Asset Management


Cybersecurity is Fundamental for Modernizing Government

Digital transformation is a strategic initiative of the federal government and has been for years, but adequate funding has never been appropriated. Digital transformation is essential within all areas of government, to deliver services faster, more reliably, and securely. In order to keep up with the global expansion of digitalization, government agencies must modernize their IT and security infrastructure.


Quick Demo: Ivanti UEM for Mobile - checkra1n Jailbreak Update for iOS 14.5

The checkm8 vulnerability and the updated checkra1n jailbreak tool are the gifts that keep on giving for Apple devices. Using Ivanti UEM for Mobile and Mobile Threat Defense, you can protect your iPhone 5S through iPhone X, iPad 5th through 7th generations, and iPad Pro 2nd generation, Apple TV 4 and 4K, and iPods up to 7th generation devices.


Quick Demo: Ivanti UEM for Clients

Some of the many ways that malware, including ransomware, is commonly spread is through malicious attachments to business email, unsanctioned apps downloaded from third-party app stores, drive-by downloads via phishing and pharming attacks, employing brute-force tactics using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and network propagation via SMB and CIFS sharing.


The Future of Technology Operations with Charlie Betz of Forrester Research

Recently, we had the opportunity to hear from Charlie Betz of Forrester Research about the future of technology operations. He covered the shift from project-based work to product team orientation, the integration between DevOps and IT services and the ways in which the entire enterprise is getting value from investments in artificial intelligence. Check out some of the interesting questions and answers from the discussion and be sure to catch the full conversation in the video below.


To be or not to be? To do - or not to do - an ELP?

Before I start my ramble here, let me tell you something... the day I learned how to construct a manual Effective License Position (ELP) in Excel my life gained a new purpose, and it became the biggest hobby, sport and passion ever! Those who have done manual ELPs in Excel will know that magic feeling! First, it’s hard as you scramble for the data and licensing knowledge, but if you’re lucky enough and at least get some vendor report or purchase summary, it's a good starting point...


The Global Pandemic Has Led to Unprecedented QR Code Security Challenges

Over the past year, we have witnessed remarkable changes brought on by our response to a global pandemic. Along with accelerated digital transformation and the consumerization of technology, Covid-19 has birthed the everywhere workplace, where users work with any device, to connect to business-critical systems and applications. Work has become something you do rather than a place you go.


What is Hardware Asset Management (HAM)? Why is it Important?

Managing hardware assets, manually, from the time they are purchased to the time they are disposed of is a tedious, cumbersome task that is susceptible to many errors. These manual and scattered processes are often inaccurate and difficult to manage. Manual data keeping means that asset information is stored in silos, which raises the overhead expenses, increases the likelihood of asset theft and losses, and makes it hard to comply with the organization’s standards and regulations.


Peace of Mind in the Everywhere Workplace

Protect your brand, people and data with an end-to-end, zero trust approach At Ivanti, we make the Everywhere Workplace possible. Our solutions enable fundamental security controls based on zero trust principles and best practices from cloud to the edge. Translation: we secure all endpoints and help organizations move toward an end-to-end, passwordless access authentication experience. Plus, we make it simple.


Service the Everywhere Workplace

Drive outcomes with insights What if you could give employees reliably great experiences while improving outcomes across your organization? You’ve got it with Enterprise Service Management from Ivanti. It arms you with insights and actions that let you dramatically reduce resolution times and give you more time for the cool stuff you love to do.