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4 Steps to Making Observability Real for Your Team

Without unified observability, it’s stressful not having complete visibility into your application. Plus, it contributes to risky deployments. Yet we hear that many developers have poor visibility into what powers production code. Without transparency into their apps, developers cannot see: You can try navigating tickets, permissions, and dashboards that don’t tell the right story, but there are ways to solve this problem.


How important is Observability for SRE?

Observability is what defines a strong SRE team. In this blog, we have covered the importance of observability, and how SREs can leverage it to enhance their business. Observability is the practice of assessing a system’s internal state by observing its external outputs. Through instrumentation, systems can provide telemetry such as metrics, traces, and logs that help organizations better understand, debug, maintain and evolve their platforms.

Why observability is the way to go w/ Georg Höllebauer (APA-Tech) | The StackPod EP #2

Welcome to the second episode of the StackPod! For the second episode, we invited Georg Höllebauer. Georg is an enterprise metrics architect at APA-Tech. APA-Tech is responsible for all IT services within the Austrian Press Agency - Austria's national and largest press agency - and other customers.
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Observability for Microsoft Teams; How, What, and Why?

As one of the leading enterprise collaboration software globally, Microsoft Teams helps remote workers come together and stay productive. But while IT already has tools to monitor Teams call quality metrics, the pandemic shifted the organizational landscape with all of us working remotely from home. Or at least work in a hybrid way! So what does that mean for Teams monitoring now? The shift necessitates a newer Microsoft Teams monitoring strategy approach that combines synthetics with real user monitoring (RUM) to get a complete seamless digital experience.


Observability and SaaS Providers

SaaS is exploding and so it should; it takes commoditized work and infrastructure away from tech teams so that they can focus on differentiating features. But what happens when it goes wrong? How do SaaS platforms make sure they aren't letting their customers down and in turn, letting their customers down? Observability, bolstered with AI gives all the partners the best chance to optimize availability and customer experience. Here's how.


User experience is a focus of Sumo Logic Observability innovations

Technology environments are rapidly evolving as organizations look to remain competitive, accelerate innovation and make themselves more agile. But in the process, many of the observers, i.e., stakeholders who track infrastructure and application metrics, are falling behind, unable to monitor and manage modern, cloud-native apps and multi-cloud environments due to the complexity that comes with them.