Case Study


How 4 companies foster remote teamwork and collaboration with Geckoboard

In 2020, according to a survey by Owl Labs, nearly 70% of full-time workers in the US are remote. As a result of the pandemic, many teams had to switch to remote work suddenly. They needed to figure out new ways to achieve the teamwork and collaboration they had in an office setting. Buffer’s State of Remote Work survey found that remote workers cited collaboration and communication as one of their biggest struggles.


Professional Services Company Improves Business Processes with Scoro

Significans Automation is a Canadian-based global professional services company developing automated workflows for the graphic arts industry and positioning clients to flourish in the era of robotics and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2018, the goal is to deliver sophisticated prepress automation that will help their clients thrive in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.

LogicTalks - How Logicalis Intelligently Monitors and Services it's Global Customer Base

In this episode of LogicTalks, Mark Banfield, Chief Revenue Officer at LogicMonitor, sits down with Justin Cawood, Director of International Managed Services Operations at Logicalis Group, to discuss how Logicalis, a managed services provider, has evolved the way they monitor their customer's infrastructures around the globe with LogicMonitor. Justin explains how LogicMonitor has allowed them to quickly discover and onboard new clients and infrastructures, consolidate tools and learnings across the global organization, and help Logicalis' customers to transition to cloud and hybrid environments and excel while working from home.

Eaze into Observability

On-call teams use Honeycomb’s analytics to discover exactly what is happening with code in production. While incident response is a key reason engineers rely on Honeycomb, observability also delivers unique value during the development process. Eaze takes observability a step further and uses Honeycomb to prioritize what’s needed to stabilize their existing service while informing how they build their new Go and Node.js microservices platform all at the same time.

Case Study: Armor Trusts Panopta to Monitor their Customer Deployments

A global cybersecurity software company, Armor provides 1000+ customers with data and application protection in their private, public, or hybrid clouds. In addition, they help their customers comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls. With a large IT team that’s just under 100 employees, Armor’s support team leverages Panopta to prevent outages and issues for their customers. Panopta is their single source of data on the health and performance of their systems.


Scaling Data In Construction with Emery Sapp & Sons

Emery Sapp & Sons is an employee-owned heavy civil engineering company based in Columbia, Missouri. We focus on complex private and public sector projects ranging from excavation, grading, underground utilities, and bridge construction to asphalt and concrete paving. Since our founding in 1972, we’ve grown to over 1,400 employee-owners, due to organic growth as well as acquisitions.


Choosing observability tools to maximize value

Application performance management (APM) like Instana and log management tools like Humio can deliver value beyond the IT department. In a recent Humio webinar, SRE professional Hunter Madison offers insights on how Decisiv, a service relationship management provider, uses observability tools to deliver value across the company and even extend savings to customers.