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Apr 30, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. In this edition, we’ll learn about DataOps, an interesting methodology that can help organizations fast-track their data analytics operations.
Apr 27, 2021   |  By RMM Central
We’re pleased to introduce ManageEngine RMM Central, a unified remote monitoring and management solution. Maintaining the IT infrastructure and systems of client networks is a herculean task for IT service providers. Multiple tools perform various capabilities in network management, be it maintaining or managing workstations, laptops, servers, and other networks.
Apr 22, 2021   |  By Desktop Central
According to Forrester, the number of permanent, full-time remote workers is expected to increase by 300 percent or more compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Amid the chaos surrounding the pandemic, getting your entire workforce back to the office seems trivial, especially when many employees’ work can be done remotely. It’s no wonder that, according to Gartner, almost half of employees will continue to work remotely post COVID-19.
Apr 19, 2021   |  By OpUtils
In today’s complex IT infrastructures, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers play an indispensable role in automating IP allocation and configuration. A DHCP server’s capacity to allocate IPs to the requesting clients in real-time is one of the factors that ensures constant uptime of dynamic networks. However, even though a network’s availability depends on them, DHCP servers are often not closely monitored by IT teams.
Apr 16, 2021   |  By General
Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week we explore the rising scope of location intelligence in improving the overall customer experience.
Apr 16, 2021   |  By AD360
On March 9, 2021, Verkada, a software company that specializes in making security cameras for monitoring physical access control, was subject to a security hack. Hackers gained access to the video feed of at least 15 thousand cameras deployed across various locations and exposed the inner workings of hospitals, clinics, and mental health institutions; banks; police departments; prisons; schools; and companies like Tesla and Cloudflare.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
During the past twenty years, so much has changed in the IT office. Two decades ago, we were still using dial-up modems. Now, the entire world wide web is at our fingertips, and our world of IT is more efficient but complicated too. A few significant IT trends have also developed during this time. One of the most important is the cloud that has also become a common buzzword in business. Like many buzzwords, there is a lot of excitement and confusion surrounding the term.
Mar 31, 2021   |  By General
Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. In this edition, we’ll learn about the worst data breaches that happened recently, their impact, and the cost of data breaches for companies. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had an impact on the mental and physical health of employees, but on the digital health of organizations around the world.
Mar 30, 2021   |  By Log360
“Where necessity speaks, it demands”. This old saying seems particularly apt right now with the pandemic forcing organizations to completely change the way they think about their IT networks. That rapid shift to remote work has resulted in a massive demand for cloud-based services.
Mar 23, 2021   |  By OpUtils
From exposing your network vulnerabilities to becoming a passageway for intruders, open ports can pose several risk vectors that threaten your network’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This is why it’s a best practice to close your open ports. To tackle the risks introduced by open ports, network admins rely on port scanning tools to identify, inspect, analyze, and close open ports in their networks.
May 6, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Track your team's performance and execute your Jira projects effectively using the Analytics Plus app for Jira.
Apr 30, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Track your performance against your project targets using the Target vs. Actual Milestone Completion report in the Analytics Plus app for Jira. If you're not already using Analytics Plus for Jira, download your free, 30-day trial today.
Apr 30, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Learn about #ITIL4 and #enterpriseservicemanagement from one of the ITIL 4 architects and co-author on how to extend the scope of ITIL 4 beyond IT and best practices to benefit your organization. With the developments in ITIL 4 in recent years, organizations are now appreciating the real meaning of value “co-creation,” and the need for collaboration across organizations. So there is a lot of development and collaborative work taking place to synthesize and integrate work, tasks, and value streams across departments, teams, and functional groups—all well beyond IT.
Apr 29, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Track work that's yet to be completed, and predict when your project will be finished using the Burndown chart in the Analytics Plus app for Jira.
Apr 12, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
In the latest installment of the ManageEngine Insights' podcast, enterprise analyst John Donegan sits down with Andy Bates, the executive director of the Global Cyber Alliance. An expert in the field of cybersecurity, Bates discusses current IT security trends, attack vectors, crime deterrents, and other emerging issues, such as biometrics and blockchain technologies. Bates also addresses user psychology as it relates to IT security, as well as some of the silver linings of the COVID pandemic.
Apr 10, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Using the new change workflow builder, users can now configure end-to-end workflows scaling to meet their business requirements. Dynamic approvals within each stage of the workflow, conditions to decide the path of the change and switch operations to shift the same, and the feasibility to perform field updates on change requests, are some of the functionalities available with the new change workflow builder.
Mar 29, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
This webinar recording gives you a clear picture of the various credential-related perils that can surface because of implementing business process automation (BPA) workfows in your enterprise. Ganesh, our in-house IT security expert will walk you through the risks associated with hard-coding privileged credentials within application scripts and also provide you with a handful of security best practices to mitigate the risks and fortify your IT infrastructure from credential exposure through PAM360.
Mar 29, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
In the second episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2021, we will discuss how you can build an effective Service Catalog that is ideal for your organization's needs.
Mar 29, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
In the second episode of ManageEngine's Masterclass 2021, we will discuss how you can build an effective Service Catalog that is ideal for your organization's needs.
Mar 1, 2021   |  By ManageEngine
Ever wondered how enterprises like Zoho, with over 50 SaaS applications and more than 180,000 customers, handle the spectrum of IT incidents they face? Download this free e-book now to get an insider look into the incident response and management processes that Zoho has perfected over the years.
Dec 2, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Just as remote work has grown at an unprecedented rate across the world, so too have the number of email scams. Email is now the most popular attack vectors among adversaries. We've prepared a guide to help you understand the anatomy of popular email-based scams, how they work, and what you can do to avoid them. Key insights from the e-book.
Jul 23, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most business-critical services in enterprise IT. It acts as a central warehouse that hosts large volumes of business data primarily stored for the purpose of internal collaborations among employees. It empowers users to access this data from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Hence, any performance hiccup in a SharePoint environment could have major repercussions on the business continuity of an organization. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor SharePoint environments to ensure seamless workflow.
Jul 8, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations around the world have rapidly adopted remote work policies, making email communication more important than ever for disparate teams to collaborate. This has made it convenient for threat actors to launch email-based cyberattacks. The FBI has issued a public service announcement in which it revealed that it is anticipating business email compromise (BEC) attacks related to the COVID-19 crisis to increase. Hence, it's imperative for businesses to strengthen email security to mitigate email-borne threats.
Jun 17, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Remote work is here to stay, at least for the time being. IT admins now face the stiff challenge of extending IT support to employees and ensuring smooth workflows. They are now forced to minimize help desk dependency and processes in place that ensure complete security. This e-book helps IT admins do exactly that. ManageEngine's in house IAM expert writes about accessibility and security aspects of password infrastructures, and how you as an IT admin can minimize the risk of employee down-time due to password mismanagement.
May 29, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a physical sciences laboratory and is now part of the United States Department of Commerce. The NIST publishes standards across fields including engineering, information technology, neutron research, and more.
May 28, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
We're excited to announce that ManageEngine has been recognized for the eighth time in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for Application Performance Monitoring. We believe that this achievement is the result of our continued efforts towards providing a simple and cost-effective, but efficient application monitoring solution for our clients.
May 11, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Over 80 percent of all federal agencies use Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and collaboration products such as SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams to serve their thousands of employees and contractors. Office 365 has many benefits including enhanced security, mobility, and reporting, but how can you be sure that you're staying compliant and protecting information for an Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit?
Apr 22, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Businesses around the globe are adopting a work-from-home model to maintain business continuity. Remote work demands access to on-premises services and applications, and a virtual private network (VPN) serves as a conduit to bridge this gap. However, choosing the right VPN without proper technical expertise is quite challenging owing to the plethora of choices available in the market. Download this e-book to learn how to select the right VPN to maximize uptime of your business operations.
Apr 16, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
A majority of companies are moving towards a work-from-home model in an effort to reduce costs and improve operational agility. However, along with these advantages, a remote workforce brings up numerous security concerns. Download this e-book to learn how to secure your network and safely support a remote workforce.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Firewall Analyzer is a firewall policy and log management solution. We have an ebook of firewall best practices to be followed to secure your network.

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