Barracuda CloudGen Access + Mattermost deliver Zero Trust security for messaging, devices, and access

Barracuda CloudGen Access, the new standard for Zero Trust remote access, and Mattermost, a messaging platform designed for enterprises with high privacy and security needs, have partnered to deliver the most rigorous remote access security for enterprise messaging. In this post we’ll look at how one next-generation investment service firm relies on the CloudGen Access and Mattermost solution to protect customer assets, personal information and corporate intellectual property.


Search for files and document contents in Mattermost

Finding the right information in Mattermost is critical to work smarter and be more productive. Searching in Mattermost now finds both relevant messages and files in your team’s conversation history. Search will return results for attachments that match the file name or contain matching text content within supported document types. File search is available today in Mattermost Cloud and in Mattermost Self-Managed v5.35 (available May 16), with mobile support coming soon.


Mattermost plugins: How to set up your developer environment

The goal of this four-part series is to help you learn how to write your own Mattermost plugins for the first time. To kick things off, this article teaches you how to set up your developer environment. My test computer is a five-year-old laptop with an Intel i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. You need at least 30GB of hard disk for this project. Of course, you’ll also need an internet connection. We start with a freshly installed Ubuntu 20.04. You don’t need to install the desktop environment.

Tutorial: Making a Rocket.Chat App

Another great content created by the amazing members of our Community. This tutorial is brought to you by Rohan Lekhwani – so a special thanks to him! The original article was posted on his Medium page and you can check it by clicking here. Rocket.Chat can be easily extended with powerful Apps. Here is a step by step of how I created MemeBuddy for Rocket.Chat.


Deploying Mattermost and Kubeflow on Kubernetes with Juju 2.9

Since 2009, Juju has been enabling administrators to seamlessly deploy, integrate and operate complex applications across multiple cloud platforms. Juju has evolved significantly over time, but a testament to its original design is the fact that the approach Juju takes to operating workloads hasn’t fundamentally changed; Juju still provides fine grained control over workloads by placing operators right next to applications on any platform.


Azure Service Bus Dead-Letter Queue Monitoring

Azure Service Bus queues and topic subscriptions provide a secondary sub-queue, called a dead-letter queue. The purpose of the dead-letter queue is to hold messages that cannot be delivered to any receiver, or messages that could not be processed. So, any message that resides in the dead-letter queue is called a dead-lettered message.