How We Use Sloth to do SLO Monitoring and Alerting with Prometheus

One of the most challenging tasks for Site Reliability Engineers is to align the reliability of the systems with the business goals. There is a constant battle between delivering more features—which increases the product’s value—and keeping the system reliable and maintainable. A significant ally to achieve both objectives is the Service Level Objective Framework.

Receive charts of Pandora FMS in Telegram

In this video we will learn how to add graphics to the alerts that we receive in Telegram for Pandora alerting. In the first tutorial we saw how to configure to receive these alerts with text and now we will be able to add that they come accompanied by the graph of the module that triggers it. We also leave you the following links to our wiki where you can learn more about the steps that make up the alerts.

New Messaging Service drives end-to-end employee and customer experiences

The new world of hybrid work requires creative ways to engage with customers and employees no matter where they’re located. To answer that call, we’ve launched the ServiceNow Messaging Service to provide a seamless experience from issue to resolution. Built on integration with the Twilio platform, ServiceNow Messaging Service makes it easy for ServiceNow users to integrate SMS and WhatsApp into digital workflows using the Now Platform.


The Absolute Fastest Way to Get Started with Mattermost Apps

This post outlines the quickest path available for a developer to use a basic Mattermost app on a local setup. It makes use of Docker containers, a Node.js app, and — of course — a Mattermost instance! When you’re ready to get started with the Mattermost App Framework, here are the steps that you will need to take.


What You Should Know About Cloud Solutions For Real-Time Analytics

Experts from all industries admit the need to use and analyze data, especially generated in real-time. Therefore, business decision-makers need to know how these processes occur, under whose control they are and how to optimize them. But what technologies can help companies better cope with masses of data?


How to Upgrade to Mattermost v6.0

Thanks to a lot of hard work and excellent feedback from the open source community, Mattermost v6.0 is now generally available! This is a major platform upgrade with new capabilities and wider use case coverage, which many server administrators will be eager to take advantage of. Due to the scope of the changes introduced in v6.0, admins will want to plan ahead for a bit of downtime, especially for larger database migrations. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what to expect.


How We Use Mattermost to Build Mattermost

We started building Mattermost because there was no collaboration solution on the market that fulfilled our engineering teams’ needs as game developers. These days, we’re a software development startup with many of the same needs, processes, and frustrations as our customers. Mattermost has been 100% remote from the beginning, with employees all over the world.


Mattermost v6.0 is Now Available

Mattermost v6.0 is generally available today, launching a redesigned integrated platform. This release includes new platform navigation, plus new features and improvements to Channels, Playbooks, and Boards. A new Mattermost Desktop v5.0 application is released, and multiple features have been promoted to generally available.


Introducing Mattermost 6.0: A New Approach to Developer Collaboration

Today, too many software organizations are in crisis. They face soaring expectations on delivering digital solutions, a complex and fast-changing array of new technologies and new threats to understand, and a limited pool of experienced developers, SRE, and SecOps professionals ready to execute in modern environments. What’s worse, technical talent is too often misconfigured.