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Now Platform Rome release delivers capabilities for hybrid work

The ways we live and work have fundamentally changed with remote working and hybrid work models becoming the norm. Digital transformation has taken on a new level of urgency to the point where its success or failure directly impacts an organization’s ability to prosper or even survive. More than ever, organizations need a single platform to enhance productivity, accelerate innovation, and engage their employees and customers, wherever they are.


Delivering connected and engaging employee experiences for hybrid work

Business leaders face a do-or-die situation when addressing the challenges of the new world of hybrid work. Digital transformation within employee experiences is no longer simply a driver of growth and productivity—it’s an imperative to help employees find better balance and keep them creative, productive, and engaged.


How We Work at k6 - Remote and 8-week Work Cycles

August 7, I joined the Office Hours our Developer Relations team runs on a weekly basis, to talk about how we work at k6. We are growing rapidly, and are a little unconventional in how we organize ourselves, so I thought it would be a good idea to share in more detail how we build and ship software, being a remote-only company.


The top 7 IT challenges to managing a remote workforce

With more and more businesses continuing to work from home or allowing flexible remote work, managed services providers (MSPs) are faced with numerous obstacles—ranging from securing a multitude of new endpoints to remotely deploying software—as they work to best support their customers. This guide will outline the top seven IT challenges faced by businesses managing a remote workforce and provide solutions that MSPs can use to tackle them.


Rushing Back to the Office or Do You Prefer Remote Work?

Just as vaccines came into the picture and some hope in this pandemic, new coronavirus cases started to emerge. In San Francisco, for instance, where mask mandates were lifted, and life was starting to feel more normal again, it feels as though we are now regressing. People are struggling to cope. It feels as though we’ve just gone from one variant with high transmissibility back down to another even worse than before.


Financial Services Software App Challenges: Distributed Workforces

Per Forbes, the distributed workforce is here to stay. Over half of Americans now work either full-time or part-time from somewhere that isn’t an office. We can only expect that number to keep growing, and while other countries haven’t jumped into fully remote work quite as quickly as the United States, the global trends are undoubtedly headed in the same direction.


Return to Office: the Vital Role of IT

18 months later, organizations around the globe are slowly but surely starting to welcome their employees back to the office – or at least thinking about it. But this is not a “back to normal” kind of thing. Most will recognize that something’s different this time around. Firstly, there is no clear one-size-fits-all return-to-office strategy.


Remote work and its lasting impact: What our global research uncovered

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had a profound impact on everyone across the globe; it has also fundamentally changed the way organizations function. We are nearing one and a half years since remote work became the norm and organizations had to adapt to this new mode of working almost overnight. This rapid transition wouldn’t have been possible without the massive technology, workflow, and process upgrades undertaken by IT departments.

Working in the New Normal

The global shift to remote work in early 2020 resulted in enterprises heavily relying on digital touchpoints, such as Microsoft Teams, to keep the hybrid workplace connected. Without deep visibility into the Teams user experience, IT is left in the dark when it comes to overall Teams performance. So, what can you do to optimize your hybrid workforce's interaction with Microsoft Teams? Download now to see.