Case Study

Back by Popular Demand: Why Dell ISG's DevOps Embraces Collaborator

Dell’s ISG division consists of storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, data protection, and converged/hyper converged infrastructure. With over 50 product groups and over 10k employees, standardization was a barrier to achieving true workforce collaboration and mobility. In order to reduce duplication of effort and increase alignment and collaboration, Dell-ISG created a centralized DevOps group and chose Collaborator as their single code and peer review tool.

How Cox Automotive's IT Operations Team Relies On Monitoring To Help Bring 27 Company Brands and Over 700 Applications Under One Roof

Cox Automotive is a global company with over 40,000 auto dealer clients across five continents. The company, which houses Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader, and 25 other brands, was built through acquisitions. Its IT Operations team is tasked with bringing them together under the Cox Automotive umbrella and ensuring “a good, consistent experience” for its customers worldwide.


How Redox quickly identify and resolve database performance issues

In the IT team at Redox, I wear two hats: Software Development Manager and DBA. I’m the only DBA in the team, so if anything goes wrong it’s my job to identify and fix it. As you might imagine, this can be challenging when being a DBA isn’t your full-time role. Based in Sydney, Redox is one of the leading chemical and ingredients distributors in the world, with over 350 employees across our locations in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the US.


Experiencing Turbulence? Hypercare Helps Travel and Hospitality Firms Manage Sky-High Demand

Many sectors suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the travel and hospitality industry was struck particularly hard as the world went into lockdown and governments urged us to stay home. According to the International Air Transport Association, global air passenger demand in 2020 was down a record 65.9% from the previous year, and the tourism industry saw an estimated loss of 100.8 million jobs worldwide.


Cleaning House - How One IT Team Saved $1.8M on SaaS Licensing

I recently spoke to the IT Director and Head of End User Computing at a leading healthcare company who implemented Salesforce globally across their entire employee user base 9 months ago (before later becoming a Nexthink customer). She told me their Salesforce licensing model was similar to others you’ll see in market: a set of base licenses and then selected add-ons based on employee roles – with some at no charge and others priced ala carte. Her problem? License metering.


Establishing a Culture of Observability at Vanguard

Rich Anakor, chief solutions architect at Vanguard, is on a small team with a big goal: Give Vanguard customers a better experience by enabling internal engineering teams to better understand their massively complex production environment—and to do that quickly across the entire organization, in the notoriously slow-moving financial services industry. They also had a big problem: The production environment itself.


Embedded dashboard in action: Cleeng

This embedded dashboard feature offers insights from Cleeng, a SaaS platform specializing in Subscriber Retention Management (​SRM™). Cleeng clients can set up subscription services while getting unparalleled insight on how consumers experience their online content. I talked with Damien Organ, Senior Product Designer, to talk about Cleeng’s goals and objectives for their embedded analytics dashboard, how it was set up and by whom, and who uses it.


How Orange Business Services is building a better SIEM with Elastic

I’m a security analyst at Orange Business Services in Paris, and one of my current projects for the Orange Group is implementing a new SIEM based on the Elastic Stack. In this blog post, I’ll share why we chose Elastic and how we were able to integrate Elastic into our existing SIEM, resulting in faster investigations and saving our engineers’ time. So follow along.