An expert's perspective on succeeding with mobile banking and finance in MEA

To dive deeper into some of the findings of our recent fintech mobile report, we reached out to banking and finance professionals in a series of conversations. We explored region-specific challenges and how different institutions keep up with the industry’s increasingly mobile-first direction.


Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop and Mobile Applications

As you know, Bitrix24 offers a desktop application for Mac and Windows and a mobile application for Android and iOS, that you may download at this page and use free. Both these applications are created for better Bitrix24 account usage experience and include a full set of useful tools and features that Bitrix24 has.


The Most Important KPIs for Monitoring Mobile Games

Managing modern mobile games involves measuring and tracking dozens of metrics. Each value lets you know how well your game is doing in a specific area, such as user experience, infrastructure, and monetization, to name but a few. But not all KPIs are created equally. Some metrics are more valuable than others in terms of helping you make informed business and technical decisions about your game. That’s what we’ll take a look at in this article.


The Future of 5G and Website Monitoring

5G. You've likely heard a lot about it passing, but what kind of impact will the fifth generation of mobile technology have on your ability to provide a sturdy, fast website? What does this new tech mean for you? As businesses look for ways to integrate this new technology cost-effectively, a primary concern is website monitoring. Without an efficient website that holds up to 5G demands, you could potentially lose business and customer trust.


Building a unit testing suite with XCTest, Swift, and Bitrise

For example, let’s say that an app that we’re working on supports multiple themes, and that we’re keeping track of the user’s currently selected theme (and other user-configurable settings) through a SettingsController — which in turn uses Foundation’s UserDefaults API to persist those settings, like this.