Case Study

A single pane of glass for automatic incident response for Bridgeport Public School District

“I have been doing this for 20+ years and have been using literally every product out there. Derdack is unique at how issues are addressed and communicated out because of the seamless integration, maturity and flexibility of the platform. Working with Derdack has been a game changer for us and helped us to do more with less.” Jeff Postolowski, Director Information Technology Services, Bridgeport Public School District

Volvo Uses InfluxDB to Evolve Its DevOps Monitoring to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Production delays or stoppages are the bane of any manufacturer. When you’re a global automaker like Volvo, even the smallest delays can have significant ripple effects. But not even global leaders are immune to IT issues. This was the situation Volvo faced several years ago. It had a legacy DevOps monitoring solution in place for the previous 15–20 years, but that system no longer met the company’s needs. On the surface, it seems like a robust system.

HighByte and InfluxDB Provide Critical OEE Data for Manufacturing Companies

HighByte is an industrial software company based in Portland, Maine building Industry 4.0 based solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges inherent in manufacturing. The company developed the first DataOps solution purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of industrial assets, products, processes, and systems at the Edge.

A successful Monitoring as a Service Case: Refinery and Base Oil Industry

Saving time, money, and resources while keeping your IT infrastructure better monitored than ever – that’s what one of our customers in the refinery and base oil industry did. By implementing our Monitoring as a Service, they managed to turn unstructured monitoring into high quality, consistent such. Their biggest pain point was the lack of time allocated for monitoring activities.

Reducing MTTR and tracking SLAs with Grafana Cloud

Attracting and retaining top developer talent is a No. 1 priority for a lot of companies these days, including location technology company TomTom. As both the builder of the world’s largest developer community and an employer of thousands of developers, TomTom is always looking for developer-friendly tools to help their employees feel productive, efficient, and inspired.

AutoNation delivers peerless experiences to every customer

AutoNation delivers everything automotive, from sales and service to collision and parts. It also understands that buying a car is a huge decision, which is why it chose AppDynamics to help it provide a seamless experience for its customers. With full-stack observability across its applications, AutoNation can track, manage and optimize its service performance across the business. AppDynamics breaks down silos between teams so they can triage problems collectively, and quickly. The result is a better experience for thousands of customers across AutoNation’s 300 locations and 27,000 associates.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Nicholas Paulukow, One2One

N-able™ Backup has proven to make a real difference in the efficiency and profitability of managed IT services provider One2One. Hear from One2One CEO Nicholas Paulukow about how the company dramatically reduced the staff time and cost needed to provide top-tier data protection services by switching to N-able Backup.

Kroger Uses JFrog Xray for Software Security and License Compliance

Kroger leverages the JFrog platform to give developers visibility into their software vulnerabilities and make informed decisions on what to fix. See how Kroger has implemented secure DevOps processes with automated vulnerability scanning and open-source software (OSS) license compliance capabilities to support their development and security teams.

A successful Monitoring as a Service Case: Drilling & Mining Industry

Migrating or restructuring a SCOM environment can seem like an overwhelming, even impossible, task. For one of our customers in the mining industry, however, it went more than well, and the improvements have been exceptional. Applying our Monitoring as a Service, they could benefit from the aggregated experiences of programmers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers that our service builds on to make the migration as smooth and trouble-free as possible.