Asset Management


Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.1 - Service Update 1 is Now Available!

Our latest release of Workspace Control is a service update for IWC 2021.1 containing a number of bug fixes and compatibility updates. But it has so much more than that!  We’ve also included a number of User Voice requests which were submitted via the Product Ideas page on the Ivanti Community.


Ivanti Desktop and Server Management Goes from Strength to Strength with Latest Release!

Ivanti Desktop and Server Management continues to grow and innovate with the latest update - now available for all customers. Further underlining our previous commitment to the continued investment and growth of the product – DSM remains a much loved and valued solution by many enterprises and we look forward to further exciting enhancements in the future! In addition to the latest release – we are excited to announce one of the most significant new enhancements to DSM in recent times...


Supercharge Your Warehouse Operations with Automation

Automation in warehouses is a top priority for supply chain operators. In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic increased consumer interest in e-commerce, and logistics companies added seasonal employees for peak seasons. UPS and Amazon each added 100,000 employees to keep up with this demand. And with demand continuing to rise, there’s little time to deal with any disruption to supply chain operations.


IT Asset Management 101

If your business is growing, it won't be long until you need to develop an IT asset management protocol that allows you to manage your hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle, helping to reduce business interruptions, plan budgeting effectively, mitigate risks, and gain high-level insight into how IT is driving success for your organization.


Ivanti Endpoint Manager Communication Diagram is Finally Here!

When I started at Ivanti, I asked around to get a diagram of process flows and communication flow for Endpoint Manager (EPM). I was given two different diagrams that were each about 10 years old and not customer ready. While not much of the communication had changed, some had making these outdated and irrelevant. I decided to take these diagrams, update them, and put them into a simple and modern diagram that would be customer ready for posting online.


SOS! The Summer of Security is Here. Stay Safe Out There

Summer safety is usually all about life jackets, pool floaties, outfitting your boat with a carbon monoxide detector and slathering on plenty of SPF. I have one more thing to add to your list this summer: Security to protect your people, your brand and your data. In 2020, the business world struggled with the abrupt shift to remote work. Corners were cut. Compromises were made. Business leaders, IT staff and employees alike did the best they could with what they had.


What is Software Asset Management (SAM)? Why is it important?

With organizations relying increasingly on software applications that they use, it is critical to understand what software applications you have, who are making use of them, how are they supported, and what is the cost associated with them. Software asset management (SAM) practices that are well-developed and well-understood are the key to maximizing the value from your software assets.


SouthStar Bank Fixes IT Issues Before Anyone Notices

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Jesse Miller from SouthStar Bank about some amazing IT results they were delivering. Southstar Bank, headquartered in Moulton, Texas — about midway between San Antonio and Houston — is a community bank specializing in residential mortgage, real estate and construction lending, operating 15 full-service branches in rural and urban communities across the Central Texas region.