Risk Management

Annual SolarWinds Study Reveals Opportunities for Business and IT Collaboration in Managing Enterprise Risk Driven by Internal and External Security Threats

SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2021: Building a Secure Future examines how technology professionals perceive the evolving state of risk in today's business environment following internal impact of COVID-19 IT policies and exposure to external breaches. SolarWinds introduces Secure by Design program as a guide for industry-wide approach to help prevent future cyberattacks.

Optimizing Risk and Exposure Management - Roundtable Highlights

We recently hosted a roundtable focused on optimizing risk and exposure management with data insights. For financial institutions and insurers, risk and exposure management has always been a fundamental tenet of the business. Now, risk management has become exponentially complicated in multiple dimensions. In this session we explored what firms are doing to approach the uncertainty with more predictability.

Fortifying Cyber Defense: How to Act Now to Protect Global Supply Chains

This webinar was hosted by Ignyte Assurance Platform and Federal Publication Seminars on 18 June 2021. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), under the Department of Homeland Security, launches a campaign to reduce the risk of ransomware. Following an executive order signed by President Biden on May 12, 2021, which aims to increase cybersecurity defenses and resiliency against nation-state data exfiltration and hold global criminals accountable for ransomware attacks.

3 ways to manage digital risk in any organization

Digital transformation is vital to business today. However, it can increase digital risks, which can take many forms. To help ensure your organization is protected against business disruptions, noncompliance, and errors, you need a robust digital risk management program. Our three-part Managing Digital Risk and Beyond webinar series is designed to help you prepare for, manage, and address digital risks in your organization: Develop a risk management program

Securing the Supply Chain

This webinar was hosted by Ignyte Assurance Platform and MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network. How to protect your assets from cyber threats and attacks Guidance on the latest and necessary cybersecurity requirements and legislations Find out what your business needs to comply with and what it takes to get there in the shortest possible time Learn what’s the most efficient way to maximize your efforts and resources in cybersecurity

Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Risk Management

Emergency risk management (ERM) is the process of identifying potential threats and minimizing the impact of disasters on business operations and people. The process requires leaders within an organization to determine how they will keep stakeholders informed and safe during critical events. Leaders must also craft disaster recovery plans to quickly remedy the effects of a catastrophic event on communities, government agencies and organizations.


What Is the Risk Management Framework? RMF Controls Overview

Risk management framework helps you to set up a structured process for information security and risk management activities. Here, we explain what is the risk management framework (RMF), what are RMF controls, and how you can comply with RMF controls. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.

Full Cybersecurity Regulations Overview for DoD Prime and Subcontractors

This webinar was recorded and co-hosted with MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network. As the NIST and Ohio MEP program advocates, MAGNET has invited a leader of their technological and educational cybersecurity partners, Ignyte Assurance Platform and Ignyte Institute, for a conversation on how to get on board with the emerging Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).