Employee onboarding through workflow automation and AI chatbot - Webinar by Workativ

Provide an excellent onboarding experience for employees through workflow automations and AI chatbot from Workativ. Many businesses are being bogged down with manual work that can be handled through automation. Automation can help reduce the time and efforts on low-level tasks and repetitive tasks for HR Teams, IT Teams and Helpdesk Teams. By not automating, these teams ultimately waste a significant amount of time and therefore money.  

Aternity and Chatbots in Service Desk Operations for Improving KPIs

Providing a world-class employee experience is a top priority for the modern service desk. It’s not just about solving problems. It is also about how quick, efficient and useful the service is. Calling the service desk and waiting on the line for someone to help can be a very frustrating experience.

Tanzu Tuesdays - Let's Build a Twitch Bot! with Spring Boot and Project Reactor with Brian McClain

You may have seen it in your favorite streamers channel: A bot reminding you of an upcoming event, showing their uptime, and offering unique features to improve the experience for the viewer. Behind the scenes you might assume code watching every line of code, ready to respond to pre-programmed commands. But what happens when the channel has 1k views? 10k? 100k? All chatting and interacting, exchanging thousands of messages a second.
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How to Optimize ChatBots for Customer Service Betterment

With e-commerce swiftly becoming popular all over the world, chat bots have become the new rage where every business online is ready to invest in them. Chat bots for customer service have become essential as this software application has proven to be an excellent online collaboration tool when it comes to automated conversations with clients.


4 Ways AI Simplifies Remote Training and Onboarding

How a support agent is introduced to a new role and how they’re coached until they can get up to speed plays a huge role in their performance throughout their career. In fact, organizations with a strong training and onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%1. So, it’s vital that you train and onboard your agents well, especially in a remote work environment.

Workativ Assistant Webinar - Best practices for designing a conversational chatbot

With conversational AI on the rise, Workativ Assistant is a PaaS that’ll help you get the competitive edge when it comes to both conversational AI and process automation. In this webinar, we go over best practices to follow before designing a conversation/dialog flow for a chatbot on Workativ Assistant.

5 things you should look for in your ITSM chatbot

Chatbots are rising in popularity, both in consumer and enterprises circles, because they are quick, sometimes clever, and ultimately help workers and customers get answers to common questions without bogging down your service team. As part of our ITSM Professional package, ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent far exceeds some of the chatbots you may have used in your personal life for one simple reason – access to information.


What is a chatbot and how can it improve customer service?

Chatbots are no longer a new technology in customer service. Customers are using them to get support across a variety of industries, whether they need help changing a hotel reservation, paying a bill, or finding the perfect lipstick color. Business use of chatbots and conversational AI is only going in one direction.


8 Best IT Workflow Automation Practices to follow for Chatbots designed with Workativ Assistant

Previously, on the “Chatbot Best Practices for designing a Conversational Experience with Workativ Assistant” blog, we would’ve delved into the things to do before designing a dialog flow for a chatbot and how to set up the actual dialog using Workativ Assistant’s Dialog Designer and test it. In this blog, we’ll be looking into what all we should do before setting up an automated workflow using Workativ Assistant’s intuitive 3-Step Automation Designer.