COVID-19: Lessons from the Trenches

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, uniting governments, the scientific community, and healthcare workers around the world in the struggle to get it under control. The pandemic has been a forceful catalyst for healthcare IT Ops change. Infrastructure health and performance optimization has never been more critical to serve the needs of life science research, drug discovery, and hospital care.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Telehealth Apps Too Slow? There is a Solution.

Telehealth use has become a prominent and preferred method of patient care since the COVID-19 outbreak. What happens though when technology becomes a barrier to adequate care? For example, your Electronic Health Record (EHR) Telehealth application is working too slowly or is randomly disconnecting. This not only looks bad to the patient trying to meet with the physician, but it makes it impossible to deliver a quality patient experience.

Three Major Trends Impacting Healthcare Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) in healthcare can feel like an afterthought, or not thought of at all. As customers gain further choices across the board about their healthcare options, organizations must respond with a higher standard of service for patients, members, and providers. Healthcare organizations must face CX head-on, ensuring customers receive the service they deserve and representatives have the solutions they need to deliver quality CX.

Nouveal e-santé Delivers Rapid Innovation to Take On COVID-19 Contact Monitoring

AppDynamics helps Nouveal e-santé and public health institutions to scale its Covidom app, allowing safe and accurate remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19. Covidom is an app that allows remote monitoring of patients carrying COVID-19 created specifically to simplify remote medical monitoring, improve service logistics for individuals in quarantine and enable contract tracing for people who had come in contact with or been recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

Nightfall Data Loss Prevention makes HIPAA Compliance Possible

Covered entities bound by law to follow HIPAA regulations – like healthcare providers, health plans, and others handling protected health information (PHI) – need to demonstrate efforts to secure PHI. The specific measures required to do so are detailed in the HIPAA security rule which states that covered entities must put controls into place to identify and protect against anticipated threats to the security and integrity of PHI.


How to Safely Collect and Store Patient Data

With telemedicine, cloud storage, and electronic record-keeping on the rise, patient data has found itself a common target for hackers. As a result, healthcare organizations must adapt and become even more diligent in their protection of sensitive patient and financial data. Fortunately, the right technology and protocols can minimize your risk of attack and help keep your patient data secure. This post covers the most important security factors for collecting and storing patient information.


The incident resolution mandate of telehealth and telepharmacy providers in the age of Covid-19

The incident management challenges of a pandemic-driven world & how to overcome them “While the safety and well-being of workers affected by COVID-19 is the first priority, companies will also triage other essentials, such as incident management and stakeholder communications.” (PWC) In a pandemic-stricken world that is consuming products and services over the internet, more than ever, there is a great strain on digital and connectivity systems.


Case Study: The intersection of DevOps and security in med-tech

Amid the many challenges for healthcare is managing escalating costs without compromising quality of care and risks to patient safety and privacy. For connected medical device (med-tech) companies, this presents a major opportunity to support healthcare providers with advanced digital services, often via mobile-connected devices that process and transmit critical patient-related health information.