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Why Open Source Histograms Are The Future of Telemetry Monitoring

Latency measurements have become an important part of IT infrastructure and application monitoring. The latencies of a wide variety of events like requests, function calls, garbage collection, disk IO, system-call, CPU scheduling, etc. are of great interest to engineers operating and developing IT systems. But there are a number of technical challenges associated with managing and analyzing latency data.

OpenSearch Is Now Generally Available!

I’m thrilled to say that OpenSearch has reached general availability (GA) with the release of version 1.0. This release represents a significant milestone and noteworthy accomplishment for a new open source initiative that was only launched a few months ago. I vividly remember that moment at the beginning of the year when we all woke up to Elastic’s announcement that it would take Elasticsearch and Kibana off the Apache 2.0 OSS license.

OpenSearch Tutorial: Getting Started with Install and Configuration

OpenSearch is a community response to the recent relicensing of Elasticsearch as a non-Open Source platform. AWS,, and a number of partners have been working for months not only to make this merely compatible with Elasticsearch as a functional replacement, but also seeking to create an independent project roadmap.

vmware tanzu

How to Build a Strong Open Source Community: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

When the VMware Tanzu Community Engagement team assembled three years ago, we did so with the belief that strong, sustainable community engagement is a crucial component of successful open source projects. With a mission of helping to build up and improve communities, we set out to support several VMware-originated open source projects.


Contributing to Open Source

If you’re here you probably know the essence of open source already. To us, open source means more than just open source code – it’s also the ethics and the community feeling that goes along with that. For us it means that the people working on Icinga are more than just who we see in our office – Icinga lives from your ideas and contributions. And we want to invite you to join in on the fun!

Community Creations: Bitrise Open Source & the API - Introducing the Bitrise Wall mobile app

Being able to extend the functionality that Bitrise provides, by writing your own Apps that exploit the openness of the API is an added value feature of Bitrise. And, good use of this possibility has already been made by existing Bitrise users. A case in point is Bitrise Wall, created by Jas Manigundan. This is an app for both iOS and Android that allows you to monitor the activity of your builds and even download the latest app version directly from your mobile phone.