[Webinar] Addressing the Growing Cybersecurity Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry

Protecting and securing critical electronic health data is more important than ever, as the FBI and other federal agencies have been sounding the alarm on 'imminent' cyber threats targeting healthcare systems. Compounding this, NNT recently discovered sensitive medical data related to 13 million medical exams on hundreds of computers connected to the internet belonging to over 3.5 million patients.

Belden Discloses Data Breach Impacting Employee, Business Information

Specialty networking solutions provider, Belden, owners of specialist cyber security vendor Tripwire, recently disclosed a data breach resulting in the theft of employee and business information. Belden said in a press release that the security incident took place after hackers gained access to a “limited number” of its file servers. The intrusion was spotted after IT personnel detected unusual activity on some of its servers.

Misconfiguration: Lessons Learned from the #1 Cause of Breaches in the Cloud

Did you know that 80% of companies have suffered a cloud-related breach caused by misconfiguration according to research by IDC? Watch our latest webinar on-demand to learn about the most common configuration mistakes which have led to major data breaches; and why continuous monitoring via Security Configuration Management (SCM) tools are critical to help prevent and quickly identify a breach. Watch now to learn.

Before you chew through Compliance, consider trying the CIS Controls

Have you heard of the CIS Controls? Even though they’re not part of any specified GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) mandate, they could actually be used as the foundation for them all. A light, straightforward hors d’oeuvre before you take on the mega-calorific, piled-high, full-fat platters of the multi-course feast that is a full Compliance standard.


When Old News is More Dangerous than Fake News: Vulnerability Scan Blind Spots

Out of all the cat videos you could watch, how do you decide which one to view first? The beauty of social media is its real-time, democratic operation. Everyone gets to vote and the content with the most shares is the People’s Choice, rightfully ‘The Best’. But we now know this Facebook-era notion of ‘most popular equals best’ is open to abuse. It turns out that a significant proportion of social media interaction is in fact, manufactured.


5 Key Processes & Controls to Maximize Cybersecurity Effectiveness

As of late, cybersecurity has come to the forefront of the I.T. Industry, and is one of the key functions of any organization. This article will discuss 5 key processes and potential controls you should implement in order to maximize the effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts, leading to an all-around secure environment.


Change Management's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Change Management is blind. It is a key IT Service Management process and, undeniably, it's beneficial to plan and schedule changes. But Change Management’s ‘dirty little secret’ is that, despite the comfort blanket of documentation and approvals, you never know what’s really going on. You have no idea what was actually changed, either during the Change Window or at any other time.