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VMware Tanzu Service Mesh - Connectivity and Security for Modern Applications

Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications—across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data—enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations. Learn more and contact us at

Configuring Grafana Tempo and Linkerd for distributed tracing

Anders Østhus is a DevOps Engineer on the Digital Tools team at Proactima AS, a consulting firm based in Norway that offers services and expertise in risk management, cybersecurity, healthcare, environmental solutions, and more. It can be difficult to orient yourself in the distributed tracing space, and getting all the parts of a tracing setup to play well with each other can be a bit tricky. But the benefits of tracing are undeniable.

Protect Cloud Native Applications from Log4Shell with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

VMware has published a detailed analysis of the Log4Shell exploitation, explaining how VMware security products are helping in multiple ways to detect and contain the exploit. Source: Swiss Government Computer Emergency Response Team

How To Use Buildpacks To Run Containers

The high demand to deliver software that is both highly available and able to meet customer requests has, in part, led to the adoption of microservice architecture, a software architecture pattern that makes it easier to deploy applications as self-contained entities called containers. These containers are nothing but processes that run as long as the application in them is running.

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh Enterprise Edition: Securing APIs at Runtime

Catch this keynote preview of VMware Tanzu Service Mesh Enterprise Edition at VMworld 2021. APIs can introduce exposure for your applications at runtime. Tanzu Service Mesh Enterprise Edition is designed to help you reduce this runtime risk through visibility, secure policies, and root cause analysis.

Istio Log Analysis Guide

Istio has quickly become a cornerstone of most Kubernetes clusters. As your container orchestration platform scales, Istio embeds functionality into the fabric of your cluster that makes monitoring, observability, and flexibility much more straightforward. However, it leaves us with our next question – how do we monitor Istio? This Istio log analysis guide will help you get to the bottom of what your Istio platform is doing.

Implementing Istio in a Kubernetes cluster

As the complexity of a microservice architecture grows, it becomes important to implement a service mesh for better insights into your cluster and microservices. In this blog, Kristijan explains how Istio can be used as a service mesh, along with a detailed installation steps & configuration setup. Service Mesh? You’ve heard about it, but does it solve something, or is it just another hot buzzword in the industry?

Application Resiliency for Cloud Native Microservices with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

Modern microservices-based applications bring with them a new set of challenges when it comes to operating at scale across multiple clouds. While the goal of most modernization projects is to increase the velocity at which business features are created, with this increased speed comes the need for a highly flexible, microservices-based architecture. The result is that the architectural convenience created on day 1 by developers turns into a challenge for site reliability engineers (SREs) on day 2.

The Evolution of Service Mesh

The breaking down of large monolithic applications into multiple microservices has resulted in its own set of challenges. Service Meshes are the solution to some of these problems that have arisen as part of the microservices evolution. This article will explore the basics of a Service Mesh and the problem it’s trying to solve, as well as its various features and different open-source/commercial offerings. Then, you can decide if a Service Mesh is the right solution for your organization.