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Mobile device security explained

With recent global health events resulting in a surprise shift to an either completely remote or hybrid remote workforce for many organizations, the need to leverage mobile devices as work endpoints has grown significantly. This has created challenges for IT in maintaining both the ability to manage a wide range of devices, as well as securing them in a way that achieves corporate security objectives and governance.


Observations from the digital trenches

When AT&T Incident Response Consultants first engage a client during a ransomware incident, the situation is often very chaotic. The client's ability to conduct business has stopped; critical services are not online, and its reputation is being damaged. Usually, this is the first time a client has suffered an outage of such magnitude. Employees may wrongly fear that a previous action is a direct cause of the incident and the resulting consequences.


Protecting data in Snowflake is easy with Nightfall's API platform

Ever since Snowflake burst onto the scene in 2014, the company and the software has been massively influential in how we all think of storing and accessing data. Snowflake reached new heights in September when they launched their IPO — at 28 million shares and $3.4 billion raised, it’s the largest software IPO in history. The higher financial profile and cash influx means Snowflake can expand its reach even further.


Tips for Updating Your Cybersecurity Plan

Every year brings new opportunities for federal IT professionals to reduce risk by addressing threats—both existing and emerging—with new tools, technologies, and tactics. This year has proven to be a little different, with the emergence of COVID-19 forcing federal agencies to make the jump to remote work. Although the world at large is currently working from home, bad actors from criminals to nation-state actors are still working, too.


The Business Case for Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

Look no further than the almost daily cybersecurity threats and attacks on businesses to know that cybersecurity should be at the top of every organization’s priority list. Yet, for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) it seems to always slip down the list because cybersecurity is viewed as a sunk cost rather than an important business enabler.


Australia Proposes Security Law to Protect Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks

The Australian Government is committed to protecting the essential services all Australians rely on by uplifting the security and resilience of critical infrastructure. Increasingly interconnected and interdependent critical infrastructure is delivering efficiencies and economic benefits to operations.


Five worthy reads: Preparing an incident response plan for the pandemic and beyond

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. With the rising concern over cyberattacks in the distributed workforce, this week we explore the concept of cybersecurity incident response during a pandemic.