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How Dashbird Atlas Accelerates Serverless Observability

Share When it comes to serverless applications, their distributed nature of exponential scalability and use of potentially thousands of resources automatically begs the need for observability. Using the mass data output of an application to understand and optimize the internal states is a game-changing strategy, but only if used well. Dashbird Atlas takes serverless observability to a new level, reducing excessive noise through simple visualization of your application.

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10 Reasons Network Monitor Software is a Must

Ever since the 1980s, network monitoring systems have been in place for companies that rely on computer networks to perform their daily operations. Since their implementation, they’ve undergone drastic changes and now, provide IT teams with incredible tools to ensure best practices for everything from servers to application performance.


Choosing observability tools to maximize value

Application performance management (APM) like Instana and log management tools like Humio can deliver value beyond the IT department. In a recent Humio webinar, SRE professional Hunter Madison offers insights on how Decisiv, a service relationship management provider, uses observability tools to deliver value across the company and even extend savings to customers.


StatsD: What Is It and How To Monitor It

StatsD is among the most popular monitoring solutions used to instrument code with the help of custom metrics. It has become very popular over the course of the last few years and emerged as the industry standard for open source inside-the-app monitoring. It has a host of advantageous features that makes it perfect for application performance measurements.


The Best Tools for Building Progressive Web Apps

The year 2015 was marked by a new paradigm shift in web development. Google introduced Progressive Web Applications and JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as React.js, Angular.js or Vue.js, created new development methodologies. By 2020, the web environment is flooded with PWAs based on reactive programming and built with cutting-edge frameworks.


Splunk Mobile Update: MDM Support for Microsoft Intune

In May, we announced new updates across the Splunk Connected Experiences portfolio, including support for many popular mobile device management (MDM) providers. With support for MDM capabilities, our customers can securely deploy Splunk Mobile at scale. Today, we are excited to share that Splunk Mobile now supports another popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider: Microsoft Intune. You can manage Splunk Mobile on both iOS and Android devices through Microsoft Intune.


Manage Splunk On-Call Using Terraform

HashiCorp’s Terraform has emerged as a powerful tool for managing infrastructure as code. Teams can fully describe an application’s infrastructure needs such as physical machines, VMs, containers and more using configuration files. This allows the application infrastructure to be version controlled, reducing human errors during deployments.

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PA Server Monitor Basics & Getting Started Guide

PA Server Monitor is our flagship product that was designed with the end-user in mind. It is the easiest server monitoring solution to install and use. Once installed, our PA Server Monitor is designed to provide agentless server monitoring to track and monitor various server aspects. The software application includes features that allow you to customize and configure alerts via email or text messaging.

Honeycomb Learn Ep 1 Instrument Better for a Happy Debugging Team

Nathan LeClaire, Sales Engineer @honeycombio knows first-hand that the key to instrumenting code is to start with baby steps. With Honeycomb, a little instrumentation will give vast insights as soon as you ingest your data. With Honeycomb Beelines, we take the heavy lifting out of instrumenting. Listen to learn: See Honeycomb in action, hear best practices, and learn how fast and painless instrumentation can be.