Announcing the Search Bar

Engineering teams hoping to gain full-stack observability into their environment need access to the relevant logs, metrics, and traces generated by their cloud infrastructure and applications. Accessing the relevant data quickly is essential – not just because it is more convenient, but because faster engineers are also business-critical for many organizations.


Elastic 7.15: Create powerful, personalized search experiences in seconds

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Elastic 7.15, a release that brings a broad set of new capabilities to the Elastic Search Platform (including Elasticsearch and Kibana) and its three built-in solutions — Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security.

How to build a search interface for Your Apps and Websites - 7.14

Great user interfaces are critical for search engines, but designing them can take a lot of effort. The Elastic App Search Reference UI makes it easy. In this video, you will learn how Reference UI gives you the keys to quickly set up a new custom search interface, whether you need to build a quick demo or lay the foundation of a production environment. Reference Links.

OpenSearch Clusters: Get Started with Install and Configuration

Our first tutorial gave a general introduction to OpenSearch installation and configuration. We recently also published a comparative introduction for OpenSearch queries (and how they parallel or contrast with Elasticsearch). Now, we’ll continue that series with an intro to OpenSearch clusters. This is a very simple tutorial with straight-forward examples, but we will try to cover some detail and common advanced settings.

How to tune search relevance in Elastic App Search

When users run queries against your search engine, they’re interested in the most relevant documents. Elastic App Search makes it easy to further tune the search experience to optimize for your own needs. In this short video, we’ll show how documents are ranked and how you can change this ranking using intuitive, real-time relevance tuning.

How To Set Up Elasticsearch on Heroku

Use Elasticsearch Features on HerokuPower your data collection and analysis processes with Elasticsearch on Heroku. While Heroku streamlines your app developing process, this search engine add-on allows data analysts and app developers to manage, sort, and analyze information in near real-time. Explore the benefits of these two tools and how Xplenty provides innovative data integration.

OpenSearch Queries: Query DSL and Beyond

OpenSearch has evolved rapidly since its fork from the source code of the last truly open source version of Elasticsearch. So far, the community’s work has focused on removing proprietary code from Elastic, including a number of things that were never purely open source themselves. These include some aspects of the querying languages and capabilities of Elasticsearch.


Elasticsearch Audit Logs and Analysis

Security is a top-of-mind topic for software companies, especially those that have experienced security breaches. Companies must secure data to avoid nefarious attacks and meet standards such as HIPAA and GDPR. Audit logs record the actions of all agents against your Elasticsearch resources. Companies can use audit logs to track activity throughout their platform to ensure usage is valid and log when events are blocked.


Elasticsearch Release: Roundup of Changes in 7.13.3

Elastic made their latest minor Elasticsearch release on May 25, 2021. Elasticsearch Version 7.13 contains the rollout of several features that were only in preview in earlier versions. There are also enhancements to existing features, critical bug fixes, and some breaking changes of note. Three more patches have been released on the minor version, and more are expected before releasing the next minor version.