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Why Are Some Engineers Missing The Point of Serverless?

Recently, I saw a video from a really great developer and YouTuber, Ben Awad, where he discussed Serverless not make any sense. Even though I really enjoyed the video, I am not sure if the author’s points about serverless are entirely valid, and I want to discuss them in this article.

Webinar How to Monitor Serverless Apps - Jan 2021

The software we write does not always work as smoothly as we'd like. To know if something went wrong, find the root cause, and fix the problem, we need to monitor our system and get alerts whenever issues pop up. There are many useful tools and practices for non-serverless applications. As we adopt serverless architecture can we continue to use the same approach? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

How Dashbird innovates serverless monitoring

At first glance, all serverless monitoring services seem similar and aim to solve the same problems. However, in Dashbird, we have made decisions that fundamentally differentiate us from our competitors since day one. Over time, those differences have magnified and we have found increasing confirmation and confidence in our approach. Dashbird product strategy is based on three core pillars.


How to monitor and debug AppSync APIs

AWS AppSync is a fully managed GraphQL service that makes it easy for you to build scalable and performant GraphQL APIs without having to manage any infrastructure! With AppSync, you get a lot of capabilities out of the box. Such as the ability to integrate directly with DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, Aurora Serverless, and Lambda. AppSync also supports both per-request as well as per-resolver caching and has built-in integration with CloudWatch and X-Ray.


Datadog automatically surfaces actionable insights into your Lambda functions

Serverless platforms like AWS Lambda have helped accelerate application development by removing the need to provision and manage infrastructure resources. However, serverless architecture presents new monitoring challenges. Because AWS Lambda handles underlying infrastructure for you, you don’t have access to system-level metrics. Instead, you have to monitor your Lambda functions for insight into their performance and resource usage.


Debugging with Dashbird: Malformed Lambda Proxy Response

One problem that pops up quite frequently when people try to build serverless applications with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda is Execution failed due to configuration error: Malformed Lambda proxy response. There is nothing worse than generic error messages that don’t tell you anything you need to fix the problem, right? And AWS isn’t particularly known for its error message design, if you can even call it that, let alone for giving you the means of fixing the problem.


Building, Testing and Deploying AWS Lambda Functions in Ruby

For quick, scalable, highly-available web services, few options compare to AWS Lambda. Just provide your code, add a little configuration, and you're done! In this article, Milap Neupane will introduce us to Lambda, show us how to get it working with Ruby and the Serverless Framework, and discuss reasons to use — or to not use! — Lambda in production.


How Cloud Operations helps users of Wix's Velo development platform provide a better customer experience

With more and more businesses moving online, and homegrown entrepreneurs spinning up new online apps, they’re increasingly looking for an online development platform to help them easily build and deploy their sites.


Introduction to Epsagon Service Maps (Part 1)

Service maps are a visual and interactive depiction of how the services interact with each other. They also provide critical health information (such as latency, number of errors, etc.) for each service. As more and more applications are getting deployed as microservices, service maps have become increasingly important. In this blog, we will explore the importance of service maps in an observability solution and cover the basics of this feature in Epsagon.