A Few Minutes More: Add Xray DevSecOps to Artifactory Enterprise on Azure

In a prior blog post, we explained how to install or update Artifactory through the Azure Marketplace in the amount of time it takes for your coffee order to arrive on the counter. Now you can add to your self-managed (BYOL) Artifactory deployment Xray, the cream of software component analysis (SCA) tools, through the Azure Marketplace as well.

Siemplify Security Operations Platform Overview

Watch as we take you on a high-level tour through the world's leading independent SOAR platform and how it enables security analysts and engineers to work more efficiently and effectively. Discover how the platform provides integrations to hundreds of security and IT tools and ready-to-deploy use cases, yet goes beyond orchestration and automation to provide a complete platform to manage security opeations from end to end, from patentend threat-centric alert grouping all the way to an integrated crisis management portal.

How to Automate a Ransomware Response in 5 Steps

As if organizations are not under enough pressure from ransomware purveyors, Check Point estimates that ransomware attacks have roughly doubled in the United States over the past three months, due in part to the shift to remote working which has increased phishing opportunities and exposed new gaps in corporate IT infrastructure. And the situation has become even more distressing with the U.S. government now threatening fines to victims who pay the cyber extortionists’ demands.


Why You Need Security Operations

A fully grown security operations center (SOC) was, until recently, a luxury, affordable for the largest organizations only, but even in global players, budget constraints are real. Unfortunately, the willingness to raise money for security seems to require an incident first. However, we often forget there’s no need for a dedicated war room, and it doesn’t always require a full team. Centralized security can be outsourced.

The 5 Biggest Security Operations Trends Shaping Today's MSSP

While opportunity has never looked brighter for MSSPs, they are still under obligation to solve the very security challenges so many enterprises and SMBs count on them for, all while recognizing that each client environment requires unique attention. This is no easy feat, especially as competition grows and customer expectations become more exacting.

SolarWinds Sponsored Research Details How SecOps and IT/DevOps Can Improve Speed and Agility by Breaking Down Silos

Actionable Insights Focus on Key Factors, Including Integrated Technology Platform Adoption, Process Integration, and Team Collaboration to Combat Complexity and Decrease Fragmentation.

Cybersecurity Experts Discuss: Doing the Basics Well

In a series of blogs, we cover why a modern SIEM and SOC are essential in fighting today's cyber threats. Here is a summary from a discussion between Ben Harrison, Director SOC and Security Services, Cygilant and Jake McCabe, CISSP, Presales Director, LogPoint. The cornerstone of a modern SOC and modern SIEM is that the basics are not forgotten. The essence of good security is doing the basics well.


Working in the SOC with Power Tools: Splunk and Polarity

Have you ever had to saw through a board by hand? I had to finish a partial cut by hand the other day while building a new mantle for my fireplace. It’s slow and difficult, and it often results in a lesser quality cut than one done with a power tool. It’s good exercise, though! We should all have to do it at least once so we appreciate our power tools more.


Find the Correct MSSP or Build an Efficient SOC? (Part 2)

Many organizations don’t rely on outsourced security solutions such as MSSP. Rather, they prefer building their own SOC to combat nefarious cybersecurity threats and attacks. However, it is vital to know how an effective SOC is built and what should be its essential security ingredients.


How to Measure Effectiveness of Your Security Operations with SOAR and Business Intelligence (+Video)

Rising above the daily firefighting to actually measure the effectiveness of your security operations is easier said than done. This, in part, is because security analysts traditionally have worked across dozens of products and consoles. The enuing lack of integration has been a major pain point for SOC teams when it comes to reporting, especially when you receive random requests for data in a variety of formats.