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Agile Project Management: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

From the building of ancient pyramids and industrialization of the 19th century to modern-day developments such as the Gantt chart and Critical Path, project management has always existed in some form. Today, project management has evolved one step further – with improved processes and technology providing more flexibility, more accountability and ultimately, more successful outcomes.

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Remote Training: 9 Tools and Tips to Train Your Remote Workforce

Employee training and development is an important contributor to any company’s growth. Over the past few years, small and large businesses have started investing more and more in employee training. This is because effective employee training leads to numerous benefits. Some of these benefits can be increased employee retention, employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and ultimately better ROI for the businesses.


A Perfect Toolkit for Managing Remote Teams

Remote work has become more popular in recent years, with 2020 speeding up the transition drastically. Further, thanks to the emergence of countless digitized platforms and online collaboration tools, it’s now easier than ever to manage a remote team. Working remotely has actually been found to increase productivity by up to 13%, and we can expect remote teams to become more and more common in the near future. Here are some of the reasons remote work gains ground every year.


'Let's jump on quickly' with Teamwork Chat video calls

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your point across over chat messages. Discussions can go around in circles, and decision making can take much longer than it should. For times like these, you just need to jump on a video call to iron out issues, make quick decisions, or just see a friendly face — especially in this new age of remote work. Now, Teamwork Chat can make that happen with our latest feature, Video Calls.


Cookies Processing

While surfing the internet, you ofter get notifications that the websites use cookies and need to accept some or all cookies to access some websites. You may know what these cookies are and why the websites need them, but when it comes to creating your own website, you definitely need to be fully aware of how to collect and process cookies on your website.


Remote Team Management and Productivy Improvments

Getting the best out of your team is always a challenge, but it gets even more interesting when you have to manage team members working from their different homes. This article explores techniques that improve your team’s effectiveness and efficiency. One of the trending topics in productivity management today is “The Future of Work”. While the subject is not entirely new, the discussions around it have taken a new dimension.