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Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana. It's a project management tool that helps define, organize, track and manage work across teams, using a familiar kanban board view. We're currently in early-access beta, and are looking for feedback. So please download it today and let us know what you think. Focalboard is open source! Check out the source code here, and contribute to the future of this project.

How does project management improve the success rate of IT projects?

It is no secret that the failure rate of IT projects is the biggest worry for project managers. Add to this the impact of the current pandemic. A cursory Google search will present you with reports from Gartner, Statista and many others detailing how the spending in Global IT is projected to go down in 2020 (We still don’t have complete figures for all the financial quarters in 2020) compared to 2019. This is despite the availability of vaccines and the growing number of vaccinated population.


The Problem With Agile Scrum (and Why We Use Kanban Instead)

Every engineering team has their own approach when it comes to development methodologies. Most teams have embraced popular frameworks, Agile Scrum seems to be the most popular, both putting their own spin on it and choosing the parts that work for them. Despite any differences, we’re all out to achieve the same goal. We want a process that scales with our organizations and results in happy teams, high velocity, and quality software.


Time management planning and team productivity

Sometimes, a day seems to be very short. How do some people manage to achieve so much within 24 hours of the day? Well, the answer is a good and thoughtful time management plan. But, what is a time management plan, and how do you create one? In this post, you will get answers to these questions and learn how to be productive within the given timeframe.


The 5 Best Marketing Project Management Software

As soon as you install Bitrix24, discover sections devoted to CRM, communications, contact center, tasks and projects, and websites. Switch to different view modes and fully customize your company social timeline. Import prior contacts, leads, deals, invoices, and other types of records and customize how they are displayed and who can see what information.


Inserting Items

OneDesk allows you to create items such as tickets and tasks by adding them manually. Usually, you will need to fill out the internal creation form for that given item. However, inserting an item allows you to bypass filling out the form and to insert items with the inline item insertion function. This function lets you add multiple items into a given location quickly by providing the minimum amount of information needed, usually just an item name. You can use inline inserting to add any item types.