Status Page


7 Ways Your Status Page Can Save You

Having a Status Page is like having a dog. A dog alerts you to an incident; sudden noise, approaching neighbor, squirrel… A dog sounds the alarm on an intruder. A dog even alerts you to maintenance by barking at every handyman, garbage truck, and gardener within sight. As a dog fetches the same stick over and over, so does a status page fetch the attention of your users – especially during a live incident – with each browser refresh they wait for the status to change.


How Statuspage deploys continuously with Bitbucket and Sleuth

This post was written by Michael Knighten, Founder & COO of Sleuth There are some similarities between deploying continuously and driving in the fast lane. When driving, you need to be always on the alert, proactively looking down the road for potential hazards. When you see them, you need to be able to react immediately, hit the brakes, and change course nimbly.


Statuspal vs

If you’re wasting precious time and resources responding to customer emails and phone calls whenever an incident arises - now sounds like a good time to set up your very own status page! A Statuspal status page is a professional and effective way to communicate incidents and maintenance updates internally for your team or publicly to your customers. You would be right in thinking that there are many options available and one of the largest operators in the market is