Rocket.Chat: The Secure Messaging App To Overcome Social Isolation During COVID-19

When people think about online communication and the opportunities for connection it provides, they quite often don’t realize the importance of virtual spaces for people with chronic health conditions, like HIV-positive African adults and adolescents living with HIV. Quite frequently, these people face social isolation, loneliness, stigma and depression. Even worse, for adolescents, aged 10 to 19 years old, HIV is the leading cause of death in Africa.


EMS brings harmony to Discord

We’re delighted to announce that Element Matrix Services (EMS), our flagship Matrix hosting platform, has launched a fully managed bridge for text-channels in Discord. Discord Bridging brings interoperability between Matrix-based apps and the Discord chat platform. The fully-hosted bridge is now available within EMS via the Integrations tab of the EMS host management dashboard. A single bridge deployment currently supports up to 20 rooms by default, each with unlimited use.