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Oct 29, 2020   |  By Log360
From credential theft to network vulnerability exploitation and ransomware incidents on highly secure organizations, the year 2020 has been surprisingly rough on IT security. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are reporting more cyberattacks than ever before, and although the techniques used or the method of attack may be new, the vectors of attack over the years remain unchanged.
Oct 24, 2020   |  By General
Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. With the rising concern over cyberattacks in the distributed workforce, this week we explore the concept of cybersecurity incident response during a pandemic.
Oct 23, 2020   |  By OpManager
A highly functional IT network is the basis of any successful modern business, and for effective operations, organizations must monitor the health and availability of all their IT infrastructure components and ensure they’re up and running 24×7. Uptime is the duration during which a network component is reachable and capable of operating efficiently. Typical networks use ICMP or TCP to communicate with devices and identify idle or inactive ones.
Oct 22, 2020   |  By OpUtils
Remember when native commands like ping and ipconfig were adequate for network inspection? With networks becoming more dynamic, these generic tools don’t seem to make the cut anymore. IT admins are in a constant quest for ad hoc network tools and utilities that could aid specific network management needs. Using individual network diagnostic tools, on the other hand, requires constant tab switching, and comparing data pulled by independent network tools to pinpoint your network issue.
Oct 21, 2020   |  By General
Most of us can think of a time when we received a phishing email. In fact, most phishing emails are easy to identify, and automatically go to spam. However, in this ongoing pandemic, hackers are adopting advanced tactics that cleverly conceal their malicious intentions, and fly under the radar by leveraging the victim’s fear, anxiety, or plain negligence.
Oct 19, 2020   |  By Vulnerability Manager Plus
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores have been viewed as the de facto measure to prioritize vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are assigned CVSS scores ranging from one to 10, with 10 being the most severe. However, they were never intended as a means of risk prioritization. If you’ve relied on CVSS scores alone to safeguard your organization, here’s why you’re probably using them incorrectly.
Oct 16, 2020   |  By DataSecurity Plus
As file storage grows rapidly year after year, new challenges arise around keeping data safe and maintaining control over data storage systems. Who owns which files? Whose files take up what volume of enterprise storage? Which files have become obsolete? How many copies of a file exist, and where? Are there any stale files that contain sensitive data? These questions require up-to-date answers to ensure that business, compliance, and data security needs are easily and effectively met.
Oct 15, 2020   |  By Log360
A critical Active Directory vulnerability (CVE-2020-1472) has been making headlines for being the most notorious elevation of privilege bug because it can affect all computers and domain controllers in an organization. This high-risk vulnerability, dubbed Zerologon, gives threat actors easy, instant access to domain controllers without requiring any additional privileges. This attack does not even require a user to be authenticated; the user just needs to be connected to the internal network.
Oct 14, 2020   |  By General
ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine’s flagship IT service management (ITSM) solution, has been named a Niche Player in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools. The Magic Quadrant offers insights for organizations shopping for an ITSM tool for their business needs. The research names some vendors based on strict inclusion criteria that includes vision, capability, size of operations, number of large customers, and more.
Oct 12, 2020   |  By ServiceDesk Plus
The all-new UI of ServiceDesk Plus We are excited to launch the all new user interface for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, the flagship ITSM software from ManageEngine. This latest UI update takes cues from the minimal design language and features restructured layouts that puts the user at the center of every module interaction. The new user experience is based on four dimensions. This redesign comes with multiple new features, as well.
Oct 15, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Learn how the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) works in ServiceDesk Plus, how to set up your own CMDB, and how it helps IT teams manage their IT infrastructure better. ServiceDesk Plus is an IT service management (#ITSM) software that helps organizations streamline their ticketing, and manage their IT efficiently, ensuring there's minimal downtime and top notch IT service delivery.  
Oct 13, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
In this session, our experts discuss the benefits and challenges of the digital workspace in our new normal times. Find out more about the new concept of bring your own internet (BYOI) that is challenging internet bandwidth constraints, and collaboratively securing your endpoints.
Oct 9, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization driven threat and vulnerability management solution for enterprises with built-in remediation. This video covers how you can utilize Vulnerability Manager Plus' security configuration management feature to continually detect security misconfigurations in your endpoints using a pre-defined set of baselines, and bring them back to compliance.
Oct 7, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
PAM360 is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to incorporate PAM into their overall security operations. With PAM360's contextual integration capabilities, you can build a central console where different parts of your IT management system interconnect for deeper correlation of privileged access data and overall network data, facilitating meaningful inferences and quicker remedies. In this video, our product expert will give you an overview of PAM360 software.
Sep 30, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Tune in to this webinar and learn more about current IT management and cybersecurity challenges and how you can safeguard your organization from common attack vectors.
Sep 29, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Managing and securing modern endpoints in hybrid work environments
Sep 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Is your sysadmin proud of their enduser or are they shaking their heads? Watch this short video to see if you've been on top of your security game or if you need to join us for '10 security tips for managing and monitoring your Windows infrastructure' on the 17th of Sep.
Sep 16, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Modern technologies like machine learning (ML) algorithms can introduce a forward-thinking outlook to privileged access management (PAM) and enable enterprises to predict emerging access risks in real time. ML-based anomaly detection systems can deeply analyze raw data collected around privileged activity, profile standard user behavior patterns, and then surveil future operations to detect any deviations from the norm, such as server logins after office hours.
Aug 25, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization driven threat and vulnerability management solution for enterprises with built-in remediation. This video covers how you can utilize Vulnerability Manager Plus to discover vulnerabilities, put them in context to understand their impact and urgency, and swiftly remediate the imminent vulnerabilities with a built-in patching workflow.
Jul 23, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most business-critical services in enterprise IT. It acts as a central warehouse that hosts large volumes of business data primarily stored for the purpose of internal collaborations among employees. It empowers users to access this data from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Hence, any performance hiccup in a SharePoint environment could have major repercussions on the business continuity of an organization. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor SharePoint environments to ensure seamless workflow.
Jul 8, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations around the world have rapidly adopted remote work policies, making email communication more important than ever for disparate teams to collaborate. This has made it convenient for threat actors to launch email-based cyberattacks. The FBI has issued a public service announcement in which it revealed that it is anticipating business email compromise (BEC) attacks related to the COVID-19 crisis to increase. Hence, it's imperative for businesses to strengthen email security to mitigate email-borne threats.
Jun 17, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Remote work is here to stay, at least for the time being. IT admins now face the stiff challenge of extending IT support to employees and ensuring smooth workflows. They are now forced to minimize help desk dependency and processes in place that ensure complete security. This e-book helps IT admins do exactly that. ManageEngine's in house IAM expert writes about accessibility and security aspects of password infrastructures, and how you as an IT admin can minimize the risk of employee down-time due to password mismanagement.
May 29, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a physical sciences laboratory and is now part of the United States Department of Commerce. The NIST publishes standards across fields including engineering, information technology, neutron research, and more.
May 28, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
We're excited to announce that ManageEngine has been recognized for the eighth time in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for Application Performance Monitoring. We believe that this achievement is the result of our continued efforts towards providing a simple and cost-effective, but efficient application monitoring solution for our clients.
May 11, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Over 80 percent of all federal agencies use Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and collaboration products such as SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams to serve their thousands of employees and contractors. Office 365 has many benefits including enhanced security, mobility, and reporting, but how can you be sure that you're staying compliant and protecting information for an Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit?
Apr 22, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Businesses around the globe are adopting a work-from-home model to maintain business continuity. Remote work demands access to on-premises services and applications, and a virtual private network (VPN) serves as a conduit to bridge this gap. However, choosing the right VPN without proper technical expertise is quite challenging owing to the plethora of choices available in the market. Download this e-book to learn how to select the right VPN to maximize uptime of your business operations.
Apr 16, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
A majority of companies are moving towards a work-from-home model in an effort to reduce costs and improve operational agility. However, along with these advantages, a remote workforce brings up numerous security concerns. Download this e-book to learn how to secure your network and safely support a remote workforce.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Here are 10 easy-to-implement, server virtualization management methods that can help you improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of your IT infrastructure.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Firewall Analyzer is a firewall policy and log management solution. We have an ebook of firewall best practices to be followed to secure your network.

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