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Why Experience Level Agreements for Microsoft 365 are Becoming a Business Expectation

When it comes to business, having a productive IT team means enhanced productivity. Understanding that productivity is a direct result of a good user experience is crucial. In this blog, we will examine what constitutes a good user experience and how experience level agreements for Microsoft 365 are becoming a business expectation. An effective Experience Level Agreement is a combination of different data sources.

Fostering Exceptional Microsoft 365 User Experiences

Enhanced visibility is crucial and to best meet current business needs requires an understanding of the level of satisfaction when using Microsoft 365. There is a growing demand to learn and know how users feel about the quality of their experience. Take a deep dive into the difference between Service Level Agreements and Experience Level Agreements and why the enhanced visibility is crucial to best meetyour current business needs.

Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently developed a report examining the business case for IT end-to-end observability and control and delved into how digital experience management was at the intersection of Microsoft 365 services and IT. Below you will find some excerpts from their report that detail how Martello solutions are able to use digital experience monitoring to provide Microsoft 365 service excellence to our clients.

Work Anywhere: Ensuring Superior Digital Experience with Synthetics and Real User Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring is becoming the norm as the pandemic forces employees to work remotely. Enterprises need to ensure a great end-user digital experience using techniques like Synthetics and Real User Monitoring (RUM). Let Microsoft 365 performance issues not hold you back to transition to a digital remote work future.

NiCE Management Pack 3.3 for Microsoft 365 released

The NiCE Active 365 Management Pack for SCOM enables advanced monitoring for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and AAD Connect in hybrid environments. It ensures end-to-end control for your Microsoft 365 cloud and hybrid services. The new NiCE Active 365 Management Pack 3.3 release comes with great new features.

Martello's 'Work from Anywhere' Monitoring Solutions

Measuring the user experience has become a critical priority and a constant challenge for IT teams. A growing number of services that users depend on to be productive are now delivered via the cloud. Few services are as critical to business today as Microsoft 365. Learn more about Martello’s new ‘work from anywhere’ solutions for Microsoft 365 that add capabilities that dramatically improve the user experience – from anywhere.