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Macros, We Don't Need No Stinking Macros! - Featuring the New Microsoft O365 Email Add-On

Recently, I’ve been on a mission building a new Microsoft Office 365 Email Add-on for Splunk. This has been built for use with Splunk Enterprise, while making sure that it properly supports Splunk’s Common Information Model (CIM). CIM is paramount when wanting data to play nicely with Splunk Enterprise Security.

Troubleshooting Microsoft 365 End-to-End

If your organization is among the 115M daily Microsoft Teams users or generally relies on the Microsoft 365 platform, it's safe to say that anytime a performance or service delivery issue arises, the impact on productivity and profitability is material. In short, you need Microsoft 365 not just running, but running well. In this eBook, Microsoft Cloud MVP, Nick Cavalancia examines .

Service Watch Browser Monitoring in Minutes!

You surf the internet, don’t you? While all of us are at home due to Covid lock-down and accepting a new reality, the majority of the work is happening online. IT managers are looking for tools that can track the user digital experience. Executives are reading a report from Gartner or Forrester about some of the best networking monitoring solutions available on the market. Project managers are using Microsoft Teams online to communicate and ensure team members are meeting deliverables on time.


Collect and monitor Microsoft 365 audit logs with Datadog

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and communication services that includes Microsoft Office applications (including OneNote and OneDrive) as well as other popular Microsoft tools like Skype and Teams. Microsoft 365 tools and services are at the core of many organizations’ data management and day-to-day workflows, so monitoring activity across your environment is key to making sure that these services remain secure and meet compliance standards.