GitHub plugin is one of the most popular integrations on Mattermost and we use it every day as part of our development process.

Why one of the most important cybersecurity firms in the USA chose Rocket.Chat

When a communication platform is tough enough and flexible enough for innovation, the possibilities are limitless. Learn why one of the most well-known cybersecurity providers from the US chose Rocket.Chat as their main secure communication platform.


Using Mattermost Operator for Kubernetes to deploy our Community server

One of the key benefits of using Kubernetes is that it’s very flexible and fault tolerant. However, that also means that it has quite a lot of complexity to deal with. A well-built operator abstracts that complexity away and helps manage updates and upgrades seamlessly. The Mattermost Kubernetes operator is basically like having a Mattermost Cloud Engineer running inside your Kubernetes cluster managing Mattermost for you.