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How to deploy a Node.js application to AWS Lambda using Serverless Framework

Being a developer is awesome. Writing code, solving problems, and thinking of ingenious solutions for complicated algorithms is what we live for. But, the grass is not always so green on this side of the fence. Sooner or later, you need to get your hands dirty and deploy the app you worked so hard on. Deployments are not always easy. To be blunt, they can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s what we’ll solve in this tutorial.


Explore Azure App Service with the Datadog Serverless view

Azure App Service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for deploying applications to the cloud without worrying about infrastructure. App Service’s “serverless” approach removes the need to provision or manage the servers that run your applications, which provides flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. However, App Service also introduces infrastructure-like considerations that can impact performance and costs.

Nightmare on AWS street: mistakes we made and overcoming challenges of starting out with serverless

Tobi started building on AWS in 2018 for a big migration project for a very well-known German car manufacturer. Here's what he's learned from his mistakes from first starting out, which of his assumptions about building on serverless held true, and what came as a complete surprise? Learn more about building on serverless on our blog.

Making CI/CD Work with Serverless

As a developer, serverless lets you concentrate on what you do best: building your product. What happens when we want to implement a CI/CD flow with the serverless mindset? A supercharged CI/CD flow. In this webinar, AWS Serverless Hero and Lumigo VP Engineering Efi Merdler-Kravitz presents Lumigo’s own journey in building a 100% serverless CI/CD pipeline.

Webinar: How Medtronic Monitors a Billion Lambda Requests a Month

Jeff Barr AWS Chief Evangelist, Daniel Modlinger Medtronic Director of Data & AI, and Erez Berkner Lumigo CEO discuss serverless observability at scale and review how Medtronic's Artificial Pancreas Project runs a billion AWS Lambda requests a month while maintaining high-availability. Watch and learn how to scale your serverless workloads.

Monitor AWS Lambda Functions on AWS Graviton2 powered EC2 instances with Epsagon

Arm architecture is ubiquitous in today’s smartphones, IoT devices, and even some laptops. Earlier, the adoption of Arm-based processors was due to the low cost and low power consumption. However, in the last few years, Arm-based processors have come leaps and bounds in terms of performance too. That is why there has been a significant adoption of Arm in cloud computing. AWS Graviton2 processors deliver the best price performance for cloud workloads.


How to check NFT supply with AWS Lambda?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or short NFTs, are all the rage right now. Everyone and their pets are starting an NFT project. Some people got rich from using NFTs; others did not. Some say it’s the savior that will rip the power away from big corporations and give it back to the creators; others say it’s just a giant pyramid scheme.


Resolve AWS Lambda function failures faster by monitoring invocation payloads

In a serverless application, AWS Lambda functions are typically invoked by JSON-formatted events from other AWS services—like API Gateway, S3, and DynamoDB—and respond with JSON-formatted payloads. Having visibility into these function request and response payloads can provide context around your function invocations and help you uncover the root causes of Lambda function failures.