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Why MSPs Need End-to-End Visibility

The “shared responsibility” model of the cloud puts most of the control with Microsoft, despite the MSP being responsible. As shown below, Microsoft puts very little responsibility into the hands of the customer (or, in your case, the MSP), which is why most MSPs stick to the basic onboarding-related tasks as their Microsoft 365 offering. But the customer’s reliance on Microsoft 365 has changed in the last 14 months… and so have their expectations.


Proactively Monitor VPN Performance for the Hybrid Workforce

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows remote employees to create a secure connection to the corporate network for accessing resources. These connections essentially tunnel from a computer or mobile device through a VPN server, often through the public Internet. VPN technology has been around since the mid-1990s, but its usage is now going mainstream due to Covid.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 OneDrive Application

Exoprise supports Microsoft 365 OneDrive monitoring similar to SharePoint with OAuth credentials as well as full experience monitoring via a headless browser. The sensor emulates a real user signing into OneDrive to collect end-to-end performance metrics such as health score, server latency, login times, etc. across the infrastructure and measure optimal availability.

How to Monitor Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Monitor Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD) with Exoprise CloudReady. AAD is an enterprise multi-tenant cloud directory and identity management service. In your business, employees who work from home remotely or the office rely on Azure AD to log in to multiple Office 365 services and access them through a single set of cloud credentials.

Analyzing Office 365 GCC Data With Sumo Logic

Many of our customers today leverage Office 365 GCC High, including organizations looking to meet evolving requirements for working with the United States Department of Defense. Sumo Logic enables customers to leverage our out-of-the-box monitoring and analytics capabilities to analyze Office 365 GCC High data to offer security engineers and security analysts stronger situational awareness of internal employee data.


Managing Microsoft 365? See What You're Missing

If a customer has an issue with any part of Microsoft 365, MSPs just don’t have the native visibility to identify the root cause, let alone respond to and remediate the problem. Most of the time, it’s little more than checking Microsoft’s Service Health status to see if Microsoft knows it’s having a problem.


How ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams improve the employee experience

Today, employees are consumers of the workplace. Just as companies compete for customers, they compete for candidates and to retain their existing workforce. Employees want a sense of belonging and to feel engaged in their everyday work. When employee happiness and engagement is lacking, it impacts the satisfaction and quality of work—and could mean missed business growth. [Transform employee experience.] According to Gallup, highly engaged business units can result in.


Monitor Microsoft 365 Client Apps in Real-Time

Microsoft 365 client applications such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams are standalone programs that perform the bulk of the resource and workload processing on a user’s computer. Data retrieval and verification for these applications happen on the client-side, and communication with the server is not continuous. Exoprise customers worldwide use the Office 365 client apps to manage their daily routine and work productively from home, HQ, or branch offices.

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Real User Monitoring for Microsoft 365 and SaaS Performance Issues

Service Watch for Real User Monitoring (RUM) has come a long way. Our last product update announcement talked about new layouts for Service Watch Browser (SWB) and Service Watch Desktop (SWD). These new layouts and widgets provide IT with a holistic end-user experience score. If we try to use business-critical application services from home (or call it #WorkAnyWhere), the experience is often not the same as working from corporate headquarters. Service Watch closes this gap with its browser and desktop passive monitoring solution, enabling IT to collect 1000's of advanced metrics for accelerating troubleshooting.