JFrog and Vdoo: Better Together

JFrog customers will soon enjoy end-to-end, holistic security across their software lifecycle — from development to devices — as the technology of recently-acquired Vdoo gets integrated into the JFrog DevOps Platform. That was the pledge made by JFrog and Vdoo leaders during their first joint webinar, in which they explained why JFrog acquired Vdoo, how the platform’s security and compliance capabilities will expand, and what’s the integration timeline.


Algorithmia joins forces with DataRobot to deliver best-in-class MLOps in the enterprise AI platform

I’m excited to announce that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot. Together, DataRobot and Algorithmia will deliver best-in-class MLOps as part of the leading, end-to-end enterprise AI platform. After seven years of watching Algorithmia grow into the leading enterprise MLOps platform, I could not be more excited to announce today that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot .


Grafana Labs welcomes the Pace.dev team, experts in building tools with great developer experience

As we look to the future of Grafana Labs and our products, we are keen to expand the ways in which we can help engineering teams build, maintain, and operate great software. We believe we can only achieve this by paying careful attention to the developer experience and the challenges faced in the real world of engineering.


Sysdig and Apolicy join forces to help customers secure Infrastructure As Code and automate remediation

Today, we announced that Sysdig is acquiring Apolicy to enable our customers to secure their infrastructure as code. I could not be more excited because the innovation that Apolicy brings to bear is unique and highly differentiated, allowing customers to strengthen their Kubernetes and cloud security and compliance by leveraging policy as code and automated remediation workflows that close the gap from source to production.


M&A-are MSPs the new gold rush?

If you attended our recent virtual Empower event you may have seen the extensive session on mergers and acquisitions. We’ve witnessed a large amount of M&A activity within the MSP space over the past few years as a result of the managed services business model becoming attractive for private equity investment. According to 451 Research’s M&A KnowledgeBase, M&A activity was at an all-time low in 2020, except within the technology sector.

sauce labs

Backtrace Acquisition Adds Error Monitoring; Enables Customers to Receive Quality Signals Throughout Entire Software Development Lifecycle

Today is a great day at Sauce Labs! We just announced that we’ve acquired Backtrace, a provider of best-in-class error monitoring solutions for software developers and engineers. Backtrace enables organizations to mitigate application risk and improve digital quality by empowering development teams to rapidly deploy code with confidence knowing that they can quickly identify and remediate bugs once in production.