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Is IT Prepared for a Hybrid Remote Workplace Environment?

Return to work is happening. After working remotely from home for months due to Covid, companies are now offering employees the option to return to their workplace. In a survey done by Google, 62% of its workers would like to return to the office at some point and see their work future as more flexible. This sentiment is catching up among the rest of the enterprises in Silicon Valley and the rest of America. The hybrid remote workplace model continues to be appreciated by employees seeking to spend more time with family and engaging with the office community.

Case Study: Global Manufacturer Finds Its Sweet Spot For Network Monitoring

To ensure a successful migration to Office 365 and the required network transformations, Exoprise CloudReady was selected and utilized by this global manufacturer to ensure excellent employee digital experiences, high availability, and superior performance. Download and read this case study to learn about all of the benefits this company receives in utilizing Exoprise solutions.

The Power of the Crowd

With the shift to Software-as-a-Service and Cloud nearly complete, organizations can optimize their end user experience and network operations with the power of crowd-sourcing. For decades, Internet-based sharing has improved the lives of billions. Now, companies can take advantage of sharing when it comes to protecting and optimizing the very the thing that connects us, the Internet!

7 Reasons Why Real User Monitoring (RUM) Matters

Microsoft had a stellar quarter in Q3 of this year beating expectations in all its three core segments. The demand for its Azure cloud services continues to grow. The other heavy tech giants such as Google and Amazon also reported gains, thanks to an increase in stimulus e-commerce spending and work from home extension policies.


Better Together: Microsoft Teams CQD and Exoprise Monitoring

Maintaining call quality with Microsoft Teams is a process, not a one time event. Network engineers and Microsoft Teams application owners need to be vigilant in preserving optimal call quality to ensure audio, video, and screen-sharing always remain satisfactory for end-users. And vigilance is just as important before the pandemic as it is during the pandemic no matter where your users are working from. In some ways its more important today when working from home.